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April, 2013

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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 1 1 Topics
Sudanese dictator promises to release political prisoners
America's inability to recognize that Islam is the problem
Current proofs that Muslims use women and children as human shields

Myths Addressed
There are a Palestinian people
We should reward the so-called Palestinian people for their acts of terrorism with
    their own state
Israel drove the Muslims out of the country
Monday 1 2 Topics
Continuing discussion of Yahowah's Spring Feasts:
    Pesach / Passover - where we become immortal
    Matsah / Unleavened Bread - #11 - where we become perfect
    Bikurym / First Fruits - where we become adopted

God' view of prayer
Matsah is about being freed
Demon possession
The Christian corruption and replacement of Pesach, Matsah, and Bikuwrym with
    Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday
History channel "Bible" miniseries ignores the giving of the Torah!

Myths Addressed
There are beings in Scripture called angels
The festivals are only for Jews

Jack asked a question about the Malakhim.
Tuesday 2 1 Topics
Hamas elections
Giving attention to idiots like the dictator in North Korea only encourages them
    to misbehave even more
The inaccurate unemployment numbers
The nature of fiat currency
America in Afghanistan
Teachers fabricating test results

Myths Addressed
Our currency is sustainable
America is helping in the Muslim world, and making us safer
Tuesday 2 2 Topics
Final discussion of Yahowah's Spring Feasts:
    Pesach / Passover - where we become immortal
    Matsah / Unleavened Bread - #12 - where we become perfect
    Bikurym / First Fruits - where we become adopted

God's instructions for our souls
What our soul ingests can be dangerous

Myth Addressed
God expects perfection from us
Wednesday 3 1 Topics
The Israeli, "Palestinian" conflict
The president spending millions on a new project to map the brain
Cyprus taking money from citizen's savings

Myth Addressed
There are a Palestinian people
Wednesday 3 2 Topics
Return to the creation account
Each day of creation can be correlated to a 1,000-year period in our history
The Yowbel year and its significance

Myth Addressed
We can't know God's timeline

Nick asked, "Why would someone invest in something under Yahowah's Yowbel
    system, knowing that at the next 50-year boundary all loans will be forgiven,
    all properties returned to their rightful owners, and all slaves set free?"
Thursday 4 1 Topics
Japanese government announces it's going to pour 1.4 trillion fiat dollars into
    their economy
The nature of inflation and the devaluation of currency
Fiat money is a liability, not an asset
What happens when you make it not worthwhile to strive for success

Myth Addressed
Inflation can be used to successfully stimulate a nation's economy
Thursday 4 2 Topics
Return to creation account
All living things have souls
The difference between consciousness and a conscience

Myths Addressed
Souls are immortal
Man inherently has a spirit
Friday 5 1 Topics
Continuing explanation of the creation account
The 6+1=7 formula and how it relates to the creation account
14 billion years, or 6 days? Yes!
Free will and its role in our world
The nature of Free Will

Myths Addressed
Scripture says the universe is only 6,000 years old
Angels have free will
Something that is not overtly Satanic is not following Satan
Friday 5 2 Topics
Muslims defending and describing as a martyr a man who taught children how to
    make Molotov cocktails and how to throw them at Israelis
Religious integration
What we can look forward to in the future (and it ain't pretty)
Lying is allowed in Islam if it is useful in spreading Islam

Myths Addressed
The so-called "Palestinians" are victims of the Jews
Bin Laden was shot because he went for a weapon
Monday 8 1 Topics
Why Yahowah is not precise in what the timing of the Miqra'ey are
Shabuwa' - The Feast of Seven Sabbaths
Muslims killing people who are bringing books to a school
CIA wrongfully captured, tortured and imprisoned a man based on mistaken
    identity, but he will not get his day in court

Myth Addressed
Our military and politicians are serving us when we pay them to do a job
    (I personally do not consider this subject to be a soul-endangering myth that must be exposed and shattered. Rather, it is Yada's opinion and nothing more. If I am understanding his meaning, what bothers him is that politicians and mili-tary personnel are not serving in the same way that a volunteer fireman or EMT serves - without pay. Yet we are encouraged by our governments and media to view them as self-sacrificing heroes, when in reality they are only doing what they're being paid to do. It is the same thing as a butler who is paid to serve his employer, or a waitress who is paid to serve her employer's customers. Their jobs are to serve, and they are paid to do it. If my understanding of Yada's meaning is on target, then I whole-heartedly agree with him. So we have run into an area where semantics takes over. My suggestion is that you take some of the things said on the Shattering Myths program - like this opinion about what is and is not "service", for example - with a healthy-sized grain of salt.)
Will had a question about the timing of Shabuwa'
Monday 8 2 Topics
Margaret Thatcher's comment that all other freedoms depend on economic
Love requires free will
Lack of free will causes a lack of creativity
Man apart from Yahowah is diminished, and Yahowah apart from Man
    is diminished
The importance of 7
Yahowah has visited earth as a man 6 times and will return a final 7th time
Examples of 7 in Scripture including 7 harvests

Myth Addressed
God tells us that we must love Him or He will burn us forever in Hell
Tuesday 9 1 Topics
Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan
German citizen Khaled el-Masri, who was taken prisoner by the CIA in 2003,
    was detained without cause or legal representation for 5 months, and who
    was tortured and sodomized daily, has been denied restitution by a U.S.
    federal judge on the grounds that his case "poses a grave risk of damage
    to national security by exposing government secrets"
Mulsim bomb which exploded in Damascus yesterday was provided to the
    Muslims by the U.S.
The real unemployment rate

Myths Addressed
Ronald Reagan was a conservative spender
Unions are good and beneficial to a country's economy and to the well-being of
    its people
America liberated Iraq
Iraq has an Al-Qaeda ring
Tuesday 9 2 Topic
Continued discussion of the number 7

Myths Addressed
The Sabbath is unimportant to Yahowah
It doesn't matter to Yahowah if someone observes the Sabbath on Sunday instead of
    on the seventh day, which is from twilight on Friday to twilight on Saturday
    on our Gregorian calendars today
Wednesday 10 1 Topic
The America government used Saddam Hussein's treatment of the
    Kurds as its reason to overthrow him, yet now the American
    government is funding Turkey, whose government is killing Kurds

Myths Addressed
There is an Al-Qaeda wing in Iraq
America's invasion of Iraq has made us safer
If we consider a dictator to a "bad guy", then we ought to support those who
    oppose him
Wednesday 10 2 Topics
The Sabbath
Habakkuk's prophecy concerning Paul
The religious lie that God wants us on our knees, worshiping Him

Myths Addressed
The Sabbath can't be on Saturday because Saturday is named after the pagan
    god, Saturn
The Sabbath is set by the new moon
Souls are immortal

Dianne questioned the role of the Greek text in our understanding, as well as what
    Yahowsha' meant by the killing of the soul and the killing of the body
    (see Yah Is Giving Us a Gift / Mattanyah / Matthew 10:28)
Thursday 11 1 Topics
Article from the Guardian allegedly suggests that former Pope Benedict is a
    practicing homosexual/sodomite
The possibility of a homosexual lobby blackmailing the Vatican
Vatileaks—the Pope's butler leaking documents that incriminate the Vatican

Myth Addressed
The Pope is chosen by Yahowah, the Creator, to rule His people
Thursday 11 2 Topics
Yahowah chooses to forget our sins
There is only one place and one way to get to know Yahowah:
    — the place is His Torah,
    — and the way is to accept His one and only Covenant, including active,
         voluntary participation in His Set-Apart Feasts
Myths Addressed
Scripture speaks of a "Last Supper", a "Eucharist", and/or a "holy communion"
God speaks of a trinity
Friday 12 1 Topics
Religious leaders using dishonest ways to make themselves seem more credible
Religion vs. the relationship Yahowah seeks
Asking Yahowah for what we want before we even come to know Him
Yahowah knelt down to bless us

Myth Addressed
Yahowah, our God, wants us to bow and kneel before Him
Friday 12 2 Topics
Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
Stupidity in Islam
Predestination in Islam

Myth Addressed
Allah broke the moon

Vince voiced his opinion that Christianity and its influence on the world has been
    worse than Islam and its influence on the world.
Monday 15 1 Topics
The American economy and the lies we are told about it
"Christian Muslims" violence in Egypt
Making things worse by replacing a secular dictator with an Islamic dictator
American government's view of what constitutes extremism

Myths Addressed
The economy has improved since Obama has been in office
The unemployment rate is 7.6%
The cross is a Godly and Scriptural symbol
Monday 15 2 Topic
Yahowah (God) knelt down in love on our behalf to lift us up and bless us

Myth Addressed
Yahowah (God) wants us to kneel and bow before him
Tuesday 16 1 Topics
The bombing at the Boston Marathon
Similarities between the bomb used in Boston and those used by Muslim bombers

Myth Addressed
Condemning Islam is a racist act

Jason said, "I have heard people who are hoping that it wasn't an Islamic attack
    because then there will be rampant racism."
Tuesday 16 2 Topics
Information without context is valueless
The importance of 7 in Scripture
God's timeline and history
Myths Addressed
Yahowah wants to be worshiped as The Lord on Sunday
Yahowah doesn't care whether we attend a Sunday "worship service" instead of
    keeping His Sabbath day
Wednesday 17 1 Topics
Media and political leaders trying to suggest that Boston was the act of a right
    wing home-grown terrorist organization when all the evidence would suggest that
    it is far more likely that it was another attack by Muslims
There is more linking Oklahoma City bombing to Al Qaeda than to 9/11
Afghanistan on its way to becoming the world's largest narco state
The stagnation of the Arab world because of Islam

Myths Addressed
The nationality of the bomber is relevant
The Waco incident was the result of right wing extremists
Wednesday 17 2 Topics
What someone thinks is irrelevant; what Yahowah says is all that matters
Yahowah warns us through Hosea that being informed and rational is a requirement
    if we don't want to perish when we die

Myths Addressed
Heaven and Hell are the only two destination results for the souls of those who
    have died
Ignorance is bliss and is an acceptable excuse
The Sabbath is a "Jewish" thing
Thursday 18 1 Topics
Explosion in West Texas
The Branch Davidian incident
Continued search for the Boston Marathon bombing
Conspiracy theory regarding the government being behind the Boston Marathon
The government's knowledge of the 9/11 plan and lack of action
The government's use of 9/11 to further its agenda

Myth Addressed
Gun control in the USA is constitutional

Larry called in to share information which strongly suggests that the U.S. govern-
    ment was behind the Boston Marathon bombing.
Thursday 18 2 Topics
The Shabbat
Christianity is based on the teachings of Paul and not those of the man errantly
    known as Jesus, and was later influenced by Constantine to shape it into what
    we have today
Larry emailed further evidence to Yada regarding the involvement of U.S. govern-
    ment personnel in the Boston Marathon bombings, and Yada admitted that the
    evidence is remarkable and compelling
Yahowah has instructed us not to trumpet conspiracies because doing so could
    severely damage our credibility
The surge of patriotism and religion in Boston is strkingly similar to Constantine's
    promotion of Pauline doctrine (Roman Catholicism)

Myth Addressed
Christianity is based on the teachings of the man errantly known as Jesus
Friday 19 1 Topics
The two young men responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing were Muslims
    - What a surprise!
99.9% of terrorist attacks worldwide over the last 10 years have been perpetrated
    by Muslims
90% of terrorist attacks worldwide over the last 50 years have been perpetrated
    by Muslims
Nevertheless, news agencies around the world refuse to make the connection be-
    tween terrorist attacks and Islam

Myths Addressed
It is important to take notice of the nationality of the bombers
Muslims who murder and maim have been radicalized
Friday 19 2 Topics
Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
Islamic scriptural endorsements of violence, murder and terrorism
Every "good" Muslim, according to the Quran and Hadith, is a terrorist
What the Quran says of Muslims who do not engage in Jihad
The Satanic Verses incident in Muhammad's life
In the Quran, Allah is always depicted as being in Hell, where he is busy torturing
    unbelievers; he is never in Heaven

Myths Addressed
Muslims who follow Muhammad's teachings are peaceful
It is possible to follow the Quran and Muhammad and still be a good person
Monday 22 1 Topics
The U.S. government and the Boston Marathon Bombing
Blaming guns, but not blaming the religion of a killer
Russian intelligence warned the U.S. of the two Muslim brothers who planted the
    Boston Marathon bombs
America's wasted intelligence spending
Why do they try so hard to kill the Muslim terrorists?
What is it they don't want us to hear the terrorists say at trial?

Myth Addressed
Jihadists are radical Muslims
Monday 22 2 Topics
The Sabbath
God became settled on the seventh day
Yahowah God calls things an abomination and detestable, yet man thinks He won't
    care if we do them anyway
The Towrah's instructions and guidance are for our benefit

Myths Addressed
The Sabbath is a Jewish thing for Jewish people
Yahowah's instructions only apply if we're in the land of Israel
Tuesday 23 1 Topics
Islamic Imam comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. to a Muslim
The Islamic definition of a hypocrite: anyone who will not invest their wealth, time, and
    person in jihad, which is war against all non-Muslims and all peaceful Muslims

Myths Addressed
Muhammad was a prophet
Jihad is a personal inner struggle
Tuesday 23 2 Topics
Christians claim to follow Yahowsha, whom they insist on calling Jesus, when in
    reality they do the opposite of what He did when they reject the Towrah, which
    He esteemed and observed
There is only one path to Yahowah and it walks straight through His Towrah
The insincere nature of desiring to be saved by Yahowah without coming to know
    Him for who He is
The 10 Dabarim (words), erroneously called the 10 Commandments

Myths Addressed
Towrah means "law"
Yahowah gave 10 Commandments
Wednesday 24 1 Topics
The mother of the Boston Marathon bombers speaks
The media's willful ignorance of Islam
The only guarantee into Allah's heaven is killing infidels
The Saudi national who was at the scene of the bomb

Myths Addressed
Paul wrote Scripture
"Allah u akbar!" means "God is Great!"
Wednesday 24 2 Topics
Yahowah instructed us not to associate with graven images and idolatrous symbols
Religion's truncating and removing from context of what Yahowah said

Myth Addressed
Love is not jealous

Jason, Christian portrayals of Christ
Thursday 25 1 Topics
The Internet Fairness bill
The Boston Marathon Bombers used and abused the welfare system in America

Myth Addressed
Sequestration cut government spending
Thursday 25 2 Topics
Yahowah’s 10 Dabariym
Yahowah says His mercy is for thousands who observe His Towrah

Myths Addressed
There are 10 Commandments
God loves everyone
The consequence of not choosing Yahowah is eternal torment in hell
Friday 26 1 Topics
The opening of the $200 million George W. Bush Presidential Library
The overtly satanic nature of Free Masonry as explained in Albert Pike's book,
    "Morals and Dogma"
The corruption and deliberate misuse of the word "radicalized"
The firing of over 200 rounds at the critically wounded and unarmed Boston
    Marathon bombing suspect was totally inappropriate
The mother of the suspected Boston Marathon Bombers is reportedly a bail-
    jumper who was caught stealing over $1,500 worth of clothing from a Lord
    & Taylor's store in a Boston suburb
The media is ignoring the surviving bombing suspect's confession that they planted
    the bombs "to defend Islam"
Yada: "The motive for the bombings is Islam, idiot!"
Homeland Security's public complicity with the complete breakdown of judgment,
    morality, and conscience in dealing with Islam and its murderous thugs, both
    male and female
The tendency of the American media to justify Muslim terrorists, characterizing
    them as freedom fighters or victims of Jewish oppression defending themselves
    in the mythical land of Palestine
Dead Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev allegedly named after the
    Mulsim historical figure who is believed to have murdered 19 million people

Myths Addressed
To learn a terrorist's motive, we should examine everything in their life except
    their religion
Muhammad and his followers were brave warriors
Friday 26 2 Topics
Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
"There is no such thing as a 'radical' Muslim." - I.Q. al-Rasooli
Gross flaws and laughable idiocies from the Quran and the Hadith
Whereas Yahowah's orders for the Yisra'elites to kill the inhabitants of the Promised
    Land was a closed-ended set of instructions which expired after 60 years, every
    single one of Muhammad's commands for Muslims to murder peaceful Muslims
    and all non-Muslims are open-ended for all time.
A good Muslim is always willing to be a terrorist
"The consequence of disassociating terrorism from Islam will be the complete
    destruction of Western civilization."

"Muslims will pull the triggers, but they will be enabled to pull those triggers by
    the treasonous behavior of America's leaders."

Myths Addressed
Today's Quran is word-for-word what Muhammad wrote
The Torah instructions to kill and the Quran's are equivalent
Terrorists are bad Muslims who have twisted the Quran and Hadith
Monday 29 1 Topics
The Russian Iranian connection
How to combat Islam

Myth Addressed
Islamic terrorists are radicals

Nick wanted to know how Yada determined that "Allah u Akbar!" means "Allah is
    greater!" and not "God is great!" like the Muslims claim.
        [Yada refers in his answer to Muhammad's slaughter of the Jews at Khaybar.
          The relevant information may be found in the lower half of the web page.]
Monday 29 2 Topics
Considering Yahowsha's "Sermon on the Mount" (Mattanyah 5-7)
"The end justifies the means," and "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," usually
    make situations worse

Myths Addressed
God is primarily interested in saving men
Yahowah wants us to view Him as our Lord
Tuesday 30 1 Topics
Professional basketball player admits he is a homosexual
Christian obsession with homosexuality as opposed to God’s lack of focus on it
"Muslims are not killed because they're Muslims, but they do kill because they're
The US's empty threats
The results of the Iraqi invasion

Myth Addressed
Homosexuality is worse than adultery
Tuesday 30 2 Topics
Yahowah's 10 dabarim, or words
"God damn," is a statement, which is often true, meaning "Yahowah separates himself from."
There is a consequence for choosing not to heed Yahowah's advice. Although it may
    be extremely unpleasant, it is still just a consequence of one's actions, and
    not a punishment

Myths Addressed
Yahowah commanded us not to take His Name "in vain"
Yahowah will not forgive someone for saying, "God damn."

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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