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January 6 - Bigger Threat: Global Warming vs. Global Cooling
- A continued study of Yasha'yah:
Yasha'yah (Isaiah) 2:18-22
- The history of sacrificial offerings and the absence of celebratory feasts involving animal sacrifices
- Yahowah's torah, our gateway to eternal life and knowledge
- Yahowah's sacrifice, our prepaid promissory note against transgressions, our certificate for personal commitment
- The importance of freeing yourself of all aspects of religion, including trinkets and baubles, celebrations and traditions, tattoos, and all else
- The deadliest acts of men spur from religion.
- Purging the earth for the retun of Eden.
- The relations between Yahowah, religion, and freewill -- Yahowah will not compete with religion due to freewill
- The symbolism of Yasha'yah (Isaiah) 2:20
- Overview of the terms nesamah and aph (page 39)
Yada Yah, Volume 1, Chapter 7
Chat Room Log
January 13
Bullets complements of JB @

- The triumphant, albeit short lived, return of the Larryanator.
- Continuation of “Moody” Jeff’s email from Observations.   "Craig/Jeff Exchange" (Exchainge can be read starting at post 622 and going through 624)
- Is Towrah laws to be obeyed?
- Nobody should listen to any of us. Verify it for yourself.
- It is not our duty to convince others.
- We should not expect to convince everyone, even Yahowsha failed more then He succeeded.
- You don’t need faith if you have understanding.
- The importance of Yahowah’s name.
- Does Yahowah command us?
- God doesn’t grade on a curve.
- The importance of the tenses in Hebrew.
- It is not difficult to come to know and understand Yahowah.
- The common attitude of all of Yahowah’s family.
- How we can know how to pronounce Yahowah’s name.
- God wants people in eternity who are intelligent and desire to know and understand.
- Knowing is good, understanding is better.
- Yahowah is not engaged in a war for souls with Satan, He simply presents the truth and leaves us to it.

Psalm 19:7

Yahowah’s Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning, restoring, and transforming the soul. Yahowah’s testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open minded.

- Knowing and Understanding Yahowah requires effort and commitment.
- Ha Satan is beguiling, he doesn’t appear as the red horned demon.

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed and will perish as a result of a lack of knowledge and corrupted information. Indeed because you have rejected and avoided understanding, I will also reject and avoid you, so you shall be separated from serving as My ministers. And since you have ignored and forgotten Almighty God’s Towrah, I will ignore, cease to care about, and forget your children also.

- Based on that what makes anyone think Yahowh will judge on a curve?
- Don’t try to reach out to others until you know and understand the material.
- In Yeremyah/Jermiah Yahowah tells us that the way men will lead men away from Him, is by corrupting His name.
- In the second of the 10 Dabar Yahowah tells us that His mercy and unearned favor is for thousands who observe His Towrah.
- According to the 10 Dabar teaching lifeless doctrines in His name is the one thing Yahowah will not forgive.
- Yahowah calls Shauwl/Paul the plague of death.
- “Moody” Jeff equates Yahowah’s Leviticus teaching to pagan practices.
- The benefits and necessity of Hebrew being an alphabet, and the evidence that Hebrew was the first alphabet.
Chat Room Log
January 20
Bullets complements of JB @

- The pointlessness of the pledging allegiance every day.
- Equivalences between Rome and America.
- Why God doesn’t bless America.
- Fundamentalist Vs Radical Islam.
- Obama, left the country better then when he took office? Really? Are you kidding me?
- Return to “Moody” Jeff’s email.
- Why god doesn’t give credit to those who search in their own way, but don’t know Him.
- God isn’t omnipresent.
- What is Qowdesh.
- How Yahowah interacts with the universe.
- What is meant by Yahowah of Saba.
- The role of the Malak.
- The heaven/hell binary paragdim for souls is errant, and why.
- The death and destruction of the soul.
- Ceasing to give someone something you have provided for free is your prerogative, and it is not harming them.
- The three doors of Noah’s ark.
- Going were the evidence leads.
- The feminine nature of Yah.
- The importance of the Hebrew language and its intricacies.
- Hebrew as the first alphabet.
- How to take advantage of the Hebrew Dictionaries and Lexicons.
- Details matter when it comes to Yahowah’s word.
- Hebrew names and there meaning.
- How Paul unlike everyone else described his first encounter with god as being assaulted by him.
- Exodus 4:24-26
- Why Yahowah chooses Shepherds.
Chat Room Log
January 27
Bullets complements of JB @

- Isiah 2:22
- The Hebrew word ‘aph.
- Brief talk about the nesamah.
- The serpent’s conversation with Chawah in the Gan Eden.
- Ha Satan is subtle, crafty and sly. He is not the demonic horned being of pop culture.
- The absurd notion that God does not allow his word to be corrupted.
- Why God chooses humble people as opposed to egotistical ones.
- You have to search for Yah in the place which He revealed Himself.
- Emotions, Reason and Relationship.
- Why was it called the tree of lifes, plural?
- Being right versus being good, King Shauwl vs Dowd.
Chat Room Log
February 04
Bullets complements of JB @

- Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration.
- America’s meddling and interfering with the world.
- The evil that is Islam.
- The stupidity of engaging when you are not prepared.
- Return to Hebrew word ‘aph.
- Access to the tree of lives is given to those who are Right.
- The importance of questioning.
- Political correctness is institutionalized ignorance.
- Masculine, and feminine traits, and their roles.
- Letting reason guide your passion.
- Why Yahowah needed to create a companion for Adam.
- Yahowah allowed the serpent, and allows man to corrupt His word.
February 10
Bullets complements of JB @

- Encouragement to translate on your own, and not trust Craig’s translations.
- How we know we can trust Yahowah’s Word.
- The Urantia Book.
- The power of knowing and understanding.
- Knowing Yahowah’s name is good, but not enough.
- A relationship with Yahowah is grounded and knowing and understanding, not emotions and feelings.
- The value of being discriminating.
- The danger of mixing truth with lies.
- More discussion of ‘aph.
- Paul’s bragging about his religious upbringing.
- What is Zion?
- Historical evidence of the events of the Towrah.
Chat Room Log
February 17
Bullets complements of JB @

- Delving into what is Zion.
- The difference between how Yah engages with mankind and with the malak.
- Yahowah wants to lift us up, not have us lift him up.
- What is meant by Yahowah lifting up His children.
- The conditions of, and benefits of the covenant.
- Ignorance and stupidity are no excuse.
- Promoting conspiracy theories along with Yahowah’s word is counterproductive.
- The importance of listening to and responding to Yahowah’s Towrah teaching.
- Yahowah is not interested in your money.
- You can’t force a relationship.
- Everything in Yahowah’s Word must be viewed from the perspective that Yahowah wants to be our Father.
- A republic only works if the public is informed, and in America people are uninformed.
Chat Room Log
February 24
Bullets complements of JB @

- Kirk’s experience watching a 2-hour documentary on the “truth of the Christian bible”.
- The age of the Earth and the universe.
- The religious are the worst advertisement for God.
- How Yahowah uses prophecy to prove what is from Him.
- The reliability of the Hebrew text.
- The Pope’s claim that there is no Islamic Terrorism.
- Return to YahshaYah.
- Questioning, verifying and challenging Craig’s translations.
Chat Room Log
March 03 Description Coming Soon.
March 10
Bullets complements of JB @

- Responding to and engaging in a relationship.
- Yashayah 3 and what roles/positions Yahowah hates.
- The connection between Eden and Sukah.
- People who play “religious dress up.”
- Yahowah’s return.
- The beauty of the world.
- Does Yahowah want to be feared and worshiped?
- Return to Yashayah 2, and a discussion on what is Zion.
- Yahowah’s feelings about military and war.
- The Towrah is teaching and instruction, not rules and laws.
- Who and what we should respect.
Chat Room Log
March 17 Description Coming Soon.
March 24
Bullets complements of JB @

- How Yahowah uses Prophets and how we know who speaks for Him.
- The cancer like nature of religion.
- Yahowah does not ask us to ever bow down and worship him.
- We are not asked to convert people.
- We are to be prepared to engage those that seek help and confront lies.
- Yahowah’s hatred for Bable, and Rome.
- The weakness of faith.
- The benefits of interlinear, and why they are not reliable translations.
- The lack of tenses referencing time in Hebrew.
- Translators of English bibles have an agenda and copy the same mistakes.
Kirk's Study on the Amalekites
"Exodus and the Amalekites"

Lisa's Comment about Pedophilia
"Comment and Response"

Chat Room Log
March 31
Bullets complements of JB @

- Fake News.
- The consequence of knowing good and evil.
- Why we should be judgmental.
- The History of Al Qaeda.
- The History and origin of the Islamic State.
- Why engaging in politics is always counterproductive.
- What is Zion.
- Scientific accuracy of the Towrah.
- The atheist explanation for life on earth.
April 07 Description Coming Soon.
April 14
Bullets complements of JB @

- Easter is the worst of the Christian corruptions.
- The Religious view of God.
- Yah’s relationship with us and expectations of us.
- A look at a religious idiot’s promotion of Easter.
- Why do we use the term Scripture?
- The oxymoron of hating hate.
- Current Events.

2 Samuel 7:12-14

“Indeed, when (ky) your days (yowmym ‘atah) are complete (male’ – are fulfilled, come to a conclusion, and are thoroughly proclaimed (qal imperfect)) and (wa) you lie down (shakab – rest) with (‘eth) your fathers (‘ab ‘atah – your forefathers and ancestors), I will take a stand (quwm – I will arise, stand, and fulfill, bringing into fruition) with (‘eth) your offspring (zara’ – your descendants) after you (‘achar ‘atah – following you), which to show the way (‘asher – for the benefit of the relationship and as a blessing to those walking on the proper path) shall come out (yatsa’ – be brought fourth) from (min) your physical being (me’ah ‘atah – your internal organs). I will establish (kuwn – I will fashion and form in an upright manner, prepare and appoint, support and sustain (hifil perfect)), accordingly (‘eth), His kingdom (mamlakah huw’ – his reign and realm, His royal authority).”

“He shall build (banah – He will restore and rebuild and as a Son establish on behalf of the family name, He shall structure in the form of a home and pattern in the manner of a household; from ben – son (qal imperfect)) the family home (beyth – house and household, a shelter, abode, and dwelling for descendants and heirs) for (la – on behalf of and to approach, with respect to and concerning, corresponding to and demonstrating the intent of) My name (shem ‘any – My personal and proper designation). And (wa) I will establish (kuwn – I will fashion and form in an upright manner, prepare and appoint, support and sustain (polel perfect – object of the verb’s action is effected completely)), accordingly (‘eth), the throne (kace’ – the seat and place of honor, the status and authority, the position where those who are empowered are entitled to sit) of His kingdom (mamlakah huw’ – his reign and realm, His royal authority) forever and ever as a continuing witness (‘ad ‘owlam – as enduring testimony regarding eternity, as evidence of the extent and infinite duration of time, perpetually into perpetuity, continuing forever).”

“I will actually and always be (‘any hayah – I will continually and literally exist (qal imperfect)) for Him (la huw’ – towards Him) as a Father (la ‘ab) and (wa) He shall always and actually exist (huw’ hayah – he will literally and continually be) for Me (la ‘any – to move toward Me and on My behalf) as a Son (la ben – drawing near as a child), which through this association and to show the way (‘asher – because as a benefit to reveal the proper path to walk to give life meaning and to reveal the relationship, conditionally to take a stand regarding the restrictive and correct way to live an upright life, to lead and to guide, and to make an important connection) with Him becoming burdened with perversity (ba ‘awah huw’ – in regard to distortions weighing Him down (hifil infinitive construct – a possessive verbal noun where the subject, Yahowah, causes the object, Yahowsha’, to endure this, with Yahowsha’ participating as if He were Yahowah), (wa) I will resolve the dispute by judging Him, accusing Him so as to manifest vindication through Him (yakah huw’ – I will chastise and correct Him, openly presenting the means to dismiss all of the allegations, clearly conveying the evidence and reason to make things right (hifil perfect – with the Father causing the Son to engage in this manner as if the Son were the Father for a finite period of time)) with regard to and because of (ba – with respect to and for the reason of) the rods, weapons, and staffs wielded by rulers of nations to punish, kill, and control the races and tribes (shebet – the symbols, scepters, goads, and herding implements of authority used to beat, mislead, and enslave the family through misdirection, chastisement, punishment, improper use of authority, and deadly force) of mankind (‘ishym – of individual human beings) and with regard to and because of (ba – in association with, with respect to, and for the reason of) the assault and plague that has fallen (nega’ – the trauma and pestilence that has wounded, destroying through an infectious pandemic of affliction and disease bringing a bothersome condition, even stumbling blocks before and a fungus) upon the children (ben – the sons) of ‘Adam (‘adam – man born in the image of ‘Adam with a neshamah).”

Chat Room Log
April 21
Bullets complements of JB @

- Recap of today’s Observations, and Kirk’s Amalekite study.
- 2 Shamuw’el 5.
- Parallels between Dowd and Yahowsha.
- Being Judgmental and exercising good judgment is important.
- Yahowah as a shepherd king.
- The nature of Yahowah’s Malak.
- The nature of relationship and eternity.
- Dowd’s bad choice.
- Dowd’s return.
- The necessity of knowing and admitting when you are wrong.
Chat Room Log
April 28 Description Coming Soon. Chat Room Log
May 05 - Conspiracy Theories: Pizza Gate - Clinton's running a satanic pedophile ring from a pizza parlor - and others.
   - Do they exist to alter our focus? Are they worth our full attention? Conspiracy Theories vs. Religious Fervor.
- A return to Chronicles - Word of The Time.
   - The conflict between Chronicles and Samuel.
- The validity of Chronicles vs. Samuel.
- Dowd's personal relationship with God
- The home that is to be rebuilt is Not a temple. It is a home for the set apart.
- In Hebrew the liver was considered the seat of emotions and the heart (leb) was the seat of judgment. This is where God will write the torah because it is where we incorporate our beliefs, personalities, our characters, our overall knowledge. The heart is the seat of our reasoning.
- Dowd thought his way to God.
May 12 Description Coming Soon. Chat Room Log
May 19 - An in dept look into why CW chooses to disassociate with Larry, other conspiracy theorists, and any other mis-proclaiming/malicious covenant member who purposefully chooses to disrespect, mar, slander, or abuse the credibility of true covenant members, not excluding those who mislead others by misrepresenting his (CW’s) findings/publications. Chat Room Log
May 26
Bullets complements of JB @

- Return to Observations For Our Time Chapter 8.
- 1 Chronicles 29:23
- When asked what he desired Solomon responded Understanding.
- The nature of the imperative mood in Hebrew.
- Correlations between Dowd and Yahowsha.
- King Sha’uwl’s death and fate.
- The nature of words.
- Understanding only comes from reading beginning to end.
Chat Room Log
June 02
Bullets complements of JB @

- The Miqra of Shabuwah.
- We are not responsible for other’s choices.
- The connection of Shabuwah to Bikuriym.
- Connections between the Shabbat, Shabuwah and the Yowbel.
- Calibrating our calendar to Yah’s.
- The proselytizing nature of religion, versus the take it or leave it nature of Yahowah.
- The importance of work.
- The two loafs of bread at Shabuwah.
- The ridiculous nature of religions including Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism, Scientology and especially Islam.
Chat Room Log
June 09
Bullets complements of JB @

- What Craig came across translating Yeremyah/Jeremiah 23.
- The importance of stems in Hebrew.
- Jumping into 1 Chronicles starting with 17:10.
- Why and who Yahowah chooses.
Chat Room Log
June 16
Bullets complements of JB @

- The importance of verifying Craig’s translations.
- The reason for amplified translations.
- Why Craig views Dowd as more important than Yahowsha.
- What is meant by Yahowah of saba/hosts.
- How and why Yahowah works through us.
- The Hebrew word ‘ebed, which does not mean slave.
- The word palal, which is usually rendered prayer.
- Listening vs talking to God.
- Time and dimensionality.
June 23
Bullets complements of JB @

- 2 Chronicles 1:3
- Dowd’s parting advice to Solomon.
- Yahowah doesn’t ask for or want large fancy buildings.
- Where the ark is and what it means.
- Yahowah only ever appointed and authorized 2 Kings, Dowd and Solomon.
- If you ask God for what He wants to give, you will get it and benefit from it.
- What Solomon asked from Yahowah, and Yahowah’s response.
- Yahowah’s separation of grain from chaff.
- The religious misunderstand Prayer.
- The lack of fidelity of the Greek text.
Chat Room Log
June 30 Description Coming Soon.
July 07 Description Coming Soon.
July 14 Description Coming Soon.
Chat Room Log
July 21 Description Coming Soon.
Chat Room Log

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
"Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive."
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (towrah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).
Because Yahowah's Towrah is "complete and perfect", there was no need for a "New Testament". Because Yahowah's Towrah is entirely capable of "returning and restoring the soul", the Christian Apostle Paulos lied when he declared that the Towrah cannot save. If you want to live forever with Yahowah, our Creator, flee religion and embrace Yahowah's one and only family-oriented Covenant, which is presented only in His Towrah!

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