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December, 2012

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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 3 1 Topics
Israel reacts to UN vote on "Palestine" by building houses
Growing Islamic leadership in the Middle East
The treatment of rape in Islam
The current state of Iraq
Myths Addressed
There is a race known as Palestinians
Building homes is an act of aggression
The homes being built in Israel are going to force the removal of
Monday 3 2 Topics
The Christian view of the Torah
The statement, "God knows my heart"
You can't force or coerce love
When and how God intervenes
Free Will and Choice
Myths Addressed
Torah means law
Hell is the consequence of opting out of a relationship with God
God uses the carrot and stick approach of heaven and hell to
    coerce us into loving him
Tuesday 4 1 Topics
The increase of fundamentalism in Islam
Islam is submission, which is the opposite of freedom
Sharia law
According to the Quran, Allah spends most of his time in Hell
What Hadith is and why it is important
The inability of the media to state truth as it relates to Islam
Myths Addressed
Democracy is good and should be spread
God wants to be worshipped
Tuesday 4 2 Topics
Review of what Dabariym says about the Torah
The meanings of shama and shamar
Islamic science and history
Paul's quoting Dionysius
Eternal separation from God vs. death
Myth Addressed
The Torah is a set of laws that must be obeyed
Jason had a question about the passage in Numbers 15:32-36,
    where a man is to be stoned for gathering wood on the Sabbath.
Diane asked, "If the consequence of sin is separation from God, why
    not just expel the guy who gathered sticks?"
Wednesday 5 1 Topics
U.S. President Barack Obama's desire to confiscate wealth
The fiscal cliff
Yahowsha was blunt and clear, not passive
Yahowah's economic structure
The Yowbel
Myths Addressed
We can increase spending and maintain our country
Yahowah is a socialist
Jason reported that the only time Yahowsha got angry was with
    the money changers
        - Read Mark 3:1-6 to learn about another time He became angry
Wednesday 5 2 Topics
A letter Yada received from a Christian
The difference between "instructions" and "laws"
The origin of the title "New Testament"
Myths Addressed
There are moral and ceremonial laws in the Torah
There was a man named Jesus in the first century
The Torah is too difficult for anyone to observe
Yahowah's Torah is only for Jews
Thursday 6 1 Topics
The "Arab spring"
The Orwellian language used by government and religion
Cruelty and torture in Islam, the Quran, and the Hadith
Myths Addressed
Democracy is good
You can discredit a book and its information by attacking the
Yada mistranslates the Quran in his book, "Prophet of Doom"
Nick brought up the Ayatollah's Little Green Book and the Muslim
    book of cruelty
Larry pointed out that the only religion we see putting out decrees
    regarding having sex with animals, male on male rape, and
    pedophilia is Islam.
Thursday 6 2 Topics
The use of ad hominem and straw man arguments
The future of America
Our government's oppressive policies
Expatriation tax
Myths Addressed
The Torah is a list of laws which must be obeyed
We can't know God's Name
Knowing Yahowah's Name is not important
Rod voiced his opinion that there is a possible loophole to the
    expatriation tax.
Friday 7 1 Topics
The Muslim world's reaction to Israel building houses in Jeru-
Tribalism in the Muslim worlds
Why, when the West Bank was part of Jordan, did they not make a
    country for the "Palestinians" as they now demand Israel do?
America treating our enemies as allies
Attacking civilians because there is no official military in
The reasoning for the first Gulf war and the consequences of it
Anti-Semitic verses in the Quran
Myths Addressed
There are a Palestinian people
Allah is the Arabic word for God
Muslims believe and follow the Torah and the "Gospels"
Friday 7 2 Topics
Yahowah's view on our relationship with Him
Lord vs. Loving Father
Myths Addressed
You can know Yahowah apart from the Torah
Scripture speaks of faith and belief, and it teaches that they
    are more important than Yahowah's Torah
Yahowah wants to be our Lord
Wayne wanted to let Yada's listeners know, "There is so much
    information at YY that isn't available anywhere else, and it is
    all verifiable!"
Monday 10 1 Topics
The fiscal cliff and the home mortgage tax
The European financial collapse
America no longer a has manufacturing base
Israel building in Jerusalem
Egotism and arrogance in Islam
Prisoners converting to Islam
The difficulty of telling the truth in a society that despises it
Myths Addressed
Socialism can work Israel should trade land for peace
There is a race of people called Palestinians
Jason called in to mention Malcolm X's ties to Islam.
Monday 10 2 Topic
Who is Melchizedek?
Myth Addressed
There is an Order of Melchizedek mentioned in Scripture
Tuesday 11 1 Topics
The inability of Americans to examine data and come to rational
Growing Islamic fundamentalism in Middle Eastern governments
Mohammed Morsi and Egypt
The ignoring of Islam as the motivation for Muslims
Myths Addressed
Freedom and Islam are compatible
Al'Queda should be our focus
Tuesday 11 2 Topics
The use of character assassination when reason cannot be used
Don't try to preach the Torah until you understand it
Myths Addressed
Satan presents himself as the Devil with horns and a red tail
Yahowsha was a meek individual
God knows and loves everyone on earth
An anonymous person called in during break to ask, "What is God's
    view on communing with spirits, and who are those spirits they
    claim to talk to?"
Wednesday 12 1 Topics
Michigan right to work vote today
The teachers union
The difference between fascism and communism
The way we discarded Osama Bin Laden's body
Good Muslims are terrorists
America's creating our next enemy
Our future according to prophecy
Myths Addressed
Better paid teachers do better work
Schools need more funding
Wednesday 12 2 Topics
We should be bold in presenting Yah's truth
Yahowsha's encounter with the two men on the road to Emmaus
Observing Torah as instructions and guidance rather than as
    obeying laws
How to pronounce God's name, and why
Myths Addressed
We should not offend people with the truth
A prophet can speak in a name other than Yahowah
Jocie discussed false prophets who claim to be speaking for God
    but aren't using His name.
Thursday 13 1 Topics
Special guest: Ben Barrack, author of "Unsung Davids: Ten Men
    Who Battled Goliath Without Glory"
Underdogs battle in the media
Walid Shoebat, former terrorist who now speaks out for Israel
The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al Husseini, the true architect of
    the holocaust
John Boehner taking on conservatives as opposed to liberals
Our two party system is a dictatorship
An administration member with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood
Myths Addressed
Hitler was the mastermind behind the "final solution" Converting from Islam to Christianity is a good thing
The "New Testament" is Scripture
America is a democracy
Al' Qaeda is our problem, not Islam
Jack asked, "What relationship does [American President] Obama
    have to Islam? Is he a Muslim?"
Thursday 13 2 Topics
Yada's deal with God
How to approach people when exposing lies and witnessing to the
Passion should follow understanding
Myth Addressed
In order not to offend people, we ought to just ignore lies when we
    hear them
Jason opined, "I view you and Larry as warriors for accuracy on Yahowah."
Friday 14 1 Topics
Guest: I.Q. Al Rassooli, author of "Lifting the Veil: The True
    Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
The history of Islam
The Quran is situational scriptures
Myths Addressed
Muhammad was a prophet, meaning he foretold future events with
    pinpoint accuracy
The Quran confirms the Torah, Prophets and Psalms because they
    were all inspired by the same God
Friday 14 2 Topics
Yah's Scripture is proven by His prophecy, which is 100% accurate
Yah wants to be our Father
The nature of Yahowah's Miqra'ey
The one prerequisite and four requirements of Yah's Covenant
Myths Addressed
The Torah is law
Yahrea wanted to know, "What did God mean by, 'I knew you before the universe?' "
Jocie said, "I had a Christian pastor say to me that the God of the 'Old Testament' is dead and has been replaced by Jesus. Do Christians really believe this?"
Monday 17 1 Topics
Mass murders in our world today, and how our Torah-replacement
    system manufactures them
The Second Amendment of the American Constitution is about
    having the nation's citizens armed in a such way as to secure
    their rights from their own government
The American President is the greatest mass murderer in the USA
The Middle East, and how America is creating her next enemy
Myths Addressed
The Second Amendment of the American Constitution is about
    keeping guns for hunting
The Second Amendment of the American Constitution is about
    keeping guns for personal defense
Robin discussed allowing concealed guns in schools.
Monday 17 2 Topics
The Torah is the source for learning God's will for our lives
Beriyth: the goal of Yahowah and the Torah
We study Yahowah's Torah in order to come to know it
We come to know Yahowah's Torah in order to truly understand it
Myths Addressed
We can be taught the truth by someone other than Yahowah
Jesus came to do away with the Torah
Jake asked for advice with regards to addressing with my Buddhist
    friend what he is learning about Yahowah, His Covenant, and the
Tuesday 18 1 Topics
Guest: Ben Barrack, author of "Unsung Davids"
Hillary Clinton not testifying on Benghazi
America is arming and creating her own next enemy
The American Presidential election and why candidate Mitt
    Romney lost
The effects of gun control throughout history
Myths Addressed
The Benghazi attack was the result of an anti-Islamic video
We have a war on terrorism
The Bush tax cuts only benefited the rich
Tuesday 18 2 Topics
The civil war between Shia and Sunies
America's thinning Israel at its waist
There was no letter "J" or sound like the letter "J" in any language
    until the 17th century
Not one Jot or Tittle of the Torah will change or be done away
Religious people's fear of the Truth
Relationships require work
Yahowsha said that if anyone claims to see Him before the whole
    world sees Him, don't believe them: so why do we believe Paul?
Myths Addressed
America is not arrogant
Democracy is a great thing
There is a Jesus in Scripture
Paul encountered Yahowsha on the road to Damascus
Jason reported, "I find it best to use the Greek text when engaging with Christians."
Wednesday 19 1 Topics
Gun control in the wake of Connecticut shooting
Blaming the weapon as opposed to the person or the mindset
Analysis of the 2nd amendment
Our government passing laws that contradict and undermine our
Myths Addressed
Gun ownership is a bad thing
Guns are evil
The second amendment only applies to militia
Rod wanted to talk about why the government wants gun control.
Wednesday 19 2 Topics
Leaving Babylon
The difference between Torah and torah
You cannot trust and rely upon that which you do not know and
Myths Addressed
The Torah is only for Jews
We are instructed to obey the Torah
Steve asked, "If there were no vowel points [in Hebrew], how would
    they know how to pronounce words?
Jason also stayed on the line.
Thursday 20 1 Topics
The fiscal cliff
Too many people not paying any tax
CIA captures and tortures an innocent man
Does torture work to get information?
Myths Addressed
We can turn the economy around without cutting spending entitle-
    ments and military
Osama Bin Laden conceived and financed 9/11
Thursday 20 2 Topics
Paleo Hebrew was the first alphabet
Word puzzles in Scripture
There is no Greek basis for Christ in any of the earliest manu-
The placeholders that were used in the original manuscripts of
    the Greek text
Myths Addressed
A relationship with Yahowah is simplistic
There is a Christ in a "New Testament" established by Yahowah
Yahowah wants to be feared
Friday 21 1 Topics
The role of the Torah in our relationship with Yahowah
The renewal of the Covenant
Torah vs. torah
Religious people claim to follow "Abrahamic religions" but ig-
    nore the Torah, which is the only place we find anything about
    Abraham and his God
There is no Jesus in Scripture
Myths Addressed
Yahowah has abandoned the Torah
Yahowah's one and only Covenant has already been renewed
Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all "Abrahamic religions"
Bentley said, "I sent what you said about Jesus not being in the
    Bible to some Bible teachers and they said that it was 'retarded'.
    Where do you get your information so I can verify your facts?"
Friday 21 2 Topics
Guest: I.Q. al Rassooli, author of "Lifting the Veil"
The lack of freedom in the Islamic world
The Satanic verse and the night flight
Allah's daughters
The Quran is mostly situation scriptures used to give Muhammad
    what he wanted
Myths Addressed
The Quran is scribed in pure Arabic
The Jews corrupted the Torah and Prophets in order to discredit
    the Quran
There are a Palestinian people
Monday 24 1 Topics
The Mayan apocalypse FAIL
The role of women in Islam
Muslim police woman in Afghanistan kills an American
Islam's spread by the sword
Lack of productivity in the Muslim world
The treatment of workers in Saudi Arabia
The growing Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East because of
Conspiracy theories
Myths Addressed
Democracy is a good thing
A prophet speaking for God can be wrong
The program's host, Yada, is a prophet because he has predicted
    things that have come true
Monday 24 2 Topics
Christianity is the most popular religion in the world
Yahowsha said that the way that leads to life is narrow and
Insulting and dishonoring Yah by knowingly ignoring His Name
The renewing of the Covenant
Christmas and Easter are the biggest pagan festivals in the world
Myths Addressed
All that matters is that you proclaim that you love God
God's Scripture is His Holy Bible
The KJV is the word of God
Bentley called back in.
Tuesday 25 1 Topics
The pagan origins of Christmas
Hayah, the basis of Yahowah's Name, means "am/is, was, and will
    be," and like all Hebrew verbs, its tense is eternal
Yahowah's instruction for us to not walk in the ways of the gen-
    tile nations
What Yahowah says in Scripture about Christmas trees
Idiotic false prophets
Myths Addressed
Yahowah was born and can die
Yahowah doesn't care if we celebrate pagan festivals
The Messiah was born on the pagan holiday of Christmas
William wanted to know, "How do you deal with being inundated
    with Christmas?"
Tuesday 25 2 Topics
How to deal with your children about not celebrating pagan fes-
The pin and the lily, or man's religion and Yah's Scripture
Relationship, the purpose of the creation of the universe, and man
The three gifts Yahowah gave all mankind are temporal life, a
    conscience (Hebrew neshamah), and free will
Myths Addressed
The Torah is too complex for people to understand on their own
You can have morality without Yahowah
Yahowah revealed himself through a book called The Holy Bible
Jake, who accidently called in while trying to reach another show,
    opined that the world had to have been created for a purpose.
Wednesday 26 1 Topics
Jihadists from around the world are migrating to Syria
The "Twelvers", the majority of Shia Muslims
What is Sharia law?
You can't have Islam without the Hadith
America is creating her own enemies
Myth Addressed
Jihadists are freedom fighters
Wednesday 26 2 Topics
The pagan origins of Christmas
Christianity is fraught with paganism
Yahowah hates religion
Myths Addressed
Yahowah is okay if you choose to celebrate pagan festivals in
    His Name, as long as that is not what it means to you
The Quran cannot be Satanic because it condemns Satan
Will asked for Yada's recommendation on resources.
Thursday 27 1 Topics
Headline: Anton Geiser Dead: Ex-Nazi Guard Who Fought
    Deportation Dies at 88
The Roman Catholic Church's connections to the Nazi movement
The Grand Mufti and the holocaust
The children of the children of the Covenant
The relaxed nature of Yahowah's family-oriented Covenant
Myths Addressed
"The Final Solution" was Hitler's idea
We should be tolerant of false teachings and false teachers
Will described the gradual progression he made while moving
    away from Christianity and into a relationship with Yah.
Thursday 27 2 Topics
Paul is preferred over Yahowah in Christianity
Struggling with Yahowah
"Listen and Understand" vs. "Obey"
Yada's experience with Jerry Falwell
Yahowah's use of flawed implements
Myths Addressed
There is a trinity in Scripture
There is only Heaven or Hell at the end of our lives
Friday 28 1 Topics
The fiscal cliff
Hobby Lobby and Chik-fil-A as fronts for promotion of Christianity
Parents corrupting their children with religion
The misnomer "Deuteronomy" replacing Dabariym
The symbolism of fire in Scripture
A lie requires some truth to be credible
Myths Addressed
The poor pay a larger portion of the tax burden then they should Yahowah doesn't mind if His family engages in pagan and occult
Friday 28 2 Topics
Guest: I.Q. 'Al Rassooli
You must be irrational to be a Muslim
Jihad in Islam
Is there a difference between Muhammad and Allah?
Muhammad never worked a day in his life
Myths Addressed
Islam means "peace"
It is compassionate to let people believe their religion is cor-
    rect when you know it to be wrong
A Jihad is a spiritual war within oneself
You can be a good Muslim and be peaceful
Will asked, "What is God's view if someone unknowingly misleads
    their children?"
Monday 31 1 Topics
Congress is ignoring our problem while discussing how bad the
    solution to that problem would be
Class warfare
The Bush tax cuts took millions off of the tax rolls
Entitlement spending
The fiscal cliff
America supplying the Muslim world with weapons and money so
    that they can kill us
Myths Addressed
The wealthy are not working Americans
The rich don't pay their fair share of taxes
Will presented his view on things government should be involved
Monday 31 2 Topics
The structure and nature of the book of Proverbs
We should not overlook Yahowah's Torah
"Observe" vs. "Keep" and "Do"
Myths Addressed
The Torah is law
The Covenant has been renewed or made new
Jocie opined, "Yahowah tells us to proclaim and revere His Name,
    but He doesn't say to call Him 'Dad'."

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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