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February, 2013

These archives have been edited to remove the top-of-the-hour newsbreak and the commercials. The resulting MP3 files are each about 37 minutes long.
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Day Date Hour Description
Friday 1 1 Topics
Guest I.Q. al-Rassooli
Is Islam a religion?
Are religions good?
Similarities between Paul and Muhammad
Which religion is worse, Christianity or Islam?
Stupidity in Islam
Allah: the rock God
The satanic verses
Muhammad's science
Myths Addressed
Religions are good things that bring us closer to God
Muhammad can be trusted
    (even though he couldn't get his own lies straight)
Friday 1 2 Topics
The creation account and Yahowah's cosmological timeline
Relativity and the creation account
    or God's perspective and ours
Translate versus transliterate, and when to do which
The role of the Malaki
The difference between spirits and souls
Myths Addressed
Names are different in different languages
Souls are unique to humans
Monday 4 1 Topics
Pedophilia in the Catholic Church
H1N1 virus pandemics around the world
Jihadists come from all different countries
    - the only common thread is their religion
Islamic terrorism in the world today is a direct result
    of America's meddling
In the beginning, Muhammad funded Islam by using
    kidnap for ransom tactics
The Kurds
Myth Addressed
Islamic plant bombing was in response to French invasion of Mali
Monday 4 2 Topics
Science and creation
The speed of light may be slowing
Yahowah's Ruwach (Spirit), and Her feminine nature
The Three Stories in One of Genesis
Myth Addressed
Jesus created a new covenant for the gentiles
Tuesday 5 1 Topics
Department of justice suing Standard and Poor's
Iran's history and the rise of Islamic control
Egypt and Iran uniting for the first time in decades
Why has no Islamic country ever taken in "Palestinians"
American sniper killed
Myths Addressed
Corporations are evil
The Egyptian revolution has been a good thing
There are a Palestinian people
The Muslim world has taken care of the "Palestinian" people
Jihadists are extremists or radicals
Tuesday 5 2 Topics
Gun control and the undermining of the Constitution of the
    United States of America
Return to the creation account
The nature and purpose of the Ruwach (Spirit)
The relationship between matter and energy
Azab (separation)
God's relationship to light
Myths Addressed
God created a religion
Jesus Christ is the savior
Wednesday 6 1 Topics
Use of murder to silence debate in the Islamic world
In-fighting in the Middle East
The use of slavery and rape in the founding of Islam
The Kurds
Myths Addressed
"Moderate" Muslims have influence in the Islamic world
Nationality and political affiliations, not Islam, influence
    terrorist activity
The fictitious "Palestinians" should be given their own country,
    but the Kurds should not
Wednesday 6 2 Topics
The nature of light and its relationship to Yahowah
Separation and division as it relates to Yah's covenant
Darkness is the absence of light, Satan is the absence of
    Yahowah, and death is the absence of life
Hallal Ben Shakar wants to be God and wants us to see him as God
The relative nature of time and the creation account
Time and relativity
Myths Addressed
You can embrace man's ways and God's ways together
Darkness is the opposite of light
Hallal Ben Shakar wants to be worshipped as Satan,
    "the Adversary"
Thursday 7 1 Topics
Prayer is never instructed in the Towrah
The President speaking at a prayer breakfast
Reliance on our government
Is the speed of light slowing?
Myths Addressed
Abraham Lincoln was a great man and a great president
Yahowah gave us 10 Commandments
The president is our boss and father
Thursday 7 2 Topics
The creation account
The age of the universe
Calibrating our clock to that of the Creator at creation
Myth Addressed
Science shows that the universe could exist without a creator
Jason observed, "Understanding light really helps to understand
    how God perceives time."
Friday 8 1 Topics
The flow of time is not constant, but relative
The stretching of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and
    dating the universe
Myth Addressed
Science can say for sure how old the universe is
Friday 8 2 Topics
Guest I.Q. al-Rassooli
The master / slave relationship between Allah and Muslims
Abrogation in Islam
Most Muslims are ignorant of what the Quran actually says,
    just like most Christians are ignorant of what the Bible really
The Dead Sea Scrolls disprove the Quran by showing that, by the
    time of Muhammad, the Torah had been changed from what it
    was during the time of "Jesus"
Myths Addressed
The word Islam means peace
Islam teaches tolerance and peacefulness
You can't understand the Quran unless you read it in pure Arabic
Jason asked, "What versions or translations of the Quran are being
    used in Mosques in America?"
Monday 11 1 Topics
Pope resigns
The Pope's involvement in covering up the criminal activities of
    pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church
Crimen Sollicitationis
Myths Addressed
The Pope is courageous for stepping down
Simon Peter was the first Pope and founded the Catholic Church
There is a Church in Scripture
Jason declared, "Events are unfolding that make me think we are
    closer to the end then we may think."
Monday 11 2 Topics
Return to the creation account
Doing the math to date the universe and using relativity to
    determine time from the perspective of the Creator at the point
    of creation and our perspective looking back
God's formula of 6+1=7 or man plus God equals completion
The golden ratio and the golden spiral
Hebrew tenses, stems, moods and prefixes
The prophetic nature of the creation account
Myth Addressed
The flow of time has been constant
Rod asked, "Do you think we are still in the sixth day of creation?
    Do you think there is a chance we have another 40,000 years
    until the end?"
Tuesday 12 1 Topics
The Pope's resignation is a result of the exposure of his deliberate
    cover-up of crimes of pedophilia committed by Roman Catholic
    priests; his advanced age and physical health have nothing to do
    with it
The previous papal resignations examined
Catholic's obsession with icons and graven images (Mary's image
    in a piece of toast, etc.)
History of the papacy and the Catholic Church
Obelisks and steeples as sun god symbols
Myths Addressed
God chooses the Pope
The Pope is infallible
We should pray to Jesus Christ
Martin reported that that the lightning strike on St. Peter's
    cathedral has Catholics claiming that God was thereby showing
    His approval of the Pope's decision to resign the papacy.
Tuesday 12 2 Topics
The vagaries of the so-called prophesies of the Catholic Saint
Return to the creation account
The prophetic aspects of the creation account
The Set Apart Spirit
Myths Addressed
Satan appears as a red demon with horns and tail
Yahowsha's first time on earth was between 2 BCE and 33 CE
There is a "Holy Ghost" in scripture
Dianne wanted to know, "What was Jesus' name prior to the
    creation of the letter 'J' and the sound for the letter 'J'? What
    about the name, Immanuel?"
Wednesday 13 1 Topics
Last night's State of the union address
Bacha bazi practices in the Middle East
Land for peace in Israel
Isaiah 17 and 18 prophecies about the nation that will thin Israel at the waist
Pandemics and outbreaks of SARS in the UK
Pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church and the coverup which
    was orchestrated and commanded from the Pope on down
Myths Addressed
Israel should trade land for promises of peace
The pope resigned because of age
Wednesday 13 2 Topics
Yah's 7th and final incarnation on Earth
The relationships between the different aspects of Yahowah
Keep vs Obey
Myths Addressed
There is a trinity
Scripture instructs us to keep the Towrah
Thursday 14 1 Topics
Fact check on the State of Union address: the President lied. Pedophilia cover up in the Catholic Church
Myths Addressed
The Pope is infallible
Churches are Yahowah's home
The Church is guided by Christ
Thursday 14 2 Topics
How to "observe Torah"
The 119th Psalm
Calibrating our clock to the Creator's clock
Myths Addressed
Torah means law
"Observing Torah" means keeping it, e.g., obeying its "laws"
Tony asked for some guidance in his efforts to find the truth
    in the lies concerning the claims of Christianity that the
    "church" is the bride of Christ
Friday 15 1 Topics
The Jewish religion: Talmud vs. Torah
The nature of Hebrew poetry, especially in the Psalms
Leaving Babylon, and what Babylon represents
Knowing leads to understanding
Myths Addressed
The Torah is a Jewish religious document
Yahowah gave Moses an oral Torah that is just as genuine as His
    written Torah
Faith is required for salvation
Friday 15 2 Topics
Guest I.Q. al-Rassooli
Allah is not the only name for god in the Quran
Comparing Islam to Yahowah's 10 Statements
The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
Islamic conversion rates in prison The is little or no love shown in the Quran
Myths Addressed
Allah revealed the Torah to Moshe
The Quran confirms the Torah
Muhammad was trustworthy
Monday 18 1 Topics
The upcoming Miqra
The pedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church
Cardinal Mahoney claims he attempted to get Vatican to remove
    pedophiles, but why did he not turn them over to the police?
Myth Addressed
The pope has resigned because of his health issues
Monday 18 2 Topics
Pagan substitutions for Yahowah's Miqrabr /> Psalm 18
Yahowah's mitswah and how He exonerates us
What it means to observe Torah
The book of Enoch and how it is used to undermined the Torah
Myths Addressed
Christmas, Easter, Lent and other Christian holidays were ordained
    by God Himself, and He wants us to keep them.
The Torah is irrelevant since Christ's crucifixion
The Torah is only for Jews
We are to obey the Torah
Tuesday 19 1 Topics
Pedophilia cover-up in the Catholic Church and the Pope's
Meteor strike in Russia
Pagan practices in Christianity as opposed to Yah's festivals
Suicide bombing in market places by Muslims
The difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims
Myths Addressed
God is micromanaging the world
God cares about who wins a football game
Tuesday 19 2 Topics
Psalm 19 continued
Relying on ourselves vs. relying on God
How to respond to Yahowah
Yahowah is our Savior
The creation account
Myths Addressed
It is wrong to be judgmental
Ignorance is bliss
God hears all prayers
Jesus Christ is our Savior
Wednesday 20 1 Topics
Islamic jihadist in Nigeria
Islam's animosity to books and literacy
Guest: Tony Stiles
America's treatment of the Native Americans
America condemning Jews for "taking" Israel after what we did
    to the Native Americans
"Allahu Akbar", its origins and what it means
According to the Hadith, Muhammad lead 75 terrorist raids in
    the first 10 years of Islam's existence
Aryan and the Council of Nicaea
Gun control
Obama's obsession with equality
Myths Addressed
Terrorist links to Al Qaeda are relevant
You can have a war on terror
Paul wrote Scripture and can be trusted
Wednesday 20 2 Topics
Paul's submission to government in Romans 13
The creation account and it's correlation to the history of man
The creation account and its scientific correlations
The role of water in creation and in the creation account
Myth Addressed
The creation account is scientifically inaccurate
Thursday 21 1 Topics
Airplane that ran off the runway
The American President's condemnation of business abuses while
    flying Air Force One—a hugely expensive undertaking—for even
    the shortest distances, just so he could look more "Presidential"
    when arriving at his destination
Our history of electing stupid presidents
The misplaced priorities of the American people
Politicians adapting to the changing winds as opposed to standing
    on principal
Saint Nicholas' role at the council of Nicaea—yes, the same one
    later glorified as "Santa Claus" (or Satan's Cause, in this author's
Myth Addressed
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Thursday 21 2 Topics
The creation account
The days of creation and their different aspects
Translation issues in the creation account
Myths Addressed
English translations of Scripture can be relied upon
Scripture says the whole Earth was flooded
Scripture says the sun wasn't created until the fourth day,
    after plants
Friday 22 1 Topics
The creation account's third day
The role of water in creation and in the Torah
The Hebrew word quwm and the concept of Yahowah standing up
    for us so that we can stand with Him
The purpose, conditions and benefits of the Covenant
It is mathematically impossible for life on earth to have formed
    by random chance
Myths Addressed
God wants us to bow and prostrate ourselves before Him
Life on Earth formed after 2-3 billion years of random evolution
Friday 22 2 Topics
Guest I.Q. al-Rassooli
The reason refugees flee Mohammed Morsi's Egypt is fear of rape
Islam's view of rape, slavery and prostitution
The truth is the only weapon against Islam
Oldest Quran fragments found differ drastically from the current
The difference between what was learned from the Dead Sea
    Scrolls and what was learned from the oldest Quran manuscripts
Allah is always depicted in the Quran as being in hell, where he is
    gleefully and continuously torturing people
Myths Addressed
War is the way to defeat "terrorism"
The Quran we have today is the perfect word that was given to
There is Free Will in Islam
Monday 25 1 Topics
The Stockholm Syndrome in Muslim women: why they stay with a
    religion that is so oppressive towards them
Guest: Kenneth Roberts
Why people are Muslims
The only way to understand Islam is to examine Muhammad's
    Quran and Hadith
The Stockholm Syndrome
Myth Addressed
Muslims are corrupting Islam to become killers and jihadists
Monday 25 2 Topics
Lincoln's racism
The creation account
Scientific America and George Wald
Evolution vs devolution
The Moed Miqra'ey
Myths Addressed
Abraham Lincoln was a great man who fought to free the slaves
Yahowah's family-oriented Covenant has already been renewed
Tuesday 26 1 Topics
Why the pope resigned
The Catholic Church's participation in pedophilia cover ups
Italian elections
Tim Tebow drops out of speaking at Baptist Church in Dallas
Tebow calls Catholicism a pagan cult while practicing pagan
Hezbollah attacks in Syria
Myths Addressed
The pope resigned because of his age
God said that what you eat can send you to hell
Hezbollah is a Lebanese organization
Tuesday 26 2 Topics
Galileo on reason: "In questions of science, the authority of a
    thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single
The creation account
Yahowah's relationship to light
Myth Addressed
Yah says that He created the sun and moon on the fourth day,
    which is scientifically impossible since plants could not
    have existed prior to a sun.
Jake had a question about the Jewish dietary regulations regard-
    ing the mixing meat and dairy products.
Wednesday 27 1 Topics
Brutality in Afghanistan
Using words, rather than bullets, to fight religions like Islam
Karzai playing America off as the enemy because he knows that
    when we leave he will need the Taliban
America's history of creating, arming, and equipping our next
Myths Addressed
The US is incapable of brutal attacks
Conspiracy theories are a beneficial way to spend our time
Wednesday 27 2 Topics
The fourth day of creation and the Moed Miqray
The greater and lesser luminaries
The prophetic nature of the creation account
The pattern of the Yowbel and specifically the 40 Yowbel cycles
Myth Addressed
The creation account is scientifically inaccurate
Warren had a question concerning Yada's estimation of how long
    Adam was in the Garden with Yahowah.
Thursday 28 1 Topics
Arming Muslims
Al Qaeda is only in Iraq because America invaded that country
In Syria, the most fundamental Muslims get the guns
Letter Yada received from an American soldier who has rejected
Yahowah leads by example
An American soldier's review of the so-called "War On Terror"
    and Afghanistan
Myths Addressed
The Iraq invasion was related to the "War On Terror"
The Mujahadin are using self-defense in Syria
Thursday 28 2 Topics
Demon possession
The three stories in one of the creation account
When did Yahowsha arrive?
Dating Yahowsha's Pesach fulfillment
Demonic possession or psychological issues and drug issues
Hebrew is the first known alphabet
Myths Addressed
Yahowsha arrived in 4 BCE
Hallal ben Shakar wants to be seen as Satan
Tony related an experience with someone he knew that was demon
    possessed, then asked, "What are your thoughts on demon
    possession of Christians?" He also voiced questions about the
    origins of the Hebrew language, the role of "angels", and how
    many are fallen.

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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