Shattering Myths Archives
November, 2012

These archives have been edited to remove the top-of-the-hour newsbreak and the commercials. The resulting MP3 files are each about 37 minutes long.
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Day Date Hour Description
Thursday 1 1 Topic
Global warming
Myth Addressed
There is manmade global warming
Larry talked about the emails that were leaked which spoke of
    covering up evidence against climate change.
Thursday 1 2 Topics
Prophecy of the world in the last days
Determining when Yahowah will return to earth
Myth Addressed
We cannot know when Yahowah will return
Friday 2 1 Topics
What natural events are from Yah and which are not
The difference between global warming and climate change
The United States of America's Presidential election
Review of last day prophecies
Myths Addressed
There is man-made global warming
We cannot know the timing of prophetic events
Larry declared, "If Yahowsha is a diminished manifestation of
    Yahowah, then there is nothing that Yahowah could know that
    Yahowsha doesn't know as well."
Friday 2 2 Topic
Timing the return of Yahowsha
Myths Addressed
The Greek text of the "New Testament" is 100% reliable
No one knows the day and hour of the return, not even the Son
Monday 5 1 Topics
Video of soldiers being beaten before being shot to death by
    Muslims: 160 dead
The history and origin of "Allahu Akbar"
Good Muslims are terrorists
The history of the Croats
Myth Addressed
Fundamentalist Muslims have hijacked and changed Islam
Monday 5 2 Topics
Jeremiah 23 continued
Trusting man vs. trusting God
The motivation and plan of the religious to hide and corrupt
    Yah's Name
Myths Addressed
Yahowah's name is unimportant to Him and/or to us
Torah is law
There are two covenants
Jason said, "I had a supernatural salvation experience using the
    name Jesus. My life was changed by that experience. What was
    the point of the Ma'aseYah if we could achieve salvation by
    observing the Torah?"
Tuesday 6 1 Topics
Election issues (U.S.A.'s Presidential election)
Yada's lesser of two evils presidential score card
Socialism and redistribution of wealth
Myths Addressed
Obama saved the automotive industry in America
The housing collapse was the cause of too little government regu-
There is a war on terrorism
Al Qaeda is the enemy not Islam
Tuesday 6 2 Topics
There is but one Torah for both the natural born and the Goyim
What is the need for the Ma'aseyah if the Torah is still in
What does "fulfill" mean in terms of the Torah?
Myths Addressed
We are incapable of observing the Torah
Jesus did away with the Torah
Fulfill means to do away with
Jack asked, "If Adam and Chawah were the first humans created in
    God's image, and there were other humans prior to that without
    a conscience, then are they still around? Were Adam and Chawah
Wednesday 7 1 Topics
The state of America, and its decline
The American people saying that the economy is the biggest issue
    and then voting for the one who destroyed it
If we don't reduce our debt the economy will collapse, but what
    it would take to do it could collapse the economy
The Benghazi attacks
Myths Addressed
There is a chance to reverse America's decline
The Benghazi attack was motivated by a video on YouTube
Larry commented on the American Presidential elections
Wednesday 7 2 Topics
Observing the Torah leads to a relationship with Yahowah
"Observing" vs. "doing"
Warning pertaining to Paul
Myths Addressed
It is impossible for man to observe the Torah
A religion is right if it is popular and has a lot of adherents
Thursday 8 1 Topics
Review of emails Yada has received
America's picking of the greater of two evils
Examining how we got to where we are with our two party systems
The cause of the great depression and our current recession
The effects of high taxes vs. low taxes
The growing together of the two parties
America's "Declaration of Dependence"
Myths Addressed
Cutting taxes decreases government revenue
The roaring 20s and lower taxes caused America's Great
Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" policies got us out of America's
    Great Depression
Thursday 8 2 Topics
Continued review of Yahowsha's view of the Torah
Conversion experiences in the name of Jesus
Paul's admission of being demon possessed
Beriyth means "Covenant"
The importance of hayah
Why it is critically important to understand Hebrew
Myths Addressed
Torah means "law"
The presence of miracles equates to the presence of Yahowah
Friday 9 1 Topics
    Craig Smith, CEO of Swiss America and
    author of "The Great Debasement"
Gold and its worth as an investment
The history of the United States Income Tax
America's coming inability to service our debt
Myths Addressed
The income tax was instituted to fund the government
Roosevelt saved the country from the Great Depression
Social Security has a trust fund holding the money added in
Larry predicted, "We will see higher unemployment as taxes go up."
Friday 9 2 Topics
There is no collective hope for the world, but there is hope for
    individuals in Yahowah
The nature of Yahowah's Beriyth - Covenant Relationship
Yahowahactually grows through the Covenant Relationship
What we gain and what Yah gains through our relationship with
    each other
Myths Addressed
We can rely upon our government for our security and protection
Yahowah, our God, does not grow
Monday 12 1 Topics
Review of the election results and America's selecting of the
    greater of two evils
The history of taxation in the United States of America
The usurping of states' rights in the American Civil War
The monopolizing of the news media
Myths Addressed
America has taxation with representation
The recession we are in now and the Great Depression were caused
    by insufficient government involvement and control
We need more regulation and more taxation
Raising taxes increases government revenue
Monday 12 2 Topics
Return to addressing the letter received from a Christian
Yahowah's and Paul's differing views on circumcision
"Keeping" and "obeying" vs. "observing"
The symbolism of the poisoning of the waters beneath the temple
The spiritual aspects of the law and the physical aspects of the law
Myths Addressed
The Torah must be followed perfectly or not at all
If you are circumcised because you want to comply with Yahowah's
    instructions, then you must also keep every aspect of the law
Diane had a question regarding certain instructions in Numbers
    5:11-31 (The Trial of Jealousy) pertaining to determining
    infidelity on the part of one's wife
Tuesday 13 1 Topics
U.S. General David Howell Petraeus in the news
What information was leaked because of Petraeus's affair
The Iraq and Afghan war, and the mythical war on terror
Myths Addressed
The Benghazi attack was the result of an anti-Muhammad video
We had no warning the Benghazi attack was going to occur
Tuesday 13 2 Topics
What it means to observe the Torah
The meaning of Torah
Myths Addressed
Torah means "law"
Yahowah demands that we obey the Torah
Wednesday 14 1 Topics
Generals Petraeus and Allen
Socialism in Europe
Myths Addressed
Decreasing what you give someone costs them
It is moral to increase the debt on our children in order to care
    for people today
Wednesday 14 2 Topics
Shama—"listen", and shamar—"observe the Torah"
Observe so as to come to know, and then come to understand so as
    to trust and rely upon Torah
The different Hebrew words for man, and the nuances conveyed
    with them
Myths Addressed
Democracy is a great thing
We must obey the Torah's every precept to be saved
The book of Enoch is Scripture
Steve asked, "What are your thoughts on the book of Enoch?"
Jesse wanted to know, "How would you explain the sons of God and
    daughters of man in Genesis 6?"
Thursday 15 1 Topics
    David Hayden, author of "Muhammad and the Birth of Islamic
    Supremacism: The War With the Jews 622-628A.D."
Yada's history of studying Islam
The history of Khaybar and the origin of "Allahu Akbar"
The best sources to use to help us understand Islam
The five oldest sources that were used as the basis for "Prophet of
The Quran is a Hadith because it was passed down orally for hun-
    dreds years before it was written down anywhere
        (A hadith is a report of the sayings or actions of Muhammad or
        his companions, together with the tradition of its chain of
        transmission. By definition, then, something that is hadith
        cannot be Scripture. Therefore, the Quran cannot be Scripture.)
The pledge of Akaba
Why the Muslims attacked the Jews
Myths Addressed
Violent Muslims are corrupting the Islamic Scriptures
Islam is a religion of peace
Muhammad was a good and godly man
The Hadith are not necessary for Islam
The Jews drove the Muslims to attacking them
Thursday 15 2 Topics
Interview with author David Hayden continued
Deception in Islam
Muslims claiming territory that belongs to others
History of the Islamic war on Jews
The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
Myths Addressed
Muhammad led Muslims in glorious battles
    (in reality they were terrorist raids on unarmed caravans)
Muhammad only fought in defense
Glenn challenged, "I was wondering where you are coming from,
    what is your school of thought."
Friday 16 1 Topics
The history of the Republican and Democratic parties in control
Historically, prior to George W. Bush, the economy did better
    under Republicans
The cause of the Great Depression and the current recession were
    the same
Myth Addressed
It is better to vote for the lesser of two evils
John charged, "Your review of the economic history is too limited. Nations have life cycles."
Friday 16 2 Topics
Yah's Miqra-ey, the seven step plan to get us home
The Torah is for everyone
Christianity is a religion based on sun worship
Myths Addressed
The Torah is irrelevant today
There are both a New Testament and an Old Testament
Larry pointed out and discussed the differences between the
    Jewish religious calendar and the Scriptural dating of the Mowed

Jocie expressed her frustration with people who are blaming Israel
    for the current conflict when, in fact, they are only retaliating
    against attacks from Muslims
Monday 19 1 Topics
Hamas firing rockets into Israel
The right of a country to respond to an attack
"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will
    herald the end of the republic"
        - Ben Franklin
The debt and tax history of America
Myths Addressed
Israel should avoid firing on those launching rockets so as to not
    kill civilians
Increasing taxes increases revenue and benefits the economy
Monday 19 2 Topics
The cause and consequence of relying on human institutions
The pagan origins of the cross
The way to be adopted onto God's family
Myths Addressed
The Torah cannot save
The Torah and its instructions are only for Jews
Tuesday 20 1 Topics
History of anti-Semitism, and libels against Jews
Bias in the media
The availability of missiles to Hamas is because of America's
    invasion of Iraq
Myths Addressed
The Jews own the world media
Israel was wrong for bombing in the Gaza after rocket attacks
Hamas is willing to negotiate peace with Israel
Tuesday 20 2 Topics
The difference between Israel's dealing with the situation in the
    Gaza and America's dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan
The history of Hamas
What the future holds when Yahowah returns
Myth Addressed
There can be peace between Israel and the bogus "Palestinians"
Roland - no further information
Jocie let us know that, "Muslims are showing pictures of dead children from Syria and claiming they are from Gaza. Israel is letting civilians know where they are going to bomb before bombing."
Wednesday 21 1 Topics
Guest: Jerry McLaughlin, new film "A Long Way Off"
Yada and Jerry's history of exposing Islam
The paganization of Christianity
The prodigal son
Myths Addressed
Christmas and Easter are Scriptural: God wants us to keep them
You can reject the Torah and still be a follower of Yahowsha
Wednesday 21 2 Topics
Continued from 1st hour: analysis of the prodigal son
What Yahowah's name means: the original Paleo Hebrew char-
    acters described in detail
Myth Addressed
The prodigal son parable is about the so-called "church"
Larry described his experience debating a Christian on Facebook
Thursday 22 1 No program information available
Thursday 22 2 No program information available
Friday 23 1 Topics
Guest: Jerry McLaughlin discussing the film, "A Long Way Off"
The possible timing of the Taruwah harvest
Review of the parable of the prodigal son
Myths Addressed
We cannot know when Yahowah will return
The gentile church is the prodigal son
Friday 23 2 Topics
Continued from hour 1
Brief history of the King James Version of the "Bible"
The need to admit you were wrong in order to be forgiven
    He who conceals his sins doesn’t prosper,
    but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.
        - Prov 28:13
Myths Addressed
The King James Version is the best translation because it is
    "the inerrant Word of God"
There is a difference between a religion and a cult
Monday 26 1 Topics
Unfolding conflict between Israel and the falsely named "Pales-
Anti-Semitism in Italy
The history of the land of Israel and Rome
The purposeful placement of children near weapons stashes by
A review of America's economic position
Myths Addressed
The "Arab Spring" was a good thing
The Muslims living in the area of Israel are Palestinians
Republicans have a history of shrinking government debt and
    growing the economy
Monday 26 2 Topics
The benefit of observing Yahowah's Torah
Yahowah can only be found in the Torah
Myths Addressed
Yahowah is religious
The consequence of ignoring and not observing Torah is being
    tortured forever in Hell
Yahowah, our God, wants obedience
Tuesday 27 1 Topics
The bail-out of Greece
Global warming
New discovery at the Super Hadron Collider
Dark energy and dark matter: the 96% of the universe we can't
    even observe
America is once again creating our next enemy
The Middle East conflict
Myths Addressed
Our government has revenue issues, and needs more revenue
Our science can or will in time be able to explain everything
Democracy is a good thing
Larry said, "It's a horrible idea for America to support Imams
    taking control of Islamic countries."
Tuesday 27 2 Topics
The difference between knowing and understanding
The filtering of information by man-made institutions
The Catholic Church's prohibition of a Bible in a language other
    than Latin
The origin of the word, "Grace"
The use of consistency to determine accuracy and truth
Relationship vs. Religion
Salvation is a byproduct of relationship
God has given us the tools needed, it is up to us to use them
Myths Addressed
Our media is trustworthy
The Torah is obsolete
Yahowah has a "Gospel of Grace
God created man to be religious
Wednesday 28 1 Topics
The situation in Israel
Land for Peace
A Palestinian state
The historic consequences of nations that oppose Israel
Myths Addressed
Democracy is a good thing
There are a Palestinian people today
Wednesday 28 2 Topics
The Torah: its role, what it means, and God's view on it
Yahowah wants us to choose to come to know Him, to choose to
    accept the terms and conditions of His Torah Covenant
The difference between knowing Yahowah as He presents Himself,
    and knowing and loving a make-believe god that is invented by
    man's imagination
Salvation is a byproduct of relationship
Myths Addressed
There is a bodily resurrection
The Torah is an impossible burden for anyone to carry
Our salvation is Yahowah's goal for us
Thursday 29 1 Topics
    Craig Smith CEO of Swiss America
        and author of "The Great Debasement"
The majority of Americans don't pay taxes
The history of the Federal Reserve
Relying on government for freedom and security
The fiscal cliff: should we go off it or not?
The need for a fiat currency to have a welfare state
The history of democracy
Myths Addressed
The Federal Reserve is a branch of the federal government
Republicans have a history of cutting spending and government
We can turn the country around and avoid collapse
Thursday 29 2 Topics
Walking away from your country
Coming to know God so as to trust and rely upon Him
The goal and the purpose of the Torah according to Yahowah
Myths Addressed
God wants us bowing before him
The Torah is a set of laws
Larry - no further information available
Friday 30 1 Topics
Should we recognize as a sovereign state a group of people with
    genocide at its core?
The UN voting to recognize a state of Palestine
Myths Addressed
There are a Palestinian people today in the world
"God Damn" is a swear word and saying it is a violation of the
    "10 Commandments"
Jason vented his "righteous indignation" toward the UN.
Friday 30 2 Topics
Observing the Torah
The most important aspects of the Torah to focus on
The role of the Torah according to God's testimony
Myth Addressed
The Torah is a set of laws which absolutely must be obeyed out
    of fear of punishment or hell

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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