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August, 2012

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Day Date Hour Description
Wednesday 1 1 Topics
"Nothing says love more than military hardware" - the reality
    of our nonexistent relationship with Yisra'el
Three news articles about the continuing horror that is Syria
Myth Addressed
Al-Queda is the source of terrorism
Wednesday 1 2 Topics
Yada revealed that he recorded every terrorist act for 40 years
During those 40 years, 99.9% of all terrorist acts were com-
    mitted by fundamentalist Muslims
Conclusion: the cause has to be Islam itself
Yahowah's plan for man
The deadly end of faith
Myth Addressed
Yah loves everyone
Richard discussed a statement from a Christian, "No matter what
    truth, facts or proof you give me, I will allow nothing to shake
    my faith."
Thursday 2 1 Topics
Chick-Fil-A's president's position on same-sex marriage head-
    line and hullaballoo
The hypocrisy of Chick-Fil-A's president exposed
The imperfect conjugation in Hebrew explained
Death is simply the end of the gift of life
Myths Addressed
The "Bible" contains God's commandments which we must follow
Death is a punishment, a penalty
Those who die apart from Yah will be tortured for eternity in a
    sinner's hell
Osama Bin Laden and Al-Queda were responsible for the 9-11 attacks
An anonymous caller pointed out that Yah detests pride, yet the
    Chuck-Fil-A president boasts that he proudly abides by biblical
Thursday 2 2 Topics
Yah's desire to experience a family-oriented relationship with us
Faith is belief in the unknown
Myth Addressed
Yahowah wants us to have faith
Mary - no further information
Friday 3 1 Topics
Approval for CIA to provide weapons and military training to
    the rebels (aka, Muslim jihadists) in Syria
    - In response, Russia is moving troops into the region now
    - Every Islamic government is a dictatorship because "Islam"
        means "surrender" and "submission"
    - These are the very "rebels" who are torturing and then exe-
        cuting detainees
Shiite Muslims and their actions against Suni Muslims and Amer-
    ican troops throughout recent history
The characteristics of an Islamic government
Yahowah's prophetic declaration regarding the descendents of
    Ishmael: "He will be a wild ass of a man; His hand will be raised
    against everyone, and everyone's hand will be raised against him.
    He will dwell in hostility with the whole world."
Myths Addressed
There is an Al-Qaeda wing of the Iraqi government (in reality
    there is only the Islamic State of Iraq)
Ignorance is bliss
As American citizens, we can cause our politicians to awaken to
    the truth about Islam
The United States of America is a democracy
Friday 3 2 Topics
No information available
Myths Addressed
No information available
Monday 6 1 Topics
Shooting in Wisconsin
Mein Kampf
Racism is counterproductive; we should judge ideology not race
Gun control
The Creature From Jekyll Island
UN Gun Control Treaty; Arms Trade Treaty
Islam is the issue, not Al Qaeda
Evidence and reason vs. bullets and bombs
The Sikh religion
Myths Addressed
Hitler was not religious
Religions are all good
Condemning Islam is racist
Gun ownership is protected by the American Constitution for
    self-defense and hunting purposes
The Wisconsin shooting was an act of terrorism
Freedom of religion is good
9/11 was an Al Qaeda attack
We should lash out at Muslims for 9/11
War is a solution to Islam
Monday 6 2 Topics
Challenges of translation
The benefit of amplified translations
Hebrew tenses
Unique nature of the Hebrew language
A brief history of modern English translations
Myths Addressed
English translations can be trusted
God would never allow his "Bible" to be corrupted
Tuesday 7 1 Topics
Iran sends troops into Syria
The US and Russia fighting a proxy war in the Middle East
Nazism as a religion
The immorality and irrationality of racism
Martian lander
Could Mars have once held the ingredients for life?
Salafist Muslims in the Sinai
Islamic "honor" killing in England
Myths Addressed
Science contradicts God and Scripture
There is no compulsion in Islam
Tuesday 7 2 Topics
Errors in "Bible" translations
Yahowah allowed His message to be corrupted by man
Differences between the Masoretic Text and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Textus Receptus vs. Nestle Allan vs. 1-3rd century manu-
History of the Latin Vulgate
The Catholic Church's concealment of Scripture
History of the KJV translation
History of the Textus Receptus
Stories added to the text, such as the famous, "Let he who
    among you is without sin cast the first stone."
John Mill's documenting over 30,000 variances between the Tex-
    tus Receptus and the older manuscripts available to him
Currently more than 300,000 variances between the Textus Recep-
    tus and the oldest known manuscripts
14% difference between the Masoretic and the Great Isaiah
    Scroll, just in the root words alone
Tools for studying: Interlinear, Lexicons, Dictionaries, His-
    tories, Grammars, Logos software
How are you saved?
Salvation is a byproduct of relationship
Myths Addressed
Yahowah wouldn't allow his "Bible" to be corrupted
The "Bible" is inerrant
There is divine authority for kings to rule
There is a list of dos and/or don'ts that lead to salvation
Jason shared, "What started me to question the veracity of the
    'bible' was the first chapter of Matthew listing 13 generations,
    and then stating that 14 generations passed between the
    carrying away into Babylon and the birth of Yahowsha."
Wednesday 8 1 Topics
Obama's comments on Wisconsin shooting
Drug legalization would lead to a significant decrease in gun
    violence and deaths
The US government's use of entrapment (sting operations) on
Afghanistan police and military defecting to the Taliban
Afghanistan compared to Vietnam
Syria and Iran
America's meddling in the Middle East is creating our next
Myths Addressed
The purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect our rights to
    self-defense, hunting, or recreation
An assault weapons ban would have prevented the shooting in
Yahowah prefers one race over another
We can win the war in Afghanistan
Democracy is a good thing
Wednesday 8 2 Topics
Machiavelli's doctrine that "The ends justify the means."
Hebrew text of Matthew
Questioning Paul document
Observe vs. obey and keep
Yahowsha and the Torah
Yahowsha was Torah observant, yet Christians—who claim
    loud and long that they love Him–ignore and/or demonize the
Myths Addressed
Paul spoke for Yahowah
The Torah must be obeyed and kept
Christians follow the teaching of Yahowsha/Jesus
Jason continued from yesterday.
Thursday 9 1 Topics
New government designations of skin color
Agent Orange
The Religion of football
Muslim sect hiding underground in Russia for more than a decade
Parents condemning their children by corrupting them with
Claims of religious founders
Myths Addressed
Higher taxes help the economy
Schools need more funding
"Jesus" was a Muslim prophet
Catholicism is based on the teaching of "Jesus Christ"
Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church
The Cross of Christ is a Scriptural concept
Christianity is based on the teaching of "Jesus Christ"
Thursday 9 2 Topics
Giving the tools to check everything said on the show
Differences between the lexicons associated with the transla-
    tions that bear the same name and the translations themselves
Yahowah wants us to invest time and effort to come to know Him
Yah's use of prophecy to verify who He is
The purpose of Prophecy
The goals and purposes of Yada Yah and Shattering Myths
Stems, tenses, and modes in Hebrew
The Paternal nature and desire of Yahowah
Language is the core of everything
The role of Prophecy
Torah/Teaching role of Scripture and Prophecy
Myths Addressed
Yah wants it to be effortless for us to have a relationship with Him
Souls are immortal
We cannot know for certain that Yahowah inspired the Torah,
    Prophets and Psalms
Semantics are unimportant: Holy is just as good as Set-Apart,
    the LORD is just as good as Yahowah, etc.
The Torah is just 5 books scribed by Moses
The Torah is "the Law" and must be obeyed
Friday 10 1 Topics
"Rules for non-military" email
Patriotism and reverence of the military
Revering the flag is a violation of Yah's instructions
Indoctrination in America
Wars started by lies
Myths Addressed
Being patriotic is good and beneficial for the country
We should revere the flag
We should revere the military
The American Military fights for our freedom
We owe our freedom to the military
Friday 10 2 Topics
What triggered Yada to question his belief, faith and ideology
2 Samuel 7:14
The Hebrew word 'Asher
The 5 Terms and Conditions of the Covenant
Relationships require that both parties engage
Yah's 7 Step path to Him
The role of parents in our children's life as it relates to Yah
Picto-Hebrew breakdown of Yahowah's Name
5 gifts/benefits of the Covenant
Myths Addressed
Bible translations are accurate renderings of what was written
    in the original language
Being Torah observant means obeying and keeping the Torah
Monday 13 1 Topics
Politics and the election
War in the Sinai
Afghanistan war
Hillary Clinton in Turkey
Treatment of women in Islam
13 year old Muslim sold as a wife, tortured and prostituted by
    her husband and his family
Myths Addressed
Republicans spend less than Democrats
We have a war on terrorism
Democracy is good and beneficial
Monday 13 2 Topics
Yah's use of one narrative to convey multiple themes, and ideas
The three purposes of the creation account
Heaven, Hell and Death
Worship vs. Familial relationship
Fear, Yahowah, and relationship
Prophetic timing
The use of fear in religion
Understanding alleged contradictions in Scripture
Citing and quoting passages out of Context
The LORD vs. Yahowah
Myths Addressed
Heaven and Hell are the only possible destinations for a soul
Yahowah wants us to bow down and worship Him
Yahowah wants to be feared
The LORD is a title that Yahowah wants to be called by
Tuesday 14 1 Topics
Continuing yesterday's discussion of Islam's treatment of women
    and the 13 year old Muslim girl sold as a wife and then tortured
    by her husband's family for not prostituting herself to bring
    them income
The need to expose Islam
Yah's 3 gifts to man
Treatment of the "Palestinians" by the Muslim world
Myths Addressed
Things are better in Afghanistan since the invasion by American
    military forces
Terrorism is an enemy that we can fight
The Arabs in the Palestinian territory are actually "Palestinians"
America is Yisra'el's ally
Tuesday 14 2 Topics
Establishing the proper foundation for studying Scripture
God's one and only Name
Yada's journey from exposing Islam to sharing Yah's word
The meaning of Yisra'el
How to pronounce Yah's name
Myths Addressed
God's name in unknowable/unpronounceable
God's Torah is only for Jews and Yisra'el
God has many names, and none is more important than any other
Wednesday 15 1 Topics
The 2012 American Presidential campaign
The American deficit
Incumbent American President Barack Hussein Obama's campaign
The American tax system
Islamic culture and suicide bombers
Islamic quotes
Myth Addressed
The rich don't pay their fair share of taxes
Wednesday 15 2 Topics
Understanding how to pronounce God's name
Yahowsha' vs. Yahuwshua vs. Jesus
The meaning of Yahowsha'
The errant title, Christ
The use of placeholders in the Greek text
Myths Addressed
God has no name
God's Name is unknown or unpronounceable
Jesus was the name of the Ma'aseYah (Messiah to Christendom)
Christ is an appropriate title for Yahowsha'
Thursday 16 1 Topics
Government officials taking favors
The reasons and causes of the American economic recession
Helicopter crash in Afghanistan
DoD lies about death of soldiers in Afghanistan
The Middle East
Myths Addressed
Corporate greed caused the recession
There is an al Qaeda in Iraq that is linked to al Qaeda elsewhere
Thursday 16 2 Topics
Use of violence toward Muslims
When should we translate, and when should we transliterate?
Chrestus or Christos?
The irrationality of religion
Religious corruptions of Yahowsha's life and message
God desires a relaxed, comfortable and familial relationship
Myths Addressed
We can defeat Islam with war
Christ was a valid title for the Ma'aseYah
The Names and titles Yahowah has chosen are unimportant
God died for our sins
Yahowah wants us to bow down, worship, and fear him
Larry remarked, "Yahowah said that not one jot or tittle would
    pass away from what was written until the heaven and earth
    pass away. This would include His names and titles. Calling
    Yahowah "the LORD" is more than just corrupting His Name; you
    are changing His character."
Friday 17 1 Topics
The origins of Tea With Terrorists, Prophet of Doom, and Yada

Iraq war
The United States is arming its enemies
The nature and relationship of suicide bombing, indoctrination
    and religion
What are the Hadith?
Myths Addressed
Our wars in the Middle East will make us safe
The Hadith are not as authoritative as the Quran
Nick predicted, "When America leaves Afghanistan those who
    helped us will be slaughtered by the Taliban."
    Then he asked, "What is Tabari, Muslim, and Bukahri?"
Friday 17 2 Topics
Abrogation in the Quran
Muhammad and pedophilia
Ma'aseyah vs. Mashiach and Messiah
Prayer and communication with Yahowah
Yahowah answers our prayers when we ask for X, Y and Z
How Yahowah intervenes in our lives
Myths Addressed
Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with Yahowah
We should pray in public, i.e. at dinner and in churches
Michael called in with a question about prayer and communication
    with Yahowah. He also asked, "Does Yah intervene in our lives? If
    so, how?"
Monday 20 1 Topics
The irrationality of the Quran
Mentally handicapped Christian nearly killed by mob for "dese-
    crating" the Quran in Pakistan after she used pages of the Quran
    to kindle a cooking fire. She was arrested after public outcry
The so-called "Arab Spring"
Religion-controlled countries, socialist secular humanism spe-
Rosh Hashanah and its replacement of Taruw'ah
Myths Addressed
Islam can be reformed, and become better
The issue is people's personal interpretations of Islam
More people have been killed in the name of God than for any
    other reason
According to Scripture, Rosh Hashanah is the head of, or start of,
    the new year
Steve wanted to know, "What are the origins of Rosh Hashanah?
    Are we required to observe it?"
Monday 20 2 Topics
Rosh Hashanah continued
Words are the basis of everything, particularly communication
    with God
Origins of the Bible, "Old Testament" and "New Testament"
How Yahowah views those who corrupt His word and lead people
    away from Him
Origins of "Gospel" and "Grace"
Myths Addressed
Christmas, Easter, and Sunday worship are Scriptural
Bible is the title of God's Scriptures
Steve continued to participate in the discussions
Tuesday 21 1 Topics
The "Arab Spring" or an Islamic Reformation?
The rise of more Islamic governments in the Middle East
What is a Salaf and what that means
Peaceful Muslims are the radicals, Jihadist Muslims are the
Crucifixions in Egypt
Why understanding the threat of Islam is so important
Kabar and Mohammad's war on all mankind
The "Satanic Verses" incident in Muhammad's life
Origins of "Allahu Akbar"
The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
Myths Addressed
There is a difference between the Quran and the Hadith
Our issue is with radical Muslims
Islam is a religion of peace
Tuesday 21 2 Topics
Origins of the word "grace"
The meaning of chesed
Paul misquoting Yahowsha
The rationality and reasonability of Yahowah's Word
Straw Man arguments
Relationships require work
Myth Addressed
The Torah's festivals are only for Jews
Diane commented on the timing of Paul's writing, wondered why he is considered credible, and marvelled that he remains so popular
Wednesday 22 1 Topics
Christians fleeing Syria
The US is supporting the imagined lesser of two evils
Jihad is an obligation in Islam
Crucifixions in Egypt, continued
Who Muhammad says should be crucified
Myths Addressed
Democratically elected leaders are always better than a dictator
God is all about obligations
Jihad is a spiritual struggle
Wednesday 22 2 Topics
Trading freedom for security
Paul vs. Yahowsha
The timeline of the writing and distribution of the "gospels"
The meaning and origin of "Church"
Yahowah, our God, bowing down to man
Myths Addressed
Paul's "Gospel of Grace" has replaced the Torah
"Church" is a Godly term used to describe His people
God wants us to bow to Him
Thursday 23 1 Topics
Similarities between situations of Christians in Muslim countries
    and the Jews in Nazi Germany
The nature and history of Islam and Muhammad
Islamic treatment of Christians, specifically Copts
Abrogation in the Quran
More on the crucifixions in Egypt
Myth Addressed
Good Muslims are peaceful
Thursday 23 2 Topics
The history and Pagan origins of the cross
What different perspectives might one expect to get out of Yada

Claiming authority based on a book you contradict
Separating Yahowah from religion
Myths Addressed
There is a cross in Scripture
Larry brought to our attention Isaiah 56:6, which states that for a
    foreigner to come into relationship with Yah, they must know
    and love Yahowah's Name and observe the Sabbath. He men-
    tioned as well Constantine's declaration changing the Sabbath to
    "the Lord's Day".
Friday 24 1 Topics
The President's ultimatum to Syria on biological and chemical
The US arming of Muslims and our surprise when they turn those
    same weapons on us
The use of Drones to murder people
Obama's three biggest campaign promises that he hasn't kept
American trained Afghan soldiers attacking Americans
Myths Addressed
The wars in the Middle East are for America's freedom
Killing civilians with drones is part of war
Friday 24 2 Topics
Science's changing understanding is coming to concur with
Yahowah's creation account
The use of one narrative to convey three messages
Relativity and understanding Yah's creation account
Myth Addressed
Science and Scripture differ in the creation account of the
Monday 27 1 Topics
17 civilians killed by Muslims in Afghanistan for having a party
    with women and men dancing together
Muhammad and Islam's treatment of women
Allah's sadistic nature
America's misguided intervention in Afghanistan
The state of Islamic countries
Myth Addressed
Islam is a religion of peace
Monday 27 2 Topics
Limits Yahowah has placed on himself
The nature of light and of Yahowah
The number 7
Aspects of Yahowah and why the plural Elohim was used in
    Scripture to refer to Him
Myths Addressed
God is omnipresent and omniscient
God is unrestricted
The God of the "Old Testament" is mean spirited
There is no salvation found in the "Old Testament"
God changed His mind and exchanged the "Old Testament" for a
    "New Testament"
Tuesday 28 1 Topics
Prayer at the Republican national convention
America's continued meddling in the Middle East
Soldiers being killed by those they are training
The difficulty of beating an enemy on their own soil
Myths Addressed
God micromanages the world
Our Armed Forces should be looked up to and emulated
Tuesday 28 2 Topics
The nature of Yah and the use of the plural word, Elohim
God says that His mercy is only for the thousands who observe His
Myths Addressed
God has changed His plan and now has a "New Testament"
Salvation is for everyone
The Torah condemns us
Wednesday 29 1 Topics
US troops being killed by the very Muslims they are training
Lying in Islam
Treatment of women in Islam
The lack of freedom in the military
Our military's ignorance of our enemy
Myth Addressed
Islam is a good religion
Wednesday 29 2 Topics
Relationships require effort
The nature of our relationship with God
Salvation is a byproduct of relationship
The Name Yahowsha
Walking to God so as to become perfect
Myths Addressed
Yahowah desires worship from us
Yahowah died on a cross for our sins
Thursday 30 1 Topics
Paul Ryan speaking at the Republican convention
The use of Ponzi schemes by the US government
Trade deficits
Soldiers being killed by the Afghan troops they are training
"Honor" killings in Islam
Myths Addressed
We are fighting a war on terror
America's freedom is secured by our wars in the Middle East
Thursday 30 2 Topics
The precise tuning of the universe for the existence of man
Yahowah's creation account and Science and History
The accuracy of the Genesis creation account
Myths Addressed
Life could have come into existence by pure chance
Science has proven the Genesis creation account to be wrong
Jason compared the ongoing nature of creation with the timeless nature of God.
Friday 31 1 Topics
University of Virginia declines Obama visit because he refused to
    pay for security
The deficit
The irrationality of religious leaders who claim that they speak
    on behalf of the God of the "Bible" but contradict what is written
    in it
The Iranian nuclear program
Myths Addressed
Government creates jobs
We can reduce the deficit without cutting defense
Friday 31 2 Topics
The more Science learns, the more it comes to mirror Yah's testimony
The evidence against macro evolution
The language of DNA
Perspectives on time
The role of the adversary
Myths Addressed
Science shows that the origins of the universe and life on earth
    can be explained without the need for a God
Satan is active in everything
There is a war/battle between Yahowah and Satan
Larry shared his views on the so-called "science" of the Christians
    vs. Scripture

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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