Shattering Myths Archives
October, 2012

These archives have been edited to remove the top-of-the-hour newsbreak and the commercials. The resulting MP3 files are each about 37 minutes long.
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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 1 1 Topics
The harm done by religion
Violent nature of Islam
America is funding our enemies
Myths Addressed
Clerics speak in the name of God
Religions have been a net good in history
God's primary goal is salvation
Larry wondered, "Given what we have seen in the Middle East, why
    is America still there?"
Nick asked, "Why do you compare other religions to what is
    written in Hebrew? And what about those who don't know
    Yahowah, and have never heard of the Torah?"
Monday 1 2 Topics
The cessation of life for those who do not know Yah
Priestly pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church
Myths Addressed
The Torah establishes a religion
We should refer to religious leaders as Father
Nick carried over from first hour
Peter told how he was adopted into a Catholic family as a child
    and was sexually abused by a Roman Catholic priest
Tuesday 2 1 Topics
The start of Sukah (Shelters)
Crimes of pedophilia perpetrated by Roman Catholic priests in
Excuses Catholics make for the criminal behavior of their priests
Myths Addressed
The Catholic Church has been an agent for good in society
We should ask for the forgiveness of others
All sins are forgivable
Peter, who reported to us yesterday that he was abused by a priest
Tuesday 2 2 Topics
The abuses perpetrated by religion
Continued discussion of Sukah (Shelters)
The Yowbel year
The number 40
Myths Addressed
Yah's Miqra'ey are unimportant to Him
God punishes us for not listening to Him
Jason scolded Yada, "You need to get past language and not get
    hung up on terminology. Yahowah is love."
Wednesday 3 1 Topics
Tonight's presidential debates
Info showing that our embassies were in danger from attacks
    planned weeks earlier, and not as a result of Muslim outrage at a
    poorly made movie
Pope calls on Christians, Jews, and Muslims to root out fundamen-
Myth Addressed
Our government serves us
Richard reported, "I've heard a quote where President Obama said that if push came to shove, he would side with Islam against the United States of America."
Wednesday 3 2 Topics
Number of suicides as a result of sexual abuse by Roman Catho-
    lic priests
The Festival of Shelters (Sukah)
Understanding Jeremiah 31:31-33
Myths Addressed
The Torah instructions have been nullified or done away with
There either is or will be a new covenant/testament
Larry on examining the Hebrew word, chadash, and why it is more
    accurate to translate it as "renewed" rather than as "new".
Thursday 4 1 Topics
Turkey retaliating in Syria
The first presidential debate
Yada's email exchange with a reader of "Prophet of Doom"
Why you shouldn't attempt to discuss something until you know it
    well enough to be effective
Myths Addressed
Government does things better than the private sector
The economy in the 90s was the result of Bill Clinton's plan
There are two covenants presented in Scripture, one of grace and
    one of slavery
Thursday 4 2 Topics
Continuing the review of the email exchange
God's name, Yahowah, appears exactly 7,000 times in Scripture
Myths Addressed
There is a Jesus Christ in Scripture
The four letters of God's Name are all consonants
Names change with language
God hears all prayers
Friday 5 1 Topics
Pedophilia among the Roman Catholic priesthood
The Roman Catholic Church's attempts to cover up crimes of sexual
    abuse of children by its clergy
Information and reason being targeted by Islamic groups
Myth Addressed
The Catholic Church should not be held accountable for the crimes
    committed by its priests
Friday 5 2 Topics
The Festival of Sukah (Shelters)
Myth Addressed
God has a church
Monday 8 1 Topics
The size of the US military
"Peace" ad campaign in New York
The importance of maintaining credibility when exposing lies
What jihad is
Americans in Afghanistan
Myths Addressed
We can placate the Muslim world and achieve peace
Jihad is an internal struggle only
Monday 8 2 Topics
Letter from a Christian which praises "Prophet of Doom", but then
    attacks "Yada Yah"
God has but one Name, and it is for all time
Identifying false prophets
Placeholders that were used for Yahowsha's name in the Greek
Myths Addressed
God likes the title, the LORD
Jesus is the savior
There is a New Testament, or New Covenant
Tuesday 9 1 Topics
The Textus Receptus
Yow'el's story of leaving the RomanCatholic Church
Corruption in the Roman Catholic Church
Myths Addressed
The "Bible" as we have it is inerrant.
Those that don't love Him, God will torture in Hell
Infant baptism is prescribed by God
Jason opined that there is a need for an amplified and properly
    translated copy of Scripture
Tuesday 9 2 Topics
The Roman Catholic Church
The timeless nature of Hebrew
Separating God from religion
Myth Addressed
God is popular
Annalease shared her story of leaving the Catholic Church
Rodger, celebrated Sukah with members of a Yah related Facebook
    group as a camping trip
Jocie remarked, "I've joined the John Haggee online group and have
    attempted to interject Torah into the discussions." She went on
    to decry the Christian belief in salvation through the blood of
    Jesus Christ.
Wednesday 10 1 Hour 1 was a repeat of an earlier broadcast
Wednesday 10 2 Topics
The origins of the name, Bible
Yahowsha was a diminished manifestation of Yahowah
Errors in the Trinity doctrine
Possibilities for the 2 witnesses in Revelation
The two parties are different sides of the same coin
Myths Addressed
There is a New Testament
There is a Trinity
Jesus was the totality of God
Jason asked, "Do you think it is possible that you are one of the
    two witnesses spoken of in Revelation? Would you ever do your
    own translation of the Bible?"
Thursday 11 1 Topics
Pakistani girl shot for speaking out in favor of educating women
The role and treatment of women in Islam
Exposing the symptoms of Islam but not the cause
Cult murders in Nigeria
Myth Addressed
Muslims can be trusted to honor their agreements
Larry complained about people who defend Islam and claim that
    acts of terrorism are the acts of individuals who are acting in
    opposition to Islam's teachings of peace
Thursday 11 2 Topics
Return to the letter from Stephen
If we are going to change Yahowsha to Jesus, why not change other
    things as well?
Religions claim the Torah as their Scripture, but then contradict
    it at almost every turn
Myths Addressed
Striving for accuracy in Scripture is legalistic
Man is authorized to change God's word
God wants us to bow before him
Friday 12 1 Topics
The Vice-Presidential Debates
Political Correctness
The ignorance of the American electorate
Myths Addressed
We need to increase our military to defend ourselves
Medicare and Social Security can and should be saved
Republicans and Democrats are different
Larry declared that Vice-Presidential debate was not a debate.
Friday 12 2 Topics
Continuing the letter from Stephen
The upright pole
Myths Addressed
The original followers of Yahowsha followed a New Testament
The Torah is law that must be kept and obeyed
God's family will not be judged, and all who are judged will be
    found guilty
God doesn't want us to bow to Him
Dianne pointed out that Yahowsha's goal was to take us back to
    the Torah.
Monday 15 1 Topics
Jihadists sign peace deal in the Philippines
The Treaty of Hudabiyyah
Sharia law
The Saudi royal family
America propping up dictators
Myths Addressed
Islam seeks peace
America is doing good in the world
Monday 15 2 Topics
What to do about family and holidays after coming to know Yah
The origins of Halloween
The origin of Chanukah
The integration of pagan festivals into Catholicism and thus
The promise of seven
God wants us to be His children
Myths Addressed
There is a New Testament. We are saved by belief in the "Gospel of Grace"
God wants everyone to bow to Him
God wants to be feared
Jocie spoke on the difference between "fear" and "revere", and
    contrasted trembling in fear with trembling in excitement.
Tuesday 16 1 Topics
Hillary Clinton takes the blame for the embassy incident in Libya
America arming rebels in Syria
Myth Addressed
We can trust the Muslims that we are arming in the Middle East
Larry wondered, "What does 'accept responsibility' mean if there
    are no repercussions?"
Tuesday 16 2 Topics
Yahowah bowing down to man
Praying to gods other than Yahowah
Yahowah's path home
Known errors in our modern "Bible"
God hates religion
Myths Addressed
Yahowah wants us to bow to Him
There are many ways to Yahowah
Richard asked, "What does your logo represent? Do you believe the
    Bible is infallible?"
Wednesday 17 1 Topics
The Presidential debate
America arming our enemies around the world
The differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims
Yah's prophecy of Ishmael and his descendants
Myths Addressed
You can have a war against a tactic, e.g., terrorism
Democracy is a good thing
Al Qaeda is our enemy
Wednesday 17 2 Topics
Exploring the relationship that Yah wants to have with every
    man, woman, and child
Faith and belief vs. trusting and understanding
God has but one Name, Yahowah
Myths Addressed
Yahowah wants us to bow before Him
Yahowah wants to be lord over our lives
Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in whom
    dwelt the fullness of the godhead bodily, who died on a cross for
    our sins and who was raised from the dead for our justification
Thursday 18 1 Topics
The situation in Greece
Saudi religious police say they need to get women into the work
Pope flying senior cardinals into Syria
Myths Addressed
Terrorism is our enemy
You can have a war against a tactic, e.g., terrorism
Thursday 18 2 Topics
Those that have caused others to bow will themselves bow in
    judgment before Yah
Who will be separated forever from Yahowah, and why
Separating God from religion
Knowing and Understanding vs. Believing
Myths Addressed
There was a Jesus who lived in the first century
Yahowah wants us to be religious
Jason stated, "We have to value the truth over everything."
Friday 19 1 Topics
The idiocy of declaring war on a tactic, such as terrorism
Afghan woman beheaded by family for refusal to prostitute
Other atrocities in the Islamic World
Myths Addressed
Invading Afghanistan made America safer
You can train Muslims to help you defeat terrorism
Al Qaeda is our enemy, not Islam
Larry observed that, "The common thread between all of these a-
    trocities is pretty obvious: Islam."
Friday 19 2 Topics
The name "Jesus"
Review of Jeremiah 23
Valuing the Truth over beliefs
Myths Addressed
Yahowah wants us to abandon reason and replace it with faith
The Torah is just for the Jews
Larry and Jason both shared their views on Yada's review of
    Jeremiah 23 and on the name "Jesus"
Monday 22 1 Topics
Romney's 47% comment
The Earned Income tax credit
The Social Security system
Myths Addressed
The Earned Income tax credit isn't welfare
Social Security has a trust fund
Monday 22 2 Topics
Jeremiah 23 review
Yahowah's plan to restore the Yahudim
The one path to Yahowah
Being led astray because of mourning for the dead
Myths Addressed
God changes
Jesus is the Savior
Tuesday 23 1 Topics
The presidential debate
The numbers of Americans who either pay no taxes or are net tax
Social Security
Myths Addressed
The "Arab spring" has been and will continue to be a good thing
We need to increase our funding for our military
Our military makes us safer
There is a trust fund for social security
Nick pointed out that illegal immigrants don't pay income tax,
    but that they do receive federal and state benefits.
Tuesday 23 2 Topics
Continuing review of Jeremiah 23
Those who lead others away from Yah will spend eternity sepa-
    rated from Yah
Myths Addressed
God judges and punishes people all through their lives
God micromanages the world
Governments rule by the desire of Yah
Steve commented on Paul's statement in Romans 13 that we should
    submit to the ruling authorities because they have been
    appointed by God.
Larry shared his views on the Presidential debate and American
Wednesday 24 1 Topics
Islamic holiday celebrating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice
The Libya embassy attack: what the President knew and when he
    knew it
Why the President and his Administration lied about the embassy
Myth Addressed
The Libya attacks occurred as a result of Muslim outrage at a
    movie which defamed Muhammad
Larry offered his opinion on why Obama lied.
Wednesday 24 2 Topics
A letter that Yada received about relying on the government
Mindset vs. actions, understanding vs. doing
Myth Addressed
The Towrah is a long list of laws which must be obeyed
Larry remained available for comment.
Dianne said, "You should do another show on the 119th Psalm."
Thursday 25 1 Topics
Reviewing Obama's statement before the UN on the Benghazi
The history of evil in religion
The American justice system's unjustness
Myths Addressed
The Benghazi attack was the result of a video on YouTube
Muhammad was a prophet; he made prophecies that came to be
It is wrong to condemn that which is evil
Larry brought to our attention that political correctness laws
    are popping up all over the world.
Thursday 25 2 Topic
Jeremiah 23 review continued
Myths Addressed
Yah wants to be a lord who rules over us
You don't need to study Scripture because the "Holy Spirit"
    will guide you
Steve wanted Yah to explain why are certain words transliterated
    with an apostrophe in them.
Friday 26 1 Topics
A letter Yada received condemning him for claiming there is a God
The use of ad hominem and straw man attacks when one can't
    intelligently address the information
Insecurity: symptoms and consequences
Political promises
Myths Addressed
You have to have belief in God
The Old Testament, New Testament and Quran are all the same
Friday 26 2 Topics
A review of Yahowsha/Joshua 1
Emulating the ways of Babel will lead you away from God
The book of Yahowsha/Joshua is a part of the Torah
The nature of Free Will
Myths Addressed
God should intervene to prevent "innocents" from suffering
Scripture says that the sun was created on the 4th day
Jocie brought up a letter from an atheist about God allowing the
    suffering of innocents in the world.
Larry pointed out that most contradictions in the "Bible" exist
    either because the translations are bad, or people view the
    writings of the false apostle Paul as Scripture
Monday 29 1 Topics
8.0 earthquake in America
Hurricane Sandy
Signs of the last days
Picking of the new Coptic pope
Myths Addressed
Monday 29 2 Topics
Continued review of Jeremiah
The nature of prophecy in Scripture
The need to walk away from man's world to be with Yahowah
The alliance of religion and politics
Those who reject Yahowah will be rejected by Yahowah
Religious pontifications of peace
Myths Addressed
God endorses political parties and religions
Yah has and uses Angels
Christmas, Easter and Sunday worship are prescribed and/or
    endorsed by Yahowah, our God
Tuesday 30 1 Topics
Hurricane Sandy
Global Warming
Romney campaign ad citing an article that Chrysler/Fiat will begin
    producing Jeeps in China
Roman Catholic Church warns that celebrating Halloween promotes
The history of Halloween
Myths Addressed
The global climate is getting warmer
The auto bailout was a success
Romney lied about the article regarding Fiat moving Jeep
    production to China
Tuesday 30 2 Topic
Jeremiah 23 review continued
Myth Addressed
God intervenes and punishes and rewards in this world
Larry: the role of Yah in natural disasters now and in the end times
Larry: "What is your take on the fact that you can find references to
    Yahowah in Native American songs and the Tetragrammaton in
    their inscriptions?"
Wednesday 31 1 Topics
The history of Christmas
Genocide in the Sudan
Israelis may have bombed Iranian factory
The link between suicide attacks and religion
Suicide bomber trading cards in the Arab world
The rebirth of Islam in Turkey
Myths Addressed
Christmas is a scriptural holiday which God wants us to keep
The "Arab Spring" has been a good thing
Opposing Islam is racist
Wednesday 31 2 Topics
Continued review of Jeremiah 23
Personal revelations vs. written Scripture
The importance of Yahowah's Name
The nature of the abyss
Myths Addressed
Yada is revealing a personal revelation
Yah's name is unimportant, unpronounceable and irrelevant
God doesn't care what you call Him
Larry brought to our attention that people don't realize they are
    disrespecting Yahowah by knowingly not using His Name

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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