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January, 2013

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Day Date Hour Description
Wednesday 2 1 Topics
"Avoiding" of the fiscal cliff
The difference between taxing the wealthy, and taxing the highest
    income earners
The "avoid the fiscal cliff" deal will increase the deficit
Obama will not sign any bill to cut the deficit that does not include
    a tax increase on the highest income earners
Health care workers gun downed by Islamic terrorist
UN sex trade scandal in the Balkans
Myths Addressed
Avoiding the fiscal cliff was a good thing
We tax people based on wealth
The rich don't pay their fair share
We can decrease our deficit by spending more money
Wednesday 2 2 Topics
The so-called "Great Commission"
Entire chapters of the Greek text do not exist in the oldest
    available manuscripts
What is Scripture?
Was Daniel evangelizing?
Astronomy versus astrology
Greek versus Hebrew
Myths Addressed
The Greek text is Scripture and can be trusted
We are to go forth and make disciples of the world
James wanted Yada to explain, "What is the validity of the so-called
    Great Commission, since it seems to contradict Yahowah's
    teaching in the Torah, Prophet, and Songs?"
Dianne asked Yada to discuss Daniel's observation of a
Thursday 3 1 Topics
The fiscal cliff
Why the stock market rallied
Growing Islamic rule in the Middle East
Murder rates climb in Chicago despite gun control
World's second oldest "Bible" fragment posted online?
The Nash papyrus
Myths Addressed
Avoiding the fiscal cliff was a good thing
The government creates jobs
The American military exists to defend our freedom
Yah's Scriptures are religious documents
Thursday 3 2 Topics
The Shema prayer
Myths Addressed
Yahowah requires obedience
Yahowah promotes evangelism
James asked that Yada continue yesterday's discussion of the so-called Great Commission
Jason remarked that we see Paul being anxious about evangelizing.
    He noted the difference between Paul's anxiety and simply
    trusting Yah.
Patty shared what her viewpoint on evangelizing was when she
    was a Christian, and where that led her to. She contrasted being
    salvation-driven with being knowing-driven.
Friday 4 1 Topics
The Hebrew verb Yarah
We should listen to Yahowah before responding and talking to Him
"Listen and observe" vs. "obey"
The differences between Yahowah's nature and that of Yahowsha'
Myth Addressed
Yah's Torah is a set of laws that must be obeyed
Friday 4 2 Topics
Guest: I.Q. Al' Rassooli
There is no vibrant economy apart from OPEC in any Islamic
In the entirety of human history, no advancement or great
    contribution to mankind can be traced to Islam
All 5 pillars of Islam are attributable to Muhammad's pagan
Djinn in Islam
Predestination in Islam
Women in Islam
Myths Addressed
Muhammad was his first wife's successful business partner
Muhammad was a prophet, meaning he accurately foretold the
There is meaning to life if there is predestination
You can have a prophet if there is predestination
Monday 7 1 Topics
Dwight D. Eisenhower's statement about the better uses of
    money that is spent on military instead
The counterproductive uses of the military around the world
The Palestinian Authority attempting to produce official
    documents under the name The Palestinian State
The fiscal cliff was averted by increasing debt
The average American pays no federal income tax (opinion)
Journalist interviews a jihadist
America has failed in Afghanistan; staying will only lead to more deaths and higher costs
Myths Addressed
America's armed forces are a defense force
There are a Palestinian People who are actually alive today
We needed to avoid the fiscal cliff
American mainstream media has objective journalists
Monday 7 2 Topics
Examining the Proverbs
The volitional nature of Hebrew and thus of Scripture and of
Observation of Scripture leading to Understanding as opposed to
    having faith and belief
Yahowah is God's one and only Name
Myths Addressed
Yahowah wants to be worshiped and obeyed
If you observe Torah, then you are Jewish
It is an act of love to tolerate someone's devotion to a deadly lie
Tuesday 8 1 Topics
Journalist's interview with an Afghan jihadist
Al Qaeda or Islam: who is the enemy, really?
Afghanistan is another Vietnam for the American military
Myths Addressed
Islam is a religion of peace
Being judgmental is wrong
Al Qaeda and other "terrorist" organizations are the problem
Tuesday 8 2 Topics
Understanding Satan's mindset
The thorn in Paul's side, a messenger from Satan
The role of the Malakhi, aka "angels"
The role of Free Will
Satan has no creativity, so he works through corrupting and
    counterfeiting God's gifts to all mankind
Myths Addressed
You can have love without free will
Yahowah feels a need to be popular
Wednesday 9 1 Topics
Guest: Craig Smith, founder and CEO of Swiss America and
    author of "The Great Debasement"
The fiscal cliff negotiations
The demise of the dollar as a result of the Federal Reserve and the
    income tax
The Community Reinvestment Act
Myths Addressed
Compromise is a good thing
Home ownership is a good thing even if you can't afford the home
It is moral to forcefully take money from one man to help another
Wednesday 9 2 Topics
Who is Halal Ben Shakar?
Yah is anti-religious and anti-political
The unreasoning nature of political correctness
Myth Addressed
Admitting error degrades your credibility
Wayne asked, "What is the relationship between Yahowsha' and
    Yahowshua, and why should one be preferred over the other?"
Thursday 10 1 Topics
Guest: Ben Barrack, author of "Unsung Davids"
Alex Jones' appearance on Piers Morgan's television program
Gun control, gun deaths and violent crimes
Myths Addressed
Gun control is constitutional
The second amendment was intended to protect the right to hunt,
    and shouldn't be cited to promote home safety
Decreasing the number of guns available makes people safer
9/11 was a government plot
Thursday 10 2 Topics
Conspiracy theories
Should we spend time exposing conspiracy theories?
The use of drones in the United States of America
The story of Hezekiah
Myths Addressed
The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have made the American people
    safer from terrorists
We can keep ourselves safe
The military provides our freedom, and keeps us safe
Friday 11 1 Topics
Economic pedophilia around the world
The destructive nature of religion
The creation account in "In the Beginning" / Ba'resyth /Genesis
Paul's view of the Torah vs. Yahowah's view of the Torah
The historic Sabbath and the modern Sabbath
Myths Addressed
Yahowah's Torah is to be obeyed
Torah means law
Science has disproven the creation account recorded in Scripture
The importance of the Sabbath is doing or not doing a certain list
    of things
Jocie noted that it's easy to lose perspective on Yah. Then she asked, "How do we know the Sabbath is as we have it now?"
Friday 11 2 Topics
Over 100 people murdered in a series of bombings in Pakistan
Terrorism is absolutely fundamental to Islam
The treatment of women in Islam
Why do women's organizations in America not go after Islam?
Importing of women into Saudi Arabia to force them into sex
Sharia law and women
The role of Kadisha in the creation of Islam
Myths Addressed
There is a difference in ideology between Suni and Shia Muslims
Jihad is spiritual war with oneself, i.e., a personal struggle or goal
Monday 14 1 Topics
Flu epidemic
The Al Qaeda threat
France's invasion into Mali
Fighting Islam with bullets and bombs will never make us safe;
    instead, we must use the truth to expose Islam
The domino theory
Arming our enemies
Myths Addressed
Jihad is a personal spiritual struggle
Osama Bin Laden was a criminal mastermind; killing him has made
    us safer
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Monday 14 2 Topics
The creation account in Scripture
The constancy of Scripture and the changing nature of science
Science coming to agree with Scripture
Myths Addressed
Science has disproven the creation account
There was enough time for life to have evolved from nothing by
    random chance
Jason stated, "My challenge to an atheist is, 'What is the
    probability of something coming from nothing?' "
Tuesday 15 1 Topics
Terrorism is fundamental to Islam, not a radical interpretation of it
French invasion of Mali
False pretext for wars
Myths Addressed
Terrorists are radical members of Islam
You can win the hearts of a people while bombing their cities
9/11 was perpetrated by Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden
Al Qaeda is the issue, not Islam
Tuesday 15 2 Topics
The creation account
Examining the first sentence of Scripture
Examining the Paleo-Hebrew of the first sentence in Scripture
Myth Addressed
The Towrah is too complicated for us to understand on our own
Tommy said, "It makes no sense to me when people argue that the
    Bible is too complicated for individuals to translate and study on
    their own, and that they should leave that to scholars."
Wednesday 16 1 Topics
Guest: David Rubin, author of the book, "Islamic Tsunami, Israel
    and America in the Age of Obama"
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi publicly announced: "We must
    never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grand-
   children on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews. [They] must
    feed on hatred; hatred must continue. The hatred must go on for
    Allah and as a form of worshiping him."
Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense
Our government's deliberate ignorance of Islam
Yada's meeting with al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade
Thomas Jefferson's study of and findings on Islam
Similarities between Nazism and Islam
America arming our own enemies as well as Yisra'el's
Myths Addressed
There can be a peace between Jews and Muslims in accord with
Islam is a religion of peace
The PLO is politically motivated
The Muslim cheer, "Allahu Akbar!" means "God is great!"
Islam is not at war with us
Islam can be defeated with force of arms
Wednesday 16 2 Topics
There is only one Torah for the Jew and for the Gentile
Examining the first words of Scripture
The creation account correlated with Science and History
The role of language in creation and relationship
Myths Addressed
Arms and military can ensure your safety. Science is increasingly contradicting Scripture's creation account
Tommy observed, "You can learn so much from just examining the words!"
Thursday 17 1 Topics
Guest: Ben Barrack, The Ben Barrack Official Blog
The link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings
Political correctness and the link to increased violence
We have had guns forever and have not always had school
Obama's speech on gun control
Obama hypocrisy
Myths Addressed
Gun control will stop school shootings
The second amendment is about having guns to hunt
Republicans are the party of low taxes and low spending
Thursday 17 2 Topics
Building a relationship with Yahowah
Football player, Manti Te'o, who spoke about a girlfriend who
    didn't exist dying of cancer and the emotional attachment he
    had to this imaginary girlfriend
The relationship Christians have with the imaginary Jesus
Belief in Mormonism despite evidence that Joseph Smith lied
Myths Addressed
There was a Jesus in the first century
There was a bodily resurrection of Jesus
Paul's writings are Scripture
Faith is required to have a relationship with God
Nick wanted to know what the Torah has to say about people who
    have, or claim to have, the ability to talk with spirits,
    demons, angels, ghosts etc.
Friday 18 1 Topics
We are drawn away from man's schemes by the Torah
Mercy in Scripture
Moshe's first meeting with Yahowah
The golden calf incident
Myth Addressed
Yahowah gave us a "Gospel of Grace"
Friday 18 2 Topics
Guest: I.Q. al'Rassoli
Jihad in Islam
The Quran and Hadith contain 30,000 commands requiring
    Muslims to fight and kill
Myth Addressed
Jihad is a personal struggle
Monday 21 1 Topics
Hostages killed in Algeria
Islamic cleric sentenced to death in Bangladesh
Opposing Islam is for the benefit of Muslims
Myths Addressed
Jihadists are radical Muslims, not fundamentalist. It is hateful to expose Islam
Monday 21 2 Topics
The creation account of "in the Beginning / Ba'reshiyth /Genesis
Fathers will corrupt their children to the third and fourth
The issues with Greek in the so-called "New Testament"
Myths Addressed
Yahowah's mercy is for everyone no matter what
Yahowah's way is popular and easy
Rod asked, "Does the 'thousands saved' idea come from the Dead
    Sea Scrolls? What about in Yahowchanan where Yahowsha' says,
    'No man comes to me unless the Father has drawn him' ?"
Tuesday 22 1 Topics
The President's Inauguration Address
Obama's antagonism towards Yisra'el
Elections in Yisra'el
Myths Addressed
America has the right to tell Yisra'el what to do
There are two covenants, one through Ishmael and one through
Jason talked about looking at what is going on in the context of
    what prophecy tells us will occur
Tuesday 22 2 Topics
Just as Yah protected the children of Yisr'ael, leading them out
    of the crucible of Egypt, Yisra'el will be protected in the
    time of the tribulation and the time leading up to it.
Yahowah's mercy is for thousands who observe His Covenant and
    His Torah
Myths Addressed
Yahowah loves everybody, and everybody ends up being saved
Loving "God" is all that matters
Yahowah can change his mind and remain consistent
Wednesday 23 1 Topics
The Yisra'eli election results
Guest: David Rubin, author of the book, "Islamic Tsunami, Israel
    and America in the Age of Obama"
What the Yisra'eli election results mean
The history of Yisra'el
Myths Addressed
There are a Palestinian people today
Jews do not have a rightful claim to the land of Israel
You can dismiss the Towrah and still claim the name Palestine
Wednesday 23 2 Topics
A study of the Hebrew word, Torah
Who God's mercy will be shown to
Myths Addressed
Torah means law
Yahowah gave us 10 Commandments
Jake asked Yada to discuss the lunar cycle as regards the timing
    of the Sabbath and Miqra
Thursday 24 1 Topics
Yom Kippuriym vs. Yom Kippur, plural vs. singular
What the future holds for Yisra'el
The Yisra'eli election results
British government urges Britons to leave Benghazi
Myths Addressed
The Torah is only for the Jews
Yahowah will negotiate on which path a person may take to
    establish a relationship with Him
The native Americans are descendants of the Jewish tribes
Jack mentioned so-called "pseudo-Jews" who allegedly have no
    genetic link to the 12 tribes of Yisra'el and wanted to know
    if is there any basis to those arguments.
Thursday 24 2 Topics
The Lunar-based Sabbath theory
The moon cycle as it relates to the Miqra'ey
Examining Psalm 81, and answering Jake's question from yester-
The story of Yoseph
Myth Addressed
The Sabbath is to be based on the lunar cycle
Friday 25 1 Topics
The 81st Psalm
The 7 Miqra'ey
The story of Meribah
Myths Addressed
Yahowah's festivals are irrelevant
There is a Jesus in Scripture
Friday 25 2 Topics
Guest: I.Q. 'al Rassooli
The validity and history of the Quran
The Quran is hearsay, because it is composed of reports from
    people up to 25 people removed from the source
The jumbled mess of the Quran's organization: it has no
Contradictions in the Quran and abrogation
The idiocy of the Quran's versions of science and history
The multiple differing creation accounts of Muhammad
Myths Addressed
The Quran was written down in Muhammad's life time
The Quran is infallible
Monday 28 1 Topics
Conspiracy theories; President Obama's litmus test of troops being
    willing to fire on civilians
Guest: Dr. James Garrow, author of "The Pink Pagoda: One Man's
    Quest to End Gendercide in China"
China's one child policy and the murder of female children
The use of drones by the US military
Myths Addressed
America is more free market oriented than China
Gun control is touted in order to make people safer
Monday 28 2 Topics
The story of the Yisra'elites in the Wilderness
The difficulty of the Yisra'elites in giving up what they left
The Covenant and relationship are the reason for everything
What good is having everything if there is no one to share it
Myths Addressed
It is constitutional to limit arms in the United States of America
You can reject the Constitution and still claim authority based
    upon it
God's first interest is in saving us
Jack mentioned a statement he heard to the effect that those who
    wrote the Constitution of the United States of America knew
    nothing of the world in which we live today, making it a dead
    document that we shouldn't have to follow
Tuesday 29 1 Topics
EU debt and American debt
America is bankrupt
The illegal immigration and amnesty debate
Women in combat and Title 9
Benghazi in the news again
America's politics
Myths Addressed
It doesn't matter why Benghazi happened
Benghazi was a response to an anti-Islamic video
Our military exists for our defense
Tuesday 29 2 Topics
The creation account
6+1=7, Yahowah's equation
The unlikeliness of the universe
Macro evolution and Micro evolution
Myths Addressed
Our God died on a cross
Science contradicts Scripture
Wednesday 30 1 Topics
America's economic situation
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
Islam's morality the opposite of Yahowah's
Torture and rape in Islam
Myths Addressed
We tax wealth in America
Quantitative Easing is helping America
The Quran confirms the Torah
The Quran speaks against murder
Wednesday 30 2 Topics
How to pronounce God's name
Being willing to change when the evidence is presented
Yahowah damns Himself—i.e., He separates Himself—from religion
The creation account
The likelihood of life forming without a creator
The language of DNA
Myths Addressed
We don't know how to pronounce God's name
Religions are good things that bring people to God
Tony asked, "How important is it that we pronounce God's Name correctly?"
Thursday 31 1 Topics
Yisra'el bombs chemical and biological weapons plant
If Yisra'el should give territory to the Muslims who call them-
    selves Palestinians, then America should return Texas to
What happens when Islamic law is imposed
The promotion of homosexuality
Myths Addressed
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
There are a Palestinian people
Thursday 31 2 Topics
The 3 potential conflicts between the creation account and
Macro and Micro evolution
Dating the universe and the Earth
Myth Addressed
Science contradicts Scripture

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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