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May, 2013

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Day Date Hour Description
Wednesday 1 1 Topics
  • The Iraq war
  • The creation of awakening counsels in Iraq was a huge mistake!
  • America is painting "Allah u akbar!" on the sides of the tanks it is supplying to the Muslims

Myths Addressed
  • Democracy relates to freedom and is a good thing
  • "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
Wednesday 1 2 Topic
  • Paul and his letter to the Colossians
  • Shaul/Paul was called out by name in Habakkuk!
  • Yahowah hates being called, "Lord"
  • "The Lord's Covenant" - ha Ba-al's Covenant - was an integral part of the Babylonian religious system

Myths Addressed
  • God's name is Jesus
  • Yahowah wants us to serve Him because He is our Lord

  • Nick had a question about the name, Jesus, the gist of which went something like this: "You say there was no one named Jesus in the 1st century, but that only exists in the English bibles. Other languages have their own name. For example, the Russian Bible says, Iesous."
  • The answer is significant: The Divine Placeholders.
  • Robyn asked a question about the millennial Shabbat
Thursday 2 1 Topics
  • Syria
  • Yahowah's statement about Shaul/Paul in Habakkuk

Myths Addressed
  • Terrorists are radicals
  • Salvation comes only through Christ Jesus
  • Heaven and Hell are the only two possible fates for human souls

  • Paul asked, "If Paul is a false apostle, what do we do about Luke and Acts?"
Thursday 2 2 Topics
  • The origins of Questioning Paul
  • Yahowah is and wants to be our loving Father
  • The Hebrew word, asher, and how it caused Yada to question his Christian religion and to eventually leave it

Myths Addressed
  • The way to Yahowah is popular and easy
  • Yahowah wants to be our Lord

  • Paul (from the last hour), "In 2 Peter, Peter refers to Paul as a 'beloved brother'. What did Yahosha mean when He said, 'This is the cup of My new covenant' ?"
Friday 3 1 Topics
  • Yahowah's 10 Dabarim (words, or statements)
  • You can't revere, and/or respect someone until you come to know them
  • The Covenant is like a family and requires all parties to participate to be productive

Myth Addressed
  • There are 10 Commandments
Friday 3 2 Topics
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • An Indian student asking the U.S. President about Jihad
  • The Islamic legal lie
  • The Islamic war of compulsion

Myths Addressed
  • Jihad has many meanings and is subject to interpretation
  • Terrorists are distorting the religion of Islam
Monday 6 1 Topics
  • The building collapse in Bangladesh and how it demonstrates the deplorable position of women in Islam
  • Over a million Bangladeshis gathered in the streets to demand the death of anyone who insults (i.e., speaks the truth about) or refuses to embrace Islam or to submit to the absolute rulership of Muslims
  • This perfectly exemplifies the true meaning of Jihad, which is "War against all non-Muslims"
  • "Allah u akbar!" literally means "Allah is greater [than Yahowah]!"
  • First used when Muhammed's Muslim "warriors" ambushed and massacred an entire village of unarmed Jewish farmers and their families. (See this article, about two-thirds of the way down)

Myth Addressed
  • "Allah u akbar!" means "God is great!"
Monday 6 2 Topics
  • "Fear" versus "revere"
  • What yeast is and what Yahowah says about it in relation to the Miqray
  • God embraces us—though we are flawed—so long as we embrace His Covenant

Myths Addressed
Yahowah wants us to fear Him
There was an "Order of Melchizedek"

  • Diane asked a question about Shabua
Tuesday 7 1 Topics
  • The death toll from the building collapse in Bangladesh reaches 700 (mostly women)
  • Half a million Bangladeshi Muslims protest against women's rights
  • Christian radio reported that they were protesting for stronger anti-blasphemy laws
  • "Blasphemy" to a Muslim is anything which accurately characterizes Muhammed and the Islamic "holy" books: the Quran and Hadith
  • Buddhist terrorism in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)

Myth Addressed
  • It is blasphemy to say, "God damn."
Tuesday 7 2 Topics
  • Yahowah's declaration in YashaYahu / Isaiah that the fear of Him is a man-made tradition
  • The removal of Yahowah's name from the Scripture and the replacement of it with Satan's title, "The LORD"
  • Paul's twisted logic that made the Torah into our lord

Myths Addressed
  • God wants us to fear Him
  • Yahosha did away with the Torah
Wednesday 8 1 Topics
  • The history of the Taliban and al-Qaeda
  • Anti-Semitism in Hungary
  • The glorification of war
  • The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America - why it is important

Myths Addressed
  • The wars / conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are winnable
  • America's military protects the freedom of the American people
  • The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was put in place to protect the right of American citizens to hunt
Wednesday 8 2 Topics
  • The Sabbath
  • The "sin" Yahowah is mostconcerned about: promoting a religion
  • Yah wants us to prioritize our relationship with Him

Myths Addressed
  • Yah wants us to keep and obey a Law
  • Yahowah's Torah / teaching is only for Jews
Thursday 9 1 Topics
  • Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire
  • "They didn't care enough about their lives to live them, so why memorialize them by mentioning their names?" - Yada
  • The Dalai Lama
  • Teachers in Mexico protested being evaluated by setting buildings on fire
  • The Benghazi cover-up

Myth Addressed
  • Heaven and Hell are the only possible destinations for one's soul
Thursday 9 2 Topic
  • Yahowah's view of the Torah

Myths Addressed
  • The Torah is oppressive and enslaving
  • "Emmanuel" (Hebrew Immanu'el) is the "Messiah's" name
  • There was a person named Jesus Christ in the 1st century
Friday 10 1 Topics
  • Continuing from yesterday's conversation
  • The role of blood atonement
  • What the Torah says about submission to governments

Myth Addressed
  • God's name is Jehovah

  • Nick had a question about the religious cult called Jehovah's Witnesses
Friday 10 2 Topics
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • The myth of the Palestinian people
  • The treatment of Muslim citizens in Israel

Myth Addressed
  • The people in the region known as Palestine are racially Palestinians
Monday 13 1 Topics
  • The truth behind Benghazi
  • How the government and media are whitewashing the Islamic link to terrorism
  • The US government's "sting" operations
  • Saving family honor by committing murder

Myth Addressed
  • There are a Palestinian people
Monday 13 2 Topics
  • Yahowah wants us to expose and condemn His enemies
  • What is meant by "love your enemy"
  • See 2 Kings 6:8-23 for an example of Yahosha's teaching in Matthew 5:44-48
  • The upcoming festival feast of Shabua / Seven Sabbaths

Myth Addressed
  • Shabua / Pentecost is about the birth of the "church"
Tuesday 14 1 Topics
  • The bankrupting of Cyprus
  • Fiat money: what it is and what it means
  • The Grand Mufti, the Armenian genocide, and the Final Solution
  • Muhammad's night ride - on a winged ass, no less - from Mecca to Jerusalem to visit the temple (which was actually destroyed centuries before Muhammad was even born), a wild ride which had him passing through Hell, where Allah had Muslim women hung by their breasts on meat hooks and was having himself just a grand old time by torturing them for being insufficiently submissive to Muslim men - providing us with yet another edifying and soul-nurturing glimpse into the godly wonders that are Islam's official "sacred" texts

Myths Addressed
  • Bailouts are making money for the U.S. economy
  • The Final Solution was Hitler's and the Nazi Party's original plan
Tuesday 14 2 Topics
  • Yahowah's Feast of Shabua / Seven Sabbaths
  • The stems, moods and tenses in Hebrew
  • Why everyone is invited to Shabua, and not just the Yahudi

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah's Family-Oriented Covenant has been renewed
  • There is a New Covenant which replaces the "old"
Wednesday 15 1 Topics
  • Things which impair our judgment and distract us, and thus impede a relationship with Yah
  • The Benghazi attacks
  • The "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict

Myths Addressed
  • There are a Palestinian people
  • It matters rather or not the U.S. President called Benghazi a terrorist attack
Wednesday 15 2 Topic
  • Continued discussion of Shabua and the seven Miqray, or Called-Out Assemblies

Myths Addressed
  • Yah micro-manages the universe
  • "Grace" replaced "the law"
  • The Miqray are Jewish holidays
Thursday 16 1 Topics
  • The IRS scandal
  • Why do you not tax political organization
  • Christians love when you use logic, evidence, and reason to disprove Islam, but when you turn it on their own religion, then they attack and condemn you
  • A lie can be told in seconds, but it takes minutes to provide the evidence and reason to disprove that lie
  • Men's creations of gods in their own image
  • Hezbollah suicide bombing
  • Executions in Syria

Myths Addressed
  • Corporations should pay taxes
  • "Allah u akbar!" means "God is great!"
  • It actually means, literally, "Allah is greater!"
Thursday 16 2 Topics
  • What really happened on the fulfillment of Shabua in 33 CE
  • Yahowah's timeline and the importance of 7
  • What the ascending wave offering of Shabua represents, as well as the other aspects of the Miqra

Myth Addressed
  • Shabua is the birth of the "church"
Friday 17 1 Topics
  • Murders by Muslims dominate the headlines again
  • We might ought to care because the USA's invasion of Iraq made this kind of Muslim-on-Muslim violence possible
  • The American government today is more and more disregarding its own Constitution, with the result that the USA is no longer a republic
  • The American press corps all work together to promote the prevailing propaganda which is corrupting everything that might stand in the way of the New World Order (NWO)
  • Disarming the American people is an essential step in the plans of the NWO to bring the USA to its knees
  • Yada's suggestions for tax reform
  • Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Yerushalaim protest the very military that keeps them alive

Myths Addressed
  • Democracy is a godly concept
  • Removing guns from the American citizens will make the USA safer
Friday 17 2 Topics
  • Public schools are little more than day care centers where the government is given free reign to brainwash our children
  • The whole process of critical thinking is no longer being taught in our public schools at any level
  • As a result, our children are incapable of exercising good judgment
  • Someone who is overtly religious lacks the ability to use logic and reason
  • "Religious people are irrational and ignorant" - Yada
  • Our best way of opening a door for "witnessing" is to celebrate our own relationship with Yahowah
  • Another is to ask questions we know they can't answer
  • Yada's answer starts around minute 23: be sure to listen to this part
  • The purpose of Shabua is to enrich us, so teaching is an important way to celebrate the Feast

Myths Addressed
  • Teacher's unions are good, useful, and helpful
  • It is possible to reason with a religious person

  • Nick asked a question about the economics of education, then revealed that his "own religion" allows for reincarnation
  • Jennifer wanted to know how to introduce Yahowah's Torah and His opposition to religion to those about whom she cares
  • William asked, "What are we supposed to do today to celebrate Shabua?"
Monday 20 1 Topics
  • A Saudi man arrested for having a pressure cooker in his luggage
  • Coronavirus spreading throughout Saudi Arabia, and around Europe
  • The government of the United States of America, in an effort to protect themselves, are not reporting all they know about certain incidents and situations to the American people
  • The deceased Boston Marathon Bomber left a confession note, but the government has not released it
  • The absurd attempt by the U.S. government and the media to distance the Boston bombing from Islam
  • The Justice Department's alleged wiretapping of Associated Press journalist

Myth Addressed
  • Our government protects us and is serving our interest
Monday 20 2 Topics
  • A brief history of the Qumran Scrolls
  • Taking things out of context

Myths Addressed
  • Abraham was made righteous by faith
  • Abraham did not have the Torah
Tuesday 21 1 Topics
  • Increase in size and frequency of natural disasters
  • "Free Will" necessitates Yahowah taking a hands off approach with the world
  • "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the rescue is from Yahowah." - Proverbs 21:31 … I strongly disagree with Yada's opinion here, with which the Scriptures also disagree. Yahowah doesn't have to micromanage everything in order to interact with His children or anyone else. Nowhere does He say that He will never override our gift of free will. For example, read His promise in YashYahu 30:15-21, especially verse 21. Consider as well the stories of Pharaoh, Dani'el in the lions' den, the death of King Ahab, the birth of the prophet Shemu'el, the humbling of King Nebudchadnezzar, and many others. Yahowah is God. He can do whatever He wants to whenever He wants to. He is not bound by clever arguments or imaginary scenarios. Yada's opinion leaves Yahowah with no room to act on behalf of His purpose and people. That is what is illogical.
  • Yahowah is not going to judge America
  • America's thinning of Israel at the waist
  • The story of Hezekiah (HizqiYah - Yahowah strengthens)
  • The history of the King James Bible
  • Faith vs. trust and reliance

Myths Addressed
  • The Creator micromanages the universe
  • The KJV is an accurate and trustworthy translation of the original Hebrew and Greek texts

  • Glenn - perhaps the increase in tornados and such is a result of man's messing with the planet. If God doesn't judge America, then He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. Who is Yahosha? What about the Trinity? The difference between Ya'aqob (i.e., James) and Paul, and Ya'aqob's statement that "faith without works is dead."
Tuesday 21 2 Topics
  • Comparing Ya'aqob (i.e., James) to Paul.
  • The difference between mispronouncing a name and changing a name

Myths Addressed
  • It doesn't matter if we change Yahowah's name because He doesn't care
  • A god who changes his mind can be trusted

  • Glenn - carried over from previous hour
Wednesday 22 1 Topics
  • Syria in the news still
  • The "Palestinians" attempt to make it look like Israelis are killing "Palestinian" children
  • Only the truth can prevail over lies
  • The media reporting to fit their political interest and not the facts
  • Yassar Arafat, a homosexual, died of AIDS; he was not murdered by Israelis
  • China's use of economic might as opposed to military might
  • The meaning of the word "religion" - "to bind"

Myth Addressed
  • Yasar Arafat was poisoned

  • Glenn - America's government has made it beneficial for businesses to move to China, thus increasing China's economic might. Religion is not an inherently bad thing because the word just means "to gather together".
Wednesday 22 2 Topics
  • Is religion inherently derogatory?
  • What happened to the body of Yahosha

Myths Addressed
  • There is a "cross" in Scripture
  • God instructed us to pay a tenth of our income to the church

  • Glenn - continued from last hour - What about where Ya'aqob (i.e., James) spoke of "true religion"? Do you think that Yahosha was crucified?
  • Rod - about tithing and Malachi
Thursday 23 1 Topics
  • The French media is actively participating in the propagation of a video allegedly showing Israeli soldiers killing a "Palestinian" child, even though it has been proven conclusively that the video was completely staged.
  • A British soldier was murdered in London in broad daylight in what is being called "a possible act of terrorism." His attackers shouted, "Allah u akbar!" ("Allah is greater!") while hacking off his head with a meat cleaver and a butcher's knife. This entire murder was caught on video, from beginning to end, with one of the murderers walking straight from the victim's corpse towards the camera, with the bloody murder weapons in his hand, declaring that they murdered the man in the Name of Allah and in accordance with the Quran's instructions. Despite this damning evidence, CNN reports that it is unclear why the two men attacked the victim!
  • Conservatives and liberals alike sing from the same hymn book when it comes to defending Islam.

Myths Addressed
  • Our enemy is terrorism.
  • War can be waged on a tactic.

  • Glenn - The European royalty are occultist.
Thursday 23 2
audio file has been repaired
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron made a statement that more Muslims have died because of terrorism than anyone else, as though that means that Islam is not directly responsible for 99.9% of today's acts of terrorism.
  • In the second chapter of the book of Habakkuk, Yahowah singled out Christianity's architect, Shaul/Paul, by name, and soundly condemns him.

Myth Addressed
  • Something can be understood outside of the context in which it was said.
Friday 24 1 Topics
  • Yada returns to Habakkuk and what it says of Paul.
  • The new Pope allegedly stated that salvation is for everyone, not just Catholics. According to reports, the so-called "pontiff" said that everyone is, in fact, saved.

Myth Addressed
  • The Creator crafted laws that no man can keep and then required us to keep them.
Friday 24 2 Topics
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • British soldier brutally murdered by Muslims shouting, "Allah u akbar!", but the media says their motives are unclear
  • Muhammad and the origins of "Allah u akbar!"
  • al-Rassooli: "Muslims are always pretending to be the victims while they are victimizing others."
  • Exposing Islam with the truth is the only solution for Islamic terrorism; bullets and bombs will accomplish no good

Myth Addressed
  • Since Muslims are also victimized by terrorism, Islam can't possibly be the cause of terrorism

  • Jason - question about Muslims claiming to be victims
Monday 27 1 Topics
  • The proxy war in Syria, i.e., a war where 2 armies fight each other in someone else's country
  • The number of sexual assaults in the U.S. military is on the rise
  • Pension fund and union officials of bankrupt Detroit, Michigan ($15 billion of debt, not including unpaid pensions), use pension funds to pay for a luxury vacation at 4 star hotel in Hawaii
  • Public employee pensions
  • Concerning the report that Apple pays no taxes
  • The greed of Americans and their government have forced manufacturers and other businesses to relocate many of their operations overseas

Myth Addressed
  • The average American family pays too much in taxes, while businesses pay too little

  • Nick - to be "American-minded", he should be able to take his family out to dinner and the American business owners should have to pay for it
Monday 27 2 Topics
  • Concerning remarks made during the break that we owe a debt to those who serve or have served in the United States of America's military
  • Real freedom comes from Yahowah's teaching, that is, His Torah
  • True safety and security comes from Yahowah, not from man's bullets and bombs
  • Return to last week's study of Words / Dabarim / Deuteronomy 5
  • The RUACH QODESH / Set-Apart Spirit is our spiritual Mother (the Hebrew term is feminine)
  • The spirit received by those who follow Paul is not Yahowah's Spirit
  • Yahowah is One, but He is able to manifest Himself in different ways

Myths Addressed
  • Freedom and safety come from the military might of one's nation
  • The "Holy Spirit" is masculine
  • Shaul / Paul was sent by Yahowah to the Gentiles
  • There is a Trinity

  • Larry - discussed with Yada the relationship between Yahowah and Yahosha
Tuesday 28 1 Topics
  • The detrimental effects of taxes
  • Apple's tax avoidance strategies
  • Pope calls on an end to the cult of money … such as the Roman Catholic Church there, Pope?
  • Yada's opinion that corporations alway do the right thing
  • Yada's opinion that a nation's natural resources and infrastructure exist for the free and unfettered use of businesses
  • Yada actually makes some good points during his diatribe against the greedy blackguards in Washington, DC. My question is, "If the government does not tax those who get the most benefit from its natural resources and its infrastructure, i.e., its businesses and those who enrich themselves thereby, how then should it be expected to maintain its roadways, its railways, its utilities, etc.?"
    Since none of man's forms of governing himself and others is godly, and since only Yahowah's family-oriented kingdom is worth considering, all this discussion about taxation versus no taxation is, in my own opinion, a complete waste of time and effort.
  • The American government is tyrannical

Myths Addressed
  • Corporations don't pay enough taxes
  • Yada's opinion that taxing corporations is a good thing
  • The American government protects its citizens
Tuesday 28 2 Topics
  • Yahowah's 10 dabar (words), which are labelled by religion as "The 10 Commandments"
  • God has but one name, and that is, Yahowah, which is written in Hebrew like this: יהוה; following a god by any other name will not lead one to the true God's home
  • Satan's first and oldest ploy is to twist and corrupt Yah's word

Myths Addressed
  • Yah is indifferent to how you respond to His instruction
  • Yahowah does not allow man to corrupt His word
  • Yahowah judges all of us
Wednesday 29 1 Topics
  • Hypocrisy and disingenuousness in politics and religion
  • The Pope's comment that free markets create tyranny
  • Exorcisms (casting out demons)
  • Emotional attachment to religion and emotional justifications
  • The Devil works on grand scale

Myth Addressed
  • The Pope and the Catholic Church speak for God
Wednesday 29 2 Topics
  • The Pope's comment that those that don't pray to the Lord are praying to the Devil
  • Yahosha's emphatic declaration, recorded in Matthew 7:21, that, "Not anyone referring to Me as Lord, Lord, will enter into the kingdom of Heaven."
  • Yahowah doesn't know those that don't embrace the Torah

Myth Addressed
  • One may refer to Yahowah as "Lord" and still be welcomed into His family
Thursday 30 1 Topics
  • The U.S.A.'s Internal Revenue Service scandal
  • How those who don't know Yahowah can cast out demons
  • What Yahosha meant when He said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
  • The pagan roots of the exorcism ritual
  • The Christian corruption of Shabua into Pentecost
  • If Easter happens to fall on Passover, then the Roman Catholic Church changes its date so that it will not correspond with Yahowah's Feast

Myths Addressed
  • Hatred is of the devil
  • The devil is active in individual lives, tempting people away from God

  • Glenn - the distorted way in which Easter is calculated; as a nurse, the "exorcism" allegedly performed by the Pope irritated him
Thursday 30 2 Topics
  • The nephilim, demons, etc. - What are they?
  • The fate of a soul upon the death of the body
  • The events leading up to the flood

Myths Addressed
  • Demons mated with humans
  • Adam and Chawah (Eve) were the first Homo Sapiens
  • Souls are immortal

  • Glenn - kept over from the last hour
Friday 31 1 Topics
  • Words / Dabarim / Deuteronomy 5:9
  • Does Yahowah, the true God, hate?
  • Love requires hate
  • Yahowah would have to destroy free will to keep man from corrupting His word
  • Satan's ploy of taking what Yahowah said out of context and twisting it
  • Adding to Yah's instruction, man's first mistake

Myths Addressed
  • The bible is the inerrant word of God
  • God would not and does not allow His Scriptures to be tampered with by man
Friday 31 2 Topics
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • The American government's refusal to acknowledge the Islamic roots of terrorism
  • Abrogation in Islam, and why the peaceful verses of the Quran are irrelevant
  • The invasion of Iraq by the American military machine
  • Willful ignorance is stupidity

Myths Addressed
  • Islam has made useful and good contributions to the world
  • Muslims are often victims of terrorism; therefore, Islam cannot be the cause of terrorism
  • Democracy, which is actually nothing more than mob rule, is a good thing
  • The United States of America is a Democracy

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).

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