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September, 2012

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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 3 1 Topics
U.S. President Obama is contradicting what he said 4 years ago
The nature of free enterprise and supply side economics
Two adolescents beheaded in Afghanistan
The practice of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan and the Muslim world
The prevalence of poverty in the Muslim world
Muslim woman abused and raped by her own husband
The murderous history of Socialist Secular Humanism
Myths Addressed
Supply side economics failed under U.S. President Ronald Reagan
Economies prosper under socialist economies
The poverty in the Islamic world can be blamed on colonization
    and oppression
More people have been killed in the name of God than for any
    other reason
Monday 3 2 Topics
The probability that life on Earth came about by random chance
The lack of evidence for Macro Evolution
Understanding Yah's creation account
Possible/perceived errors in Yahowah's creation account
Measuring the age of the Universe
Myths Addressed
Life could have come about by random chance in the time frame in
    which it actually occurred
The devolution of man and our intelligence
All of what is taught as Science is fact
Scripture cannot be tested to prove or disprove its accuracy
Tuesday 4 1 Topics
The United States suspends all military training of Afghans
Treatment of women in Islam
Muslim woman abused and raped by her own husband
"Honor Killings" in Islam
Christians fired for their beliefs
Myths Addressed
Our wars in the Middle East make us safer here in the United
    States of America
Islam is a religion of peace
Tuesday 4 2 Topics
Yahowah's name is written 7000 times in the Torah, Prophets, and
The timeless nature of Hebrew words
The nature of infinity and how Yah Himself is still growing
Myths Addressed
God has no name
God might have a name, but it is not important
God can die
God wants to be worshipped
Wednesday 5 1 Topics
The relationship between politics and religion
Michelle Obama speaking at the Democratic National Convention
The natures of belief and faith
Muhammad's trip on the winged ass to the Temple (which had not
    been built yet) and Muslims claim to Yarushalayim
The goals of Illuminati founder, Adam Weishaupt
Christianity's over-emphasis on homosexuality
Catholic priest claims that pedophiles are seduced by the child-
    ren they sexually assault
Myths Addressed
U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama lived the American dream;
    i.e., he started out with nothing, and through hard work and
    integrity advanced to where he is today
The United States of America is Yisra'el's ally
Free exercise of religion is a good thing
Wednesday 5 2 Topics
When trying to understand Scripture, "Context is King"
The need to question everything
There was a time before time
There are things God chooses not to know
God places limits on himself
Myths Addressed
The free on-line book, "Yada Yah", is perfect
Yada, the host of "Shattering Myths," is inerrant
Being judgmental is wrong
God said that He flooded the entire planet earth to the top of
    Mount Everest
Yah is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent
God hears all prayers
Diane compared Yah's not knowing those who don't know Him to
    her not knowing most of the people in her neighborhood. She is
    aware of their existence, but she does not know them, and they
    do not impact her life.
Rod, a soil expert, declared that there is evidence of massive
    continental flooding all around the world. So the flood may
    have been worldwide after all.
Thursday 6 1 Topics
Remembering the massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics in
Obama administration viewing China as our enemy
Anti-Semitism in Islam
Afghans demand justice for Quran burnings
Translator of Qurans at military prison fired for calling the
    Quran's content vile and evil
Myths Addressed
There are a Palestinian people today
The military secures our freedom
Only the Quran is relevant in Islam
Thursday 6 2 Topics
The removal of our sin from the record and from Yahowah's
The Greek of the "New Testament" incorrectly cites the Hebrew
Myths Addressed
God is omniscient
There was man named Jesus who lived in the first century
Paul spoke for Yahowah
Friday 7 1 Topics
The Democratic National Convention removes language referencing
    God, then added it back later to a chorus of boos
The only 2 democracies in human history
Mentally handicapped girl imprisoned for burning the Quran was
    set up by local Imam
Sharia law
Myths Addressed
Whether it's the Republican National Convention or the Demo-
    cratic National Convention, paying lip service to "God" and
    Yisra'el is important
The "Working Class" is the best of our society, and the "Managing
    Class" the worst
Manual labor is always harder work than managing
America is a democracy
Democracies are good
Friday 7 2 Topics
All living things have a soul
The neshamah is what differentiates man from animals
Choice as a prerequisite to love
The supposed accuracy of the Greek texts is more closely examined
Myths Addressed
Souls are immortal and are unique to humans
Christianity follows the example of the Messiah
Yahowsha can be separated from the Torah
Our "Bibles" are inerrant
Monday 10 1 Topics
Junk Bonds
America's debt
The backing of our currency with debt rather than with assets
America's biggest enemy is its citizens
The European Union's making circumcision illegal
America lending money to Egypt for debt relief
Myths Addressed
The USA can fix its economy without cutting both defense and
    entitlement spending
There is a relationship between Yahowah and the United States
    of America
Monday 10 2 Topics
The necessity of context
The unit of measure in creation
The sadistic nature of the "carrot and stick" coercion methods
    of religion
Three different Hebrew words, all of which are translated as "man"
Myths Addressed
Souls are immortal
Heaven and hell are the only destinations for men's souls
Knowing God's Name is irrelevant
Frank shared, "What started me on the way to getting to know
    Yahowah was a single word: His Name."
Then he discussed what you lose and what you gain when you
    leave religion for Yahowah.
Frank's question to Christians is, "If you knew that what you were
    doing was detestable to God, would you stop doing it?"
Tuesday 11 1 Topics
9/11 and the myth of terrorism and al Qaeda
Yada's story and the creation of "Tea With Terrorists" and "Prophet
    of Doom"
Myths Addressed
Terrorism is our enemy
The terrorists are corrupting the Quran
The Hadith and Quran are different
You can have Islam without the Hadith
Our military actions have made us safer
Bullets and bombs can be used to defeat a religious enemy
Tuesday 11 2 Topics
The inaccuracy of English translations of the "Bible"
Once you acknowledge errors in your belief system, you have to
    question everything
Realizing you taught your children wrong
Why Yahowsha cried out, "My God! My God! Why have You
    forsaken Me?"

Why no one recognized Yahowsha after He rose from the dead
Myths Addressed
The King James Version and other English translations are
The glorified history of the King James Version
The "Holy Bible" is the inerrant word of God
There was a man named Jesus who lived in the first century
Frank, returning from yesterday, addressed a letter Yada received
Wednesday 12 1 Topics
Muslim mob riots in Libya and kills U.S. ambassador
Love requires choice
Islam's three choices
The Coptic diaspora
Myths Addressed
Muhammad was a prophet
Islam is a religion of peace
Wednesday 12 2 Topics
Continuing news
There is no evidence of hostile behavior from Arabs prior to
Islam is a cancer
God condemns all religions
Myth Addressed
Religions lead to God
Larry decried the media's complacency in Muslim attacks. He also
    pointed out that the media who are attacking the film maker of
    the Muhammad parody are the same ones who touted the "Arab
    Spring" as a good thing
Thursday 13 1 Topics
The CEO of Hobby Lobby declaring that their success is due to
    "the grace of God"
The Chicago teachers' strike and the state of public education
Continued discussion of the Libyan situation
Myths Addressed
God micromanages our affairs
Those that speak out against Islam are islamaphobic
Thursday 13 2 Topics
Hillary Clinton blaming the movie poking fun at Muhammad for
    the murders and other violence perpetrated by Muslims in Libya
Hillary Clinton ignorantly rejects the message and content of
    the film
The upcoming miqra of Taruwah
Resources available online
Myths Addressed
God died on a cross
God can die
Frank continued his response to the letter that Yada received
Jason pointed out that even false prophets have a purpose. He
    added that it is not our responsibility to change people
Rod asked whether or not Yah's covenant is fair: Yada promised to
    address that on tomorrow's broadcast
Friday 14 1 Topics
The anti-Islamic film that is blamed for the incident in the
    Middle East
The Coptic diaspora
The religion of political correctness
The United States of America creates its enemies
The folly of patriotism
Myths Addressed
Political correctness is a good and beneficial thing
It is wrong to be judgmental
It is compassionate to let someone continue in a religion that
    is demonstrably wrong
Friday 14 2 Topics
Yahowah's narrow, restricted, and unpopular path
The 5 terms and conditions of Yahowah's Covenant
3 harvests among the 7 Mowed Miqra'ey
Myths Addressed
There are many paths that lead to God
Rod continued from yesterday
Monday 17 1 Topics
The "Arab Spring" or an Islamic Reformation?
The rise of more Islamic governments in the Middle East
What a Salaf is, and what Salaf means
Peaceful Muslims are the radicals, Jihadist Muslims are the
Crucifixions in Egypt
Why understanding the threat of Islam is critically important
Kabar and Muhammad's war on all mankind
The Satanic Verses incident in Muhammad's life
Origins of "Allahu Akbar"
The Treaty of Hudabiyyah
Myths Addressed
There is a difference between the Quran and the Hadith
Our issue is with radical Muslims
Islam is a religion of peace
Monday 17 2 Topics
Origins of the word, "grace"
The meaning of the Hebrew word, chesed
On Paul misquoting Yahowsha
The rationality and reasonability of Yahowah's Word
Straw Man arguments
Relationships require work
Myth Addressed
The Torah's festivals are only for Jews
Diane remarked on the timing of Paul's writing, and discussed
    why is he considered credible and why he is so wildly popular
Tuesday 18 1 Topics
The parallels of Vietnam and the "War on Terror"
10% of wage earners pay over 70% of the income tax
The beguiling nature of half-truths and twisted truths
Facts, logic, reason, and evidence are ineffective on religious people
Social Security is a Ponzi scheme
Myths Addressed
Stating the truth about someone is disparaging them
The rich don't pay their "fair share"
God does not allow his word to be corrupted
Democracy is a good thing
We are better off believing a lie than knowing the truth
Tuesday 18 2 Topics
Taruwah - to shout for joy and sound a warning
The Mowed Miqra'ey: seven steps to Yahowah
The history of the King James Version
Myths Addressed
Yah inspired a "Bible"
Yahowsha was the totality of God
Yahowsha said, "Let he among you who is without sin cast the
    first stone."
Jason asked, "What translation of Scripture would you recom-
    mend? What did Yahowsha mean by, 'My God! My God! Why have
    You forsaken me?'"
Vince commented on deceivers and why they deceive
Wednesday 19 1 Topics
Mitt Romney's comment about 47% of American's who don't pay
    taxes won't vote for him
Mitt Romney saying there cannot be peace between Israel and the
The Quran's anti-Semitism
French magazine posts Islamic jokes
Why Muslims kill
Myths Addressed
The rich don't pay taxes
Businesses are America's enemy
The Arabs living in the Palestinian territory are Palestinians
Wednesday 19 2 Topics
Hebrew tenses have nothing to do with timing
Time before time
All living things have souls
How a soul can become immortal
The sadistic nature of the religious god
Understanding creation in light of relativity
Myths Addressed
All souls are immortal
Souls are unique to humans
There is only heaven or hell after death
Thursday 20 1 Topics
The fast and the furious
Muslims killing whenever Muhammad is "disgraced"
Lying in Islam
Why Yada didn't translate the Quran, but chose instead to rely on
    the 5 most revered translations already out there
The violent verses in Scripture
Myths Addressed
The "Bible" and the Quran teach the same moral codes. The God of the bible was violent and ill tempered. God wants to be feared Caller
Larry contrasted the violence of the Yahowah, God of the so-
    called "Old Testament", with the violence of Allah, the god of
Thursday 20 2 Topics
The three stories being told in the creation account
The role of the Ruach Ha Qodesh, or Set-Apart Spirit
Transliteration vs. translation, and when each is appropriate
Using transliterated words to determine the pronunciation of
    Yah's name
The importance of understanding the meaning of names and titles
    in Scriptures
The role of prophecy
The difficulties with the book of Revelation
Myths Addressed
There is a Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit
God's name is unknown or unpronounceable
Larry continued his contributions to the broadcast
Diane had a question about the 144,000 mentioned in the book of
Friday 21 1 Topics
Friday riots in the Middle East
The formation of the Taliban
The link between Pakistan and the Taliban
Challenges to "Prophet of Doom"
Myths Addressed
The Sabbath has been changed to Sunday
"Prophet of Doom" takes the Quran out of context
"Prophet of Doom" mistranslates the Quran
Friday 21 2 Topics
The hopelessness of Islam and its spread throughout the world
Yahowah's invitation to us in His Torah
The neshamah
Universal expansion
Yahowah, our God, hates Jesus
What happened on the three most important days in human
    history, Pesach, Matsah and Bikurym
Myths Addressed
Only humans have a soul
The Torah is law
Yahowah has only taken human form once in history
Salvation is available only through the name of Jesus
God died on a cross
Jason wanted to know, "What happened when Moshe went up on the mountain? What was the purpose of Yahowsha coming?"
Monday 24 1 Topics
Obama saying that Yisra'el is one of our best allies in the region
Moral relativism
Apartheid in South Africa in the 80's, and the role of the media
The history of the Shah of Iran, and the rise of Islam there
Manufacturing our enemies
The Federal Reserve, The Council on Foreign Relations, and the
    ownership of news organizations
Myth Addressed
The media is objective and accountable
Steve remarked about America's forces killing innocents in their
    attempts to kill Saddam Hussein
Monday 24 2 Topics
The addition of fluoride in the water
The media isn't accountable because no one holds them
Following Yah's path
The history of Jesus
Personal experience as justification
Myths Addressed
There is a church in Scripture
There is a Jesus in Scripture
God wants to be feared
Allen noted deliberate attempts in the media to distract with
    celebrity gossip, and he stated that the addition of fluoride in our
    water supply is to pacify the people
Jason opined that we should join churches to spread the truth. He
    also shared his testimony of coming to know God through the
    name of Jesus.
Bonnie, a former Muslim, discussed "Prophet of Doom" and re-
    ported that most Muslims don't know a lot about Islam
Tuesday 25 1 A few minutes of technical difficulties disturbed the beginning
    of the broadcast
Choosing the lesser of two evils
Analyzing the claims of the "anti-Islamic" film
The goals and purposes of the Shattering Myths broadcasts
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
    says that Israel has no roots in the Middle East
Israel's verfiable history in the region
Myths Addressed
Torah means law
All religions lead to God
Yada is just out to make a profit
There is a Palestinian people today
Tuesday 25 2 Topics
Should we be intolerant?
Land for peace deals
The purpose of the Lowy (Levites)
Yom Kippurym
Myths Addressed
Tolerance is a good thing
A movie is to blame for the riots in the Arab world
If we give Muslims land in Israel we will have peace
We should inflict or deny ourselves on Yom Kippurym
Wednesday 26 1 Topics
The cowardliness of our government in dealing with Islam
Ignorance floating on a sea of information
The hiding of information
The need for good information
Myths Addressed
All religions are good
Islam is a peaceful religion
Israel has no roots in the Middle East
Wednesday 26 2 Topics
Yom Kippurym
Yah's Torah vs. the Talmud of the rabbis in Jewish life
There is only one path to Yah
Answering and responding vs. self-affliction
Context is King
Myths Addressed
God wants us to do things for Him
We should inflict ourselves for God
Jews are Torah observant
Jocie asked, "What is the role of the Savior in Yom Kippurym?"
Thursday 27 1 Topics
Iran's threat to Israel
We have to commit to investing the time necessary to seriously
    study Yah's Scriptures
The satanic nature of Islam
Comparing Israel to the Muslim world
What is a Zionist?
The Talmud vs. Yah's Torah
Myths Addressed
Yom Kippurym is just for the Jews
There are different holidays and festivals for Jews and Gentiles
Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Scriptural year
Thursday 27 2 Topics
The desired role of prayer
Listening to God and then responding
The role of the Miqra'ey
Rabbi Akiba and his false messiah, Bar Kochba
Myths Addressed
We converse with God by telling Him what we want
Modern Judaism follows the Torah
William wanted to know, "How do we answer Yah's invitation?"
Jason asked, "Will there be a removal of Yah's family? If so, when?"
Jeff remarked about the misunderstanding of Kippurym
Friday 28 1 Topics
Democracy in Iraq
Having to choose between the lesser of two evils
Religion requires faith because it doesn't make sense
The things of man and the things of Yahowah
God makes sense
Myths Addressed
Democracy is a good thing
Heaven and Hell are the only two destinations for a soul
Friday 28 2 Topics
Yahowah as Father
What Babylon represents
The meaning and importance of Qara
The helpfulness of Logos software for studying Scripture
A brief review of a few verses of Qara (Leviticus)
Myths Addressed
Yah wants a religion
Faith is required to know God
Roger encouraged listeners, "Don't be afraid to walk away from religion!"
Grady asked, "Why are there sacrifices, a priesthood, and other
    'religious' things in Leviticus if Yahowah is against religion?"

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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