BTR Chat Log For October 10, 2014

2014-10-10 05:19:14 PM Yada (Cohost)  enter the room 
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2014-10-10 05:55:11 PM piks7275  Shabat greetings 
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2014-10-10 05:57:17 PM larry hendricks  Sheree thanks ! 
2014-10-10 05:57:29 PM Quwmbayah  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:04:53 PM T Haston  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:05:26 PM T Haston  (}) 
2014-10-10 06:06:45 PM T Haston  caught up on SM hour 3 archives about
Shabat from Mon-Thurs.. great stuff 
2014-10-10 06:06:59 PM T Haston  I mean about Sukah 
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2014-10-10 06:08:23 PM DebraMiller0  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:08:49 PM DebraMiller0  Hey gang 
2014-10-10 06:09:36 PM DebraMiller0  I'm camping in a hotel 
2014-10-10 06:10:55 PM Yada (Cohost)  Shalowm Sukah 
2014-10-10 06:11:32 PM Yahudikiwi  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:12:11 PM Yahudikiwi  Shabat greetings to the Family :) 
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2014-10-10 06:12:37 PM DebraMiller0  KIWI! 
2014-10-10 06:13:57 PM piks7275  Hi Dowd and Deb 
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2014-10-10 06:14:13 PM piks7275  and you tooTH 
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2014-10-10 06:14:37 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Piksy 
2014-10-10 06:15:15 PM T Haston  Hi all... good to be here 
2014-10-10 06:15:23 PM DebraMiller0  Anybody build a Sukkot? 
2014-10-10 06:15:28 PM AnneHolzinger  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:15:29 PM T Haston  not here 
2014-10-10 06:15:48 PM T Haston  I have built one in the basement with
the kids a few times in the past 
2014-10-10 06:15:50 PM Guest1502  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:15:54 PM DebraMiller0  cool 
2014-10-10 06:16:19 PM piks7275  no does sleeping most of afternoon
under my sheets count as a tent 
2014-10-10 06:16:35 PM DebraMiller0  sounds good to me. 
2014-10-10 06:17:24 PM DebraMiller0  Paint some stars on your ceiling or
better yet get those glow on stickers from the dollar store. 
2014-10-10 06:18:08 PM BloodBath  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:18:10 PM piks7275  oh good idea 
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2014-10-10 06:18:48 PM DebraMiller0  Bloodbath is back! 
2014-10-10 06:19:03 PM DebraMiller0  Hey guy! 
2014-10-10 06:19:08 PM BloodBath  (}) 
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2014-10-10 06:20:18 PM DebraMiller0  Is Spagetti kosher? I'm stuffed. 
2014-10-10 06:21:20 PM Yahudikiwi  Sounds like a good 'tent' to me
Sheree :) 
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2014-10-10 06:22:01 PM wellman1  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:22:09 PM DebraMiller0  sounds like mine. The Quality Inn
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2014-10-10 06:22:19 PM wellman1  Bob C. here. Shabat Shalom 
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2014-10-10 06:22:28 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Bob :) 
2014-10-10 06:22:29 PM JackiM  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:22:29 PM T Haston  Hi Bob 
2014-10-10 06:22:40 PM JackiM  Shalowm everyone. 
2014-10-10 06:22:58 PM Yahudikiwi  Back at Yah Jacki 
2014-10-10 06:23:09 PM JackiM  Thank you Y. 
2014-10-10 06:23:24 PM Yahudikiwi  (}) 
2014-10-10 06:23:46 PM JackiM  Hi Bob C. 
2014-10-10 06:24:12 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Anne, Bob, Jacki 
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2014-10-10 06:24:42 PM JackiM  Hi Debra... 
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2014-10-10 06:25:08 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Larry (}) 
2014-10-10 06:25:13 PM DebraMiller0  Is there sound yet? 
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2014-10-10 06:25:38 PM AnneHolzinger  Hi Y'all! 
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2014-10-10 06:25:47 PM JackiM  Hi Anne. 
2014-10-10 06:25:49 PM Yahudikiwi  Still over 4 minutes to the show
2014-10-10 06:25:51 PM larry hendricks  Hi 
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2014-10-10 06:26:00 PM larry hendricks  All you Yahoos 
2014-10-10 06:26:01 PM DebraMiller0  oh okay 
2014-10-10 06:26:09 PM Guest1555  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:26:15 PM DebraMiller0  YAAAHOOOO 
2014-10-10 06:26:30 PM larry hendricks  lol 
2014-10-10 06:26:36 PM Yahudikiwi  Yahoo !! it is Sukah and the Shabat
as well !!! Halalowyah :) 
2014-10-10 06:26:40 PM wellman1  Did the show start yet? I can't get any
2014-10-10 06:26:41 PM Guest1555  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:26:49 PM DebraMiller0  not yet 
2014-10-10 06:26:51 PM Guest1575  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:26:59 PM wellman1  thank you 
2014-10-10 06:27:01 PM Yada (Cohost)  3 min to go 
2014-10-10 06:27:02 PM Guest1579  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:27:04 PM DebraMiller0  tres minutos 
2014-10-10 06:27:07 PM Yada  Happy Shabat. I'd like to quickly review
the Aiyn / Perspective verses and then jump into Peh / Mouth beginning
at 119.129 if that works for everybody. 
2014-10-10 06:27:13 PM kevrlcro  enter the room 
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2014-10-10 06:27:22 PM wellman1  Let's have at it 
2014-10-10 06:27:25 PM Yada (Cohost)  Sounds good 
2014-10-10 06:27:25 PM Guest1581  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:27:28 PM Yahudikiwi  Fine by me Yada 
2014-10-10 06:27:37 PM BloodBath  Let me think about it 
2014-10-10 06:27:37 PM Yada  I want to thank JB for setting up tonight's
program on BTR. 
2014-10-10 06:27:51 PM Guest1583  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:27:52 PM DebraMiller0  Blood!! 
2014-10-10 06:28:04 PM Yahudikiwi  Thanks JB (Tp) 
2014-10-10 06:28:05 PM Yada (Cohost)  No, problem. I have them set
through end of next month. 
2014-10-10 06:28:07 PM BloodBath  Yeah, okay.....go for it 
2014-10-10 06:28:24 PM Yahudikiwi  Good stuff BB 
2014-10-10 06:28:33 PM Yada  Thank you for doing so. It was a nice
surprise this afternoon. 
2014-10-10 06:28:34 PM Yahudikiwi  (lol) 
2014-10-10 06:28:36 PM Yada (Cohost)  Started a weekly book club style
study on ITG with my brother and sister in law. This should be fun. 
2014-10-10 06:28:46 PM karlshultzyabc123  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:28:52 PM Yada  Indeed. 
2014-10-10 06:28:55 PM Yahudikiwi  They open to it JB?? 
2014-10-10 06:28:59 PM Yada (Cohost)  Yeah 
2014-10-10 06:29:06 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:07 PM Yahudikiwi  Great to hear!! 
2014-10-10 06:29:13 PM Freed Snail  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:15 PM cgb2  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:21 PM Yada  That's progress. 
2014-10-10 06:29:24 PM Guest1602  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:33 PM T Haston  will be fun too I am sure 
2014-10-10 06:29:36 PM eh steve  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:37 PM cgb2  towb sukkot yah'll 
2014-10-10 06:29:38 PM Guest1575  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:40 PM Yada (Cohost)  they have both left religion, and
are looking to know God. We have read through the Miqra chapters for
Taruwah, Kippuriym and Sukah with them 
2014-10-10 06:29:45 PM Yahudikiwi  Progress we can all believe in 
2014-10-10 06:29:48 PM Guest1606  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:57 PM Yada (Cohost)  during the miqra. IT was there
idea to do a weekly study and use ITG 
2014-10-10 06:29:58 PM vipers2344 2  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:29:58 PM Guest1605  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:30:00 PM BloodBath  I wish Ben Affleck would keep his
mouth shut.....he is already ruining "Batman" 
2014-10-10 06:30:03 PM Guest1602  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:30:10 PM Guest1608  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:30:15 PM JackiM  jb such great news! 
2014-10-10 06:30:16 PM DebraMiller0  sound! 
2014-10-10 06:30:20 PM Yahudikiwi  Pretty boy sums him up I guess 
2014-10-10 06:30:21 PM eh steve  quit the room 
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2014-10-10 06:30:34 PM JackiM  Certainly not "smart boy." 
2014-10-10 06:30:38 PM eh steve  enter the room 
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2014-10-10 06:30:57 PM Yada  BA is the idiot of the week. He took over
for the Obamanator. Who knows who will win next week. 
2014-10-10 06:31:11 PM Guest1619  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:13 PM DebraMiller0  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:17 PM Yada (Cohost)  Actors should just learn to keep
their mouths shut and act 
2014-10-10 06:31:19 PM Guest1579  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:23 PM DebraMiller0  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:23 PM Guest1628  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:26 PM Yada (Cohost)  they are good at that 
2014-10-10 06:31:36 PM BloodBath  Probably the CDC guy who said that
quartining Liberia would only make it worse 
2014-10-10 06:31:37 PM Yahudikiwi  Sorry Yada but the Obamanator wins
hands down 
2014-10-10 06:31:39 PM Yada (Cohost)  stick to your strengths 
2014-10-10 06:31:39 PM psalm19  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:42 PM larry hendricks  I want to bring up Halal vs
2014-10-10 06:31:43 PM Were Tux  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:31:49 PM renas  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:32:02 PM Yada (Cohost)  Idiot of the week goes to all
those who condemned Israel for building houses 
2014-10-10 06:32:08 PM psalm19  Hi Everyone Shabat Shalowm and Sukah! 
2014-10-10 06:32:19 PM T Haston  It won't affect what they do in the
movies for me... just like when I watch a pro basketball or football
game.. I watch the game but I don't care about their personal life 
2014-10-10 06:32:23 PM wellman1  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:32:29 PM JackiM  Got sound. 
2014-10-10 06:32:41 PM T Haston  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:32:47 PM DebraMiller0  Mine went out 
2014-10-10 06:32:54 PM T Haston  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:33:09 PM Mary Kris  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:33:13 PM DebraMiller0  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:33:18 PM cgb2  129 Your restoring testimony and Your
enduring witness ('eduwth) are extraordinary and astounding, so
therefore my soul observes them and is saved by them. 
2014-10-10 06:33:21 PM renas  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:33:24 PM Guest1648  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:33:28 PM DebraMiller0  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:33:33 PM JackiM  Shabat Shalowm and Sukah psalm 19... 
2014-10-10 06:33:39 PM Mary Kris  Shabbat Shalowm everyone 
2014-10-10 06:33:49 PM T Haston  hi Rick 
2014-10-10 06:33:54 PM JackiM  Hi Mary. 
2014-10-10 06:33:54 PM DebraMiller0  Hi MK 
2014-10-10 06:33:56 PM piks7275  Shalom all 
2014-10-10 06:34:02 PM Yahudikiwi  Shalowm Mary :) 
2014-10-10 06:34:02 PM JackiM  Hey piks. 
2014-10-10 06:34:03 PM barchi ust  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:34:06 PM psalm19  Hi Mary, Hi Terry, His Shereee 
2014-10-10 06:34:27 PM cgb2  130 The unfurled and unfolding revelation
of Your Word is a continually illuminating resource which makes a
rational evaluation of the evidence leading to understanding simple for
the open-minded. 
2014-10-10 06:34:31 PM T Haston  Halal is a doosh bag.. just sayin 
2014-10-10 06:34:36 PM psalm19  Hi Sheree, His Shereee, lol 
2014-10-10 06:34:45 PM piks7275  hi Rick 
2014-10-10 06:34:51 PM Mary Kris  Hi Rick, Sheree, Terry 
2014-10-10 06:34:54 PM psalm19  agree that T. 
2014-10-10 06:35:02 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Rick (}) 
2014-10-10 06:35:09 PM piks7275  :-* 
2014-10-10 06:35:10 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Hi 
2014-10-10 06:35:12 PM JackiM  Gotta run. Through next week, still
running grandson to and from football practice. Enjoy Sukah and the
Shabat Family. 
2014-10-10 06:35:13 PM Yada (Cohost)  No then he would serve a
productive function Terry 
2014-10-10 06:35:20 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Steve 
2014-10-10 06:35:23 PM psalm19  Hey YaudiKiwi, Shalowm 
2014-10-10 06:35:30 PM T Haston  he kind of does though doesn't he 
2014-10-10 06:35:35 PM psalm19  Hey Stevve 
2014-10-10 06:35:42 PM T Haston  can't appreciate the good without the
2014-10-10 06:35:46 PM Yada (Cohost)  he serves a purpose, but not a
productive one 
2014-10-10 06:36:00 PM Mary Kris  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:36:06 PM DebraMiller0  Sin=Nanna 
2014-10-10 06:36:15 PM DebraMiller0  also Enki 
2014-10-10 06:36:19 PM psalm19  Halal The Loser 
2014-10-10 06:36:26 PM Yahudikiwi  Bye Jacki (}) 
2014-10-10 06:36:43 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Freed! 
2014-10-10 06:36:52 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Fred 
2014-10-10 06:36:53 PM psalm19  Social Secular Humanist, GET A LIFE, eh 
2014-10-10 06:36:57 PM Yahudikiwi  (}) 
2014-10-10 06:37:10 PM Freed Snail  Hi Deb..Shabt shalom family. 
2014-10-10 06:37:15 PM psalm19  Hi Fred, Shalowm. 
2014-10-10 06:37:19 PM T Haston  I freed a snail & I liked it.. <:o) 
2014-10-10 06:37:21 PM PatriciaBowen  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:37:25 PM Freed Snail  lol 
2014-10-10 06:37:37 PM DebraMiller0  Escargo 
2014-10-10 06:37:43 PM Guest1687  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:37:44 PM Yahudikiwi  I squash them whenever i find them.
Sorry Fred :) 
2014-10-10 06:38:03 PM PatriciaBowen  lol 
2014-10-10 06:38:07 PM DebraMiller0  good with garlic and butter 
2014-10-10 06:38:13 PM PatriciaBowen  Ewe 
2014-10-10 06:38:14 PM Guest1692  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:38:16 PM Guest1692  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:38:20 PM T Haston  Dowd you may be happy to know I ate a
kiwi today 
2014-10-10 06:38:25 PM Freed Snail  Fruit grower..who could blame you,
2014-10-10 06:38:43 PM William The Elevator Man  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:39:04 PM Yahudikiwi  Good stuff Terry :) 
2014-10-10 06:39:06 PM T Haston  Hi Mrs B ! 
2014-10-10 06:39:12 PM Freed Snail  Mrs Bowen..(}) 
2014-10-10 06:39:31 PM Guest1704  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:39:42 PM Yahudikiwi  They munch on the new buds emerging
from the grafts which tend to be closer to the ground 
2014-10-10 06:39:43 PM PatriciaBowen  Hey! :) 
2014-10-10 06:39:58 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Patti (}) 
2014-10-10 06:39:59 PM psalm19  Hi Pattie, Debra 
2014-10-10 06:40:15 PM psalm19  Sandy, (}) 
2014-10-10 06:40:20 PM DebraMiller0  What's with the citron fruit they
use for the lulav Dowd? Maybe we could subsititute a KIWI? 
2014-10-10 06:40:23 PM PatriciaBowen  (}) 
2014-10-10 06:40:44 PM DebraMiller0  Hi Ps 19 
2014-10-10 06:40:50 PM Yahudikiwi  what's a lulav Debra?? 
2014-10-10 06:40:51 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Does anybody know where to
get a Paleo Hebrew chart? 
2014-10-10 06:40:56 PM SandyCannon  (}) 
2014-10-10 06:41:00 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Pattie 
2014-10-10 06:41:06 PM Yahudikiwi  Do you mean pavlova? 
2014-10-10 06:41:11 PM Yada (Cohost)  Steven 
2014-10-10 06:41:13 PM William The Elevator Man  HAPPY SHABAT EVERYONE! 
2014-10-10 06:41:23 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi William :) 
2014-10-10 06:41:24 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Thanks JB 
2014-10-10 06:41:28 PM Yada (Cohost)  NP 
2014-10-10 06:41:36 PM PatriciaBowen  Hey William! 
2014-10-10 06:41:43 PM Freed Snail  Happy Shabat William 
2014-10-10 06:41:43 PM psalm19  William, Shalowm bro. 
2014-10-10 06:41:45 PM DebraMiller0  That branch thing the jews wave
during Sukkot 
2014-10-10 06:41:50 PM cgb2  SDR 
2014-10-10 06:41:59 PM William The Elevator Man  GOOD TO BE HERE WITH
2014-10-10 06:42:08 PM Yada (Cohost)  HEy Willy 
2014-10-10 06:42:15 PM cgb2  Hey William! 
2014-10-10 06:42:15 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Will 
2014-10-10 06:42:20 PM Guest1739  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:42:20 PM Freed Snail  that wave is during 1st fruits 
2014-10-10 06:42:22 PM Mary Kris  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:42:23 PM psalm19  Its Great, Yeah. 
2014-10-10 06:42:45 PM DebraMiller0  Tzadok 
2014-10-10 06:42:45 PM William The Elevator Man  :) 
2014-10-10 06:42:51 PM Freed Snail  standing grain 
2014-10-10 06:43:04 PM Guest1581  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:43:06 PM vipers2344 2  hi everybody.i started chatting
last week. i am going to stick around until i know what exactly you guys
believe in. 
2014-10-10 06:43:17 PM cgb2  129 Your restoring testimony and Your
enduring witness are extraordinary and astounding, so therefore my soul
observes them and is saved by them. 
2014-10-10 06:43:34 PM Guest1759  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:43:35 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi vipers and welcome back :) 
2014-10-10 06:43:35 PM Yada (Cohost)  Not sure if that was the right
link Steven. I know this is 
2014-10-10 06:43:40 PM Yada (Cohost) 
2014-10-10 06:43:51 PM Guest1766  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:43:59 PM psalm19  Stick around and move from belief to
knowing. To know Yahowah and egage in relationship...Welcome. 
2014-10-10 06:44:03 PM Yada (Cohost)  Glad you came back viper. 
2014-10-10 06:44:04 PM Freed Snail  why viper, you nipping at heals? 
2014-10-10 06:44:07 PM Guest1768  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:44:24 PM T Haston  Hi WIlliam! 
2014-10-10 06:44:29 PM Guest1776  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:44:51 PM Yada (Cohost)  Also, fo those who want the
parallel version of Psalm 119: 
2014-10-10 06:44:54 PM Yada (Cohost) 
2014-10-10 06:44:57 PM Guest1776  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:44:58 PM DebraMiller0  Lots of guests tonight. Hi guests! 
2014-10-10 06:45:09 PM vipers2344 2  i am starting to read to figure out
where you guys stand but until then i am interested in asking questions. 
2014-10-10 06:45:11 PM Freed Snail  thanks jb 
2014-10-10 06:45:32 PM Yahudikiwi  No one here believes anything vipers.
We all trust and rely on Yahowah and His Towrah is our guidebook 
2014-10-10 06:45:49 PM larry hendricks  May the towb be with you 
2014-10-10 06:45:50 PM Yada (Cohost)  Viper, if you have questions feel
free to post them at 
2014-10-10 06:46:14 PM DebraMiller0  We talk to the Creator and HE TALKS
2014-10-10 06:46:51 PM Freed Snail  you too, Larry. 
2014-10-10 06:47:14 PM psalm19  reading, reciting out loud,
understanding His word. 
2014-10-10 06:47:36 PM vipers2344 2  ya but what if i told u i rely on
yahowah and i say i love chrstmas and dont do feasts? would you say i
have the wrong yahowah? 
2014-10-10 06:47:48 PM BloodBath  yes 
2014-10-10 06:48:05 PM Yada (Cohost)  Yes. Because Yahowah says he loves
the feasts and hates pagan ways. 
2014-10-10 06:48:05 PM Freed Snail  absolutely 
2014-10-10 06:48:10 PM William The Elevator Man  Hey Terry! 
2014-10-10 06:48:15 PM YareYahYahudym  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:48:22 PM psalm19  Id say your confused and trying to do
what will cause you trouble. 
2014-10-10 06:48:39 PM Yada (Cohost)  So if you think he loves christams
and isn't interested in sukah then you rely on a god of your own making 
2014-10-10 06:48:39 PM Mary Kris  You don't have Yahowah at all, I 
2014-10-10 06:48:44 PM YareYahYahudym  Priceless. HalleluYah!!!!!!!! 
2014-10-10 06:48:46 PM Mary Kris  I'd say 
2014-10-10 06:48:46 PM vipers2344 2  exactly so i want to know what u
believe is the character of the one true god. 
2014-10-10 06:49:04 PM psalm19  read His word and you will know. 
2014-10-10 06:49:14 PM Yada (Cohost)  Everything you need to know about
Him is found in His Towrah. 
2014-10-10 06:49:15 PM psalm19 
2014-10-10 06:49:47 PM Mary Kris  You have to search on your own to
understand what we know 
2014-10-10 06:49:52 PM Freed Snail  Yah doesn't change. Saying He does
makes Him to be unreliable. 
2014-10-10 06:49:58 PM Yahudikiwi  His Towrah is the one place to learn
the character of Yahowah 
2014-10-10 06:50:00 PM Yada (Cohost)  So it is not a matter of believing
anything. It is all a matter of looking at, considering, and
understanding what He said and what He did. 
2014-10-10 06:50:14 PM Yahudikiwi  Well said JB 
2014-10-10 06:50:18 PM vipers2344 2  i know christmas is pagan but u
said it doesnt matter what u believe just believe in yahowah 
2014-10-10 06:50:31 PM 4yeshua com  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:50:37 PM YareYahYahudym  My people are destroyed due to
the lack of knowledge. 
2014-10-10 06:50:39 PM psalm19  its not belief. Its taking upon a
knowledge of Him via his own tre amplified word which you come to know
and have a relationship with a Dad. 
2014-10-10 06:50:42 PM Yada (Cohost)  No, we said it does not matter
what you believe, but come to know Yahowah 
2014-10-10 06:50:45 PM DebraMiller0  Vipers- I was a Christian and
celebrated Christmas thinking it was right. I was truely saved but
misled. The Ruach will lead you to all truth. 
2014-10-10 06:50:46 PM Guest1628  quit the room 
2014-10-10 06:50:48 PM Yada (Cohost)  it has nothing to do with belief. 
2014-10-10 06:50:52 PM barchi ust  To the viper: the character is that
of a loving father. 
2014-10-10 06:51:09 PM kevrlcro  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:51:36 PM PatriciaBowen  In knowing the father you come to
a place of trust rather than belief. 
2014-10-10 06:52:04 PM barchi ust  belief is in the unknown and unproven 
2014-10-10 06:52:08 PM Yada (Cohost)  There is no need to believe in
Yahowah. Yahowah made Himself known and knowable. He proved He inspired
the Torah, and He says that He reveals Himself through it. 
2014-10-10 06:52:26 PM Yada (Cohost)  I can read it, I can study it, and
I can come to know Him just as I would come to know anyone. 
2014-10-10 06:52:45 PM Freed Snail  Yah is all about letting those that
know Him use their will when they know Him bc theirs will align with His
most times. 
2014-10-10 06:53:00 PM PatriciaBowen  It is an investment of
time....just like any other relationship. 
2014-10-10 06:53:14 PM Yada (Cohost)  I don't beleve Craig exists, I
know him. I converse with him, I read what he writes to me I listen to
what he says to me and I have come to know him and consider him a
2014-10-10 06:53:19 PM Yada (Cohost)  The same is true for Yahowah 
2014-10-10 06:53:23 PM vipers2344 2  so you just dont like the word
2014-10-10 06:53:30 PM Freed Snail  most times..only bc I fall short a
lot of times 
2014-10-10 06:53:53 PM Yada (Cohost)  I converse with Him, I read what
HE writes to me, I listen to what He says to me and I have come to know
Him and consider Him a friend 
2014-10-10 06:54:01 PM YareYahYahudym  Human leaders play a very sick
and twisted game with the masses. It's called brinkmansship. 
2014-10-10 06:54:07 PM cgb2  123 My eyes have decided and they yearn for
Your salvation and for the Promised Word of Righteousness and
2014-10-10 06:54:21 PM cgb2  124 I want You to act and engage on behalf
of, dealing with Your associate in accordance with Your mercy and
steadfast love because I have chosen to learn, I have elected to be
influenced by, 
2014-10-10 06:54:33 PM cgb2  and have properly responded to Your clearly
communicated prescriptions of what I should do in life to live. 
2014-10-10 06:54:34 PM Yada (Cohost)  It's not a matter of likeing
belief or believe, it is a matter of the word being inacurate 
2014-10-10 06:54:46 PM PatriciaBowen  Believing removes responsibility
and accuracy. You can choose to believe anything you want. When you
choose to know Yahowah it is totally different. 
2014-10-10 06:54:50 PM Yada (Cohost)  Words have meaning 
2014-10-10 06:54:58 PM DebraMiller0  well it has the word BEL in it. BEL
2014-10-10 06:55:35 PM psalm19  I gotta share with you guys... Ive been
giving my Mom 100 pages or so from the beginnin of YY and the feast each
week. Along with wonderful posts from Larry and other family. My Mom is
100% on board now. Makes me so happy. 
2014-10-10 06:55:41 PM Freed Snail  lol deb,,is that in hebrew?..:) 
2014-10-10 06:55:53 PM Yada (Cohost)  Awesome 
2014-10-10 06:55:54 PM DebraMiller0  nope. 
2014-10-10 06:55:56 PM Yahudikiwi  Great news !!!! 
2014-10-10 06:56:00 PM PatriciaBowen  Yay!! That is wonderful! 
2014-10-10 06:56:05 PM piks7275  woo hoo Rick thats great 
2014-10-10 06:56:17 PM DebraMiller0  maybe- I don;t know. 
2014-10-10 06:56:18 PM psalm19  She even told my sister that grandma
WONT be having any grandkids over for halloween because Yahowah doesnt
2014-10-10 06:56:19 PM eh steve  That's awesome Rick! 
2014-10-10 06:56:20 PM Yada (Cohost)  I don't think there is a Hebrew
word for believe Fred 
2014-10-10 06:56:21 PM vipers2344 2  well i get what your saying. i
guess u just dont like my wording but we are on the same page. i wan to
know the one true god. 
2014-10-10 06:56:32 PM psalm19  It is awesome :) 
2014-10-10 06:56:41 PM Freed Snail  that's great Rick...May Yah bless
2014-10-10 06:56:42 PM psalm19  She will be 81 in November. 
2014-10-10 06:56:43 PM Yada (Cohost)  Good viper. That is the most
imporatant thing in the world 
2014-10-10 06:56:57 PM YareYahYahudym  When I read and recite the Yah's
Towrah, i know I'm praying. 
2014-10-10 06:57:00 PM DebraMiller0  seek and you shall find Viper 
2014-10-10 06:57:01 PM Mary Kris  Yay good news Rick! 
2014-10-10 06:57:02 PM Yahudikiwi  You're on the right path when you are
open to truth 
2014-10-10 06:57:14 PM Yada (Cohost)  Once that is your goal it is just
a matter of seeking and time. 
2014-10-10 06:57:16 PM Mary Kris  it's never too late to come to know
2014-10-10 06:57:16 PM psalm19  Ty :) 
2014-10-10 06:57:23 PM T Haston  that is great Rick 
2014-10-10 06:57:25 PM Freed Snail  right Dowd 
2014-10-10 06:57:35 PM kevrlcro  :) 
2014-10-10 06:57:55 PM DebraMiller0  hi kev 
2014-10-10 06:58:28 PM Yada (Cohost)  Like I said if you have questions
while you are reading feel free to post them at a number of us are there on a regular basis 
2014-10-10 06:58:38 PM vipers2344 2  i am not totally new to all of
this. i called myself a christian for four years but i have just begun
to really read and study. 
2014-10-10 06:58:47 PM piks7275  we had a resident dinner last night I
got up and walked out right before the prayer and came back after the
2014-10-10 06:58:51 PM Yada (Cohost)  discussing Yah's word is our
favorite thing to do. 
2014-10-10 06:59:09 PM DebraMiller0  Let the Ruach teach you Vipers 
2014-10-10 06:59:09 PM piks7275  yes everyone gave me nasty looks ,I
just smiled 
2014-10-10 06:59:10 PM Mary Kris  can dig it Sheree. I do the same at
2014-10-10 06:59:23 PM Guest2082  enter the room 
2014-10-10 06:59:24 PM Freed Snail  that's our sister, Sheree. ...way to
2014-10-10 06:59:25 PM PatriciaBowen  Love it Sheree!! 
2014-10-10 06:59:25 PM psalm19  The amazing thing is that she is getting
it. Her mind has opened to the understand. She reading everything twice.
Shes Rockin! 
2014-10-10 06:59:27 PM Mary Kris  yep, that's what they do 
2014-10-10 06:59:50 PM PatriciaBowen  I am so happy for you Rick. 
2014-10-10 06:59:54 PM psalm19  Yada, :) 
2014-10-10 07:00:05 PM Guest2082  quit the room 
2014-10-10 07:00:09 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Got me a 'Comprehensive
Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew for those who read English' by
Klein. Can't wait for it to arrive. :) 
2014-10-10 07:00:26 PM Mary Kris  Good for her, Rick. She must be
floating, she's so free from the bonds of religion 
2014-10-10 07:00:27 PM piks7275  one lady walked up and wanted to talk
about helleeen I told her I dont do that pagan *** 
2014-10-10 07:00:27 PM DebraMiller0  Nice. 
2014-10-10 07:00:36 PM Yahudikiwi  Way to go Sheree :@ 
2014-10-10 07:00:42 PM Mary Kris  Was it expensive SDR? 
2014-10-10 07:00:58 PM kevrlcro  Hi everyone!! I"m new to the family of
Yah!! I've been listening for the last 6 months!! I been seeking the
2014-10-10 07:00:59 PM psalm19  right Mary, Shes all happy, she says Oh
it is SOO Enlightening. 
2014-10-10 07:00:59 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Well, kind of. 
2014-10-10 07:01:01 PM Freed Snail  that's great mom is almost
the same age and Church of Christ has her in lock down. 
2014-10-10 07:01:16 PM DebraMiller0  Welcome to the family Kev! 
2014-10-10 07:01:19 PM T Haston  Wow that is great to hear Kev! 
2014-10-10 07:01:26 PM Mary Kris  I'll have to check it out and save my
pennies to get one, if I think it'll do me any good. 
2014-10-10 07:01:28 PM kevrlcro  Thx!! :) 
2014-10-10 07:01:29 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  That's cool Rick 
2014-10-10 07:01:32 PM psalm19  Keep giving her stuff. 
2014-10-10 07:01:40 PM PatriciaBowen  Hello Kev! 
2014-10-10 07:01:44 PM Yada (Cohost)  Welcome to the family Kev! 
2014-10-10 07:01:46 PM DebraMiller0  Freed! LOL! 
2014-10-10 07:01:49 PM Freed Snail  hi Kev,,(}) 
2014-10-10 07:01:53 PM kevrlcro  Hello :) 
2014-10-10 07:01:56 PM Mary Kris  I can totally relate to her feeling
like that Rick, that is so kewl 
2014-10-10 07:01:59 PM piks7275  she then said well I know it isnt like
xmas and ,,I said I dont do that pagan crap either 
2014-10-10 07:02:19 PM psalm19  Yeah, :) 
2014-10-10 07:02:26 PM William The Elevator Man  LOL Sheree 
2014-10-10 07:02:27 PM Yahudikiwi  Conversation ended right there
2014-10-10 07:02:30 PM PatriciaBowen  I bet she did a double take.. 
2014-10-10 07:02:40 PM kevrlcro  My son Kev is also with me !!! So there
are 2 of us in the family! 
2014-10-10 07:02:46 PM Guest2585  enter the room 
2014-10-10 07:02:49 PM piks7275  I told her to look in her encyclopedia
about xmas and talk to me later 
2014-10-10 07:02:56 PM DebraMiller0  way to go Kevs 
2014-10-10 07:02:58 PM vipers2344 2  what do youg guys make of mathew
27:51 where it talks about the tombs being broke open? people love to
make fun of this passage 
2014-10-10 07:03:01 PM 4yeshua com  great isnt it Kevin 
2014-10-10 07:03:06 PM Yahudikiwi  Good news Kev 
2014-10-10 07:03:09 PM Mary Kris  Wow, it's gonna be so nice for you,
Rick, now you and your mom can share Yah's word and Feasts. 
2014-10-10 07:03:15 PM Yahudikiwi  :) 
2014-10-10 07:03:32 PM kevrlcro  Yep! was a mesianic believer!!... Now i
Know the TRUTH 
2014-10-10 07:03:37 PM psalm19  Yes. and she determined to show my
2014-10-10 07:03:38 PM PatriciaBowen  :) 
2014-10-10 07:03:56 PM piks7275  I wish her luck there Rick 
2014-10-10 07:03:56 PM larry hendricks  Scientific Proof Hebrew Is The
Language of Creation-- Hebrew Chemistry Class Looking at Bare'seyth 1:1
to 2:3, inclusive contains exactly 92 distinct words written in Hebrew.
Indeed, this section of the Torah literally describes the creation of
matter in 
2014-10-10 07:03:58 PM Mary Kris  Sheree, I've found that people don't
want to read the truth, but they want you to argue with you when you
tell them 
2014-10-10 07:04:21 PM William The Elevator Man  True dat MK 
2014-10-10 07:04:26 PM cgb2  127 Therefore God, I genuinely and totally
love the terms and conditions of Your relationship agreement more than
gold nuggets and more than gold coins. 
2014-10-10 07:04:40 PM piks7275  yeah she said it was the day day JC was
born,,I just laughed as said thats a damn lie as I walked away 
2014-10-10 07:04:40 PM T Haston  don't you mean Mat 27:52 Vipers? 
2014-10-10 07:04:40 PM Yada (Cohost)  Viper, none of the 27th chapter of
Matthew is extant in the oldest manuscripts. 
2014-10-10 07:04:41 PM cgb2  128 Therefore God, I completely concur with
all of Your precepts, those instructions which You have entrusted to us,
encouraging us to carefully examine for guidance so that we respond
appropriately to You. 
2014-10-10 07:04:52 PM cgb2  Every deceptive and misleading way, I
completely abhor and I am genuinely and openly hostile to them. 
2014-10-10 07:04:54 PM Yada (Cohost)  So anything in it is questionable
as to it's authenticity 
2014-10-10 07:05:25 PM DebraMiller0  Uh- night of the living dead?
2014-10-10 07:05:29 PM piks7275  bet they stop talking pagan holidays
and JC around me sooner or later 
2014-10-10 07:05:50 PM vipers2344 2  ya even apologists....atleast one
apologist cant even defend that passage 
2014-10-10 07:05:52 PM PatriciaBowen  Hopefully sooner rahter than
2014-10-10 07:06:11 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Who are you talking about
2014-10-10 07:06:19 PM piks7275  i dont care if they do or not just dont
talk that crap to me 
2014-10-10 07:06:23 PM Yada (Cohost)  none of the 27th or 28th chapters
is in any of the 1st through 3rd century manuscripts 
2014-10-10 07:06:31 PM Mary Kris  same here Sheree 
2014-10-10 07:06:35 PM piks7275  neighbors SDR 
2014-10-10 07:06:37 PM cgb2  quit the room 
2014-10-10 07:06:49 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Oh, those 
2014-10-10 07:07:00 PM PatriciaBowen  lol 
2014-10-10 07:07:02 PM William The Elevator Man  Hey SDR!!! 
2014-10-10 07:07:02 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Mine are muslims 
2014-10-10 07:07:05 PM Yada (Cohost)  I don't put a whole lot of thought
into any of the Greek text. It is just too unreliable. 
2014-10-10 07:07:06 PM cgb2  enter the room 
2014-10-10 07:07:06 PM vipers2344 2  what about these messianic people
who say you should be wearing tassels? 
2014-10-10 07:07:16 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  Willy !!! 
2014-10-10 07:07:29 PM psalm19  Mom did the Mowed Miqra this year to the
best she could. She didnt want to eat lamb this last Pesach but did
Matsah, Bikuwrym, all the way down to Sukah per my encourgaging, Ah, but
now, she says "I will eat lamb next year" :) 
2014-10-10 07:07:44 PM Mary Kris  seriously SDR? 
2014-10-10 07:07:46 PM T Haston  messy antics 
2014-10-10 07:07:46 PM Yada (Cohost)  lamb is the best 
2014-10-10 07:07:51 PM Freed Snail  messy antics 
2014-10-10 07:07:51 PM psalm19  Totally gettin into it. 
2014-10-10 07:07:53 PM DebraMiller0  Watch your back SDR. Or should I
say your neck?*** (19:07:05):Welcome to the Yada Chat Room.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:07:16):
Willy !!!
psalm19 says to  (19:07:29):
Mom did the Mowed Miqra this year to the best she could. She didnt want
to eat lamb this last Pesach but did Matsah, Bikuwrym, all the way down
to Sukah per my encourgaging, Ah, but now, she says "I will eat lamb
next year" :)
Mary Kris says to  (19:07:44):
seriously SDR?
T Haston says to  (19:07:46):
messy antics
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:07:46):
lamb is the best
Freed Snail says to  (19:07:51):
messy antics
psalm19 says to  (19:07:51):
Totally gettin into it.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:07:53):
Watch your back SDR. Or should I say your neck?
YareYahYahudym says to  (19:07:56):
Can't afford lamb.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:08:02):
Yep, mostly
piks7275 says to  (19:08:09):
I do once a year
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:08:11):
yeah it's is a bit expensive
piks7275 says to  (19:08:16):
at Pesach
Mary Kris says to  (19:08:18):
oh crap, time to move maybe.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:08:19):
but so tastey
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:08:25):
Mary Kris says to  (19:08:28):
just be careful
BloodBath says to  (19:08:30):
Only if the tassels don't make me look like fat Elvis
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:08:37):
I use Pesach as a good excuse to make myself spend the money
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:08:43):
Especially the way James preps it.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:08:56):
A move is in the plan.
psalm19 says to  (19:09:05):
Yeah JB.
piks7275 says to  (19:09:12):
oh mine was cooked in my toaster oven and it was great
Mary Kris says to  (19:09:15):
That's probably smart.
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:09:38):
That's how I feel Larrinator!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:09:38):
I always keep an eye at Costco for a sale. I have seen it as low as
$3.50/lb for legs.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:09:49):
if it is on sale I'll grab one.
Freed Snail says to  (19:09:50):
Yahs Word is not religious at all.
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:09:51):
 sure, wear tzitzits or tassels, and do not cut the corners of your
 beards  - stand out like a sore thumb in good ol' babylon  - great idea
piks7275 says to  (19:10:05):
I have heard that phrase before..creating a Dowd religion
kevrlcro says to  (19:10:10):
Rack of lamb is yum yum!
Freed Snail says to  (19:10:20):
religious bullcrap
Mary Kris says to  (19:10:24):
believe it or not, i can't get lamb where i live, so i have to order it
on line for Pesach
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:10:29):
so you guys are not serious about wearing tassels because i see torah
people online who say you should be wearing tassels. you agree with
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:10:30):
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:10:44):
He un-friended me. :)
barchi ust says to  (19:10:44):
Freed Snail says to  (19:10:44):
I don't
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:10:53):
Plenty of lamb here in NZ. 30 million of them :)
BloodBath says to  (19:10:55):
Tassels aren't a salvation issue
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:11:02):
where do you live MK? LA?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:11:06):
I don't wear them.
T Haston says to  (19:11:10):
no tassels here
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:11:11):
i saw a
piks7275 says to  (19:11:13):
I have to go to the Texas Tech  meat market to get mine
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:11:36):
I couldn't get it in Louisiana. Too many Catholics there
Freed Snail says to  (19:11:47):
I do blow a shofar
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:11:48):
I understand what they symbolize. And the lesson Yah used them to teach
Mary Kris says to  (19:11:49):
nope, ok.  just in this little one horse town they don't have lamb in
the stores, and by the time i drive 100 miles to get it, i can order it
cheaper on line
Freed Snail says to  (19:11:59):
I trumpet Yahs Word
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:12):
Same Here Fred
psalm19 says to  (19:12:21):
Right Fred, Right On
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:27):
plus blowing a shofar is fun.
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:12:31):
local farm here sells oganically raised lamb by whole or half...
expensive, but delicious
BloodBath says to  (19:12:39):
There are only five terms and conditiions to Yah....
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:42):
And getting the niece and nephews to try and blow it for Taruwah was
Freed Snail says to  (19:12:51):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:51):
awesome Anne
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:13:11):
I need to look for something like that
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:13:12):
Hi Larry. I haven't de-friended KP yet but I don't visit his FB page any
more either. It is so nauseating reading his daily comments
piks7275 says to  (19:13:31):
so instead they seal off an apt building in KC
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:13:40):
Mary Kris says to  (19:13:40):
First day of Sukah just ended for me, so Shabbat Shalowm again, Family
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:13:43):
i knew of a guy who wore tassels and was very proud of himself for
wearing them all the time ....  wouldnt ever cut his beard.... it looked
piks7275 says to  (19:13:48):
cause they thought a resident had ebola
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:13:59):
I tried to sit down and read his Torah Code book, he has some good
insights still, but I could not get more than a few pages because of the
translations he uses
Freed Snail says to  (19:14:15):
the big kahuna
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:14:36):
ya i would think tassels would be like...look at me
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:14:53):
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:14:59):
Freed Snail says to  (19:14:59):
me too, viper
BloodBath says to  (19:15:34):
What in world is that sound?
Freed Snail says to  (19:15:34):
ka zoo
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:15:35):
yeah,  'look at me,  my beard is longer than gandalf's..'
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:15:38):
With every instruction and teaching Yah gives there are two sides,
spiritual and physical. The spiritual side is what effects our
relationship with Yah.
eh steve says to  (19:15:45):
who's playing a kazoo?
Mary Kris says to  (19:15:51):
Mary Kris says to  (19:16:18):
You and eh are making me laugh
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:16:25):
I wouldn't mind the big long ZZ top beard, but Patty won't let me.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:16:35):
I hear a kazoo too
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:16:37):
so how much of the 613 laws do you do?
cgb2 says (19:16:36):
129 Your restoring testimony and Your enduring witness are extraordinary
and astounding, so therefore my soul observes them and is saved by them.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:16:46):
There are no laws
T Haston says to  (19:16:51):
law is not so much in my vocab
piks7275 says to  (19:16:52):
there are no LAWS
Freed Snail says to  (19:16:56):
what laws
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:16:56):
Yah's Towrah is teaching and instructions
T Haston says to  (19:17:04):
outlaw maybe.....
Freed Snail says to  (19:17:10):
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:17:11):
Mary Kris says to  (19:17:13):
for sure TH
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:17:18):
They are to be understood and learned from, not laws to be followed
piks7275 says to  (19:17:31):
indeed JB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:17:34):
and the 613 number is completely BS
cgb2 says (19:17:34):
130 The unfurled and unfolding revelation of Your Word is a continually
illuminating resource which makes a rational evaluation of the evidence
leading to understanding simple for the open-minded.
BloodBath says to  (19:18:02):
How do you do that Chuck?
T Haston says to  (19:18:03):
if only there were more open-minded...
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:18:04):
well what do you have to say about all these do's and dont's in the
bible that make up 613 of them
Freed Snail says to  (19:18:09):
who'll turn on my ac on the shabat?
kevrlcro says to  (19:18:14):
to learn Palio Hewbrew
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:18:16):
It is a Maimonides thing and when you look at them many are repeates
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:18:35):
Vipers you are in bondage to legalism.
T Haston says to  (19:18:36):
Freed Snail says to  (19:19:03):
how many seeds in a pomegranet?
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:19:16):
Towrah, based on yarah means 'teaching, gudance, instruction and
direction' - nothing remotely akin to 'laws'
cgb2 says (19:19:17):
BB I have the MS Word file...copy "bold only" then copy (cntrl+C) and
paste (Cntrl + v)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:19:22):
If you eleminate the duplicates and the ones that are just plain without
basis there are only around 300
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:19:32):
vipers - go tell those people on paltalk they are in bondage to legalism
BloodBath says to  (19:19:49):
The Force is strong with you Chuck.....the Cut and Copy Force
Freed Snail says to  (19:19:53):
Mary Kris says to  (19:20:00):
I stopped going to PT a long time ago, thankfully
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:20:01):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:20:09):
Yahowah's instructions are like the instructions a father gives his
cgb2 says (19:20:11):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:20:28):
We benefit from listening to them, and there are consequences to
igrnoing them.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:20:33):
Jack is demanding my attention
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:20:35):
well i am not saying i do any of these laws but i am asking you what you
think of the 613 laws that people who say they do torah say they follow
them. i thought u guys dont eat pork. well isnt that part of the 613
do's and don'ts?
4yeshua com says to  (19:21:07):
The kjv isnt even close to the orignal wrightings Kev
piks7275 says to  (19:21:11):
not law,,use instruction instead
Freed Snail says to  (19:21:17):
I don't eat pork bc science agrees with Yah
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:21:25):
What Freed sadi
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:21:26):
Rabbinic Judaism at its worst
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:21:27):
Pork was not eaten because of Trichconella. Pigs were filthy infested
cgb2 says (19:21:32):
131 I have opened my mouth and have panted in pursuit. I genuinely long
for and desire the terms and conditions of Your relationship agreement.
BloodBath says to  (19:21:42):
I don't eat pork because my arse is too fat
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:21:45):
Yah told us that pork is not good for us. We are free to eat it and
suffer the consequences of eating something that is horrible for us. Or
we can listen to his teaching and be healthier for it
kevrlcro says to  (19:21:48):
Pork stinks
4yeshua com says to  (19:21:51):
rpork sucks
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:22:04):
From God's perspective your relationship is not changed one bit rather
you eat a ham sandwhich or not
eh steve says to  (19:22:13):
hey Viper... maybe you should listen and learn and ask your 101
questions on the forum you were directed to.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:22:19):
I still have a piece of bacon from time to time.....:$
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:22:23):
Green eggs and ham
Freed Snail says to  (19:22:29):
4yahowsha com
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:22:31):
so you say eating pork is not a salvation thing?
piks7275 says to  (19:22:37):
who is sick
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:22:37):
Freed Snail says to  (19:22:41):
*** no
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:22:46):
no vipers
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:22:47):
vipers - all legalism aside - you are what you eat...  and a pig is what
it ate..
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:22:51):
no, God didn't say that if you eat pork you are out of the family
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:22:52):
Maimonides and his nit picky and totally misleading 613 laws. Mind
numbingly diabolically stupid
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:22:59):
BloodBath says to  (19:23:00):
my god, if it was we are all screwed
kevrlcro says to  (19:23:15):
I will have pepperoni on occasion
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:23:21):
Salvation is not and should never be your focus.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:23:25):
Bacon yum
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:23:32):
Relationship is key
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:23:33):
Exactly JB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:23:38):
Salvation is just a by product of Relationship.
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:23:44):
hey eh steve what is the problem of me asking questions here. i am not
allowed to ask questions here?
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:23:45):
High cholesterol though
kevrlcro says to  (19:23:58):
barchi ust says to  (19:24:05):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:24:09):
What you eat does not effect your relationship with Yah
cgb2 says (19:24:07):
Turkey bacon, beef bacon...yumm
psalm19 says to  (19:24:09):
I try not to eat pork. Aint gonna freak out if I have a slice though.
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:24:21):
i dont eat pork - not out of legalism - but it just doesn't agree with
Mary Kris says to  (19:24:26):
I'm with you there Chuck
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:24:41):
I eat pork some, but not often and avoid it most of the time.
piks7275 says to  (19:24:47):
turkey bacon is nasty to me
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:24:53):
lol :)
McCordnovich says to  (19:25:05):
Does He tell us not to eat pork or not? That's all there is to it. It's
either, 'Yes", or it's, "No." It isn't, "Well, yes, BUT ..."
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:25:18):
For example I made up a batch of pinto beans last week. Growing up we
made it with ham, bacon and sausage I used turkey ham, turkey bacon and
beef sausage.
Mary Kris says to  (19:25:29):
no account for taste, Sheree, to me it tastes good, but i don't eat it
very often:D
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:25:30):
Tastes just as good and it much healthier for me,
T Haston says to  (19:25:45):
I don't eat pork because Yah said to not to...
BloodBath says to  (19:25:53):
I'd say pork
barchi ust says to  (19:26:01):
The broadcast a few weeks ago that specifically addressed the dietary
perscriptions was very instructive
Mary Kris says to  (19:26:06):
cuz it's processed and very high in sale, even the low sodium bacon
cgb2 says (19:26:06):
4yeshua com says to  (19:26:09):
I ate pork on accident this week and it made me sick...
piks7275 says to  (19:26:12):
I personally dislike the turkey bacon brand that is found here
Mary Kris says to  (19:26:16):
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:26:33):
so I passed on the pork and bought a bag of figs and some green tea
T Haston says to  (19:26:40):
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:26:40):
alright well there are people that say eating pork can condemn you so
thats why i wanted to ask
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:26:43):
But the more important thing is what pork and the other foods represent.
piks7275 says to  (19:26:43):
BTW HI RIchard
McCordnovich says to  (19:26:52):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:26:53):
That's the truth Yada
Freed Snail says to  (19:26:57):
turkey bacon..oxymoron
psalm19 says to  (19:27:05):
Wonder what Yah would have said about all the crap in processed foods?
Mary Kris says to  (19:27:05):
Hey Richard.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:27:15):
Hey Richard (})
T Haston says to  (19:27:25):
McCordnovich says to  (19:27:30):
Excellent and thought-procoking idea, Psalm19
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:27:34):
i thought i heard yada say one time he didnt eat pork and that u should
never eat pork but i guess i heard him wrong
McCordnovich says to  (19:27:36):
Hi, y'all
4yeshua com says to  (19:27:43):
It wont condem you...
McCordnovich says to  (19:27:43):
psalm19 says to  (19:27:44):
Richard, Shalowm.
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:27:44):
Hey Richard!
Freed Snail says to  (19:27:59):
hi Richard and Christy..:-*
Mary Kris says to  (19:28:05):
Rick, from the labels i read, there's some pork in lots of stuff for
T Haston says to  (19:28:08):
or what He would have said about GMO.. antibiotics in meat, fluoride in
water, etc
piks7275 says to  (19:28:16):
it is not advised to eat pork but it is NOT a slavational issue
psalm19 says to  (19:28:20):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:28:20):
Viper the question to ask on that is a simple one. What did Yah say
about the topic. Yah said pork is not food. He didn't say that if you
eat pork you can't be a part of his fmaily, he didn't say if you eat
pork you will go to hell.
McCordnovich says to  (19:28:28):
Christy is in the bedroom studying. We just got in from WWU way up there
in Bellingham.
Mary Kris says to  (19:28:33):
a truism Sheree
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:28:41):
It is better not to eat pork. Honestly the last time I ate pork it
tasted gross.
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:29:02):
no pork for me
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:29:04):
There are very few things Yah says are a deal breaker
Mary Kris says to  (19:29:24):
I was tempted to taste the baked beans i made the other day at work, but
then thought of the nasty pork in there, so passed, cuz i like bb
Freed Snail says to  (19:29:25):
right Sheree...
psalm19 says to  (19:29:44):
I had Turkey Franks with cheese in em. I dont want to read the
ingredients label. I will prob. hurl if i do.
Mary Kris says to  (19:30:03):
LOL LOL, Rick, for sure, don't read the ingredients
McCordnovich says to  (19:30:11):
The way I'm treating this pork thing is like this: I will ask our Father
when I get to speak with Him after I get out of this sorry place. Until
then, I'm happy to avoid pig flesh if there's a chance that my eating it
would disappoint Him.
BloodBath says to  (19:30:21):
I'd rather side with Yah......not eating pork is not a big deal
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:30:32):
I get Turkey dogs or Beef hot dogs. Or when I have the money Hebrew
Nationals. But I have always hated the taste of pork hot dogs
Mary Kris says to  (19:30:33):
I eat the Hebrew National, and don't even want to know what's in them
piks7275 says to  (19:30:41):
when the boobs say they have faith that they will be in heaven with
JC,,I just say let me know how that works out for you
McCordnovich says to  (19:30:51):
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:31:03):
I saw on vid on how sausage are made. They throw a dead pig whole into a
grinder and go from there.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:31:06):
Well they will be with Jebus
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:31:14):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:31:15):
He never existed and they will cease to exist
psalm19 says to  (19:31:16):
Ha! Yeah, Mary. Same.
Mary Kris says to  (19:31:18):
ewwwww SDR
Freed Snail says to  (19:31:30):
Richard, to me, it's like my own dad telling me to not hang out with
those guys only bc they are bad news...should I heed His warning?..It's
up to me.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:31:31):
It was disgusting
Mary Kris says to  (19:31:48):
I 'magine
McCordnovich says to  (19:31:49):
"Abram, I want you to gather a group of your associates and discuss the
value and validity of what I'm about to ask you to do..."
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:31:54):
We do not buy pork in any form. But if offered a pizza with ham on it as
a guest in someone's home, we are comfortable enough as Covenant
children to gratefully accept :)
T Haston says to  (19:31:56):
there really isn't a healthy version of bacon or hot dogs.. too
processed regardless
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:32:10):
read the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
BloodBath says to  (19:32:16):
That and that Paul made circumcision and not eat pork such a big deal
says volumns to me
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:32:19):
I like that Dowd
piks7275 says to  (19:32:20):
hahahahahaha indeed David
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:32:22):
you guys believe that yahowah was actually seen after his ressurection?
Mary Kris says to  (19:32:29):
you are right TH, but I do eat them once in awhile
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:32:31):
piks7275 says to  (19:32:34):
think I wrote that to a boob once
T Haston says to  (19:32:36):
me too
psalm19 says to  (19:32:37):
Oy, no doubt they put "Turkey" or "chicken" on the package and prob. has
a dead pig, butts and brains thrown in the grinder.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:32:50):
We buy chicken bacon for BBQ's and it tastes good. Just hasn't the fat
content of pork
Freed Snail says to  (19:32:54):
(F) of course viper
Mary Kris says to  (19:33:10):
Yeah, Rick, and those are just the good things in there.  LOL
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:33:17):
Absolutely viper
McCordnovich says to  (19:33:21):
Yahowsha wasn't resurrected, Vipe. His body was consumed. The body He
showed up in later was not the one the Romans murdered.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:33:22):
yes Viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:33:27):
sounds good Kiwi. I get these chicken sausages at costco and they taste
psalm19 says to  (19:33:35):
Yeah, I feel sick now.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:33:42):
Mary Kris says to  (19:33:46):
don't hurl
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:33:49):
Good point Richard
McCordnovich says to  (19:33:54):
Kiwi, I think that would be an excellent time for me to make the
difference on Yahowah's behalf.
psalm19 says to  (19:34:02):
No, lol.
cgb2 says (19:34:08):
130 The unfurled and unfolding revelation of Your Word is a continually
illuminating resource which makes a rational evaluation of the evidence
leading to understanding simple for the open-minded.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:34:10):
We buy those too JB (F)
Mary Kris says to  (19:34:19):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:34:33):
They have one with mango and habanero, I love those.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:34:55):
way better than any pork sausage I have ever ate
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:34:58):
I don't....
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:35:01):
i just dont get why in mark it says almost nothing after the
ressurection and then in other gospels it talks a lot about it. how did
mark not talk more about it?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:35:13):
Mark was not there.
T Haston says to  (19:35:19):
Mark wasn't an eye witness..
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:35:26):
Mark wrote what Peter spoke of.
Freed Snail says to  (19:35:29):
hearsay will not hold up
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:35:31):
It is second hand.
McCordnovich says to  (19:35:32):
There are no "gospels". Mark wrote hearsay.
T Haston says to  (19:35:37):
and you should take yer eyes off the 'NT' and focus on TPP
4yeshua com says to  (19:35:39):
2nd hand account
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:03):
Matthew and John were the only eyewitness accounts
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:36:05):
alright so thats not good enough if mark wrote what peter saw?
barchi ust says to  (19:36:10):
psalm22, 88, isaiah 53 viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:15):
Mark is second hand, and Luke is hearsay
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:36:23):
You won't find much of worth in the so-called 'new testament'. And
everything Yahowsha' said was from the Towrah and the prophets anyway
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:36:32):
Christians teach only the NT mostly. Pauline doctrine- not Yah's
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:36:41):
1 & 2 Peter read just like Paul's run on sentence in galatians .....
just my opinion though
T Haston says to  (19:36:46):
right.. using paul to prove paul..
McCordnovich says to  (19:36:46):
Only if what Mark wrote was exactly waht Kephas told him, and on ly if
what Mark wrote has been faithfully translated and handed down....
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:50):
Viper it is all about levels removed from the source, the further from
the source the less reliable
Mary Kris says to  (19:36:53):
hell is a scare tactic
psalm19 says to  (19:37:01):
Dont read NT dude. You dont have extant copy. You missin the truth by
not reading Torah Prophets, Psalms.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:37:13):
Mark wrote what he could remember Peter teaching
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:37:23):
and what he felt was important about what Peter tought
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:37:30):
Hearsay either way
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:37:30):
oh i see what your saying
larry hendricks says to  (19:37:34):
It is all hear say
T Haston says to  (19:37:48):
heard dat
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:37:49):
Add to that the fact that scribes viewed the text not a scripture and
felt comfortable editing it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:37:58):
so nothing in the Greek is really reliable.
barchi ust says to  (19:38:09):
i witness account in psalm 22, 88, and isaiah 53.
T Haston says to  (19:38:11):
and greek sux compared to hebrew
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:38:23):
so you dont think mark was writing as peter was right there?
McCordnovich says to  (19:38:31):
Because Yahowsha declared that He did not come to do away with the
Towrah, but to fulfill it, then by implication everything we need to
know is in the Towrah.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:38:32):
In the first 3 centuries no one viewed it as Scripture.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:38:38):
Don't know.
T Haston says to  (19:38:46):
don't care what mark wrote to be blunt..
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:38:59):
Because they didn't view it as Scripture they edited it, a lot.
McCordnovich says to  (19:39:10):
What I might think about that is irrelevant, Viper. No one knows, do
they? So of what value would be my speculation?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:39:15):
IF something was in one ad not the other they would add it, or remove
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:39:36):
If things were described one way in one and anther in another tey would
change it to fit.
psalm19 says to  (19:39:42):
They did away with all orginal copies of the eye witness accounts. The
earliest are found only in the first century.. I think.
piks7275 says to  (19:39:59):
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:40:19):
i like the books of Matthew & John but the rest of the NT... not so much
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:40:22):
They were wrong to edit them, but they were right in that it was not
4yeshua com says to  (19:40:32):
The bible is not accurate Kevin not even close you have to go back to
the oldest orignals
T Haston says to  (19:40:33):
same here Karl..
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:40:52):
None of what Matthew, Mark, Luke or John wrote, other than John's
Revelation, was ever intended to be Scripture
Mary Kris says to  (19:40:58):
SDR, is that what you ordered, what Sheree just put up?
McCordnovich says to  (19:41:03):
Here's the whole thing in a nutshell. Yahowah, said, "I'm sending you a
Prophet. Listen to Him." Yahowsha proved He was that Prophet. He spoke
of the Towrah. So listen to Him: read the Towrah.
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:41:26):
ok well you seem to be getting  hyped over what you think is a bad
choice of words. when i ask you what you think, ofcourse i am not asking
you your opinion but what you know to be true.
McCordnovich says to  (19:41:54):
Hyped? Me?
psalm19 says to  (19:41:57):
Right Richard. Yahowsha embodied and taught only Towrah. Read the Towrah
T Haston says to  (19:42:02):
who's hyped?
Freed Snail says to  (19:42:26):
I think McCordnovich was sharing that with you, viper.
McCordnovich says to  (19:42:28):
We know very little from that time period because the Roman Catholic
Church did its best to do away with the real evidence.
T Haston says to  (19:42:45):
4yeshua com says to  (19:42:49):
Its all in the towrah
BloodBath says to  (19:42:58):
The RCC and the Rabbi's
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:43:02):
there's this "Truth Project" DVD series - 14 lessons put together really
slick,  but he only points to Paul's letters in conclusion... grrrrrrr
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:43:03):
them basterds
psalm19 says to  (19:43:17):
the RCC bastitches
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:43:19):
Viper, if you are interested this page has a list of what is extant in
the oldest manuscripts.
Freed Snail says to  (19:43:19):
lol Karl
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:43:20):
McCordnovich says to  (19:43:27):
So what we can absolutely rely on is Yahowah's Towrah, Prophets, and
Songs. That's the point I'm trying to make (apparently poorly).
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:43:31):
Just for reference for you.
Freed Snail says to  (19:43:56):
not so RMC
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:44:08):
Anything that isn't listed there is not existant until more than 4
centuries after the fact. Much of it not until even later than that.
cgb2 says (19:44:08):
130 The unfurled and unfolding revelation of Your Word is a continually
illuminating resource which makes a rational evaluation of the evidence
leading to understanding simple for the open-minded.'
cgb2 says (19:44:23):
131 I have opened my mouth and have panted in pursuit. I genuinely long
for and desire the terms and conditions of Your relationship agreement.
McCordnovich says to  (19:45:07): - the 119th Psalm, Viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:45:21):
TO put a number to it. There have been more than 300,000 documented
variants between the oldest manuscripts and the Nestle Aland which
serves as the basis of English translations today
McCordnovich says to  (19:45:23):
Scroll down to the part Yada is reading
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:45:49):
hot pursuit
Freed Snail says to  (19:46:00):
love for knowledge
piks7275 says to  (19:46:54):
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:47:05):
all i know is that i have been through so much crap and lies from
pastors and so many other people who claim they have truth. obviously it
would be easy to know the truth if the bible had no errors but thats not
the case.
McCordnovich says to  (19:47:17):
You're right.
Mary Kris says to  (19:47:22):
thanks Sheree :-*
piks7275 says to  (19:47:25):
90 bucks  in hard copy vs 9 bucks on scribd
McCordnovich says to  (19:47:34):
And no one here is ever fgoing to ask you for so much as a penny. It's
all free.
Freed Snail says to  (19:47:35):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:47:52):
I here that viepr
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:47:54):
BloodBath says to  (19:47:58):
Even the word "bible" is pagan :|
T Haston says to  (19:48:01):
some of us can relate to that Viper
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:48:05):
No,  Vipers but Yah won't lead you astray like man will
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:48:09):
Viper, all of these people here are here to help you
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:48:24):
We are all truth seekers.
McCordnovich says to  (19:48:25):
We're a family looking to grow together. And family doesn't pick
family's pocket.
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:48:25):
And they want nothing from you
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:48:30):
Saddly it takes a lot of time, and a significant financial investment to
be able to get to the truth for yourself.
T Haston says to  (19:48:32):
have you read any of YY yet?
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:48:42):
Ah say now hold up your bahbels and say "I believe every word is
truuuue!" now be seated and turn to Romans 13!
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:48:45):
you guys hear of paul washer?
barchi ust says to  (19:48:47):
Yah can relate to that too. He has a lot to say about those pastors and
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:49:00):
McCordnovich says to  (19:49:00):
Not I, V.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:49:00):
Freed Snail says to  (19:49:07):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:49:09):
I have invested close to a thousand dollars over the years to build my
library and tools to study Yah's word on my own
Mary Kris says to  (19:49:13):
isn't it nice knowing that how much we muck things up, that our Father
still likes and loves us, and doesn't hold it against us?
4yeshua com says to  (19:49:17):
Over 1/2 the new testament  was written  by a perv
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:49:26):
Yes Mary!!
barchi ust says to  (19:49:34):
a perv by his own admission.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:49:38):
homo Paul
T Haston says to  (19:49:39):
good point 4Yahowsha
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:49:41):
No clue who that is
Mary Kris says to  (19:49:45):
reference material is expensive, to be sure.  I'm always looking for
McCordnovich says to  (19:49:54):
And those of us who cannot throw money at our search for the truth have
the prolific writings of those who can, and we can verify what they've
psalm19 says to  (19:49:59):
Yeah, hes a whiny little baby. He is parroting the whole religiosity
twistian guilt ridden bull***.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:50:00):
Apostle to the Genitals
4yeshua com says to  (19:50:06):
thanks TH
piks7275 says to  (19:50:13):
i can afford to download at 9 bucks vs 90
Mary Kris says to  (19:50:18):
(lol) Patty
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:50:22):
cgb2 says (19:50:24):
132 Please turn to me and prepare me to actually face God and please be
genuinely merciful to me in accordance with the means used to achieve
justice and resolve disputes on behalf of a person who truly loves Your
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:50:27):
Mary Kris says to  (19:50:33):
yeah, me too Sheree
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:03):
I spent sometime today in the forum trying to help one of the members
figure out how to best spend his money to start his library. Logos has
made it much more expensive.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:51:20):
Hard copies will still work if the power goes out.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:21):
What I got for $300 5 years ago it will cost close to $500 to get now
McCordnovich says to  (19:51:22):
I am going to catch some Z's and then turn to on today's "Shattering
Myths" archives. Look for them around midnight or thereabout.
psalm19 says to  (19:51:27):
right. Ditto that Yada.
McCordnovich says to  (19:51:50):
I can't get my mind around the idea that Yahowah cannot see my sins, and
it's a mind rape, let me tell you.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:52):
True SDR
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:52:04):
he was a pastor i listened to for four years but then realized he is
full of crap. he got old after about four years when i started
questioning him.
T Haston says to  (19:52:12):
Thanks RM!  I caught up on Mon-Thurs today.. sure appreeesh it
Freed Snail says to  (19:52:18):
Kippurym...reconcile the're the bad guy here. Yah's
perfect and we are all filty rags.
Mary Kris says to  (19:52:21):
I print most of my stuff out and put in binders, for that reason, SDR
piks7275 says to  (19:52:24):
in that case all i really need is Torah to read
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:52:27):
Pastors hate when you question them
BloodBath says to  (19:52:31):
I went to John Hagee's church for a "spell" 8-|
Freed Snail says to  (19:52:49):
BB, he attraks many.
barchi ust says to  (19:52:49):
I am just beginning to build a library to work on this for myself, but
with tools available to anybody, free online, I have been able to work
backwards from amplifications provided by others to confirm their
validity.  Its not hard.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:52:53):
yes they do. they get pissed
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:53:01):
I need to get everything in my computer printed out.
McCordnovich says to  (19:53:01):
I would LOVE to be able to have hard copies of YY, QP, PoD, and AITG.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:53:09):
and you got a spell
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:53:13):
Me too RIchard
Mary Kris says to  (19:53:14):
this is true, Sheree, but it's nice to have hard copies.  if i could
afford more books, i would buy instead of dl, cuz i like the smell of
books.  weird, huh
psalm19 says to  (19:53:17):
Well good on you Viper. Now you have an opportunity to understand truth.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:53:21):
mass mind control
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:53:27):
is there such thing as a saved pastor?
barchi ust says to  (19:53:33):
BloodBath says to  (19:53:34):
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:53:35):
No I love the smell of books!!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:36):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:56):
there may be hope for some, but as long as they are teachign christanity
they are not part of Yah's family
piks7275 says to  (19:53:56):
of course I too prefer hard copy but inless you have greenbacks its hard
to get hardbacks
Mary Kris says to  (19:54:03):
oh good, another weird o, Patty1
BloodBath says to  (19:54:04): can throw it out the window...sink and all
Freed Snail says to  (19:54:05):
dammit...Im guilty of slacking, RMC...8-| forgive me.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:54:10):
I made a hard copy of YadaYah years ago and then CW edited it all. :(
T Haston says to  (19:54:10):
BB I used to watch him on tv and bought several books.. liked how he
spoke out against religion.. of course he was just as religious but at
least I was questioning
barchi ust says to  (19:54:19):
...something to the effect of:  they will wish they were dead, but they
will not die....
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:54:21):
barchi: yes, much easier to work backward to verify, especially for
those of us not good with languages.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:54:25):
Guilty as charged
Mary Kris says to  (19:54:29):
yes, but a dl is just as good lots of time, because you can change the
font if you want, etc.
McCordnovich says to  (19:54:33):
Shut the f@#% up, Fred. Don't you EVER apologize to me, bro. We'
McCordnovich says to  (19:54:38):
We're too close.
Freed Snail says to  (19:54:50):
piks7275 says to  (19:54:57):
McCordnovich says to  (19:54:59):
I know you're doing all you can already, so chill with that stuff.
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:55:00):
i used to think if paul washer isnt saved then nobody is saved...ya took me four years to see this
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:55:07):
ain't that sweet...
McCordnovich says to  (19:55:23):
You're gonna love the truth, Viper. And the ride is AWESOME!
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:55:27):
Viper, the website is a great site to learn, it's user
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:55:28):
Pastors are good a deciving people that way
BloodBath says to  (19:55:31):
Do you think the Pope is saved viper?
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:55:45):
hell no
Mary Kris says to  (19:55:46):
yes, Viper, and your life will never be the will be much
Freed Snail says to  (19:55:57):
which pope?
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:56:01):
ofcurse not. i guess your saying the pope is the same as any pastor
Mary Kris says to  (19:56:04):
not only no, but HELL no
piks7275 says to  (19:56:05):
poop or pope
psalm19 says to  (19:56:06):
True that Mary,
McCordnovich says to  (19:56:08):
Oaky, my eyelids are heavy. And no, Fred, it ain't all fat! I'm going to
bed. Yah bless you all!
JackiM says to  (19:56:12):
McCordnovich: email me at  I have the ITG, YY and QP
broken down with cover pages.  I've printed them off and had them bound
at Fed Ex. You can do the same. I will email you all the pdfs and
coverpages if you wish. Anyone else can email.
JackiM says to  (19:56:22):
email the same request.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:56:28):
Night Richard. :)
piks7275 says to  (19:56:39):
shalom RM
McCordnovich says to  (19:56:42):
You're on. I'll pay you whatever it takes to cover your costs.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:56:48):
poop... pope it's all BS
Freed Snail says to  (19:57:06):
sorry,,,and happy shabat, bro!...I have to remember you suffer apologies
as much as me..:)
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:57:11):
thanks JackiM!
BloodBath says to  (19:57:11):
Viper, what about all the mooooslimes.....saved?
JackiM says to  (19:57:21):
No cost. You do the printing and Fed Ex does the binding. Right now
about 12 binders for all 3 books @ approx. 5 dollars per binder at Fed
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:57:22):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:57:35):
I like what God said about religious teachers to him looking like they
have bull dung on their faces
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:57:52):
*** faced
BloodBath says to  (19:57:56):
You mean to tell me that 1.5 billion people aren't saved 8-|
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:58:03):
Good info Thanks Jacki
Freed Snail says to  (19:58:07): wonder I can smell them
T Haston says to  (19:58:12):
that's about $800 in ink cartridges
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:58:13):
probably more BB
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:58:13):
they are living off of people to preach the bible...
psalm19 says to  (19:58:29):
Wow, Jacki, that is awesome!
piks7275 says to  (19:58:33):
and several hundred $ in ink and paper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:58:45):
But I will prepare, perform, and deliver unmerited and unfailing mercy,
unearned favor, and undeserved kindness to thousands who love Me and who
closely observe, carefully examine, revere, and observe My Commandments,
instructions, and
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:58:46):
JackiM says to  (19:58:53):
welcome patty, 19 and all. just send an email request..
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:58:54):
well few there be that find it. i have always understood that
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:58:55):
I'm off to live the Orange life.
T Haston says to  (19:58:56):
I know cuz I printed ITG & YY
4yeshua com says to  (19:59:03):
 Yep leading people away
psalm19 says to  (19:59:05):
piks7275 says to  (19:59:17):
bye SDR
Mary Kris says to  (19:59:18):
Thanks Jackie, I'll be sending you an email.
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:21):
shalom, SDR
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:59:21):
cheaper to bring the pdf to a print shop.  better binding too.. can make
it "book size"
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:59:30):
See all ya'll.
T Haston says to  (19:59:35):
that would be one big book
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:59:35):
 Bye SDR
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:59:36):
i used to go to church and i always thought...something doesnt feel
right here
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:38):
on fb
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:59:41):
bye SDR
psalm19 says to  (19:59:45):
Later SDR, Shalowm bro.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:59:49):
THat's a good sign viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:59:50):
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:59:51):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:59:54):
Me too Viper.
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:54):
we all did, viper
4yeshua com says to  (20:00:02):
Me too
Mary Kris says to  (20:00:13):
Shabbat Shalowm SDR
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:00:13):
Read number 2 on his top 10
piks7275 says to  (20:00:15):
thanks Yada,Yada Jr and Larry  and Willy
piks7275 says to  (20:00:22):
shalom all
McCordnovich says to  (20:00:30):
Ya'll make sure I get the chat room log and I'll post it with the SM
archives and BTR show.
cgb2 says (20:00:33):
THanks all!
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:00:36):
Thanks everyone!!! THis was lovely :)
AnneHolzinger says to  (20:00:37):
shalom family
William The Elevator Man says to  (20:00:39):
I wasn't on Sheree
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:00:47):
Night all
William The Elevator Man says to  (20:00:49):
GN Family
T Haston says to  (20:00:51):
great to see you all & the newbies (L)
BloodBath says to  (20:00:51):
Who was that......they said Will
psalm19 says to  (20:00:58):
Thank you all. Shabat Shalowm. Thank you Yada, Larry, JB. Ty. :)
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (20:01:00):
goodnight & shabat shalowm all...  will DL the full show tomorrow
piks7275 says to  (20:01:06):
oh I thought you was  sorry then
Mary Kris says to  (20:01:07):
Yes it was, Patty, you all hav e a great Shabat.  (L)
William The Elevator Man says to  (20:01:11):
I don't know
BloodBath says to  (20:01:18):
Didn't sound like you William
kevrlcro says to  (20:01:19):
shalom!!  Happy shabbat
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:25):
Always look forward to this every week
T Haston says to  (20:01:27):
back atcha
Freed Snail says to  (20:01:28):
I always have to relisten bc you all keep me distracted..(L)
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:01:32):
well ofcouse going to church feels wrong. there are like thousands of
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:35):
same her Fred
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:01:40):
this ends too soon
T Haston says to  (20:01:42):
haha exact same here Freed yer snail
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:01:47):
YOu too Mary (L) and everyone
psalm19 says to  (20:01:50):
Me too Fed, :)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:53):
Going to church as a kid I felt bored and wore out
BloodBath says to  (20:01:55):
Church is another pagan word :D
psalm19 says to  (20:02:00):
Shalowm All.
piks7275 says to  (20:02:03):
never hurts to relisten anyway
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:02:06):
Me too..
BloodBath says to  (20:02:12):
See Yah
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:02:14):
Good point Sheree
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:02:18):
but that was a catholic church where it is a work out with all the kneel
sit stand, stand kneel sit etc etc
piks7275 says to  (20:02:19):
and reread our chat log
kevrlcro says to  (20:02:28):
see ya alll next week
psalm19 says to  (20:02:28):
Always good points.
JackiM says to  (20:02:41):
good night Family!
Freed Snail says to  (20:02:41):
T Haston says to  (20:02:43):
sounds good kev & son
piks7275 says to  (20:02:51):
love you all and thanks for joining in and learning viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:02:51):
church (puke)
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:03:14):
LOL Yada
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:03:24):
oh ya my wife's parents would drag her to a cathlic church growing up
and she said she never understood what they were even teaching. her
parents are still practicing roman cathlics.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:03:27):
You will never find Yah in a church, he hates them
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:03:44):
My family on my dad's side is Catholic
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:03:59):
so sorry
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:15):
My moms side was Lutheren
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:04:21):
mine too
kevrlcro says to  (20:04:26):
He's not in the messianic congragation either!
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:04:29):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:34):
Which meant that neither were very interested in Church. So thankfully I
was not raised religious
William The Elevator Man says to  (20:04:40):
love you tooPIKS
4yeshua com says to  (20:04:42):
I was baptized catholic Shabat Shalom
T Haston says to  (20:04:56):
i was baptised baptist..  ugh
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:57):
The only time I ever went was when we would spend the weekend with my
grand parents
4yeshua com says to  (20:05:16):
baptist too
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:05:35):
I was confimed at 13.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:05:38):
so when my wife and i first started going to a non denominational church
she thought it was the right church just because she could actually
understand somewhat of what they were saying...but again it was a bunch
of crap again
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:05:51):
I am imersed in Yah's spirit, Yah's word, and Yah's name forget about
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:05:54):
magic # that 13
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:06:12):
T Haston says to  (20:06:31):
we did that too Vipers.. church gypsies.. the non-denom felt better at
first but the more I questioned, the more I was ready to leave
4yeshua com says to  (20:06:37):
The call Yah Baal/lord
4yeshua com says to  (20:07:11):
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:07:18):
I did the whole charasmatice  thing
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:07:25):
no plain and simple there is no relationship with god in a cathlic
church. my wife said it is a bunch of robots in the cathlic church.
T Haston says to  (20:07:27):
the last day I was there I was teaching a group of youth and I told them
all that His name was Yahowah and not to forget it.. then I never went
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:07:49):
bunch of fags in the catholic church
4yeshua com says to  (20:08:29):
not in any  chruch/daughter of the sun
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:08:46):
4yeshua com says to  (20:08:57):
T Haston says to  (20:09:16):
only 3 groups though really... those in Yah's family.. those leading
people away from Yah's family.. and those tricked/duped..
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:09:36):
yup bout sums it up
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:09:44):
these pastors just think there a bunch of cool dudes
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:09:50):
Most are tricked
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:10:07):
Most are Masons Viper
T Haston says to  (20:10:18):
so a catholic, baptist, muslim, lutheran.. all the same in my world..
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:10:20):
They are paid to decieve
4yeshua com says to  (20:10:29):
seperat you from your $
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:10:29):
they all talk about getting the other persons books...its all about
money too
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:10:49):
sure its a con
4yeshua com says to  (20:11:06):
T Haston says to  (20:11:10):
the written material here is free.. unless you wanna print a copy :)
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:11:15):
play of people's emotions
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:11:19):
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:11:59):
certain pastors act as if they are right by talking bad about the big
properity teachers but they are just as bad by promoting all these books
to buy
T Haston says to  (20:12:14):
yeah that sums up hagee..
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:12:19):
You don't need their books. You have the Towrah, and Ruach to teach you
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:12:50):
and brethen
T Haston says to  (20:12:51):
have u read any of Yada Yah yet?
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:13:09):
i dont know how all these christians live on reading all these books
that pastors write
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:13:42):
They are asleep
T Haston says to  (20:13:47):
they're good at what they do which is get people to give them money
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:14:09):
i started to buy books a while back but pretty quickly got sick of it
because i just felt something was wrong about it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:33):
Patty was telling me the other day her grandmother just finished a book
about Abraham.
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:14:36):
You are very intutive Viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:59):
There is only one source of information about Abraham and his life in
the world and that is Ba Reshiyth
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:15:14):
So why would you need or want to read a book writen by some pastor about
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:15:35):
its just amazing. i used to think so highly on a few pastors and boy oh
boy have i changed my mind.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:15:38):
Just read what the Torah says. That is the only reliable source for
information about him
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:16:05):
Short of using archeology to prove the the places he visited existed he
is unknown to history.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:16:37):
So what is a pastor going to tell you that you can't find out from Ba
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:17:01):
His opinions
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:17:14):
But I bet some pastor made $15-$20 off a 92 year old woman living on a
fixed income
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:17:28):
It's all about the benjamins
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:17:41):
oh and the pastors who say the bible is totally perfect...dont even
question anything..what crap...i was brainwashed for 4 years
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:18:05):
yeah, totaly perfect even the parts that disagree with the other parts
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:18:08):
i used to think anyone that even questions anything must be a child of
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:18:09):
They are all taught in masonic Bible colleges
T Haston says to  (20:18:12):
totally perfect even though there are umpteen different translations
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:18:28):
That is the double edge sowrd of salvation based on faith.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:18:58):
You are old to get into heaven you have to have faith in X, if X doesn't
make sense you are afraid to question it because not going to heaven
means going to hell
4yeshua com says to  (20:18:59):
40ys for me what a ride
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:19:20):
so you don't question, and anyone who questions it is from the devil
trying to tempt you away from your faith
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:19:36):
39 for me.
cgb2 says (20:20:05):
 If your faith is based on truth then questioning it will do nothing but
 confirm it, you only need to worry if it's based on a lie.
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:20:13):
It is GOOD to question.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:20:16):
even the pastor who i thought for sure was saved doesnt even talk about
the whole bible. he picks certain things about the bible and then talks
about them like a broken record. he got old after about 4 years.
T Haston says to  (20:20:25):
well I'm 41 here soon and it was about 30 yrs in Xtianity for me..
although we didn't go to church that much
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:20:42):
That is why we have such a hatred for faith and belief here. Not only
does it not apply to us, it is among the most beguiling things in the
world. People are lead astray in the millions by faith and belief
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:21:03):
Exactly Chuck
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:21:45):
thathas always been my view. If I am right then questions and challanges
will only confirm what I already know, and if I am wrong, well hell I
want to know I don't like being wrong, ask Patty.
4yeshua com says to  (20:22:35):
I was a pauline worshiper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:22:36):
I learned that the few times I went to church viper. They will cite in
the course of a 45 minute sermon, maybe 5 verses, all out of context.
They just pick a few that fit what ever they want to say
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:22:45):
these pastors dont feed the flock..they starve it and quote paul all
day...that gets real old too. paul this and paul that...its like hello
pastor isnt there more than paul said in the bible. i think there were
other people in the bible
T Haston says to  (20:23:16):
paul wrote a web of lies btw
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:23:22):
Yeah but wat Paul said was the opposite of those others. And since we
base or beliefs off of Paul that is all that matters.
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:23:25):
Shabat Shalowm guys and gals - brothers and sisters. Enjoy the Shabat
and Sukah combined
T Haston says to  (20:23:30):
mixed with truths to be more beguiling
4yeshua com says to  (20:23:40):
T Haston says to  (20:23:51):
same to you Dowd (L)
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:24:01):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:24:11):
Christians rather they admit it or not believe in abrogation. If there
are two contradictory things then whatever was revealed last was the
truth and since Paul was last he is the truth
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:24:33):
exactly like Islam JB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:24:43):
yup, atleast Islam is honest about it
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:24:52):
how do you believe paul who didnt even meet yahowah? its
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:24:59):
Islam's God stated it
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:25:08):
Had to dash away to do some painting before the brush and roller
hardened :)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:25:21):
Yahowah said the opposite. If someone comes and claims to speak for me
and contradicts me then he is false and decitful
T Haston says to  (20:25:24):
everything paul said was true.. just ask paul.. or his boyfriend..
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:25:42):
OOOOOH Timothy .......
T Haston says to  (20:25:48):
4yeshua com says to  (20:25:55):
or his goud
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:25:59):
Call me crazy but I am going to trust the God who is consistant
T Haston says to  (20:26:16):
I like that kind of crazy
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:26:26):
Okay then you're crazy ^o)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:26:26):
I don't think God is up there ***ing with us
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:27:16):
I'll trust His Towrah all the same thanks very much <:o)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:27:19):
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:27:37):
and then i was told by a christian to reccomend  a book by paul bunyan
so i did. i never even knew who this man was and then i learned who he
was and i was embaressed. lets just say if u believe the story of paul
happened then y l
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:28:07):
I remember learning about him as a Tall Tale
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:28:50):
But I have found from studying that most of history that I learned in
school was total BS
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:29:09):
More Tall Tales JB
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:29:16):
sorry my typing messed up. he says he was depressed and ran into the
words to slice his throat and commit suicide but had an encounter with
god. christians actually believe this.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:16):
We really give kids a modified version of history.
T Haston says to  (20:29:28):
ugh I keep trying to tell my kids that.. kepp have to unteach what they
are taught
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:29:29):
Indoctrination it is called
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:38):
Christians love a good miraculous conversion story.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:52):
I was strung out on drugs and alcohol
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:30:05):
I was in a whore house and choking on my own vomit
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:30:13):
oh ya...they love to say. god saved paul so he can save anyone.\
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:30:14):
when Jebus appeared to me
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:30:18):
What a history :)
T Haston says to  (20:30:31):
except for the part that God hates Paul..
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:30:34):
I stumbled into a church the next day and my life has never been the
T Haston says to  (20:30:54):
yeah I saw that movie
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:30:55):
now I travel around the country getting paid big bucks to tell this
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:31:02):
Until you stumbled out again .....
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:31:24):
The better example is Dowd/David
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:31:31):
do u guys believe anyone that says they had some kind of super natural
T Haston says to  (20:31:52):
yes.. the dudes in the Towrah
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:31:52):
That is why he is Yahowah's favourite human being
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:32:05):
If he is the guy Yah called perfect then there is hope for all of us. As
long as we hold as important what Dowd held as important. Yah's Towrah
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:32:05):
I did
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:32:17):
I believe it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:32:31):
I just don't always think the the supernatural experience was God
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:32:52):
I think Paul meet with someone on the road to Damascus, but I don't
think it was Yahowah
T Haston says to  (20:33:10):
same with Constantine
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:33:17):
well there are alot of people today claiming they have had a super
natural experience
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:33:22):
There is more than God's spirit at work in the world so you have to be
discerning about which spirit is which
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:33:29):
Same with Mohammed
T Haston says to  (20:33:41):
good call
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:34:10):
but do u believe any of them are true from people today?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:34:23):
Satan apears as a being of light, and proclaims himself as God
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:34:32):
I'm sure there is some truth to them
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:34:38):
Yahowsha' nailed that one Vipers. He said "Many will come to Me saying
'LORD, LORD!!, haven't we performed many mighty miracules and done
wonderful things in your name?" And I will say to them "Get away from
Me, you who are without the Towrah"
T Haston says to  (20:35:14):
well, as far as them having a supernatural experience with God, no
because 99.9% of humans don't follow His path
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:35:24):
"I do not know you!!"
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:35:33):
The errant assumption they make is that the supernatural being is God or
an "Angel" from God
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:35:53):
what about these near death experiences?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:36:11):
Most of those can be explained scientifically
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:36:12):
If they see light, it is Halal ben Shachar's arrogant light
T Haston says to  (20:37:42):
great chatting.. kids & wife just got home from the homecoming game, so
I gotta go.. have a great rest of the Sukah
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:38:00):
what about those people who say they had a near death experience where
they saw there body and they felt so warm and fuzzy and they come back
and dont even talk about god and say they are no longer affraid to die
and that th
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:38:21):
that they are going to heaven
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:38:25):
I'm off to. It's way past my dinner time
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:38:52):
alright bye
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:39:08):
Lookup the scientific explanations for near death experiences
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:39:44):
See Yah later all

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