BTR Chat Log For October 24, 2014

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2014-10-24      05:53:46 PM     Yada            enter the room
2014-10-24      05:58:22 PM     Guest1418               enter the room
2014-10-24      05:59:21 PM     Guest1423               enter the room
2014-10-24      05:59:38 PM     Guest1423               quit the room
2014-10-24      06:00:14 PM     tshannaly               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:01:38 PM     Quwmbayah               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:03:20 PM     piks7275                enter the room
2014-10-24      06:03:55 PM     piks7275                Shabat Shalowm
2014-10-24      06:07:47 PM     Quwmbayah               Shalowm
Skipster!! tshannaly...are you Tommy and Shanna?
2014-10-24      06:07:57 PM     Guest1519               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:08:17 PM     Guest1522               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:08:24 PM     tshannaly               Shanna here!
Shabat Shalom!
2014-10-24      06:09:05 PM     Quwmbayah               Hey !!! It's
Rosie!! :)
2014-10-24      06:09:29 PM     Guest1531               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:11:08 PM     Quwmbayah               Kimberly..(FB
Rosie) Shanna
2014-10-24      06:11:31 PM     Guest1552               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:11:34 PM     tshannaly               Hey Kimberly!
Feeling better?
2014-10-24      06:14:49 PM     AnneHolzinger           enter the room
2014-10-24      06:14:50 PM     Quwmbayah               Yeah...I quit
taking my pain medicine and only taking iron pills. I believe my pain is
coming from as my doctor says, "trying to play cowboy" too early. Not
trying..just sometimes, it can't be helped when things need tending to.
2014-10-24      06:14:51 PM     DennisTreacy            enter the room
2014-10-24      06:15:26 PM     tshannaly               Its a good night
to get some rest and relax. :)
2014-10-24      06:15:43 PM     Guest1556               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:16:01 PM     AnneHolzinger           so true, it has
been a busy week
2014-10-24      06:16:04 PM     lisa 7          enter the room
2014-10-24      06:17:13 PM     Freed Snail             enter the room
2014-10-24      06:18:50 PM     Freed Snail             shabat shalom
2014-10-24      06:19:31 PM     Guest1556               quit the room
2014-10-24      06:19:34 PM     lisa 7          Shabbat Shalowm
2014-10-24      06:19:42 PM     Guest1627               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:19:55 PM     tshannaly               (})
2014-10-24      06:20:00 PM     Quwmbayah               Fred and Lisa
2014-10-24      06:20:02 PM     Guest1627               quit the room
2014-10-24      06:20:07 PM     DebraMiller0            enter the room
2014-10-24      06:20:09 PM     Freed Snail             (})
2014-10-24      06:20:33 PM     DebraMiller0            Shabat Shalom
2014-10-24      06:20:35 PM     AnneHolzinger           Shalowm Family
2014-10-24      06:20:49 PM     Yada (Cohost)           enter the room
2014-10-24      06:21:06 PM     Freed Snail             deb and ann(})
2014-10-24      06:21:14 PM     piks7275                hi all
2014-10-24      06:21:26 PM     Quwmbayah               Shalowm Debra,
Anne, and all the Family :)
2014-10-24      06:21:29 PM     DebraMiller0            Het Freed, Piks,
2014-10-24      06:21:35 PM     DebraMiller0            Hey
2014-10-24      06:22:01 PM     Freed Snail             Het deb..:D
2014-10-24      06:22:28 PM     DebraMiller0            Freed!!
2014-10-24      06:22:35 PM     Guest1656               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:22:45 PM     DebraMiller0            (L)
2014-10-24      06:22:57 PM     BloodBath               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:22:59 PM     Freed Snail             (F)
2014-10-24      06:23:20 PM     DebraMiller0            Where's the
2014-10-24      06:23:46 PM     Yada            Shabat Shalowm Yah All.
We are going to begin anew with 119.137 and the statements brought to us
by Tsadyq - Vindication.
2014-10-24      06:23:55 PM     Quwmbayah               Hello Yada, JB,
and Larry when he logs in..Shalowm
2014-10-24      06:24:04 PM     Freed Snail             I wish the Viper
was in my garage.
2014-10-24      06:24:12 PM     tshannaly               quit the room
2014-10-24      06:24:15 PM     AnneHolzinger           lol
2014-10-24      06:24:16 PM     DebraMiller0            LOL
2014-10-24      06:24:18 PM     Yada (Cohost)           Shalowm Yah'll
2014-10-24      06:24:33 PM     Yada            Yep, no Larryinator thus
2014-10-24      06:24:38 PM     tshannaly               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:24:38 PM     tshannaly               quit the room
2014-10-24      06:24:38 PM     tshannaly               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:24:55 PM     DebraMiller0            Does Glen come
to the chat?
2014-10-24      06:25:23 PM     Yada            I will be on the road
driving with me dawg to Virginia next Friday so I am hoping the Larry
and JB can host da shew.
2014-10-24      06:25:44 PM     BloodBath               No flying for
you Yada?
2014-10-24      06:25:59 PM     Yada            No. Trying to save some
2014-10-24      06:26:05 PM     Yada (Cohost) 
for anyone interested
2014-10-24      06:26:16 PM     piks7275                gas is a bit
cheaper this week anyway
2014-10-24      06:26:28 PM     Yada (Cohost)           Dogs are the
best companions on a road trip
2014-10-24      06:26:31 PM     Yada            Cheaper than Jet A for
2014-10-24      06:26:33 PM     Sonyah          enter the room
2014-10-24      06:26:42 PM     BloodBath               True that, true
2014-10-24      06:26:52 PM     Yada            It costs a grand an hour
to fly the iron bird.
2014-10-24      06:26:59 PM     Yada (Cohost)           Yeah fuel has
been on a decline for a change, kinda nice
2014-10-24      06:27:09 PM     Yada (Cohost)           ouch
2014-10-24      06:27:10 PM     Yada            So I charter it, but
seldom if ever fly it myself.
2014-10-24      06:27:17 PM     Guest1702               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:27:18 PM     Yada (Cohost)           but I bet it is
a lot funner than driving
2014-10-24      06:27:20 PM     BloodBath               Election next
month, it's no wonder gas price is going down
2014-10-24      06:27:21 PM     tshannaly               Virginia is
beautiful right now. The leaves here in the mountains are changing fast.
2014-10-24      06:27:35 PM     Yada (Cohost)           Good observation
2014-10-24      06:27:45 PM     Freed Snail             and vacation
season is over, BB
2014-10-24      06:27:53 PM     piks7275                yep and day
after the BS is over the price will jump 50cents
2014-10-24      06:27:57 PM     Yada (Cohost)           don't care what
the reason is, I'll take it
2014-10-24      06:27:59 PM     Yada            I love to fly. I don't
mind driving. But a six hour fly is a 43 hour drive and four hotels
along the way.
2014-10-24      06:28:09 PM     Guest1714               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:28:14 PM     DennisTreacy            Shalown all,
going to be typing very little as I think I broke my two of my fingers
on my right hand yesturday. As usual I did not go to a doctor.
2014-10-24      06:28:15 PM     Guest1714               quit the room
2014-10-24      06:28:26 PM     lisa 7          I'm going to buy a
donkey for my jungle life; then I wont need gas. I'll need him to make
it up the hill to my home. ;)
2014-10-24      06:28:30 PM     BloodBath               Food and gas
either sky rocket around elections or we have a housing bubble calamite
2014-10-24      06:28:32 PM     Yada (Cohost)           Just get some
Red Line and do it straight through :)
2014-10-24      06:28:35 PM     Freed Snail             hey DT
2014-10-24      06:28:39 PM     karlshultzyabc123               enter
the room
2014-10-24      06:28:46 PM     cgb2            enter the room
2014-10-24      06:28:49 PM     Guest1730               enter the room
2014-10-24      06:28:52 PM     DebraMiller0            They'd only
splint it anyhow Dennis.
*** (18:28:42):Welcome to the Yada Chat Room.
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:28:52):
They'd only splint it anyhow Dennis.
Yada says to  (18:29:09):
I've done it a bunch of times in 2.5 days with lots of 5 hour energy.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:29:12):
Be more carefull Dennis
Sonyah says to  (18:29:22):
Speaking of gasoline; I paid $2.55 Monday
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:29:24):
5 hour energy are the best
piks7275 says to  (18:29:25):
ouch hope you heal well DT
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:29:37):
Red Line will keep you going but will probably kill you.
BloodBath says to  (18:29:40):
Road Trip, Road Trip, :D
Yada says to  (18:29:43):
Better than coffee on a long drive.
DennisTreacy says to  (18:29:44):
That might be a good idea as one finger is pointing a funny direction.
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:29:44):
That's really cheap Sonya
piks7275 says to  (18:29:47):
wow and I thought 278 was a good deal
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:29:54):
yeah but coffee still tastes the best
lisa 7 says to  (18:29:54):
I pay $7.40 imperial gallon, stop whining
Freed Snail says to  (18:29:58):
and Sonya purchased 5 gallons:P
DennisTreacy says to  (18:30:01):
My had looks like a boxing glove
Sonyah says to  (18:30:15):
LOL I filled up
Sonyah says to  (18:30:27):
$50  .... half full
BloodBath says to  (18:30:27):
My truck broke down, so gas is not a problem right now :'(
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:30:38):
what's an imperial gallon 
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:30:49):
Did you put ice on it Dennis?
Sonyah says to  (18:31:03):
Probably $2.45 by now in Friendswood
BloodBath says to  (18:31:45):
Glen might be working, didn't he say he worked at nights?
lisa 7 says to  (18:31:46):
slightly different, but I have no idea, the hubby tried to explain it
while I was driving thse treacherous roads (what they call a road) so I
dodnt pay attention
BloodBath says to  (18:32:32):
Imperial gallon means it's a royal pain in the gas :D
lisa 7 says to  (18:32:45):
yes!! perfect definaition
DennisTreacy says to  (18:32:46):
Yes, it did help
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:32:48):
US gallon = 3.78541 Liters
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:32:55):
Imperial Gallon = 4.54609 Liters
Freed Snail says to  (18:33:03):

DebraMiller0 says to  (18:33:18):
A bigger Gallon
lisa 7 says to  (18:33:34):
just been schooled I think that is eaxctly what my hubby said 4
Freed Snail says to  (18:33:59):
"tsadyq - righteousness and vindication."
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:34:29):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:34:35):
I just googled it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:35:25):
googling things is about 90% of my daily job
Freed Snail says to  (18:36:15):
The NSA knows you are using Google, JB..:S
DennisTreacy says to  (18:36:23):
I have to get that job, probably don't break fingers
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:36:48):
Good for them, maybe they will learn something and make their IT guys
life easier.
Freed Snail says to  (18:37:07):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:37:10):
Don't break fingers, but do get carpal tunnel
DennisTreacy says to  (18:38:10):
Go to chiropracter, thats a shoulder issue
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:38:27):
I was just joking I don't have carpal tunnel
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:38:43):
do need to go to a chiropracter though
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:38:47):
back issues
DennisTreacy says to  (18:38:55):
so you have a perfect job
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:39:09):
I love my job, but the pay sucks.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:39:27):
But it does give me the free time during the day to study Yah's word
DennisTreacy says to  (18:39:31):
no back issues i go to chiropractor
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:39:31):
so trade offs
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:40:06):
not many jobs give you around 2-3 hours or more a day to study Yah's
larry hendricks says to  (18:40:10):
I am in
DennisTreacy says to  (18:40:12):
teaching myself Hebrew
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:40:16):
piks7275 says to  (18:40:29):
hi Larry
tshannaly says to  (18:40:30):
Shabat Shalowm Larry!
larry hendricks says to  (18:41:03):
:) Hi
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:41:10):
Tried to do that ones, but modern Hebrew which is the only resources for
learning the language that you can find is so off from the Scriptural
language that I couldn't do it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:41:58):
I have the Rossetta Stone software and I refused to pronunce the the Vav
when it is really a Waw and V instead of B etc
Mary Kris says to  (18:42:06):
Shabbat Shalowm everyone
DennisTreacy says to  (18:42:14):
using Jeff Benner
Freed Snail says to  (18:42:14):
Sonyah says to  (18:42:20):
Shalom MK
piks7275 says to  (18:42:24):
hi Mary
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:42:25):
Hey MK
Sonyah says to  (18:42:30):
tshannaly says to  (18:42:36):
(}) Hey Mary and Shalowm!
Mary Kris says to  (18:42:56):
Shalowm sonyah and sheree deb and tsh. lol everybody
Mary Kris says to  (18:43:20):
lisa 7 says to  (18:43:51):
In terms of mericful, love, passion, and fever to draw us near. Pure
Chesed....those who seek Him are shown His lovingkindness
DennisTreacy says to  (18:43:55):
Sonyah says to  (18:44:21):
And his lovingkindness is better than life
piks7275 says to  (18:44:22):
too bad most humans do not have chesed
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:44:39):
Mary Kris says to  (18:44:40):
a truism Sheree
Freed Snail says to  (18:44:51):
I hope not
piks7275 says to  (18:45:04):
not much compassion
Freed Snail says to  (18:45:47):
I don't want to live with Muslims
Mary Kris says to  (18:45:53):
hey patty!
BloodBath says to  (18:45:57):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:46:01):
Mary Kris says to  (18:46:02):
and dennis
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:46:04):
Hey Mary!
JackiM says to  (18:46:05):
Shabat Shalowm everyone.
Sonyah says to  (18:46:08):
Fred, Why are you whispering?
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:46:14):
Freed Snail says to  (18:46:21):
Freed Snail says to  (18:46:38):
Mrs. Bowen (})
piks7275 says to  (18:46:43):
FS does that cause he knows I cant read it
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:46:47):
Hey Fred :)
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:46:58):
PB and Jelly
Freed Snail says to  (18:47:01): sis
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:47:03):
BloodBath says to  (18:47:12):
All of my money that Larry will lose
eh steve says to  (18:48:00):
Shabat Shalom...!
Freed Snail says to  (18:48:05):
he was laying around twiddling his thumbs
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:48:40):
Maybe he was playing cards with Satan
Freed Snail says to  (18:48:55):
double solitaire
Sonyah says to  (18:49:02):
Now I have come to this conclusion he is telling now
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (18:49:05):
Yahowsha does say in Revelation, " I was the one who was dead, and now
I'm alive forevermore".
Sonyah says to  (18:49:10):
I don't know the reason
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:49:11):
I am back and forth with a cooking chicken so if I miss anything I am
just checking it not trying to be rude.
Sonyah says to  (18:49:27):
Well, maybe I did know
BloodBath says to  (18:49:46):
The chicken is cooking 8-|  cooking what 8-|
Sonyah says to  (18:49:54):
Reading everything except what we should be reading
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:50:02):
I'm cooking soup BB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:50:04):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:50:30):
I love soup. I started a soup company recently.
Freed Snail says to  (18:50:49):
too many roosters and old hens for the pot only
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:50:57):
Actully Patty is the one cooking it, but I'm the chicken
Freed Snail says to  (18:51:13):
soup comp? it on-line, Deb?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:51:19):
she is making tortilla soup and it smells awesome so I may be distracted
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:51:48):
It will be. Soup E- Sales. Cute huh?
Freed Snail says to  (18:51:56):
Freed Snail says to  (18:52:00):
good one
tshannaly says to  (18:52:01):
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:52:13):
Love you babe!
BloodBath says to  (18:52:20):
One of the doctors in Liberia broke her quaratine to go get soup.  She
said she was sorry
DennisTreacy says to  (18:52:30):
Soup E sales is dating you
piks7275 says to  (18:52:39):
lol Deb
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:52:42):
I want to buy some soup from you Debra
Freed Snail says to  (18:52:48):
me too
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:53:03):
Cool. I make the best Potato Leek
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (18:53:07):
i would anticipate a copyright infringement LOL
Freed Snail says to  (18:53:11):
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:53:15):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:53:35):
Yummy is right.
lisa 7 says to  (18:53:44):
Fresh fish roasted with bitter orange, persil and garlic, rice pilaf,
salad & Pinot Grigio. Then cookies, milk & Torah. It's becoming
'tradition' ;)
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:54:05):
Yum Lisa. Dinner at Lisa's
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:54:05):
I like it Lisa! Sounds awesome
lisa 7 says to  (18:54:27):
MAny fishes, plenty of space,,,all are welcome.
Sonyah says to  (18:54:30):
what is persil?
lisa 7 says to  (18:54:48):
french mix up for parsley, sorry long week
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:55:00):
that's what I thought
Sonyah says to  (18:55:12):
oh   , ok  I actually thought that might be it too
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:55:13):
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (18:55:20):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:55:28):
lisa 7 says to  (18:55:30):
Je suis désolé
DennisTreacy says to  (18:55:37):
close the window
eh steve says to  (18:55:38):
I thought maybe the cat got to close to the stove
Freed Snail says to  (18:55:47):
BloodBath says to  (18:55:49):
let me guess jesus the son
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:55:55):
I brought Jason on the air, but the background noise was bad, wasn't bad
in the screening.
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:55:59):
Je is I?
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (18:56:01):
Top Ramen here
Sonyah says to  (18:56:06):
No problem
Sonyah says to  (18:56:13):
she's sorry
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:56:22):
Suis is am?
Sonyah says to  (18:56:28):
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:56:28):
Steve's eating gourmet
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:56:49):
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:56:56):
Sonyah says to  (18:56:59):
I had a little French
eh steve says to  (18:57:03):
I just had some Hebrew National...
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:57:07):
What is the last part?
Sonyah says to  (18:57:19):
DennisTreacy says to  (18:57:23):
sorry brother
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:57:40):
lisa 7 says to  (18:57:48):
PatriciaBowen says to  (18:58:03):
Thanks! Enjoyed that lesson...:)
Freed Snail says to  (18:58:13):
most believe Sunday is the 7th
Sonyah says to  (18:58:22):

PatriciaBowen says to  (18:58:33):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:58:38):
heard a guy call into a radio show once, hosted by a Jew, asking why
Jews moved the Sabbath to Saturday.
Sonyah says to  (18:58:39):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:58:49):
I nearly wrecked my car laughing
DebraMiller0 says to  (18:58:50):
Freed Snail says to  (18:58:52):
BloodBath says to  (18:58:59):
what did he say, the host?
lisa 7 says to  (18:59:35):
I found French very difficult, I'm having it easier with Hebrew
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:59:36):
He explained to him clearly how the Sabbath has always been the 7th day,
and the 7th day is from Fri-Sat night and that Christians changed it to
eh steve says to  (18:59:50):
Many years ago in NJ... I went into a kosher deli and asked for a ham
and cheese sandwich
Yada (Cohost) says to  (18:59:50):
Then asked the caller if he knew why christians had changed it
lisa 7 says to  (19:00:07):
Freed Snail says to  (19:00:12):
Constantine's mommy hated the jews and their Shabat
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:00:13):
neither knew why
eh steve says to  (19:00:17):
not trying to be ignorant.. I just was at the time
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:00:39):
I tried calling in to explain to them, but sat on hold until I had to
leave to get where I was going
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:00:39):
Kosher Ham?
DennisTreacy says to  (19:00:42):
Is viper on the line?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:01:00):
Kosher Ham = Turkey Han
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:01:15):
ask for pastrami on white bread w/ mayo like in the movie Annie Hall....
watch them all say "Oy gevalt"
DennisTreacy says to  (19:01:15):
Kosher ham is smoked turkey
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:01:17):
I love it, tastes great and is way way way way more lean
Freed Snail says to  (19:01:25):
Hi Chuck...(})
eh steve says to  (19:01:42):
the guy told me they don't sell ham... so I asked for a roast beef and
cheese... he said he couldn't make me a beef and cheese sandwich... I
was like wtf?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:01:53):
turkey pastrami on rye with sourkraut
BloodBath says to  (19:02:10):
Turkey peperroni slices for my pizza.....can't just go out to a fast
food for it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:02:24):
okay make me a beef sadwhich and give me a couple slices of cheese
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:02:41):
Did you give up Steve?
DennisTreacy says to  (19:02:53):
Cheese on the side or has my son used to say hand cheese
lisa 7 says to  (19:03:02):
I nosh on a falafale instead, yummy
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:03:24):
argued the whole beef and cheese thing with a Jew once, was a waste of
time. I cited Scripture and his reply was "WE view that as ...."
eh steve says to  (19:03:34):
No I was hungry... I think I ended up with just a plain RB sandwich and
an education. The guy knew I wasn't trying to be a jerk
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:03:39):
falafale yum
T Haston says to  (19:04:17):
Hellooooo  (})
piks7275 says to  (19:04:31):
hi terry
tshannaly says to  (19:04:32):
hi Terry!
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:04:33):
Hey T
BloodBath says to  (19:04:35):
I'd rather eat kosher than Halal any day
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:04:39):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:04:47):
I'd rather eat Torah
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:05:05):
kosher is close, and the easiest way to eat Torah is to eat kosher
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:05:12):
Torah is yummy
lisa 7 says to  (19:05:19):
Beni gave me a really good homeade recipe for falfale, if anyone wants
it just PM me on FB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:05:20):
because you can find kosher anywhere
DennisTreacy says to  (19:05:21):
I told a muslim to beat the halal sandwich to make it right.
piks7275 says to  (19:05:42):
i try to eat clean as I could never get the whole kosher thing down
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:05:56):
lisa 7 says to  (19:05:57):
Halal is very mean & cruel-I HATE Halal
eh steve says to  (19:06:08):
I picked up some cheese the other day... it said halal... I put it down
and bought the one that didn't say that.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:06:24):
but if you are at a resturant you can ask if something is kosher and
they cna help you with the menu
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:06:40):
What does Halal mean?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:06:55):
Halal is the Islamic equivilant of Kosher
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:07:07):
It also hapens to be Satan's first name
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:07:15):
That I knew
DennisTreacy says to  (19:07:26):
Satan wich
cgb2 says (19:07:23):
Halal ben'Shakar
piks7275 says to  (19:07:27):
and both miss the mark..all you have to do is eat clean meats
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:07:30):
lisa 7 says to  (19:07:31):
Dowd was also a Malach, king, or one who takes counsel; Dowd was also a
hidden prophet
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:07:33):
So Satan blesses their food?
lisa 7 says to  (19:07:46):
Freed Snail says to  (19:07:51):
There's a 1000 things a person could eat that's never mentioned
T Haston says to  (19:08:16):
Halal is halaqlaq
piks7275 says to  (19:08:46):
fins and scales  or split hooves and chews it cud..a bird that is not a
BloodBath says to  (19:08:52):
poppycock 8-|
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:10:23):
i know a guy who had a hang up about 'eat no matter of fat'  - turned
his nose up at tahini...
lisa 7 says to  (19:10:24):
also eggs, if the white is on the outside and yolk inside (it clean) if
the yolk is on the ouside and the white inside (unclean) and if its
Freed Snail says to  (19:10:30):
what happens if you live on an island full of swine?
T Haston says to  (19:10:59):
eat coconut meat
BloodBath says to  (19:11:00):
eat fish
DennisTreacy says to  (19:11:05):
you eat pork
Freed Snail says to  (19:11:37):
no fish no coconuts..then what?
T Haston says to  (19:11:41):
the swine would prolly eat you
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:11:54):
you're on an island. EAT FISH
piks7275 says to  (19:12:02):
starve your butt to death or use some wisdom
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:08):
tastes a million times better than pig
BloodBath says to  (19:12:09):
become a vegartarian
Freed Snail says to  (19:12:13):
I would need fishing equip
DennisTreacy says to  (19:12:29):
who put the pork on pork island? Yah
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:31):
sharpen a branch into a point
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:12:34):
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:12:47):
Freed Snail - did you recently watch 'castaway' by chance?
T Haston says to  (19:12:50):
yeah like tom hanks did..
cgb2 says (19:12:57):
137 Yahowah, You are the Upright One, righteous, consistent, and
vindicating. And Your means to achieve justice and resolve disputes is
therefore upright and straight forward.
T Haston says to  (19:13:05):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:13:06):
Now if you do eat Pork no problem
DennisTreacy says to  (19:13:08):
How about canablaism?
Freed Snail says to  (19:13:10):
no, Karl...
cgb2 says (19:13:08):
138 You have completely laid out Your just, fair, unwavering,
vindicating, restoring, and enduring testimony and exceeding reliable,
totally trustworthy, and always dependable nature.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:13:15):
God is not going to ban you from the family
cgb2 says (19:13:19):
139 My anger is beyond frustrating because they have totally ignored and
improperly responded to Your Word, making them my adversaries and
someone to be opposed.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:13:23):
just not going to be a very healthy diet for you
Freed Snail says to  (19:13:34):
cgb2 says (19:13:31):
140 Your Word is exceedingly refining, purifying, and perfecting,
perfectly purging and removing flaws and impurities and Your servant
genuinely loves it.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:13:56):
you get tapeworms
lisa 7 says to  (19:13:58):
I live on an island, where its full of swine, Circe/Church invited men
into her womb/temple to turn them into swine, so you live with them too.
Esous broken down in Paleo Greek sous means SWINE.
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:14:05):
make a boat with the pig skins as sails
Freed Snail says to  (19:14:14):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:14:48):
This little piggy went to CHURCH
eh steve says to  (19:15:02):
You cannot go down to TX from FLA... you'd have to go over to TX
lisa 7 says to  (19:15:04):
Freed Snail says to  (19:15:05):
T Haston says to  (19:15:19):
easter IS a godly holiday.. just not the real God
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:15:27):
piks7275 says to  (19:15:30):
theres a boot store in Fl surely
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:15:31):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:15:57):
I'm alread bracing myself for the xmas BS that is coming
eh steve says to  (19:15:58):
Not a TX boot store
DennisTreacy says to  (19:16:20):
wife is making plans for Xmas
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:16:25):
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:16:32):
black friday  - yikes
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:16:48):
The Christmas *** is already out in all the stores
DennisTreacy says to  (19:17:02):
I announced I'm not doing thanksgiving prayer
Freed Snail says to  (19:17:15):
why are rabbits so easy to skin?...and use to be yummy in stew.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:17:35):
they are that
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:17:42):
I love rabbit stew
eh steve says to  (19:17:48):
That guy is whack!
piks7275 says to  (19:17:52):
and telling your you are StJohns reincarnation
T Haston says to  (19:17:52):
wabbit season...  duck season...
Freed Snail says to  (19:17:57):
they are like xtians..they run in a 30yrd circle
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:18:08):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:18:13):
I can attest to that
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:18:38):
we have a family of rabbits that live in the woods behind our house
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:18:49):
was fun when Jack was a pup watching him chase them.
DennisTreacy says to  (19:18:50):
Paul spoke of chemtrails in Gal.
T Haston says to  (19:18:55):
Ive eaten rabbit..
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:18:55):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:19:10):
A couple of times he was going so fast that when the rabbit cut he ran
smack into a tree
Freed Snail says to  (19:19:15):
I never believe in the unordinary...if it's fact it will bear out.
BloodBath says to  (19:19:17):
Yada makes chem trails when he flys ^o)
Freed Snail says to  (19:19:37):
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:19:44):
"send 49.95 for this toothpick sized piece of wood from the actual
cross!!" (they've sold enough toothpicks worldwide for a log cabin)
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:19:46):
Those are contrails BB
BloodBath says to  (19:20:01):
chem trails are con trails
Freed Snail says to  (19:20:04):
Jack is a big dog by now?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:20:14):
chem trails make no sense to me. When you look at the science
Condensation is a much much more likely explanation.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:20:37):
Yeah he is almost a year and a half, nearly full grown. And smart
Freed Snail says to  (19:20:53):
yep...and all the 100's of thousands of ppl that would have to keep
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:21:03):
If I was a hunter like Chuck I would be training him, and he would pick
up quick, a natural retriver and his nose is always to the ground
BloodBath says to  (19:21:08):
So why is Yada driving, what diabolical scheme is he up to this time ^o)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:21:21):
fun when we take him out and something has been in the back yard like a
rabbit or squirrel
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:21:25):
Not when there are nanoparticles in them.
Freed Snail says to  (19:21:31):
cannonball run
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:21:38):
he just sniffs and sniffs everywhere he can find the smell
BloodBath says to  (19:21:50):
Smokey and the Bandit run ({)
Freed Snail says to  (19:22:00):
pilots breath the same air...they wouldn't have a problem?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:22:16):
exactly Fred. When it comes to large numbers of people keeping a secrete
I am out
lisa 7 says to  (19:22:17):
I ran over a bunny on Ishatr/Easter Sunday, true story.
T Haston says to  (19:22:33):
haha that's hilarious Lisa
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:22:40):
I think it was either Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson who said three
people can keep a secrete if two of them are dead
Freed Snail says to  (19:22:48):
DennisTreacy says to  (19:22:48):
did he resurrect?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:22:50):
great lisa
Freed Snail says to  (19:23:02):
Lisa killed Peter
lisa 7 says to  (19:23:03):
so true, poor thing was fopping baout so I had to stop to put it out of
its suffering
BloodBath says to  (19:23:26):
That was Guido Frankling JB....Ben's italian cousin
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:23:27):
Look up DARPA smart dust
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:23:35):
lisa 7 says to  (19:23:38):
why not I used to get beat up for killing Jesus, its only fair
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:24:06):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:24:07):
are you a christ killer Lisa.
Freed Snail says to  (19:24:12):
but Deb, every meterologist has to breath the same air.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:24:15):
where you hiding your time machine
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:24:30):
made thank YHWH
piks7275 says to  (19:25:08):
hi soldier
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:25:15):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:25:23):
We all have been affected. They are terra-forming the DNA with nanotech
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:25:56):
I did a paper on Morgellons
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:26:14):
"re-tooling the planet"
DennisTreacy says to  (19:26:14):
x files
BloodBath says to  (19:26:38):
Awkward *-)
Freed Snail says to  (19:26:41):
I've seen it on paper, but as far as being in the American Medical
Journal..not yet dear.
T Haston says to  (19:26:42):
if chem trails are a thing, I couldn't breathe them in anyways cuz the
air is too thick with GMOs around here from all the corn fields
DennisTreacy says to  (19:26:45):
wait until Yah retooks the planet
lisa 7 says to  (19:26:58):
the planet is dripping with lies, corruption and greed
T Haston says to  (19:27:05):
not for long Sis
lisa 7 says to  (19:27:14):
days of Noach, voilence filled the earth
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:27:46):
Thanks Yahowah not for long.
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:27:56):
I am tires of this world.
cgb2 says (19:27:53):
142 That which is righteous and vindicating is always and eternally
righteous and vindicating. So Your Towrah is trustworthy, reliable, and
lisa 7 says to  (19:27:57):
Baruch ata Yahowah Malach HaOwlam!!!
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:28:05):
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:28:06):
The chem-trails are weather modification. Nothing more.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:28:16):
Great Job Yada on the real news.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:28:31):
No Steve there is more
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:28:38):
the 200 girls and ebola you broke it forst and kept reporting very well
BloodBath says to  (19:28:45):
Larry getting out of the shower....way too much info :D
T Haston says to  (19:28:46):
I'm tired of it too Mrs B
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:28:47):
The wine of life is relationships
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:28:50):
Look up DARPA smart dust
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:28:59):
will do debra
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:29:16):
i think the air force deployts that dust right?
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:29:28):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:29:30):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:29:58):
Freed Snail says to  (19:30:03):
Most of my relationships have been hurt since I quit celbrating their
pagan ways.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:30:03):
yada yada yada SDR :)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:30:08):
My view on conspircy theories is simple. I don't care if they are true
or not because me knowing sn't going to change a damn thing, so why
would I waste a moment on it. I know what is coming rather every CT is
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:30:13):
or false it doesn't change that
T Haston says to  (19:30:29):
me too Fred
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:30:40):
so I cna spend my time in Yah's word or spend my time learning about and
trying to inform people about horrible things that man is doing.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:30:46):
I know wher my time is best spent
BloodBath says to  (19:30:55):
Speaking of conspiracy theories along the same vine as Yah's word
diminishes message for me
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:31:10):
most crimes are plotted in conspiracy.  once the crime is committed its
no longer a conspiraccy theory, correct?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:31:19):
It's like the whole Obam is not a citizen thing. SO what if he is not.
Even If I know that 100% and can prove it, what changes? Nothing.
cgb2 says (19:31:17):
139 My anger is beyond frustrating because they have totally ignored and
improperly responded to Your Word, making them my adversaries and
someone to be opposed.
Freed Snail says to  (19:31:22):
sounds right
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:31:24):
SO why bother.
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:31:34):
Satan is the biggest Conspirator.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:31:52):
right JB a theory until proven
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:32:14):
What other culture has more than 14 days of celebrations?
T Haston says to  (19:32:26):
Freed Snail says to  (19:32:31):
prolly right Deb
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:32:32):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:32:38):
So while chem trails make no sense to me, it doesn't matter. If they are
real and they are being used for x Y or Z what good does knowing that do
me? None.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:32:41):
I think we have the most
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:33:06):
We are told to expose  the works of darkness
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:33:08):
talking about these things slows them down
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:33:15):
SO why would I waste a second resreaching it when that is just time away
from studying Yah's word
T Haston says to  (19:33:17):
yeah and new holidays pop up all the time..  every day is national
somethin or other day
piks7275 says to  (19:33:23):
I am getting sleepy
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:33:23):
flouride and gmo's are good examples
T Haston says to  (19:33:25):
agreed JB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:33:26):
No it doesn't YS
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:33:42):
all it does is ruin any credability, as little as it may be, that we
have with anyone
cgb2 says (19:33:47):
140 Your Word is exceedingly refining, purifying, and perfecting,
perfectly purging and removing flaws and impurities and Your servant
genuinely loves it.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:34:01):
jenny mc  carthy spoke publicly about vaccines and it has had a positive
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:34:36):
"chem trails" have been around for decades and people have been talking
about them as long. They have increased with the amount of air traffic
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:34:41):
I prefer a focus on YHWH and all things Yahuwda
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:34:54):
there has been no decrease from people trying to "expose" them
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:35:07):
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:35:24):
I hear you, and that why the focus is Yah
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:35:28):
Yeah and it turned out Jenny Mc was wrong. Her son was not in any way
effected by that
piks7275 says to  (19:35:32):
a contrail around here quickly disappears ,,the chemtrails here linger
and filter down all day long
BloodBath says to  (19:35:47):
Moooooslimes love conspiracy theories because they cannot be disproven
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:35:57):
Look at the atmospheric pressure on the day you see it
Freed Snail says to  (19:36:11):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:14):
the pressure will chang ehow much and how long it lingers
piks7275 says to  (19:36:17):
i personally have no idea what is in either trail.
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:27):
they are the same thing just different atmosphiric pressures
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:38):
It is science
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:36:50):
It is simple
piks7275 says to  (19:36:50):
i have see them side by side and one stays one is gone in leas a minute
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:36:53):
Radiative Forcing from Persistent Jet Contrails  that is official
science speak
Freed Snail says to  (19:36:56):
the lower the barometridc pressure the longer it stays around
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:37:08):
They have found Blood, Pseudomonas, fibers,
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:37:08):
side by side from our persepective can be miles apart in the air
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:37:15):
E coli
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:37:45):
oops Direct Radiative Forcing from Persistent Jet Contrails its only
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:37:49):
those planes that look inches or less apart to us standing and watching
may be miles and miles apart
piks7275 says to  (19:37:49):
piss on me and tell me its you said JB I dont really care as
I can stop it and the end will come regardless
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:37:53):
where are all those planes going in a criss-cross pattern in the sky?
The Shining Light says to  (19:38:11):
Serious question.   1Corinthians 4:1-5.   With all the many diversely
confused beliefs in this world, how does anyone know for sure in their
worship they in no way ROB or LIE against the Lord?
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:38:13):
i just gave you the scientific lingo check it out
Freed Snail says to  (19:38:15):
but Deb, there's no run on the hospitals with victims, yet!
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:38:24):
Tic tac Toe
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:38:30):
I have stoood in a building where it was pouring rain on one side and
clear as could be on the other
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:38:35):
piks7275 says to  (19:38:40):
cancer is greatly multiplied
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:38:44):
the Lord?
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:38:50):
Got a live one here
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:38:58):
T Haston says to  (19:38:59):
whaaaaaattt? ^o)
BloodBath says to  (19:38:59):
I say it rain on one side of the sidewalk but not the other once
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:39:00):
Lying didnt even make the top 10 list btw
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:39:08):
Bearing False Witness did
The Shining Light says to  (19:39:08):
According to scripture, deceitful allegiances will not have divine
protection in the Judgment!    The Lord has a plan that will expose
every pretender that unto HIMSELF every knee shall bow and swear
allegiance!   All nations shall then gather unto HIM!
Freed Snail says to  (19:39:10):
with populations disease increases
T Haston says to  (19:39:20):
How do you define Scripture?
piks7275 says to  (19:39:23):
can you prove they are the same any better than I can prove they arent
Freed Snail says to  (19:39:46):
right Sheree, a waste of time
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:39:50):
Psalm 2.2 says the nations come together Against YHWH and his set-apart
T Haston says to  (19:39:51):
hey... Ed changed his name to the shining light...
Freed Snail says to  (19:40:02):
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:40:16):
Someone left the door open to the nursery.
BloodBath says to  (19:40:22):
Conspiracy diminishes the Torah....people will disregard anything you
have to say about anything
Freed Snail says to  (19:40:23):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:40:25):
Shining Light,  1Corinthians 
4:1-5. everyone here reject Paul for what he is a false and deciteful
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:40:42):
flouride is not a conspiracy
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:40:47):
the UN is not a conspiracy
T Haston says to  (19:40:48):
right YS
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:40:56):
Fluoride is a toxin
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:41:03):
Captain America movie says NWO which is NOT a conspiracy
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:41:09):
"The Lord has a plan that will expose 
every pretender that unto HIMSELF every knee shall 
bow and swear allegiance!  " REad that in context
cgb2 says (19:41:08):
140 Your Word is exceedingly refining, purifying, and perfecting,
perfectly purging and removing flaws and impurities and Your servant
genuinely loves it.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:41:28):
Flit 380 yeah that is a conspiracy for now
piks7275 says to  (19:41:38):
frankly I dont care what anyone thinks is conspiracy or not or even if
they take me seriously..thats not my problem..I am as right as anyone
who says chem and con are the same
T Haston says to  (19:41:44):

'fluoride is a toxin - totally agree..
BloodBath says to  (19:41:48):
no they aren't but they don't prove or disprove what Yah has to say
piks7275 says to  (19:42:40):
well then stop trying to discredit Deb and I since you or no one else
can prove their point either...nope sure cant
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:42:42):
Mercury is a toxin. It is in the vaccines
4yeshua com says to  (19:42:56):
Christianity is the biggest conspiracy!!!
T Haston says to  (19:43:00):
vaccines are a total joke
Freed Snail says to  (19:43:08):
If you've talked to Larry on the phone, that guys sharp.
cgb2 says (19:43:26):
KJV :D Psa 119:140  Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth
T Haston says to  (19:43:33):
'sharp'  now that's a good word for him
piks7275 says to  (19:43:38):
we all have our unprovable soapbox we think is correct
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:43:45):
It's not about 100% proof like most things in the world it is about more
liekyl than not. Most things can not be prooven or disprooven. God can
not be prooven or disprooven.
T Haston says to  (19:43:49):
used to talk to him on the phone every day
Freed Snail says to  (19:44:11):
you know then
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:44:29):
Right on Piks
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:44:33):
We can show that more likely than not God exist, and here is why. The
reason why is that the odds of it not beeing are so astronomical that it
is rationally impossible,
cgb2 says (19:44:37):
140 Your Word is exceedingly refining, purifying, and perfecting,
perfectly purging and removing flaws and impurities and Your servant
genuinely loves it.
piks7275 says to  (19:44:47):
I hope my sons parachute is reliable this week as the Navy refreshes his
skydiving skills
T Haston says to  (19:44:47):
that's deep JB
cgb2 says (19:45:05):
141 I am young and physically unimpressive and I am poorly regarded. And
yet I have not overlooked nor neglected Your precepts, those
instructions which You have entrusted to us, encouraging us to examine
for guidance so that we respond appropriately to Yo
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:45:18):
So the same is true fro Chem Trails. I can not proove short of being on
a plane that you say is spuing chemicals and show you pictures, thought
of course even then I could be "in on it"
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:45:20):
what does your version of Yeremayah 23:27 say?
cgb2 says (19:45:16):
that we respond appropriately to You.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:45:21):
ahh 630,000 witnesses makes things pretty solid
cgb2 says (19:45:28):
142 That which is righteous and vindicating is always and eternally
righteous and vindicating. So Your Towrah is trustworthy, reliable, and
Freed Snail says to  (19:45:36):
right JB...Yada explained how science is catching up with Yah.
T Haston says to  (19:45:41):
are you in on it ?  ^o)
T Haston says to  (19:45:47):
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:45:50):
day after day those 1/2 million folks witnessed Suporanatural events
from YHWH
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:46:01):
What I can do is is look at the science, look at the evidence and say
that more likely than not what we are seeing is condensation reacting to
the atmosphere and here is why: .......
cgb2 says (19:46:00):
143 Narrow-minded and hard-headed adversaries and those who inflict
suffering find me enjoying the terms and conditions of Your relationship
cgb2 says (19:46:10):
144 The righteous and vindicating nature of Your restoring and enduring
testimony is eternal and forever, providing me with essential knowledge,
the thought process required to understand,
cgb2 says (19:46:20):
and the good judgment I require because I want to be restored to life
and live.
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:46:31):
Direct Radiative Forcing.
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (19:46:41):
i'm looking at Yeremiah 23:27 and wondering if man's free will caused
man to forget His name.. (just saying)
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:47:08):
It did  karl
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:47:10):
yeah bad decisions
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:47:35):
Man using free will worked to cause the world to forget and ignore Yah's
cgb2 says (19:47:33):
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:47:38):
thankfully our Father wrote his name YHWH 7,000 times
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:47:48):
there is no book without the name
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:47:49):
Oh my pears!! I used to say that all the time in  Youth Group
PatriciaBowen says to  (19:47:57):
Good point Larry
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:48:03):
its what 10-15% of all words?
mowriyah7 says to  (19:48:06):
free will itself is not a cause I think - simply give the option to
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:48:08):
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:48:14):
mowriyah7 says to  (19:48:40):
BloodBath says to  (19:48:42):
worshipy :D
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:49:04):
Great Call
Freed Snail says to  (19:49:10):
Yah has the malak if He needs worship
4yeshua com says to  (19:49:10):
bow or ill torture you forever
mowriyah7 says to  (19:49:19):
BloodBath says to  (19:49:20):
Parting the Red Sea doesn't count ({)
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:49:29):
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:49:35):
piks7275 says to  (19:49:44):
yet most of the world would still reject him
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:50:00):
within a week people would dismiss it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:50:09):
most of the world would say it was an American trick
piks7275 says to  (19:50:16):
indeed JB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:50:17):
The muslims would blame the Jews
BloodBath says to  (19:50:22):
a conspiracy :D
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:50:38):
Alex Jones did it!
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:50:46):
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:50:55):
no AJ would have a theory as to who did it
T Haston says to  (19:51:03):
and just like that the shining light left
T Haston says to  (19:51:09):
the Halal
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:22):
It was the bohemiah groveers
BloodBath says to  (19:51:22):
I miss him already :P
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:51:35):
now were talkin JB
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:51:36):
AJ is a gatekeeper
T Haston says to  (19:51:52):
gatekeeper reminds me of ghostbusters
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:51:52):
gatekeeper to what is the question
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:52:02):
Are you the Key Master
T Haston says to  (19:52:09):
Freed Snail says to  (19:52:20):
Putin is right
BloodBath says to  (19:52:21):
new ghostbuters movie is supposed to be all female ghostbusters
Freed Snail says to  (19:52:27):
I saw that
mowriyah7 says to  (19:52:30):
I think AJ just stared a new "religion"
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:52:33):
A gatekeeper to just enough truth to be misleading
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:52:40):
Ray, when somebody asks you if you are a god. You say YES.
mowriyah7 says to  (19:52:51):
Freed Snail says to  (19:52:53):
Bush saw his
cgb2 says (19:52:51):
Jeremiah / Yirmayahuw/ Yah Lifts Up 23:27 Their plan is for My people to
overlook, forget, and to cease to properly value (sakah - to ignore, to
be unmindful of, to lose sight of the significance of, and to no longer
respond to My personal and proper name
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:10):
Easily one of the best movies ever made
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:18):
I can watch it over and over and over
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:53:34):
but that is most Bill Murrey movies in my opinion, especially his 80s
BloodBath says to  (19:53:45):
The world will belong to Viggo and me.....well mostly Viggo's
cgb2 says (19:53:48):
by way of the revelations and communications which they recount to
mankind, to their fellow countrymen and associates, just as when in a
relationship with the Lord (ha Ba'al), their fathers overlooked,
ignored, and forgot My personal and proper name.
T Haston says to  (19:53:59):
saw the one recently where he robs banks
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:54:03):
Freed Snail says to  (19:54:05):
lol, BB
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:54:06):
BB, I have a Viggo poster hanging in my office
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:54:13):
I get some funny looks for it
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:54:48):
bookmarked it YS
Freed Snail says to  (19:56:55):
Well Im outside breatrhing the air all the time and Im never sick and I
see the trails covering the sky all day long at times.
BloodBath says to  (19:57:18):
Those are the good chem trails fred
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:57:25):
yeah I have seen the houston sky, lots of plains all the time
StevenDouglasRobinson says to  (19:57:28):
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:57:30):
Soldier- we are breathing in the nano and they can track our every move.
It;s Satanic.
Freed Snail says to  (19:57:30):
T Haston says to  (19:57:34):
and planes too
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:57:36):
DFW is the same
piks7275 says to  (19:57:53):
awww fack back on this crap again
BloodBath says to  (19:57:56):
Human tracking chem trails are the bad ones
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:58:20):
yes BB
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:58:37):
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:02):
Yada has jet flying credentials...can't see him not being up on this?
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:59:05):
Pure Liberty
piks7275 says to  (19:59:17):
BloodBath says to  (19:59:19):
Too bad viper isn't here....we can kick him around for a while
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:59:24):
Shabat cannot be stopped it is Set Apart
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:59:41):
I'm still hoping Viper will come to know Yah
DebraMiller0 says to  (19:59:44):
They want the ELECT dead
Freed Snail says to  (19:59:46):
lol..vipers bite at the last minute...hold
YHWHsoldier says to  (19:59:47):
that is beauty of irony Freed
piks7275 says to  (19:59:52):
shabat shalowm
Yada (Cohost) says to  (19:59:53):
not ready to give up on him yet
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:00:08):
not holding me breath either, but he is at least on the right path
Freed Snail says to  (20:00:09):
right BB
DennisTreacy says to  (20:00:19):
viper is good to question
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:00:47):
He is seeking that is a lot more than I can say for most people I have
know and talk to
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:00:54):
Yada knows (repeted word) but his focus is  the Father and the Family
Freed Snail says to  (20:00:54):
love all you guys..Happy Shabat to you all..From Feen and Mary Snell
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:01:03):
shalowm Fred
BloodBath says to  (20:01:06):
Well talking about chem trails won't help
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:01:09):
and that is where teh LIBERTY is
lisa 7 says to  (20:02:06):
Shabbat Shalowm
BloodBath says to  (20:02:09):
yikes, are we getting booted out automatically?
mowriyah7 says to  (20:03:00):
I don't thing our opinion or knowlege of things commonly referred to as
conspiracy theories really matters all that much at this point. Our
focus really needs to be on Yah. Tripping on things out of our control
isn't beneficial
mowriyah7 says to  (20:03:27):
I've read things about weather modification related to chemtrails....
T Haston says to  (20:03:33):
aww man its over already
BloodBath says to  (20:03:34):
It does matter because it dimishes Yah's word when you mix the two
mowriyah7 says to  (20:04:02):
I've read things about putting fish genes in tomatoes so they don't rot
as fast....
T Haston says to  (20:05:03):
love ya'll.. so good to chat as always (L)
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:05:06):
gc BB
BloodBath says to  (20:05:37):
See Yah
tshannaly says to  (20:05:44):
Shabbat Shalowm everyone.... time for some R&R and reading... :)
mowriyah7 says to  (20:06:02):
But I know about condesation trails and hybridized veggies too
karlshultzyabc123 says to  (20:06:19):
shabat shalowm all!
mowriyah7 says to  (20:06:49):
That's why Yah says not to focus on them. I used to trip haaaaard, now
it's just not that important and my opinions are more reserved
mowriyah7 says to  (20:07:23):
Shabatt Shalowm!!!!(F)
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:07:42):
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:08:23):
hopefully i can be on time next week.
mowriyah7 says to  (20:08:50):
I work fridays so not really ever on time :-(
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:08:51):
Great job Yada on the radio show You are a good source of news now!
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:10:28):
reporting stories is one thing but tracking the important ones is
YHWHsoldier says to  (20:11:27):
I use the ebola story as an example.  i feel I am more informed and
comfortable with the situation because of your reporting and tracking. 
so thanks Brother.  Shalowm!
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:12:06):
I'm fortunate my Brother in law is in med school and well informed on
the topic
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:12:26):
So he was able to explain to me exactly how the virus works
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:12:41):
how it is passed, what signs to look for etc
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:13:07):
It is always nice to have someone you know and trust knowledgable on the
Yada (Cohost) says to cgb2 (private) (20:13:27):
you capturing the chat?
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:26):
I'm off
Yada (Cohost) says to  (20:14:34):
see Yah next week
4yeshua com says to  (20:15:22):
The establishment has lied to us about everything our intire lives
nothings changed the lies are just getting bigger & more deadly...Sabatt
Shalowm Yah all
cgb2 says to Yada (Cohost) (private) (20:15:37):
DebraMiller0 says to  (20:17:08):
tHE Matrix

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Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21) Torah (torah – teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym – without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb – transforming) the soul (nepesh – consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth – restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman – verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam – educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy – easy for those who are receptive).

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