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2014-10-17 04:42:28 PM Yada (Cohost)  enter the room 
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2014-10-17 06:00:12 PM Freed Snail  shabbat shalom to all..Duane and
Dennis, Yada and Yada Co(}) 
2014-10-17 06:03:13 PM Yada  Shabat Shalowm to Yah All. We are going to
begin with the last of the Peh verses, 119.136 and then move on to
Tsade, which brings us tsadaq - vindication. 
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2014-10-17 06:11:29 PM larry hendricks  enter the room 
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2014-10-17 06:11:39 PM larry hendricks  Hi all 
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2014-10-17 06:14:27 PM Freed Snail  hi Larry..happy babbat bro!! 
2014-10-17 06:15:32 PM Freed Snail  Happy shabbat(Tp) 
2014-10-17 06:16:19 PM Guest724  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:16:31 PM larry hendricks  thanks back at ya 
2014-10-17 06:17:05 PM piks7275  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:17:12 PM Freed Snail  How many are now infected with the
Obama disease?...Don't cut jokes about it even..they arrested a guy for
2014-10-17 06:18:40 PM Guest1066  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:19:06 PM larry hendricks  What a scam that all is 
2014-10-17 06:19:25 PM Yada  Mr. Hendricks, thank you for helping Scott
create the page. We are having a good
time working together to make it a relevant meeting place for the show.
Scott is motivated to share what we are learning. 
2014-10-17 06:20:06 PM piks7275  Shabat Shalowm 
2014-10-17 06:20:39 PM Freed Snail  Hi Sheree..shabbat shalom 
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2014-10-17 06:21:31 PM llinc  hi guys and girls 
2014-10-17 06:21:44 PM piks7275  hi bub 
2014-10-17 06:21:49 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Freed! Hi all. 
2014-10-17 06:21:51 PM llinc  lol 
2014-10-17 06:21:56 PM StevenDouglasRobinson  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:22:10 PM Freed Snail  hi deb..hi lewis... 
2014-10-17 06:22:32 PM Mary Kris  enter the room 
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2014-10-17 06:23:45 PM Yada  I'm trying to get my fellow water wasters
in Montecito to form a water distribution company with a truck and
driver. We need a good name. Dennis Miller, the talk radio host may be
one of the partners. 
2014-10-17 06:23:54 PM cgb2  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:23:56 PM larry hendricks  Everyone I know is refusing to
join as they all claim the call screener is way too tough 
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2014-10-17 06:25:01 PM cgb2  LOL Larry 
2014-10-17 06:25:02 PM Yahudikiwi  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:25:21 PM larry hendricks  Miller is alright with me 
2014-10-17 06:25:30 PM Freed Snail  Dennis Miller is Bill O'Reilleys
best guest. 
2014-10-17 06:25:33 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi fellow Covenant Family members and
Shabat Shalowm to you all 
2014-10-17 06:25:37 PM Guest1147  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:25:41 PM DebraMiller0  It's Miller Time! 
2014-10-17 06:25:43 PM Yada  He's a funny guy. Bright too. 
2014-10-17 06:25:43 PM piks7275  Hi David 
2014-10-17 06:25:51 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Sheree :) 
2014-10-17 06:25:55 PM Yada  He lives a couple of minutes from here. 
2014-10-17 06:25:56 PM Freed Snail  Hi Dowd! 
2014-10-17 06:25:58 PM BloodBath  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:25:59 PM larry hendricks  Too bad billy lost his brains if
was ever anything but a shill 
2014-10-17 06:26:06 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Freed Snail :D 
2014-10-17 06:26:09 PM merlin durai  Well, my email message lied.
"Starts in 90 minutes" at 6:30- yeah, that's only off by a good
2014-10-17 06:26:09 PM Yada (Cohost)  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:26:17 PM DebraMiller0  Hey Kiwi. 
2014-10-17 06:26:26 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Larrynator :) 
2014-10-17 06:26:33 PM Guest1023  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:26:35 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Deb :) 
2014-10-17 06:26:36 PM cgb2  (}) 
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2014-10-17 06:26:46 PM llinc  (}) 
2014-10-17 06:26:48 PM DebraMiller0  (}) 
2014-10-17 06:26:52 PM Yahudikiwi  Back at Yah Chuck (}) 
2014-10-17 06:27:12 PM Freed Snail  Hi Chuck(}) 
2014-10-17 06:27:13 PM Yada  So many wavy hands and smiling faces. 
2014-10-17 06:27:17 PM wellman1  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:27:30 PM wellman1  Good evening all 
2014-10-17 06:27:35 PM Freed Snail  lol 
2014-10-17 06:27:45 PM Yahudikiwi  Hello Craig !! Yahowah's blessings my
friend :) 
2014-10-17 06:27:49 PM Keith CO  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:28:01 PM Yada  Thanks, Dowd. To you as well. 
2014-10-17 06:28:07 PM merlin durai  Hey, so I'm re-listening to Ken
Power's "Future History," and out of curiosity, I was looking for it on
the Internet. But it seems to be gone. 
2014-10-17 06:28:08 PM cgb2  (F) 
2014-10-17 06:28:10 PM Guest1180  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:28:10 PM SandyCannon  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:28:20 PM Freed Snail  Hi wellman 
2014-10-17 06:28:27 PM wellman1  Hey Fred 
2014-10-17 06:28:55 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Merlin. You aren't missing much by
losing Ken's works :( 
2014-10-17 06:28:57 PM wellman1  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:29:04 PM Yada  As I understand it, he changed the name of
the book. Furture Hisory was my idea. The End of the Beginning was his
2014-10-17 06:29:17 PM cgb2  FH was really hard to listen too when aI
tried a chapter or 2 a while ago. 
2014-10-17 06:29:26 PM Yada  His books are listed at I
2014-10-17 06:29:30 PM Yahudikiwi  Same here Chuck 
2014-10-17 06:29:34 PM Guest1196  enter the room 
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2014-10-17 06:29:55 PM wellman1  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:30:02 PM Yada  I no longer host his books. I did so for
free for more than a decade. 
2014-10-17 06:30:07 PM piks7275  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:30:16 PM Guest1138  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:30:17 PM Yahudikiwi  Good decision Yada 
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2014-10-17 06:30:26 PM Freed Snail  Let's get the party started...lets
get to the real torah code 
2014-10-17 06:30:33 PM piks7275  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:30:35 PM Guest1196  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:30:36 PM Yada  Too much Paul. 
2014-10-17 06:30:38 PM Keith CO  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:30:38 PM Yahudikiwi  LOL :) 
2014-10-17 06:30:39 PM merlin durai  I take it I missed something. Is it
better I not ask? 
2014-10-17 06:30:40 PM DebraMiller0  Any sound yet? 
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2014-10-17 06:31:00 PM Yada  Yep, Andy is singing it. 
2014-10-17 06:31:00 PM wellman1  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:31:03 PM Keith CO  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:31:04 PM Mary Kris  Shabbat Shalowm everyone. 
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2014-10-17 06:31:48 PM DebraMiller0  Okay- I hear Andy 
2014-10-17 06:31:49 PM Yada (Cohost)  well, had everything up and
running. Sat down plugged in my mic and my laptop just shut down 
2014-10-17 06:31:59 PM Freed Snail  quit the room 
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2014-10-17 06:32:07 PM wellman1  there's nothing to click on to hear the
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2014-10-17 06:32:11 PM DebraMiller0  Hi MK 
2014-10-17 06:32:14 PM Guest1264  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:32:19 PM merlin durai  Oh, by the way, Craig, I made a
comic version of Prophet of Doom. It's only up to chapter 6, but feel
free to look sometime. 
2014-10-17 06:32:20 PM Mary Kris  My daugher is trying to call in for
the first time. She's joined the family! 
2014-10-17 06:32:21 PM AnneHolzinger  try reloading, I had to 
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2014-10-17 06:32:30 PM DebraMiller0  refresh Wellman 
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2014-10-17 06:32:40 PM PatriciaBowen  Shabbot Shawlom everyone! 
2014-10-17 06:32:42 PM Guest1279  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:32:44 PM Guest1162  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:32:45 PM piks7275  yep I had to reload also 
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2014-10-17 06:32:50 PM cgb2  Ackk Chrome didn;t start the show...and
there is no play button. Guess I better restart 
2014-10-17 06:32:53 PM Freed Snail  Bob I hit the refreash 
2014-10-17 06:32:56 PM DebraMiller0  Awesome MK 
2014-10-17 06:32:58 PM lisa 7  Shabbot Shalom Tribe 
2014-10-17 06:32:59 PM PatriciaBowen  quit the room 
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2014-10-17 06:33:04 PM Yada (Cohost)  F5 
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2014-10-17 06:33:19 PM Freed Snail  hi Lisa..(F) 
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2014-10-17 06:33:32 PM llinc  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:33:36 PM PatriciaBowen  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:33:39 PM wellman1  audio keeps going in & out 
2014-10-17 06:33:45 PM BloodBath  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:33:45 PM Yada (Cohost)  Mary PM me her number and I will
watch the switchboard for it 
2014-10-17 06:33:52 PM Guest1291  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:33:53 PM Freed Snail  Mine cleared up finally 
2014-10-17 06:33:53 PM Guest1294  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:33:55 PM Mary Kris  Shabbat Shalom Lisa (}) 
2014-10-17 06:33:59 PM merlin durai  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:34:01 PM cgb2  quit the room 
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2014-10-17 06:34:14 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Lisa. Hi JB (}) 
2014-10-17 06:34:15 PM BloodBath  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:34:20 PM PatriciaBowen  Hey Lisa! 
2014-10-17 06:34:20 PM lisa 7  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:34:23 PM merlin durai  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:34:25 PM Mary Kris  ok James 
2014-10-17 06:34:25 PM Guest1294  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:34:27 PM Yahudikiwi  Hi Wellman :) 
2014-10-17 06:34:34 PM llinc  enter the room 
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2014-10-17 06:34:54 PM merlin durai  Okay, there it goes. 
2014-10-17 06:34:58 PM DennisTreacy  quit the room 
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2014-10-17 06:35:04 PM Freed Snail  alright 
2014-10-17 06:35:04 PM wellman1  quit the room 
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2014-10-17 06:35:31 PM Yada (Cohost)  might have to get a FB account. 
2014-10-17 06:35:34 PM wellman1  enter the room 
2014-10-17 06:35:35 PM DennisTreacy  I got sound! 
2014-10-17 06:35:40 PM Yada (Cohost)  Or just steal Patty's password 
2014-10-17 06:35:49 PM Guest1317  quit the room 
2014-10-17 06:35:49 PM PatriciaBowen  Need to get on more but facebook
definitly plays into my add 
2014-10-17 06:35:53 PM PatriciaBowen  ADD 
*** (18:34:11):Welcome to the Yada Chat Room.
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:34:14):
Hi Lisa. Hi JB (})
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:34:20):
Hey Lisa!
Mary Kris says to  (18:34:25):
ok James
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:34:27):
Hi Wellman :)
merlin durai says to  (18:34:54):
Okay, there it goes.
Freed Snail says to  (18:35:04):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:35:31):
might have to get a FB account.
DennisTreacy says to  (18:35:35):
I got sound!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:35:40):
Or just steal Patty's password
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:35:49):
Need to get on more but facebook definitly plays into my add
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:35:53):
piks7275 says to  (18:36:08):
is that a picture of Sandy in the hospital on FB
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:36:09):
Hi Patty (F)
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:36:29):
Hey David! (F)
DennisTreacy says to  (18:36:55):
Putting lots of Yah's words on You Tube comments, Chritains on full
attack mode.
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:37:00):
James you just need to make one. Eveyone on here would be happy if you
did. You would probably get on it more than me.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:37:31):
yeah, would end up consuming too much of my time probably.
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:37:39):
Keep up the good work Dennis :)
piks7275 says to  (18:38:22):
never mind Sandy said it was a pic from 2009
merlin durai says to  (18:38:31):
Wait- what does that mean?  Dennis, are Christians mad at you?
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:38:40):
Welcome Vipers (})
Freed Snail says to  (18:38:43):
Dennis is good...Ive read some of his stuff.
DennisTreacy says to  (18:38:54):
I had one fellow ask for a source, he said all he gets is you need more
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:39:33):
There is no Jesus. He's gonna be looking a long time
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:39:33):
Got that Sheree (Tp)
DennisTreacy says to  (18:39:40):
I sent him to Bless Yahowah, because I think it is more methodical and
less overwhelming with info
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:39:53):
I don't need any Jesus. I gave up on imaginary friends when I was 12
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:40:03):
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:40:21):
Good move JB. What do you think Patty ?? :)
DuaneLonghofer says to  (18:40:22):
Not true DebraMiller. Jesus did our yard work today...
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:40:23):
That could be a good one. Had a good conversation with one of my
co-workers and he asked me to send him some sites.
merlin durai says to  (18:40:35):
I'm going to assume you're separating Jesus the tradition from Yahshua
the Messiah.
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:40:56):
Was he wearing white Duane??
DennisTreacy says to  (18:40:58):
No the landscapers are Hey Zeus
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:40:58):
Je zeus?? The Gardner.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:40:59):
Jesus and Yahowsha are completely different
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:41:01):
About giving up imaginary friends?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:41:20):
One is a figment of men's imagination
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:41:21):
Yes Patty :) :)
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:41:29):
lol I agree.
Freed Snail says to  (18:41:31):
Hey Zeus(6)
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:42:00):
I am no longer a Jesus Freak
Freed Snail says to  (18:42:01):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:42:06):
Hey, Zeus.
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:42:18):
It sure is Freed
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:42:18):
Freed Snail says to  (18:42:35):
Mrs. Bowen..(F)
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:42:53):
DennisTreacy says to  (18:42:56):
Gee, Zeus
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:43:32):
lisa 7 says to  (18:43:54):
I have but, one thing to say this Shabbat-GOD DAMN RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It destroys families, just wait until one of them dies and everone
fights over the difference between secular humanists, rabbinical Jews,
and twistians (Christians) and Athiests
larry hendricks says to  (18:44:14):

DebraMiller0 says to  (18:44:17):
lisa 7 says to  (18:44:31):
Yes God Damn TWISTIANS!!
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:44:37):
Sounds like a dance.
DennisTreacy says to  (18:44:44):
It is
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:44:46):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:45:36):
I danced that dance for years
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:45:52):
it's a dance around the truth
BloodBath says to  (18:45:56):
Two steps foward and three steps back
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:46:00):
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:46:35):
No steps forward and a million steps backwards
merlin durai says to  (18:46:37):
Question: what is the biggest thing Christians have twisted, then?  I
consider myself one, but there are Christians, and then there are
Christians. I'm here, after all.
DennisTreacy says to  (18:46:58):
sadly it is a dance around using logic allowing one to be irrational.
Freed Snail says to  (18:47:04):
I had SM show on when a part time preacher heard the 3rd hr and asked my
son, "what the hell?" son pointed to me, and told him. "he's fixing
to tell you." I was already walking to him.
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:47:14):
Paul. The apostate
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:47:58):
Short answer. Paul twisted many things and those are the teachings
christians follow the most.
DennisTreacy says to  (18:48:10):
I sent a link to QP to my expastor who has recently tried to reconnect.
I told him read this book and then get back to me.
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:48:11):
The demon-possessed, insane plague of death :(
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:48:20):
Try like MOST of the New Testamanet
Freed Snail says to  (18:48:20):
He was a mix of part thug part
BloodBath says to  (18:48:28):
why does my audio keep cutting off? :'(
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:49:01):
what browser you using Bath?
merlin durai says to  (18:49:05):
Alright. If following Paul is the big one . . . well, anything else of
particular significance?
DennisTreacy says to  (18:49:09):
I been there had to restart computer and log back on.
lisa 7 says to  (18:49:17):
6 steps in the wrong direction-is Twistian (Christians)....No Sun god
will ever be El, and Paul/Shaul?Sheol is who they whoreship not YaHoWaH
or His dabar (word) or plan or Torah---where odes it end...?
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:49:21):
Like there is no Church.
4yeshua com says to  (18:49:25):
The KJV is full of lies
piks7275 says to  (18:49:27):
new type of player on here
lisa 7 says to  (18:49:37):
Oh and they hate Yqahudym and the Shabbat
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:49:39):
No Cross.
Freed Snail says to  (18:49:59):
Crosses are every where
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:50:00):
Try Xmas, Ishtar, Sun-day worship, anti-semitism, ignorining and
demeaning the Towrah.......
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:50:03):
Misunderstanding of "Trinity"
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:50:10):
So are steeples.
AnneHolzinger says to  (18:50:33):
it is okay that they are wrong because "god knows what is in my
heart"..what rot!
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:50:44):
Whew that is a relief
Freed Snail says to  (18:50:48):
steeples are phallic...shut up girls when you enter the church.
Freed Snail says to  (18:51:00):
men are in charge
piks7275 says to  (18:51:02):
indeed Yada
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (18:51:04):
Ever been to a pentecostal church? :)
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:51:05):
Giant penises in the sky
BloodBath says to  (18:51:07):
ie 11
lisa 7 says to  (18:51:09):
666 percent of the so called NT must be wrong...grace, faith, and all
Freed Snail says to  (18:51:11):
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:51:25):
Freed Snail says to  (18:51:25):
no SDR
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:51:26):
Use of pagan titles and names, "LORD", "Jesus", "Holy".......
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:51:49):
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:51:52):
Don't look Ethel !!
merlin durai says to  (18:51:52):
Y'know, most of the Christians I know are actually familiar with the
pagan roots in Christianity. What do you call Christians who don't
practice that stuff?
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (18:51:52):
Or a 'charismatic' ?
piks7275 says to  (18:52:00):
i see his name here
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:52:00):
Not keeping the festivals of Yahowah and instead keeping pagan ones.
Freed Snail says to  (18:52:10):
"Lord Jesus" is shouted all through the south US
BloodBath says to  (18:52:17):
Christians are pagans, period.
Freed Snail says to  (18:52:24):
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:52:30):
That's it BB
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:52:35):
In transition maybe Merlin
merlin durai says to  (18:52:50):
Hm. Maybe in time, there will be a word for it.
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:52:51):
Come out from Babylon
DennisTreacy says to  (18:53:05):
I posted a through word study of Matt. 16:18 showing there was no
church, my brother told me "we are no longer going to discuss this".
Great comback after he brought the verse up to prove the RCC is the one
true church.
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:53:08):
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:53:18):
I call them agnostics Merlin
Mary Kris says to  (18:53:25):
I visited my sister today, and she asked questions about what I
"believe".  I was surprised she was receptive to what I told her.  So
maybe a seed was planted
BloodBath says to  (18:53:26):
I call them pagans
Freed Snail says to  (18:53:26):
hell no
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:53:37):
Yay Mary!
Mary Kris says to  (18:53:54):
BloodBath says to  (18:54:00):
so anybody know how to fix my audio?  my browser is ie 11
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:54:03):
Now BB I was there once myself...
Freed Snail says to  (18:54:13):
Yahowah is merciful to the maximus...:)
DennisTreacy says to  (18:54:20):
Great line Larry!
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:54:23):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:54:42):
get off IE BB, Try chrome or moxilla
Mary Kris says to  (18:54:46):
And my daughter is on board now too
BloodBath says to  (18:54:53):
me to debra, but i conclude a long time before YY that christianity is
deep into paganism, I read the Two Babylons did it for me
piks7275 says to  (18:55:04):
do you have the new player  BB
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:55:16):
Good stuff Mary (})
Freed Snail says to  (18:55:17):
It's stupid to even think He could be unmerciful..It would be sadistic
to create us for punishment.
BloodBath says to  (18:55:23):
what new player?  Everything workd just fine last week?
4yeshua com says to  (18:55:35):
Congrat's Marry K
piks7275 says to  (18:55:37):
well its a new player on mine today
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (18:55:56):
Me too
Mary Kris says to  (18:56:01):
Thanks David
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:56:04):
most people suck.
Freed Snail says to  (18:56:04):
me too
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:56:06):
piks7275 says to  (18:56:14):
black bar under words on top
DennisTreacy says to  (18:56:18):
Obama in heaven, I chose the wrong door!
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:56:23):
Some decidedly so.
Freed Snail says to  (18:56:33):
Kiwis follow the Us and UN
piks7275 says to  (18:56:37):
look on far right and see if you see a speaker
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:56:42):
Yes me too
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:56:43):
If Obama goes to heaven I don't want to go
BloodBath says to  (18:56:53):
yes I see the speaker do hickey thingy
piks7275 says to  (18:57:09):
well see if its on loud
BloodBath says to  (18:57:27):
it's on full blast, it keeps cutting in and out
4yeshua com says to  (18:57:29):
Obama has a black hole waiting for him...
piks7275 says to  (18:57:33):
look on far left and see if you have player on pause
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:57:48):
good call 4 yes
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:57:50):
Yes Freed. A seat on the security council with the price being NZ
follows the US into another war in Syria and Iraq as part of the
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:57:55):
Sounds great to me
piks7275 says to  (18:57:57):
well sorry hope you get it fixed
llinc says to  (18:58:06):
oh so thats what happened a new player lol
Mary Kris says to  (18:58:08):
Wow, my speaker is muted, but I still hear perfectly
BloodBath says to  (18:58:21):
it's not on pause, it keeps cutting in and out ({)
piks7275 says to  (18:58:23):
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:58:28):
I was just thinking about this today when I was hiking.
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:58:32):
Same here BB
Freed Snail says to  (18:58:37):
Dowd, too bad such a nice place submits to its overlords.
Sonyah says to  (18:59:08):
Shalowm. No success with the phone. SO on the laptop
Yahudikiwi says to  (18:59:25):
I don't Freed. My country is as lost politically and religiously as any
Freed Snail says to  (18:59:33):
Mary Kris says to  (18:59:45):
Shalowm Sonya(L)
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:59:55):
but you have SHEEP... Kiwi
Sonyah says to  (18:59:59):
(}) Freed, Mary K , Sheree and all
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:00:00):
(F) Shalowm Sonyah
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:00:34):
Don't tell the muslimes Debra :|
Freed Snail says to  (19:00:34):
Dowd, at least if there is a polar shift, they say NZ gains ground..:o~(
Sonyah says to  (19:00:39):
Thanks for the flowers  :-*
piks7275 says to  (19:00:52):
hi Sonya K
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:00:53):
:S  Mooslimes
Freed Snail says to  (19:00:56):
don't tell the
Sonyah says to  (19:01:00):
Hello Sheree K
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:01:02):
Hey Sonya
Sonyah says to  (19:01:08):
Hey Patty
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:01:41):
We send sheep by the shipload to the middle east and not all of them are
Sonyah says to  (19:01:45):
So Fred, are you saying we need a map to Dowd's house?  LOL
piks7275 says to  (19:02:11):
i hate when they say gotta spoon feed an adult milk
Freed Snail says to  (19:02:17):
yes, and a boat...::)
cgb2 says (19:02:16):
12 "Carefully consider, view as worthy, enormously valuable, and
significant, respect and honor (kabed - perceive as awesomely
impressive, intensely relevant, extremely great, massively important and
glorious) accordingly the symbolism of ('eth - that whic
DennisTreacy says to  (19:02:24):
Blood, one thing you might try, down at the bottom one the right side,
are advertisements, sometimes these are running in mute. Pause these add
and that might help.
cgb2 says (19:02:48):
('eth - that which is represented by) your Father ('ab - biological,
adoptive, or heavenly father) and (wa) that which is represented by your
('eth - the symbolic nature of your) Mother
BloodBath says to  (19:02:51):
my adblocker is on, I can't stand those adveertisements :@
cgb2 says (19:03:11):
 ('em - biological, adoptive, or spiritual mother) for the purpose of
 (le'ma'an) lengthening ('arak - elongating and prolonging, growing and
 continuing) your days (yowm) within and upon ('al) the land ('adamah -
 ground; from 'adam, the name of the first ma
cgb2 says (19:03:32):
the name of the first man created in God's image) which relationally
('asher) Yahowah (????) your God ('elohym) has given to you (natan la -
has produced, provided, and bestowed freely to you as a gift)."
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:03:49):
A big yawn
DennisTreacy says to  (19:03:58):
Does Yah have tuitors?
Freed Snail says to  (19:04:12):
my dad was a mean bastard but he always called JC a fairytale..I gained
respect for him once he became invalid..
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:04:48):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:05:05):
My black sheep uncle used to say Jesus is the pastors paycheck.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:05:25):
He got that part right Dennis
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:05:35):
Jesus keeps the pastors in business
psalm19 says to  (19:05:47):
shalowm everyone
Freed Snail says to  (19:05:57):
I wanna know what a "real Fathers love feels like...I try with my kids
from knowing what my dad was like, wasn't right
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:05:57):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:05:57):
He's long gone, but maybe it would have been better him not being a
black sheep.
Mary Kris says to  (19:06:12):
Shalowm Rick
Sonyah says to  (19:06:15):
Shalowm Rick
psalm19 says to  (19:06:30):
psalm19 says to  (19:06:38):
Freed Snail says to  (19:06:45):
hi Rick
psalm19 says to  (19:06:51):
Hey Fred
DennisTreacy says to  (19:06:57):
Shalowm 19
psalm19 says to  (19:07:02):
piks7275 says to  (19:07:12):
hi Rick
psalm19 says to  (19:07:27):
Hi Sheree
piks7275 says to  (19:07:38):
psalm19 says to  (19:07:46):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:07:56):
Hebrew is the divine language
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:07:57):
Agreed JB
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:07:57):
psalm19 says to  (19:08:10):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:08:14):
Hi SDR :)
piks7275 says to  (19:08:39):
he did wake up
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:08:40):
Hi Kiwi
piks7275 says to  (19:08:44):
hi SDR
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:08:56):
Hi Sheree
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:08:57):
cgb2 says (19:09:59):
Deu 4:29  "But from there you shall seek ???? your Elohim, and shall
find, when you search for Him with all your heart1 and with all your
psalm19 says to  (19:10:06):
Happy 8th, eternity celebration.
lisa 7 says to  (19:10:11):
Yahowah Rapha!!
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:10:20):
The Ruach Ha'Kodesh is our teacher also
Freed Snail says to  (19:10:24):
Thank you, cbg2
cgb2 says (19:10:43):
YW Fred
DennisTreacy says to  (19:11:00):
Love to get Christians to agree Torah is insprired and then I post His
words. They don't like that.
Sonyah says to  (19:11:05):
I have always understood that Hebrew is THE language that Yah has and
will always use.  That just was a no brainer
piks7275 says to  (19:11:25):
it sure isnt Txmex huh
cgb2 says (19:11:26):
Psa_119:2  Blessed are those who observe His witnesses, Who seek Him
with all the heart!
DennisTreacy says to  (19:11:29):
Love 119
psalm19 says to  (19:11:45):
Who could be in denial about the special language of Hebrew? Really.
cgb2 says (19:11:53):
Psa_10:4 In the pride of his face The wrongdoer does not seek Him, In
all his thoughts there is no Elohim!
Sonyah says to  (19:12:02):
I know some who can't stand it
Sonyah says to  (19:12:20):
cant' stand the Hebrew music
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:21):
Debra, the Spirit only speaks to us when we are in Yah's word
psalm19 says to  (19:12:28):
Just verbs being infinite like Yahowah is amazing!
piks7275 says to  (19:12:28):
Lisa is correct in encourageing us to learn more about Hebrew
Freed Snail says to  (19:12:36):
Turky is for's where Paul comes from
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:12:38):
according to catholic school, the divine lang. is latin.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:51):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:12:54):
Had a guy say to me; We are all adults here no need to use Yahowsha when
Jesus is his name.
piks7275 says to  (19:13:03):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:13:13):
scratching my head on that one
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:13:27):
Another of the walking dead Dennis
Sonyah says to  (19:13:34):
I bet if his name was Bob and you called him Sally, he would think it
was important
Freed Snail says to  (19:13:39):
"Jesus is his name"...ok, time to get a clue.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:13:49):
This guy no longer engages I told him some village was missing its
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:13:55):
Or it doesn't matter what you call him.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:14:07):
Too kind Dennis ({)
DennisTreacy says to  (19:14:20):
You gotta be cruel to be kind.
Freed Snail says to  (19:14:31):
good song Dennis
cgb2 says (19:14:31):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:14:46):
Larry's theme song I think.
Freed Snail says to  (19:14:52):
I saw
piks7275 says to  (19:15:03):
when women tell me anyname will do cause he knows who we are talking to
..I say well ok butch thats what I will call you  since you  know I am
talking to you
DennisTreacy says to  (19:15:04):
Beat Andy Williams
psalm19 says to  (19:15:11):
Your Creator to associate with. His Towrah all his teaching.
SandyCannon says to  (19:15:28):
lol Sheree
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:15:32):
I do the same thing Piks, only I use a little more derogatory of a term
Freed Snail says to  (19:15:32):
cgb2 says (19:15:32):
Wonder where Constantine got that idea :) He started out as emporer of
Britian, Gual, Spain wher the celt/druid religion was prominant
psalm19 says to  (19:15:39):
That more than plenty. A gift.
Richard McCord says to  (19:15:39):
JB, I know you're not saying that the only time Yahowah speaks to us is
when we're reading the Word. That is contrary to what He has written!
Freed Snail says to  (19:15:43):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:16:14):
Not just when we are reading it Richard, but only when we are observing
piks7275 says to  (19:16:20):
Larry booted himself
Freed Snail says to  (19:16:20):
Hi Richard:-*
piks7275 says to  (19:16:59):
hey RM
psalm19 says to  (19:17:01):
Shalowm Richard
Mary Kris says to  (19:17:03):
Hey Richard, Shabbat Shalowm
Richard McCord says to  (19:17:07):
Freed Snail says to  (19:17:31):
You're a machine RMC
Richard McCord says to  (19:17:32):
That's what I thought you were saying. Just wanted to make sure it came
across clearly.
psalm19 says to  (19:17:33):
Shalowm Yada, Larry, JB, :)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:17:33):
I spent the last three days cleaning and organizing my shop, but the
whole time my mind was on Scripture and thinking things over. Came to a
realization on something I had been thinking over for a while.
Richard McCord says to  (19:17:44):
Yeah, exactly!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:17:57):
But my mind was on Yah's word.
Freed Snail says to  (19:18:05):
It's what I think we all do JB.
lisa 7 says to  (19:18:15):
6 Islam 6 Christianity 6 Judaism====666 It's a game for your very
soul--It is all business, Yahowah's business, His rules, His house, His
covenant, the play is for keeps--it is important
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:18:21):
I wasn't out traveling around killing Yah's people when the spirit
reveled something to me
lisa 7 says to  (19:18:33):
gravely important
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:18:34):
Hi Richard (})
Richard McCord says to  (19:18:43):
Well ... HOWDY!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:19:01):
the spirit works through the word, not around it
Freed Snail says to  (19:19:15):
a broke down old machine is still a machine
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:19:22):
Christians love the I let the spirit teach me thing because they use it
to ignore what the Word says
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:19:26):
Richard McCord says to  (19:19:27):
I know where you live, Freed.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:19:46):
Hi William (F) (})
Richard McCord says to  (19:19:49):
Unfortunately, my machine likely would break down before I could get
Sonyah says to  (19:19:49):
Hey Willie !
DennisTreacy says to  (19:19:53):
piks7275 says to  (19:20:11):
cool JB glad you found out whatever it was
Freed Snail says to  (19:20:27):
William..happy shabat bro
Mary Kris says to  (19:20:33):
Hi Willy E Man
piks7275 says to  (19:20:40):
Richard McCord says to  (19:20:54):
It's like they think God would really say, "Olay, I know I wrote
thus-and-such, but for YOU, I want to do it differently..."
Richard McCord says to  (19:21:05):
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:21:08):
Sonyah says to  (19:21:16):
Well, that is exactly what the Christians think, RM
DennisTreacy says to  (19:21:17):
I really can't say or write anything but Yahowah, Yahowsha, anymore.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:21:23):
Dutch football wouldn't be the same without that color Yada
psalm19 says to  (19:21:25):
Hey William
psalm19 says to  (19:21:42):
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:21:50):
Hey William!
DennisTreacy says to  (19:21:54):
Ben's a fool
Richard McCord says to  (19:21:59):
Likewise. We just got in from WWU, I got the SM archives edited and
posted with minimum descriptions, and jumped right onto this here.
Sonyah says to  (19:22:17):
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:22:36):
William The Elevator Man says to  (19:22:42):
Freed Snail says to  (19:22:48):
Thank You, Richard..we appreciate ll you do and tell Christy "hi."
Richard McCord says to  (19:22:53):
Affleck is delusional, but I still like him in movies. Had he a teaspoon
of widsom, he would restrict his speaking to delivering scripted lines.
piks7275 says to  (19:22:54):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:22:56):
Bless Yahowah is so well laid out. I go there on a regular basis.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:23:08):
Hey William
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:23:16):
 Hi Sheree
Sonyah says to  (19:23:18):
Back to you William
larry hendricks says to  (19:23:47):
((( )))) group hug
Freed Snail says to  (19:23:50):
Affleck is the next Batman...he better shut up about Islam before the
PTB shut him up.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:23:52):
That is a great feeling. I got a bit more of truth today.
lisa 7 says to  (19:23:53):
I will NOT comprimise, Not back down, NOT uplift lies, NOT convert, or
be fooled, I will Not submit, I will NOT bow to any LORD, I will NOT
advocate Lies, I will NOT allow injustice, and I WILL love YHWH because
He nevers asks this of m!, NOT EVER!!
cgb2 says (19:23:55):
136 An outpouring of tears descends from my eyes because they do not
observe Your Towrah.
psalm19 says to  (19:24:12):
read that recently "Obola" has authorized reservists to be sent to
Africa to "fight" ebola is needed.
Richard McCord says to  (19:24:28):
Hey, Freed, Larry said GROUP hug, not grope hug! Move that hand, dude.
psalm19 says to  (19:24:31):
as needed.
Sonyah says to  (19:24:33):
So now a war on Ebola?
cgb2 says (19:24:36):
Oh can I borrow that Lisa 7?
Sonyah says to  (19:24:37):
Good luck wit that
Freed Snail says to  (19:24:46):
me and Lisa are going in with slingshots, watch out back.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:24:52):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:25:04):
Ebola hand to hand contact? Nope.
Freed Snail says to  (19:25:17):
lol..RMC..only you
Richard McCord says to  (19:25:17):
You betcha, Sonyah! Our hero warriors are going to blow the little virus
beaties all to hell with their 50-cals.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:25:18):
He's giving them a death sentence.
Sonyah says to  (19:25:20):
We all know what happens when war is declared on anything
psalm19 says to  (19:25:25):
cant "fight" what cant be killed.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:25:36):
that thing wins
Sonyah says to  (19:25:43):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:25:48):
War on drugs can't even kill the weed.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:25:51):
Just spread it more
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:26:16):
Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide will kill the damn thing
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:26:28):
'I love the idea of a war on drugs. Because that implies that there is a
war against people who are on drugs, and they are winning it. I don't
think most of them even know they are in a war."-Bill Hicks
Richard McCord says to  (19:26:35):
Actually, their war is on the small-time drug users while the powers
that be continue to fund the cartels for reasons of their own.
psalm19 says to  (19:26:37):
if reservists get sen there it will be coming back here more fervently
DennisTreacy says to  (19:26:39):
Islam is like a zombie apocalypse, the walking dead
Freed Snail says to  (19:26:43):
how come xtianity ignores this?...seems so ridiculous once you know they
are under a spell
Richard McCord says to  (19:27:20):
They don't WANT to know the truth, Fred. They just want everyone to
acknowledge that they are good and holy and right.
piks7275 says to  (19:27:58):
sin is missing the mark..the mark is Shabat
Richard McCord says to  (19:28:21):
I was a mark more than once. Just naive, I reckon.
Freed Snail says to  (19:28:26):
my mom and and my siblings are a perfect example, Richard.
Richard McCord says to  (19:28:43):
Yeah, same with my chirren.
Richard McCord says to  (19:29:01):
That's "children" in Fifth Wardese.
cgb2 says (19:29:07):
Same with my parents and siblings
4yeshua com says to  (19:29:48):
I explained Yah's name to a muslim friend of mine today I ask him if
your related to Abraham wouldnt you like to know what Yah told him? He
was stuned when I told him he was a bad Muslim  because he hasnt
beheaded me yet...Jihad
Freed Snail says to  (19:29:52):
They believe my life's upside down..funny because I see things so clear
it becomes a huge joke looking at everything.
Richard McCord says to  (19:30:28):
I was thinking about Yahowah's sense of humor, and I was remembering how
much fun I used to have when the kids were kids playing around with
them. ...
Freed Snail says to  (19:30:48):
piks7275 says to  (19:30:58):
hahahaha Yada thats funny..i think most of can relate
Richard McCord says to  (19:31:04):
So I was thinking, and I thought how funny it would be to get to Heaven
and Yah turns around to me ...
Freed Snail says to  (19:31:12):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:31:18):
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:31:22):
I am loving this Richard.
cgb2 says (19:31:29):
Richard McCord says to  (19:31:44):
And He looks just like my earthly dad. As my eyes widen in horror, He
shows His real face and laughs, "Psyche!"
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:31:44):
Freed Snail says to  (19:31:45):
who farted?
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:31:57):
Sonyah says to  (19:32:02):
Richard McCord says to  (19:32:11):
I'm just sayin'...
Freed Snail says to  (19:32:16):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:32:17):
cgb2 says (19:32:25):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:32:32):
But wait did Gee Zus fulfill it all?
Richard McCord says to  (19:32:37):
lisa 7 says to  (19:32:40):
How to properly play with a dinasour, tuck all limbs in, and never triggers the prey instinct...LOL
Sonyah says to  (19:33:14):
I would be happy with that now
Freed Snail says to  (19:34:11):
lol, lisa
Richard McCord says to  (19:34:15):
I think I'll find some emerging civilization and teach them the game of
breaking a piñata, then build one that looks like The Obominator...
Sonyah says to  (19:34:20):
or not
psalm19 says to  (19:34:26):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:34:31):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:34:44):
Richard don't forget the prime directive.
Freed Snail says to  (19:34:47):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:35:05):
FRom star trek
Richard McCord says to  (19:35:20):
Yuo're right. I repent.
Freed Snail says to  (19:35:20):
what's that Dennis?
Richard McCord says to  (19:35:59):
Don't tell Spock. Or his illegal alien cousin, Spick. (JUST KIDDING!!)
DennisTreacy says to  (19:36:05):
You have to leave ignorant people ignorant so they don't build phasers
when their opponets have sticks.
piks7275 says to  (19:36:20):
hahahahaha RM
Sonyah says to  (19:36:26):
ROFL    RM    :D
cgb2 says (19:36:30):
The Prime Directive, also known as Starfleet General Order 1 or the
Non-Interference Directive, was the embodiment of one of Starfleet's
most important ethical principles: noninterference with other cultures
and civilizations. At its core was the philosoph
DennisTreacy says to  (19:36:32):
PC is out the window here
Richard McCord says to  (19:36:36):
Or his half-cousin of color, Spook.
Freed Snail says to  (19:36:46):
Oh shoot,,,that's what we are doing in arab countries.the prime
Richard McCord says to  (19:36:46):
Okay, I'll quit.
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:36:47):
cgb2 says (19:36:53):
 unassisted, development of societies, even if such interference was
 well-intentioned. The Prime Directive was viewed as so fundamental to
 Starfleet that officers swore to uphold the Prime Directive, even at
 the cost of their own life or the lives of their
Freed Snail says to  (19:36:57):
Sonyah says to  (19:36:58):
piks7275 says to  (19:37:04):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:37:11):
We F'ed up the prime directive with the rug heads
Sonyah says to  (19:37:28):
who's left?
DennisTreacy says to  (19:37:42):
I'm right
Sonyah says to  (19:37:53):
hehehe   who's on first?
Richard McCord says to  (19:38:01):
It was more important for the oil barons to enrich themselves and for
the feds to grab those corporate taxes.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:38:10):
you beat me to that one!
Sonyah says to  (19:38:13):
Spock, spick and spook... who's next
lisa 7 says to  (19:38:14):
The Paleo is the KEYS to the race car-just drive asher (straight) and
all is towb.
cgb2 says (19:38:19):
 At its core was the philosophical concept that covered personnel should
 refrain from interfering in the natural, unassisted, development of
 societies, even if such interference was well-intentioned.
Richard McCord says to  (19:38:29):
The consequences to wolrd peace and national stability didn't even get 
a thought.
cgb2 says (19:38:37):
The Prime Directive was viewed as so fundamental to Starfleet that
officers swore to uphold the Prime Directive, even at the cost of their
own life or the lives of their crew.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:38:52):
blessing or cursing, life or death. Choose life.
piks7275 says to  (19:39:04):
Richard McCord says to  (19:39:07):
Which is why Spock (the new one) ratted out Kirk for saving him from the
Richard McCord says to  (19:39:27):
He allowed primitives to see a starship.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:39:41):
No one on the Russian hiways know what to do.
piks7275 says to  (19:39:51):
even as a kid I hated authorithy
Freed Snail says to  (19:39:52):
Richard McCord says to  (19:40:02):
But they all have vidoe cameras on their dashboards.
Richard McCord says to  (19:40:10):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:40:26):
My Dad had an authoritarian belt
cgb2 says (19:40:32):
"So You act and engage with (wa 'asah - You fashioned (qal imperfect
consecutive)) humankind ('adam - men and women who have a nesamah /
conscience) in similar fashion to (ka - as and according to) fish
piks7275 says to  (19:40:45):
so did my mom but I learned to fight back
DennisTreacy says to  (19:40:47):
I have a dash cam in my van.
Freed Snail says to  (19:40:50):
Ba'al is all over the place...he's real to them
cgb2 says (19:40:53):
(dag) of the sea (ha yam - in the water), as creatures which move freely
about (ka remes - like the multitude of highly mobile animals) without a
ruler in control claiming
cgb2 says (19:41:07):
dominion (lo' mashal - without a controlling governor who claims to be
in charge (qal participle)) over them (ba - among them)." (Chabaquwq /
Embrace This / Habakkuk 1:14)
lisa 7 says to  (19:41:11):
YES!! Russians, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and most hate choice
they LOVE to be told what to thin, like, feel, and do
Richard McCord says to  (19:41:13):
Once upon a time I gave one of my sons a gift and he smiled and said,
"Thanks, Dad!" So I knocked him down and demanded that he worship me.
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:41:28):
lol Richard
Richard McCord says to  (19:41:33):
Imagine! How can people believe that kind of doctrine?!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:41:35):
and he loved you for it
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:41:38):
Well when you put it that way...;)
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:41:39):
cgb2 says (19:41:39):
Freed Snail says to  (19:41:43):
beg for that gift, son
DennisTreacy says to  (19:42:05):
My son no longer kicks against the goad
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:42:20):
There are two ways to get people to follow you, love and fear. And you
can't make people love you.
Richard McCord says to  (19:42:32):
Well, I COULD have pulled you out from in front of that car in time, but
your faith was too weak. I had to teach you a lesson!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:42:41):
Man chooses fear every time.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:42:57):
It the reason for the carrot and stick heaven and hell. It works.
Richard McCord says to  (19:43:06):
With Paul, I think he purposefully backed up onto the goad...
Sonyah says to  (19:43:11):
Same here
DennisTreacy says to  (19:43:24):
So did Tim
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:43:27):
Yah chooses love, He has few followers, but they are loyal and on
apersonaly basis.
lisa 7 says to  (19:43:27):
I HATE ALLAH!! Halal Ben Shakar....oh how I hate ....with a perfect HATE
Sonyah says to  (19:43:27):
sickens me to see the walking dead
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:43:33):
Chuck Missler say's " a man now sits on the throne of God" :)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:43:57):
Freed Snail says to  (19:44:02):
I'll try and remember to take a pic of a's to one of the
mega churches in Woodlands has JC hanging on the cross, but his
legs extend nbelow the sign..big money in this sign.
cgb2 says (19:44:01):
Richard McCord says to  (19:44:31):
The Mormons are taught, "As man is, God was. As God is, man will
become." Brigham Young came up with that gem.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:44:37):
Joel Olsteen has his own radio station now. I have been hearing ads for
it all week
cgb2 says (19:44:38):
and looks like Ceasar Borgia
lisa 7 says to  (19:44:50):
Fu** ck Chuck!! LIAR and false Hope Charlatan
Freed Snail says to  (19:44:59):
it doesn Chuck..just like him.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:45:03):
One day I'm going to change the words on a church sign to      Sunday
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:45:14):
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:45:21):
cgb2 says (19:45:22):
Sun worship
Richard McCord says to  (19:45:23):
Or Sunday Warship.
lisa 7 says to  (19:45:31):
Sun-Day Whore Ship
Freed Snail says to  (19:45:36):
Richard McCord says to  (19:45:36):
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
DennisTreacy says to  (19:45:39):
I know such a church who probably won't notice the change for a month
Freed Snail says to  (19:46:03):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:46:07):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:46:18):
The same church has SUN worship on the sign now.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:46:30):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:46:50):
Here and present
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:46:57):
There was a church I used to drive by that never put a period after the
N, so It was honest and read SUN WORSHIP 8:00am
Richard McCord says to  (19:47:02):
Mine eyes have seen the goriness of the coming of the Lord.
Freed Snail says to  (19:47:11):
idol worship..they marvel about their signs...all over Tx they advertise
for business.
Richard McCord says to  (19:47:58):
Look! I have the outline of a fish in my business ad! So you KNOW you
can trust me!
DennisTreacy says to  (19:48:10):
Or a dove
cgb2 says (19:48:17):
According to some Texans they have 3 religions: Football, Jebus and porn
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:48:20):
I see Christian buisness I know I am going to get ripped off
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:48:27):
Sounds fishy to me.
Richard McCord says to  (19:48:34):
Smells that way, too, sis.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:48:34):
Not Bud lite?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:48:41):
Told that to my friends dad who is a small buisness owner with a fish on
his trucks. He got mad.
Freed Snail says to  (19:49:04):
football, jesus and more football
cgb2 says (19:49:04):
LOL JB...yep they don;t need to honor their word or contract - they're
under grace
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:49:06):
Beware the christian businessman. He will rob you blind
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:49:10):
but it is true. I have heard several stories about him ripping people
DennisTreacy says to  (19:49:50):
One of the most expensive companies in our area is Christian Hvac. Lots
of advertising and with a little white dove
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:49:54):
Got that right KIWI
cgb2 says (19:49:59):
ain't the first to use religion to make a buck LOL
Sonyah says to  (19:50:14):
or the last
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:50:14):
my BF has that damn fish on his BC..hate that thing!!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:50:17):
nope just following their religions teaching
Richard McCord says to  (19:50:17):
They believe it is perfectly all right to have God over there, in
church, where He belongs, and their lives over here, separated.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:50:19):
The owner of the company is a pastor
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:50:25):
I had a Christian Lawyer. What a criminal
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:50:46):
that is a double whammey
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:50:49):
Robbed me blind
Freed Snail says to  (19:50:50):
Billy Graham said, "the US is like Sodom and Gemorrah." I wonder how he
knows this?
psalm19 says to  (19:50:58):
like con men/women justifying themselves
cgb2 says (19:50:59):
Dagon the fish god
cgb2 says (19:51:04):
pope hat
Sonyah says to  (19:51:07):
right chuck
cgb2 says (19:51:07):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:51:14):
To be a lawyer and think you are going to heaven you have to be a
Richard McCord says to  (19:51:18):
Isn't it wonderful that Yahowah takes the responsibility for our being
"sadak" on Himself alone?
psalm19 says to  (19:51:23):
twistians, mormons, etc.
Richard McCord says to  (19:51:29):
What a relief!
DennisTreacy says to  (19:51:34):
Love sadak
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:34):
I saw a T ***rt that I wanted to get Cthuluhu Dagon 2012, why settle for
the lesser evil
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:47):
shirt ^
Richard McCord says to  (19:52:04):
That's clever.
cgb2 says (19:52:09):
Laary Sizemore has a bluegrass song: May there be no lawyers in
piks7275 says to  (19:52:20):
Franklin Graham is the one who got laws changed in order to bring the
ebola man here
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:52:27):
If we are going to get evil might as well go the whole 9 yards
Freed Snail says to  (19:52:43):
no kidding, Sheree?
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:52:50):
Must be Billy's cousin
piks7275 says to  (19:52:50):
no kidding
BloodBath says to  (19:52:53):
That's get Medival
Sonyah says to  (19:52:59):
LOL  I heard that Yah threatened to sue Yah. The question to Yah was,
"where do you think you are gonna get a lawyer?"
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:00):
Chuck, what do you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
Freed Snail says to  (19:53:04):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:05):
A Start
psalm19 says to  (19:53:07):
Billys Kid
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:53:13):
I think its his kid
Sonyah says to  (19:53:14):
NO. HaSatan was gonna sue
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:53:16):
Sonyah says to  (19:53:16):
Freed Snail says to  (19:53:21):
Richard McCord says to  (19:53:24):
A good start!
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:53:24):
or Satans
cgb2 says (19:53:24):
a good start
cgb2 says (19:53:41):
Why don;t sharks attack lawyers?
psalm19 says to  (19:53:48):
dont know their ebola from shynola
Sonyah says to  (19:53:51):
bottom line...all lawyers in hell
Richard McCord says to  (19:53:53):
Wait for it ...
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:55):
they can smell there own
Freed Snail says to  (19:53:58):
how do you spell lawyer....liar
cgb2 says (19:53:58):
Professional courtesy :)
Sonyah says to  (19:54:14):
true that, Fred
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:54:16):
good one
Richard McCord says to  (19:54:18):
You ain't right, Chuck.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:54:23):
How do you know a lawyer is lying?
cgb2 says (19:54:26):
THanks Richard
Richard McCord says to  (19:54:28):
He's speaking.
Freed Snail says to  (19:54:34):
begins and ends with l and r
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:54:35):
His mouth is open.
Sonyah says to  (19:54:38):
His lips are moving
BloodBath says to  (19:55:08):
Would you swear on the bible in a court room?
cgb2 says (19:55:12):
136 An outpouring of tears descends from my eyes because they do not
observe Your Towrah.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:55:14):
What did one lawyer say to the other?
Sonyah says to  (19:55:15):
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:55:16):
Richard McCord says to  (19:55:23):
I wanted to learn how to read lips, so I bought a bunch of them from a
funeral home and arranged them into words ...
cgb2 says (19:55:23):
137 Yahowah, You are the Upright One, righteous, consistent, and
vindicating. And Your means to achieve justice and resolve disputes is
therefore upright and straight forward.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:55:31):
Nothing that is admissable in court.
psalm19 says to  (19:55:32):
cgb2 says (19:55:41):
138 You have completely laid out Your just, fair, unwavering,
vindicating, restoring, and enduring testimony and exceeding reliable,
totally trustworthy, and always dependable nature.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:55:57):
I would swear on a bible. I would not feel compelled to tell the truth
afterwards though.
BloodBath says to  (19:56:16):
You could tear out all of pauls writing for a start
DennisTreacy says to  (19:56:16):
A long time ago I was involved in the reunite Pangea movement.
piks7275 says to  (19:56:20):
yeah no one does JB
Richard McCord says to  (19:56:21):
I would ask the judge, "Do I really have to touch that thing?"
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:56:21):
You wouldn't get the chance to do that JB
Freed Snail says to  (19:56:29):
funeral homes are in the lypw sinc biz
DennisTreacy says to  (19:56:29):
BloodBath says to  (19:56:52):
Or you can give the judge a pinky swear
Richard McCord says to  (19:57:00):
That'd work!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:57:06):
I would do what Larry FLint did and point out the absudatity having me
swear on a book that I don't believe in
Freed Snail says to  (19:57:07):
xtians have no problem calling Him the Passover lamb...can't make the
connection though
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:57:30):
can't type
BloodBath says to  (19:57:50):
i still can't a hear a damn thing<:o)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:57:53):
making connections is not their strong suite Fred
psalm19 says to  (19:57:57):
LOL, right JB
Yahudikiwi says to  (19:58:11):
You are thinking too fast for your typing skills JB
Freed Snail says to  (19:58:13):
cgb2 says (19:58:19):
its about faith
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:58:30):
more that I am trying to type and listen at the same time
Richard McCord says to  (19:58:38):
Well, ya see, Fred, Jeebus died on the cross so that Jehovah would see
the blood and be compelled to do away with everything He ever said. Or
something like that there.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:59:01):
well that makes perfect sense Richard.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:59:03):
cgb2 says (19:59:03):
THe church of the flying spagetti monster is a funny parody site
AnneHolzinger says to  (19:59:05):
that sums it up nicely, Richard
Richard McCord says to  (19:59:08):
It's complicated. Just believe and tithe and you'll be fine.
lisa 7 says to  (19:59:13):
babah: the apple (of the eye)  Noun Feminine; beyt beyt hey- makes me
cry too, espeacially with this time,,,especially now. Nothing could be
more important than this  or correct.
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:16):
and save everyone that ask...geez...can I just stay behinf then?
vipers2344 2 says to  (19:59:29):
you guys make fun of everyone and think you have the right way because
of some special revelation from yada. give me a break you guys are just
another religion. i would call you a cult thats brainwashed by yada. Use
your own brain
cgb2 says (19:59:35):
Pastafarians....he bolied for your sins
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:50):
last minute the viper bites
BloodBath says to  (19:59:58):
thanks viper :D
llinc says to  (19:59:58):
Richard McCord says to  (20:00:05):
Oh, I just can't wait to float on a cloud plucking a 3-string little
harp-like thing forever and ever and ever....
William The Elevator Man says to  (20:00:07):
Thank you Yada, JB and Larry!
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:00:09):
Thanks for the compliment V
Richard McCord says to  (20:00:10):
psalm19 says to  (20:00:25):
and then his dead rigamortis body AROSE and started walking around
saying :"hey there" how youl doing?
Richard McCord says to  (20:00:26):
Shalom! Out!
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:00:27):
DennisTreacy says to  (20:00:31):
Yahowsha fulfilled the Torah so there wouldn't he wouldn' have to come
back for Trumpets Kipurr, or Sukah
llinc says to  (20:00:35):
Shabot Shalowm txs all
piks7275 says to  (20:00:49):
Shabat Shalowm family
psalm19 says to  (20:00:49):
but nobody redcognized him... huh?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:00:54):
Viper, we make fun of the absurd because it is absurd. As for special
revelation, can you point out anything that Yada has said tha tis not
from Scripture?
Freed Snail says to  (20:00:55):
shalom out as well...ciao all!
Mary Kris says to  (20:01:03):
Shabat Shalwom everyone
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:01:06):
Love you guys! Sorry to be in and out. Have to go. Have a wonderful
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:07):
He has no special revelation and claims no special revelation.
lisa 7 says to  (20:01:08):
Your righteouness is like the mighty mountians, your justice is like the
great depths. Tehilim 36:6 Shabbat Shalom
Sonyah says to  (20:01:11):
Shalowm all. Thanks to JB, Yada and Larry
cgb2 says (20:01:10):
Actuallly Viper I spent years in independant study checking out a lot of
things. Yada 's the first to tell you don;t trust him or anyone - check
it out for yourself
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:01:15):
Shabat Shalowm everyone :) Ciao all :)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:23):
He simply quotes Yah's word and discusses Yah's word.
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:01:26):
psalm19 says to  (20:01:33):
Shabat Shalowm everYone
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:01:35):
it seems anything u  say goes because u think u somehow interpreted
scripture in a secret way
piks7275 says to  (20:01:35):
DennisTreacy says to  (20:01:35):
I'm repeating myself, Shabat Shalowm all
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:01:39):
Shabat Shalom
BloodBath says to  (20:01:40):
Viper, well I've never been called a cult member dare you
William The Elevator Man says to  (20:01:41):
Shabat Shalown Family!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:44):
But if you want to label us a cult and dismiss us, fine you wouldn't be
the first
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:02:00):
Fine with me too JB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:02:09):
There is no secrete, it is just a matter of looking at what Yah said
PatriciaBowen says to  (20:02:17):
It takes time
piks7275 says to  (20:02:22):
another one who is still mired in passive submission
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:02:22):
What secret has anyone spoken of?
psalm19 says to  (20:02:53):
aint no secret just opne your mind and think logically according to
scripture. Bette yet why dont you read yadayah?
BloodBath says to  (20:02:56):
Come on viper, you said that you know that chrisitans celbrate pagan
holidays like can you dismiss that?
cgb2 says (20:02:58):
I used to be in the most popular cult in the world - the roman cult of
psalm19 says to  (20:03:15):
have you read yadayah yet viper?
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:03:31):
That's a very popular one cgb2
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:03:37):
Better yet have you attempted to verify anything that Yada wrote?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:03:44):
Attempt to disprove it.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:03:45):
christians are wrong...i know that but how do you dismiss so much of the
new testament
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:01):
IF you can I would be happy to admit that Yada was wrong
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:04:03):
Beacuse it is untrustworthy
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:07):
I tried, I couldn't
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:19):
I'm not perfect and there are plenty of people smarter than me
psalm19 says to  (20:04:23):
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:04:25):
Cause Paul wrote it
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:04:27):
I tried damn hard as well JB and I failed
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:04:42):
And he can't write worth a damn
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:47):
So if you can show me, using facts and evidence, where he is wrong then
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:04:51):
I don't want to be wrong
BloodBath says to  (20:05:00):
Doesn't really matter viper, if you don't like it, go your own way
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (20:05:05):
Patti's right, it takes time.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:05:11):
i read most of your stuff but i am not seeing what exectly you think is
corrupt in the new testament
cgb2 says (20:05:23):
Oh yes ones who formed the canon showed such awesome fruit. Paul
overuling everything else, even the red letters :)
psalm19 says to  (20:05:27):
xtians are wrong,  i know that, but how do you dismiss new test? HUH?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:05:29):
HAve you read Questioning Paul?
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:05:29):
It takes time and effort and a willingness to go where the words lead
BloodBath says to  (20:05:33):
Paul is corrupot viper, Paul
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:05:56):
Or how about taking a look at the history of the transmission of the
BloodBath says to  (20:06:03):
Everything Paul said undermines Yah....I can't see why you don't see
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:06:06):
Read the sermon on the Mount Viper. Then comapre it to what Paul says.
DennisTreacy says to  (20:06:14):
Well first off reading Jer. 31:31-34 shows there is not new testament.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:06:33):
Or how about looking at the oldest manuscripts and comparing them to
what it used today. have you done that?
Sonyah says to  (20:06:41):
So who exactly is vipers 2344 2?
psalm19 says to  (20:06:58):
? idk
BloodBath says to  (20:07:07):
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:07:10):
the messiah made it clear to me that the unrighteous will not inherit
heaven. how do you say just celebrating feats saves you?
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:07:12):
The Queen James version is corrupted
Sonyah says to  (20:07:23):
How about it viper? who are you?
cgb2 says (20:07:33):
Actually the passage is Jer Chapters 30 & 31....and waaaaayyyy to
obvious that is yet future
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:07:36):
Get a copy of the The Text of the Oldest Greek New Testament Manuscripts
and compare them the the Nestle Aland which is the basis of most English
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:07:56):
Where has anyone said that viper?
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:08:01):
we aren't saying that Vipers
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:08:09):
That is what is debate parlance is known as a Straw Man
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:08:18):
Half the so-called "new testament" is written by Sha'uwl/Paulos and his
followers and is therefore worthless. The rest has been so tampered with
by religious individuals over the centuries that it too is almost
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:08:25):
and when you use a Straw Man in a debate you instantly loose the debate
psalm19 says to  (20:08:33):
Whoooo are you, who who who who
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:08:47):
i am not trying to be mean to you guys here but i just want truth and
nothing but truth and i am not seeing how you guys have come to these
conclusions here
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:09:00):
If that is what you think is written in any of Yada's books then either
you have not read them, or you are not understanding them
BloodBath says to  (20:09:07):
read the book, read the Torah, read it
psalm19 says to  (20:09:12):
yeah, Im hurt
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:09:19):
i dont care about paul. i read the other stuff
cgb2 says (20:09:18):
Seek him with all your hear V and have the courage to go where the words
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:09:25):
Read Yada Yah andf Introduction to God and then you will understand
4yeshua com says to  (20:09:30):
observing the torah Viper it will make sence
psalm19 says to  (20:09:35):
Well, then, read questioning paul and yadayah. SIMPLE.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:09:41):
Viper you are not going to get to how we came to these conclusions here,
you are going to have to read, all of, the material that the show is
based on.
Sonyah says to  (20:09:43):
The reason you do not see it, must surely be because you have NOT looked
for it.  HAVE YOU READ Yada Yahweh? Intro to God? Questioning Paul?
psalm19 says to  (20:10:00):
BloodBath says to  (20:10:02):
Read the Torah
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:10:09):
This show is not meant to be an introduction it is for peopel who have
already come to these conclusions and are looking to expnad
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:10:15):
Read the Torah, prophets and psalms.
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (20:10:18):
Sha'uls writings make no sense at all.
cgb2 says (20:10:22):
Better yet, not just read but study, even try to disporoove
cgb2 says (20:10:38):
James Bowen: If your faith is based on truth then questioning it will do
nothing but confirm it, you only need to worry if it's based on a lie.
psalm19 says to  (20:10:40):
No answer to the million dollar question
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:10:46):
do you guys also say you need to be circumcised to be saved?
cgb2 says (20:10:57):
No Yah said it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:10:59):
We don't do it in a way to present to new comers, that is more what
Shattering Myths is directed at, and what the Questions Paul and Intro
To God are for
BloodBath says to  (20:11:09):
If you want to understand the Torah, read it from the beginning not in
the so called middle, i.e. New Testament
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:11:13):
you guys are basically sticking to old testament stuff and you dont care
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:11:14):
Rad what Yahowah has to sya about circumcision being the sign of the
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:11:27):
I don't say it I point out that Yahowah said that any male who is not
circumcised has nulified His covenant
cgb2 says (20:11:32):
No circumcision no passover
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:11:47):
There is no Old Testament.
BloodBath says to  (20:11:52):
Sticking to the Old Testament :|
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:11:54):
We stick mostly to the Torah
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (20:11:58):
I think I see the problem now.
Yahudikiwi says to  (20:12:00):
No circumcision, no participation in the Covenant Family
psalm19 says to  (20:12:04):
vipers the only one confused because he hasnt studied the material to
the questions hes asking.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:12:06):
The Torah is the foundation
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:12:20):
without a proper understanding of it you will not be able to understand
anything after it
cgb2 says (20:12:22):
Marcion of Sinope invented "old " and "new " testaments
Sonyah says to  (20:12:28):
That's a wrap. He has NOT read it
psalm19 says to  (20:12:44):
psalm19 says to  (20:13:30):
its clear to me now, lol
BloodBath says to  (20:13:35):
Viper you think there is a New Testament which is what the problem is
psalm19 says to  (20:13:41):
Read Vipers read
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:13:48):
old i dont care about the names.
it seems you just throw most of what the messiah says know the
part about....turning from sin...rightiouness
Sonyah says to  (20:13:49):
I think Viper that you have fear of finding the truth. IF you can see
that Paul is a liar, why can you not see that the so called "NEW"
Testament is HIS work primarily?  A NEW religion?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:13:53):
As for considering other things. If they contradict what Yah reveled in
the Torah then they are wrong that is what Yah told us
cgb2 says (20:13:52):
Viper good that you're seeking. Really urge you to read and study...all
of them give a foundation so that you can then study Yah's word on your
cgb2 says (20:14:11):
including what materials, lexicons, etc
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:23):
Viper, that is because a lot of what is attributed to Him, he did not
Sonyah says to  (20:14:33):
Yahowsha spoke long before the "NEW" Testament
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:35):
Looke it up, don't take my word for it.
BloodBath says to  (20:14:43):
You should care a great deal about the names viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:54):
You can get a copy the Oldest Text and a copy of the newest and compare
psalm19 says to  (20:15:01):
Shabat Shalowm, Im out.
Sonyah says to  (20:15:13):
Shalowm  out here
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (20:15:26):
See ya Rick
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:15:28):
And again you can not understand anything that Yahowsha said or did
without understanding the TOrah first
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:15:43):
tell me where to go one more time....where do i go to see where you
getting all this stuff about what is made up in the bible?
cgb2 says (20:15:43):
I fyou come from a xtian background like I did will be shocked
how much is twisted to fit Paul...especially Messiahs words (red
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:16:25):
There is no one source. It takes a lot of resources to proove it. IF you
want a summation read Intro To God
cgb2 says (20:16:37):
Paul's messiah resembles pagan sungod myth more the the real messiah -
mostly Dionysis & Mithras fusion
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:16:40):
In the first chapter Yada gives a list of all the resources he has used
eh steve says to  (20:16:52):
go here Vipers...
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:16:55):
Get some of them and check it for yourself
4yeshua com says to  (20:16:57):
Your reading the King Iames version Viper its not the word of God Its
The word of King Iames He was a queer
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (20:17:18):
Just google it.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:17:47):
It's really not hard to proove the unreliability fo the NT
BloodBath says to  (20:17:59):
i hate blogtalkradio, if it's not the audio, it's the chat room :@
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:18:08):
Just look at the fact that 2 of the "gospels" are written by people who
weren't even there
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:18:38):
ya but how do u know mathew wrote mathew...seriously how?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:18:59):
the fact that there are over 300,000 documented variants between the
oldest manuscripts and the modern ones used as the basis for english
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:19:09):
The fact the Paul contradicts Yahowsha.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:19:33):
The fact that the earliest scribes did not view them as scripture and
edited them, adding things and taking things away.
cgb2 says (20:19:48):
LOL Paul even contradiscts Paul...the writings of a lunatic demoniac
lisa 7 says to  (20:20:12):
Paul doesnt just contradict Yahowsha, he humilates and abhors Him.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:20:14):
The fact that the story of the adultrus woman, and "let he who is
without sin cast the first stone" does not appear in any text prior to
the 7th century
BloodBath says to  (20:20:27):
There are historical documents, that's how
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:20:32):
I can go on and on, but again don't take my word for it, look it up
BloodBath says to  (20:20:34):
and viper is gone
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:20:45):
Virtually none of what is in the NT is reliable
larry hendricks says to  (20:20:55):
I agree
lisa 7 says to  (20:21:01):
TRue That
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:21:04):
at least not a Scripture, it is at best a history
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:21:30):
as not a
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:22:04):
looks like viper left
BloodBath says to  (20:22:18):
that's what i said
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:22:20):
sad, I was hopefull for him
lisa 7 says to  (20:22:41):
there are too many copy edits, changes, additions and Who know's how
many subratctions or lies. Vipers always leave...;)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:22:43):
He seemed to be comeing along
lisa 7 says to  (20:23:00):
and adders too
AnneHolzinger says to  (20:23:00):
seed scattred on rocky soil
BloodBath says to  (20:23:11):
Who calls themselves "Viper"?  What kind of name is that? :|
lisa 7 says to  (20:23:19):
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:24:32):
A Snake?
cgb2 says (20:25:00):
Seem V left...did someone ad-hominem him?
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:26:10):
serpent seed.
lisa 7 says to  (20:26:16):
Viper...a whisperer....a poisonous bite ...le' chamelion...a changling.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:27:26):
i didnt leave...the computer was messing up
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:27:59):
just keep seeking the truth Vipers.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:28:05):
anyways did u answer my question about how u know that mathew wrote
cgb2 says (20:28:05):
He's gone...really folks, when people are seeking don't engage in
personal attacks (ad hominem). Discerning, discarding lies and replacing
them with truth was hardly overnight for me
cgb2 says (20:28:16):
and I'm still on that journey
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:28:41):
we all are
cgb2 says (20:29:14):
He was asking honest questions
cgb2 says (20:29:21):
like he really was seeking
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:24):
WE don't viper, in fact I don't know how much of what is in it was
written by him
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:32):
that is why I don't trust it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:51):
First of all, all we have is a Greek transaltion of what he wrote
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:29:59):
and we know for a fact he wrote in Hebrew
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:30:24):
So you just answered your own question about why we don't focus on the
"new testament"
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:30:40):
huh? i thought you said only pay attention to mathew and john but forget
mark and luke because they were not eye witness
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:31:03):
No we said that Mark and Luke were hearsay accounts
cgb2 says (20:31:02):
YEp...but I do like Yahowsha's words....he affirmed the torah
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:31:20):
mathew was written by contemporaries - not necessarily "Mathew"
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:31:24):
Matthew and John are the only two eyewitness accounts
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:31:33):
And that even those aren't reliable
lisa 7 says to  (20:31:43):
Shalom Aleychem:Triber's Ahavah and YaHoWaH's chesed be upon us all.
LailaTowb and may all our endeavors for emet (truth) prosper and grow
like branches to fill the aretz (land).
cgb2 says (20:31:57):
I even like Acts a bit. Seems Luke was an honest historian and leaves
oddles of clues on Paul's lies
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:31:59):
That is why we stick to the Torah and Prophets Yah gave us a way to
verify that those are from Him
lisa 7 says to  (20:32:20):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:32:30):
I think Luke was an honest historian, but he didn't know and understand
4yeshua com says to  (20:32:46):
Its going to be a great sabbath!!! Rest, study, love your family and eat
lots of Challa bread Shalom:) P.S. Viper Keep seeking
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:32:53):
ok so if u tell me not to pay attention to new testament because u dont
know who wrote it...then why do u listen to the old testament?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:32:58):
He did his best to record what he was told, but he was human and was
there years later
cgb2 says (20:33:06):
Yep. Acts also never resolves if Paul was teaching torahlessness...but
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:33:20):
Yah provided a way for us to know what is from him and what isn't
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:33:37):
That's why I think Luke was confussed Chuck
lisa 7 says to  (20:34:14):
I think 99 percent of people are confused
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:34:32):
and we know who the father of that is!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:34:37):
Also if you examine the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the recent text of the the
TPP by comparison to the the Greek text the fidality is great.
cgb2 says (20:35:28):
Viper when I first really started seeking and told Yah please show me
lies and your I went down the rabbit hole of all the lies I
held at first it seemed like a daunting monumental task and burden...but
then I simply fell in love with Yah and hi
cgb2 says (20:35:41):
his word. My favorite thing to do
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:35:44):
Again I will say, nothing we say will convince you Viper. At best we can
get people to question and start on their journey, we can point them in
the right way, but in the end either you will examine the evidence or
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:35:59):
won't. And only by examining it will you ever come to know and
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:36:33):
I've got to go. See Yah next week.
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:36:34):
It is very hard to give up the lies we have been taught our entire
cgb2 says (20:37:34):
ANd nothing about "faith" Yah proves it. You can know him! He gave us
reason for a reason
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:37:50):
But Yah we lead you into all truth if you diligently seek Him.
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:38:32):
cgb2 says (20:38:36):
Very unpopular, but Yah will be with you
lisa 7 says to  (20:38:44):
The DSS are the greatest thing since ....ever!! But just next
to Yahowah's original script Paleo,,, it's hard to determine ...Love it
equally....or should it ever be seperated? Anyhoo---love to the tribe
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:39:40):
I cried for three days when I found out there never was a person named
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:40:17):
What a shocker
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:40:19):
well obviously the only reason we are having this conversation is
because you are telling me that i am not seeing the way scripture truly
is because it has been so corrupted. so right now i am trying to see if
this is true
4yeshua com says to  (20:40:58):
Yep thats what it takes
cgb2 says (20:41:04):
Funny how if their own lexicons are accurate, their translations are not
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:41:16):
Good for you Viper
cgb2 says (20:41:18):
Lemme point ya to some free tools V
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:41:53):
i am open to anyone who says i am wrong because in the end i will know
that i tried findind truth 100 percent
4yeshua com says to  (20:42:23):
you cant loose
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:43:15):
i am hoping i am going to beable to see where you guys are getting all
your conclusions from. i am going to visit that one sight.
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:43:48):
right now i am seeing that you guys are totally in the wrong, but i will
check out what your trying to tell me
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:45:10):
It can /will be very gut wrenching Vipers to find out how much you/we
all have been lied to
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:45:31):
It will make you mad as hell
cgb2 says (20:46:21):
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:47:27):
i have been wanting to make sure i have the most accurate translations
cgb2 says (20:47:32):
If your faith is based on truth then questioning it will do nothing but
confirm it, you only need to worry if it's based on a lie.
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:48:16):
Yah Loves inquiring minds
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:48:21):
have you read misquoting jesus?
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:48:38):
cgb2 says (20:48:40):
"COme let us reason together"
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:49:22):
i didnt read it but he claims there are a lot of errors in the bible
that actually dont matter a thing compared to earliest manuscript...he
is a historian
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:49:45):
read it. His evidence contradicts his conclusions
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:49:59):
The same is true with Phillip Comfort Encountering the MAnsucripts
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:50:23):
The evidence is great, the conclusions do not support the evidence
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:50:30):
Look at the evidence for yourself
cgb2 says (20:50:30):
"For truly, I say to you, till the heaven and the earth pass away, one
jot or one tittle shall by no means pass from the Torah till all be
done.....Oops I forgot about Paul :)
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:51:08):
its just that this guy used to be christian but is not now and you would
think he would say its as corrupt as you guys say
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:51:15):
I have read both. And I would recomend the evidence in both, espcially
Comforts. But I can not for the life of me see how they intelectually
honestly came to their cnclusions
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:51:59):
Read and see if you agree with his conclusions
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:52:18):
To me the evidence he presented was damning
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:52:47):
Entire chapters being added
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:53:07):
how he could say that that is nothing I don't know
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:53:08):
i was actually going to get the book to see anything he says shouldnt be
there because i want the best translation from the earliest manuscript
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:53:30):
One of the most quoted lines in all of Scripture beeing a late 7th
centuray addition
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:53:43):
There are no good translations
cgb2 says (20:53:46):
Worse, Phillip Comfort knows the huge differences...and was part of the
"New Living Translataion"...Sheesh one of the worst for adding things
that aren;t there and embellishing with Pauline. Anything to make a buck
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:54:09):
They all range form bad to worse. You have to get teh resources to
examine the originals for yourself unfortunatly
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:54:34):
Yeah Comforts research is great, but his religion has blinded him to the
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:54:41):
he says there are a few big mess ups in the bible so i was very curious
but christians say he is full of crap
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:55:05):
He spends 3/4 of the book presenting evidence on how unreliable the text
is and then says the text is 100% reliable
cgb2 says (20:55:23):
V does a lot of comparisons earliest greek, Nestle
Aland, KJV, NAS, NLT with many verses
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:55:57):
Viper it is easy to see for yourself. You can get The Oldest Greek New
Testament Manuscripts and you can get a Nestle Aland Greek text and
comapre them.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:56:18):
Good point Chuck. QP does a side by side comaprison
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:57:00):
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:57:05):
i am going to check it all out...just a silly question for you guys. you
think there was really a talking snake in genesis?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:57:10):
Check out that link Viper
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:57:23):
I put it together to show just how bad translations are
cgb2 says (20:57:49):
YOu can also find many high resolution ancient manuscripts
online...check out the use of divine placeholders and such
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:58:05):
Possibly, things worked a lot different in the garden then they do now
vipers2344 2 says to  (20:58:52):
there are certain things in the bible that are just hard for me to
believe...i struggle with this stuff
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:59:07):
I really have to run now, I came back to grab something and got sucked
back in, but my wife is calling me to dinner now so I have to go.
cgb2 says (20:59:27):
Me too. Gotta run. Yah bless all!
vipers2344 2 says to  (21:02:39):
bye guys it is late

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

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Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21) Torah (torah – teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym – without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb – transforming) the soul (nepesh – consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth – restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman – verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam – educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy – easy for those who are receptive).

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