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June, 2013

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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 3 1 Topics
  • Environmental evangelism
  • Islamic terrorism

Myths Addressed
  • will find God's perfect match for you
  • Global warming
Monday 3 2 Topics
  • Yahowah is love, and He is jealous, too
  • Yahowah is eternal, with no beginning and no end

Myths Addressed
  • Love is not jealous
  • Angels can love and have a relationship with Yahowah
  • Tolerance is a godly value

  • Nick asked, "Where did Yahowah come from? Where is Yahowah located?"
  • Glenn had a question about prophecy
Tuesday 4 1 Topics
  • Protests in Istanbul, Turkey
  • The results of Islamic rule in countries

Myth Addressed
  • The "Arab spring" and Islamic reformation were good
Tuesday 4 2 Topics
  • Christian Mingle's claim to match you up with God's perfect match for you
  • Men ascribing what they do to God

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah has mercy on everyone and will save everyone
  • God micro manages our world and our lives
  • Yahowah issued 10 commandments

Caller Addressed
  • Glenn had a question about anti-Semitism
Wednesday 5 1 This archive has dead spots due to technical issues caused by Yada's telephone and cable provider.
  • Issues related to Turkey
  • Democracy in the Islamic world
  • The Iraq war

Myth Addressed
  • Democracy is a good thing
Wednesday 5 2 Topics
  • Yahowah's 10 Dabar (words) - what religions call "The 10 Commandments"
  • It is impossible to take a name in vain
  • The imperfect form, the form used throughout most of the 10 Dabar (words)
  • The issues with Paul

Myths Addressed
  • We are not to take "the Lord's" name in vain
  • Hebrew is a consonant-only language
  • God's name is not important
Thursday 6 1 Topics
  • NSA collecting telephone records on tens of millions of Americans
  • The U.S. government's confiscation of earnings from the gold investments of its citizens
  • The Obama Administration's goal: make it impossible for anyone to make a real living, forcing them to be dependent on the government for support and thus more easily controlled
  • The Croat genocide
  • The Benghazi cover up and lack of consequences

Myth Addressed
  • Patriotism is good
Thursday 6 2 Topics
  • The difference between consequences and punishments
  • The terms and conditions of Yahowah's covenant
  • The origins of the KJV bible, a revision 5 times over of a translation at least 3 times removed from the original
  • Yahowah is reasonable and rational

Myths Addressed
  • If you do not know and love Yahowah, then He will torment you forever in "a sinner's hellfire"
  • Yahowah has a commandment about not saying, "God damn!"
  • Commercial English translations of the Hebrew Scriptures are accurate and trustworthy
Friday 7 1 Topics
  • The 10 dabarim, or "words and communications"
  • The utter stupidity of the Christian rendering of the 3rd instruction
  • Yahosha, Who is Yahowah, came to point us to Yahowah

Myth Addressed
  • There are 10 Commandments, the 3rd of which says not to take "the name of the Lord" in vain
Friday 7 2 Topics
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • American President Barack Hussein Obama's behavior toward Islamic terrorism
  • The disjointed and disorganized nature of the Quran
  • By any objective standard, the Quran is horribly written
  • Foreign aid to the Muslim world
  • Yahowah's use of prophecy to verify His Scriptures

Myths Addressed
  • The Quran is from God
  • The Quran was written in pure Arabic

  • Glenn - an atheist would say that Yahowah is just as made up as Allah. Why do secular humanists, atheists, communists, liberals, etc. align with Islam?
Monday 10 1 Topics
  • Christian sponsor's solicitation of donations; her claims of miraculous healings in the name of Jesus Christ
  • The killer in last week's Santa Monica Community College shooting spree has been identified as a Muslim already known to authorities as someone with mental health issues caused by Islam
  • The spying on America's citizens by the U.S. government's National Security Agency (NSA) is being defended by that organization's top dog, who claims that the exposure of their unConstitutional spying activities is the real threat to America
  • The greatest threat to the security of the United States of America is the U.S. government itself
  • The second greatest threat to the security of the United States of America is Islam
  • The lack of Islamic terrorism in Japan, where there are strict controls against Muslims
  • More examples of the U.S. federal government lying about the NSA's PRISM program

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah wants us to give Him our lives
  • There was a man named Jesus Christ in first century Israel
  • It is all right for a nation's government to spy on its citizens for the alleged purpose of ensuring national security
Monday 10 2 Topics
  • The Hebrew word, shabbat, means "seven" and "promise"
  • The Hebrew word, shamar, means "closely examine, carefully consider, and respond appropriately"—it does not mean "obey"
  • The Hebrew word, qodesh, means "set apart"
  • The origin of the letter and sound of the English "J"
  • The importance of knowing someone's name
  • Why religions have changed Yahowah's and Yahosha's Names
  • Every single Greek manuscript which predates the reign of Constantine has a placeholder where Yahosha's Name is referenced
  • The undeniably pagan origins of the words "gospel" and "church"
  • Accuracy is critically important when discussing matters concerning Yahowah and the things of Yahowah

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah wants us to worship Him
  • Yahosha replaced Yahowah's Sabbath with Sunday worship
  • Yah's Son was named Jesus Christ
  • It is all right to change Yahowah's Name and Yahosha's Name because He knows we're really referring to Him
  • Yahosha did away with the Torah and did not observe it Himself
  • Torah means "law"
  • Yahowah's title is "the Lord"

  • Patrick wanted to know why Yada has not mentioned Jesus Christ in association with God
Tuesday 11 1 Topics
  • Special Guest: John Guandolo, national security consultant and co-author of "Shariah: the Threat to America"
  • Those in the U.S. federal government who speak out against Islam are censured
  • There is no differentitation between the stated goals of al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the overwhelming majority of Suni Muslims worldwide: total world domination by Islam and the strict enforcement of Shariah law
  • Shariah is the governing law that all Muslims are required to follow, and it comes straight from the Islamic "holy writings"
  • In all Islamic writings, jihad refers to warfare against non-Muslims

Myths Addressed
  • The threat to Americans is terrorism
  • The Quran is the word of God
  • Muhammad was a brave and mighty warrior
  • Jihad is an inner personal struggle
  • The most effective weapon against Islam is superior military force
Tuesday 11 2 Topics
  • Listeners advised not to donate money to religious organizations
  • Pagan origins and influences in the Christian religion
  • Malachi 2:1-3, the passage where Yahowah clearly expresses His view towards those who ignore His Word and disrespect His Name:
    • In Yahowah's opinion, the by-products of religious worship and holidays is animal feces and offal
    • Yahowah will smear that feces upon the faces of those who disrespect His Name and ignore His Words
    • The clergy and other proponents of religion will slide along the slippery path consisting of their own self-made bull feces straight into Sheol, eternally separated from Yahowah and incarcerated forever in total and complete darkness where there is no heat, isolated from everyone and everything
  • Messianic Jews blend rabbinic Judaism with Pauline Christianity to produce an especially toxic religion
  • On the pronounciation of the Ma'aseYah's Name
  • The purpose of Political Correctness is to emasculate the American male and destroy Yahowah's model for families

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah doesn't care whether or not we use His Name
  • Christians are going to Heaven
  • Messianic Jews know the real truth
  • Political Correctness is all about kindness and gentle tolerance

  • Glenn - asked for Yada's take on the Messianic pronunciation of Yahosha's Name, which they errantly pronounce as "Yeshua".
  • Jaime - put forth the idea that we might ought to change our names once we become members of Yahowah's family
Wednesday 12 1 Topics
  • The dumbing down of America to the point that the majority of Americans accept without thinking whatever their government officials tell them to accept
  • The gross dishonesty of the American President
  • The violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution through the NSA's massive surveillance machine
  • Mr. Swanson's heroic act of disclosing the American government's crimes against the American people

Myths Addressed
  • The American government is focused on upholding the U.S. Constitution
  • Mr. Swanson should be prosecuted for treason
Wednesday 12 2 Topics
  • About
  • Continuation of the discussion of Malachi 2:1-3
    • The bottom line: Yahowah considers religious activity to be bull manure
    • It is imperative that we highly value and give respect to Yahowah's Name
    • Yahosha declared, "Not any one who calls me 'Lord' will enter in."
    • "Hell"—sheol in Hebrew—is a place where the souls of Yahowah's enemies are incarcerated in complete darkness, totally isolated from Him and from one another. It is not a giant cavern filled with fires and annoying little devils with pitchforks!
    • Yahowah specifically references bull manure because of the bull's high status in pagan religions
    • By celebrating Christmas and Easter, and by honoring Sunday, Christians are smearing bull feces on their own faces
    • Malachi 2:1-3 destroys all the credibility of the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • The Torah liberates us. It is not a set of strict rules.
  • We really should observe the Shabbat (Sabbath)
  • The Shabbat is the day of the week in which Yahowah perfects us
  • We are not to do any work in regards to our salvation on the Shabbat

Myths Addressed
  • is used by God
  • Yahowah loves everyone and accepts everyone because He knows our hearts
  • Jesus loves all the little children in the world
  • Proper "observance" of the Sabbath involves all sorts of do's and don't's, about which Yahowah is really strict

  • Mariah - a truly delightful caller - wanted to know about celebrating birthdays
Thursday 13 1 Topics
  • Continuing the discussion about the NSA's ongoing violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Yada: Senator Feinstein is actually funding the very terrorist organization that she claims the NSA is protecting us from
  • The 2008 Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India attacks
  • In an attempt to pester the Russians in Afghanistan near the end of the last century, the U.S.A. funded and armed the Taliban, thereby creating our own enemy of today
  • The placing of a 50-to-1 price on the heads of Jews proves that the ISI and the Pakistani government are motivated by Islam and not by any political purpose
  • Pakistan was created as "the land of the pure", giving Indian Muslims their very own country, in order to stop them from murdering the non-violent Hindus in India

Myths Addressed
  • The American military exists to protect the American people
  • The NSA's spying has already thwarted several terrorist attacks
  • There was an historical nation of Palestine, and its descendents now suffer atrocities at the hands of Israelis
  • The U.S. Constitution should be ignored in order to provide safety from terrorists

  • Glenn - opined that Pakistan and India were separated as nations in the 1920's in order to separate Muslims and Hindus
Thursday 13 2 Topics
  • Scott (producer of the Shattering Myths program) - it's just a matter of time until Yahowah's Torah will be found to be in violation of Political Correctness and federal "hate speech" laws
  • Continuation of discussion of Yahowah's Shabbat (Sabbath)
  • To associate Yahosha and the Set Apart Spirit with Sunday is an abomination
  • The word "God" is an acceptable translation of the Hebrew term EL

Myths Addressed
  • Extremism is bad
  • The use of the word "god" in connection with Yahowah is evil
Friday 14 1 Topics
  • Continuing to examine what we can learn from the Shabbat, the 7th day (Deuteronomy 5:12)
  • The story of Yahowah's invitation to Abraham, known then as Abram, to walk with Him away from Babylon in a family-oriented Covenant relationship
  • The origins of Yahowah's 7 Set-Apart Called-Out Assemblies, His Mow-ed Miq'rey
  • The "Millenial Reign" is actually the Shabbat of Genesis
  • Faith is irrelevant

Myths Addressed
  • There is an Old Testament and a New Testament
  • The death and physical resurrection of someone named Jesus Christ annulled Yahowah's Torah (Teaching & Instruction)
Friday 14 2 Topics
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • Discussion regarding Mr. Snowden's heroic act of exposing the NSA's malfeasance
  • Solid, fact-based, damning observations about Islam and its rabidly insane followers
  • Reports of 100 people being killed by chemical weapons in Syria and how the U.S. government will use that as a basis for continuing to arm Muslims in the region
  • I.Q. al-Rassooli: "The only weapon of mass destruction is Islam."
  • The 9th Surah of the Quran allegedly condemns, excommunicates, and commands the execution of Muslims who will not participate in war against non-Muslims (jihad)
  • If we do not know and understand our enemy–in this case, Islam, and not "terrorism"–we will never defeat him
  • I.Q. quoted from Sahih Bukhari regarding the superiority of martyrdom for Allah's cause (subjugation of the whole world to Islam) (see official examples of Bukhari's writings here)

Myths Addressed
  • Islam is a religion of peace
  • Muhammad was a good person used by God to carry the truth to the world
  • Islam-obedient Muslims are moderate and peaceful

  • Glenn - compared the U.S. meddling in the Middle East with the building of tension created when stretching a rubber band: eventually, the situation will snap violently
Monday 17 1 Topics
  • A reminder that God does not associate Himself with nor participate in the activities of
  • Yada: "Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition lied about John McCain in a pamphlet they distributed during a presidential election"
  • Former KGB officer Vladmir Putin speaks more sanely than the American President regarding the ongoing violence in Syria
  • Continuing examination of Senator Diane Feinstein's open support of and influential promotion of the federal government's violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • David Headly's involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks
  • The recent election of a Muslim cleric as President of Iran

Myths Addressed
  • The 2008 Mumbai attacks took the American govern-
    ment by surprise
  • The new President of Iran is a peaceful, conservative Muslim cleric
  • There is such a thing as a peaceful, conservative Muslim cleric
Monday 17 2 Topics
  • Continued examination of Yahowah's Sabbath (the Shabbat)
  • Words / Dabarim / Deuteronomy 5:15
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of 'Yada Yah', Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 49.)
  • A brief aside about the American President's hypocrisy in telling Irish youth that they ought to make peace a priority in their lives
  • Both Christianity and Islam were created by men—Paul and Muhammed, respectively— who confessed to being demon-possessed
  • In both Christianity and Islam, the truth about Yahowah's fatherly gesture of kneeling down to lift up His children is twisted to require men to bow down in obeisance to ha satan in the guise of God
  • The 3 Hebrew letters which comprise the word Shabbat convey the meaning, "instructions regarding being in the family and home established by the Upright Pillar on Passover"

Myths Addressed
  • Christianity is the truth
  • The American military is a force for good
  • The Christian tradition of "Every head bowed, every eye closed" and kneeling at an altar pleases God
  • Torah means law
Tuesday 18 1 Topics
  • Continuing analysis of Senator Diane Feinstein's defense of Spygate
  • Harsh evidence that the 93,000 deaths and more than 90,000 kidnaps and rapes in Syria are a direct result of the U.S. Senate's authorization of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • More on David Headly

Myth Addressed
  • David Headly, mastermind of mass murders by Muslims, was unfamiliar to the U.S. government
Tuesday 18 2 Topics
  • The Shabbat: Yahowah's Sabbath
  • Shama and Shamar Yahowah:
    • Listen to Yahowah
    • Observe Yahowah by closely examing His Torah
    • If you will do that, you will come to know Him as He is—without any of the abominable trappings of religion—and you will fall in love with Him!
  • The timeline of man since our expulsion from the enclosure of great joy, aka The Garden of Eden
  • Follow along in the "Yada Yah" volume
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of 'Yada Yah', Book 1, Chapter 4. See the middle of page 53.)

Myths Addressed
  • The Sabbath must be strictly observed according to a long list of do's and don't's
  • Yahowah declared 10 Commandments
  • Christians will be welcomed into Heaven

  • Glenn - wanted to discuss the programs airing while Yada is away for the rest of the week
Wednesday 19 1 Topics
    Guest host: Scott, the program's producer
  • More on the blatant dishonesty of Senator Feinstein's depiction of how the NSA's unconstitutional spying on U.S. citizens was directly responsible for the capture of Muslim terrorist, David Headly
  • Headly allegedly worked as an undercover agent for the American CIA, which reportedly "overlooked" his known terrorists connections and activities for years
  • The NSA Act was signed into law by a "super secret court", without following the normal procedures
  • The insanely evil irrationality of the underlying idea of Wealth Distribution: "This person doesn't have enough money because that other person has more than he needs."

Myths Addressed
  • The U.S. government's purpose in throwing away the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution is to keep us safe

  • Larry, the program's most regular caller, joined Scott for the last segment to discuss the U.S. government's increasing violation of the Constitution and their invasion of the American citizen's privacy
Wednesday 19 2 Topics
    Guest host: Scott, the program's producer
  • Yahowah's 3 sweeping statements and 7 specific instructions: the so-called 10 Commandments
  • Follow along here (starting around the middle of page 53)
  • The majority of Christians ignore "The Divine Placeholders", a group of special Greek characters which, instead of being Greek words, actually referred the reader back to the Hebrew Scriptures for clarification. They were used in all the the early historical writings by MattanYah, Yahochanan, Ya'aqob, and Kepha (aka Matthew, John, James, and Peter respectively).
  • Christians regularly replace Yahowah's Name with ha satan's title, "The Lord" (ha baal in Hebrew)
  • How Rabbi Akiba and "the rambam" (Moshe Maimonides) corrupted Yahowah's Word and, consequently, billions of souls

Myths Addressed
  • God's Name is "the Lord"
  • The Greek words for Yahowah, Yahosha, Messiah (Hebrew Ma'aseYah), Father, Son, Set Apart Spirit, cross, and specific others actually appear in the oldest manuscripts

  • Robyn(sp?) - called in to sort of co-host with Scott for this segment of the program
  • Glenn - discussed the "Honor your father and mother" instruction
  • Steve - pointed out that, in the Septuagint, "Divine Placeholders" were used in place of the Greek words for "mother" and "father"
Thursday 20 1 Topics
    Guest host: Larry Hendricks
  • American First Lady Michelle Obama appears to view the American taxpayers as her own personal American Express card
  • The stratification of society into the elite and the unwashed impoverished masses, with no middle class
  • "I hear fear in the voices of business owners I speak with."
  • The American government is no longer controlled by a system of checks and balances, but rather by an inner core of elitists
  • "Main Core", the American government's database of 8 million American citizens (as of 2008, undoubtedly many more by now) targetted for unprisonment when martial law is declared—as it most certainly will be—against the American people within the next few years
  • The FBI has admitted to using surveillance drones on American soil to spy on American citizens
  • The American politicians and other officials routinely lie in accordance with point 4 of section VII in their instruction manual, which first came to public light in 1905
  • Ed Cheney, former director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), had the audacity to call Ed Snowden a traitor

Myths Addressed
  • The American voters have a voice in the American government
  • A dictatorship will never exist in the USA
  • Ed Snowden committed treason when he told the truth

  • Glenn - related some intel on the use of drones in Pennsylvania
Thursday 20 2 Topics
    Guest host: Larry Hendricks
  • Discussion of the illustrative description of Yahowah as a vast ocean of water, Yahosha (the most Set Apart, the qodesh qodesh) as a block of ice from that ocean, and the Set Apart Spirit as a cloud of steam from that same ocean: all are the same, but in different forms and intensities
  • The ruach qodesh, the Set Apart Spirit, is in very fact our spiritual Mother, and She perfectly demonstrates the nurturing side of Yahowah's nature
  • Larry: "If it came out of Yahosha's mouth, it was Torah teaching."
  • When Abram fell on his face before Him, it displeased Him, and Yahowah said to him, "Here I am!" In other words, "Hey! I'm up here! Stand up and look at Me!"
  • Abraham was comfortable enough with Yahowah to fall down laughing when Yahowah promised him a son when he was already a hundred years old
  • Yahowah said in Hosea 2:16 (Dead Sea Scrolls, not KJV) that we would encounter Him as an Individual; in other words, He is inviting us to have a one-on-One friendship and family-oriented relationship with Him. He is not demanding worship and obedience from us!

Myths Addressed
  • The "Holy Ghost" is male (as though a spirit would have sex organs or something)
  • There is a "Holy Trinity"
  • Yahowah is "the Lord"
  • Yahowah issued commandments and laws
  • Yahowah wants us to kneel before Him
  • Yahowah wants us to worship Him

  • Robin(sp?) - related her take on why Yahowah created this whole thing: that He might have a Family
Friday 21 1 Topics
    Guest host: Larry Hendricks
  • Names from Nehemiah 11:7
    (Hebrew NekhemYah, means Yah comforts)
    • Yoed - Yahowah's designated assembly meetings
    • PedaYah - Yahowah's redeeming ransom
    • KolaYah - Yahowah's voice
    • MaaseYah - the work of Yah
    • This is the real descriptor of Yahosha's purpose, not "Messiah"
    • Ishiel - God exists as a man
    • YashaYah - Yahowah saves
  • Larry: If we put those names together, this is what it spells out: "Yahowah's assembly meetings serve to redeem and ransom those who listen to Yahowah's voice. The Ma'aseYah performs Yahowah's business. The Mighty One existing as a man is how Yahowah saves."
  • The Koine Greek record of Yahosha's life states that he was in the heart of the land for 3 days and nights (cardio), not in a tomb

Myths Addressed
  • Yahosha was dead in a tomb for 3 days
  • It is wicked to use the word "God"

  • Robin - remarks about the Greek word "cardio" that Larry discussed earlier
  • Jaime - wanted to know why we use the word "God" when referring to Yahowah
Friday 21 2 Topics
    Guest host: Scott, the program's producer
    Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • The difference between Suni and Shia Muslims
  • America should not interfere with the struggles in Islamic countries
  • Russian President Putin has warned American President Obama that he stands against the American interference in Islamic countries, and Mr. al-Rassooli stressed that Putin's warning should be taken seriously because Putin is not a pushover
  • The American mind has not grasped Islam: they think Islam is a religion like Judaism and Christianity when in reality it is a cult
  • Islam is a brutal, ruthless system where the most violent, the most vicious, and the most vile seem to always rise to the top of the Muslim dung heap
  • Mr. al-Rassooli shared why he began to question Islam in the first place
  • I.Q. al-Rassooli offered a $100,000US reward to anyone who could show one single, operative verse in Muhammed's Quran that demonstrates any compassion and mercy to all unbelievers (i.e., those who are not Muslim—about 80% of the world's population)
    • This is not a new challenge. Mr. al-Rassooli has had his challenge on the table for over 10 years. To date, no one has stepped up to the plate!

Myth Addressed
  • A God named Allah revealed the Quran to Muhammed

  • Glenn - challenged Mr. al-Rassooli's choice of words
Monday 24 1 Topics
  • Yahowah created the whole universe for the specific purpose of marriage: that is, He wants to have a family
  • The Hebrew words beyth and beryth
  • The high value and critical importance to the American people of Wikileaks disclosures & how the majority of the American people have just yawned at them
  • Suggesting that Yahowah's testimonies are open to interpretation is dumbing Him down to the point where He is actually less articulate than the men He created–and that is just arrogant and stupid beyond description
  • Obamacare will prove to be devastating to the American medical industry, causing widespread bankruptcies and government takeovers of hospitals
  • A careful study of the David Headly example given by Senator Feinstein proves that the U.S. government was complicit in terrorism

Myths Addressed
  • God created man because He wants to be worshipped
  • Yahowah did not communicate clearly with us
  • Scripture is open to interpretation
  • There are good aspects to religion, and religion does good
  • Our opinions matter

  • Larry - pointed out that the terrorists already knew they were being spied on, so that what Snowden revealed did not help them at all
Monday 24 2 Topics
  • Words/Dabarim/Deuteronomy 5:15-16
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 51.)
  • Yahowah is so comfortable with our relationship, with our wrestling with Him, that He named His chosen people, Israel - "Individuals who wrestle with God"
  • There are 3 aspects of the Torah on which we should focus:
    1. The Prescriptions for Living
    2. The Terms and Conditions of the Covenant
    3. The means that Yahowah uses to resolve disputes

Myths Addressed
  • The U.S. government works on behalf of the American people
  • There is a system of checks and balances operating in the American government today
  • Yahowah is offended when we wrestle with Him over what He meant in His Word or why He does this or that in such and such a way
  • Yahowah has no sense of humor

  • Larry - participated throughout the hour
Tuesday 25 1 Topics
    Continuing examination of the destruction of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • The American government's obsession with the capture of Ed Snowden is a diversion tactic to keep the American people from focusing on their government's illegal spying on them
  • The United States government, rather than fighting to stop terrorism, actually sponsored it through their DEA employee, David Headly
  • It was from Headly's wives and the CIA that we learned about David Headly's Islam-based terrorist activities on behalf of the Pakistani government, not from data gathered by the NSA
  • Therefore, Senator Feinstein is lying to the American people when she claims that the NSA's spying on the American people resulted in his capture
  • The threat to the peace and safety of the world is Islam itself, not its tactic of terrorism

Myths Addressed
  • Political Correctness is good and kind
  • The United States government fights against terrorism
  • A tactic called terrorism is the greatest threat to the world's peace and safety
Tuesday 25 2 Topics
    Ongoing look into Yahowah's Shabat
  1. We cannot work for our salvation: Yahowah takes care of everything required to ensure our acceptance into His Family
  2. We are asked to set apart time for Yahowah on the Shabat, prioritizing our relationship with Him
  3. The Shabat is a time to celebrate Yahowah's promises
  4. The Shabat is defined by shama (listening) and shamar (closely observing)
  5. Man, who is represented by the number 6, created on the 6th day, a carbon-based life form whose molecular wieght is 6, in addition to Yahowah, Who is 1, equates to sheba (7), which describes shaba (being completely satisfied and fulfilled, lacking nothing).
  6. The 6th lesson embedded in the Shabat is prophetic and discloses Yahowah's timeline
  7. There are multiple literal, spiritual, and prophetic teachings embedded in most everything Yahowah communicates

    Yahowah's 10 Statements—the so-called 10 Commandments
  • There are 3 introductory statements followed by 7 statements containing specific instructions
    • In reality, only one of the 10 statements was scribed in the imperative mood and, therefore, could be thought of as a command
    • The others were written so that there is no way they could be construed as commands
  • Yahowah made it a point to mention that His 10 statements were etched into 2 stone tablets:
    • The 3 introductory statements contained a total of 77 Hebrew words and were etched into the first tablet of stone.
    • The 7 instructive statements were also comprised of a total of 77 Hebrew words, and they were etched into the second stone tablet.
    • Yahowah is cool like that.
    • So why stone? Because there is no "White Out" for stone. What you've chiseled is what you've said; it isn't being changed or edited. Yahowah is letting us know that His Word is permanent and unchanging.
    • But it gets even better. Chiseling reminds us of the fact that we are "cut into" the relationship with Yahowah.

Myths Addressed
  • Anyone who works on the Shabat sins, including doctors and nurses
  • The Shabat was created by Yahowah to test us, whether or not we would obey the rules of religion which prohibit all sorts of activities on the 7th day
  • Yahowah changed His mind about His Covenant and decided to create a new one which did away with the first

  • Glen - teased Yada about his mispronunciation of the word "nuclear", then asked 2 questions:
    1. "So you're saying that the so-called Tribulation, or the Time of Ya'aqob's Trouble described in Dani'el, will begin in 2026?"
    2. "Who is supposed to work in the emergency rooms on the Sabbath?"
Wednesday 26 1 Topics
    Outrage against the U.S. government's continuing violation of its own Constitution
  • The FBI's Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, knew that David Headly was working for the Pakistani government to plot acts of Islam-based terror against India and chose to support him in those efforts with arms, funds, and influence.
  • All during the Bush administration the U.S. government made it clear that they were basing their color coded alert level on cell phone and Internet chatter, yet now they pretend that Ed Snowden's whistle-blowing about similar but clandestine activities by the NSA against U.S. citizens somehow endangers U.S. security.
  • Yada: "It's hard not to see a conspiracy here."
  • The whole purpose of the war on coal is the deprive us of rights and to set the stage for the redistribution of wealth
  • Larry: "The chemtrails that more and more Americans are regularly reporting are almost certainly being used to control weather."
  • Yada disclosed that the reason he does not advance conspiracy theories is because the news itself proves a conspiracy exists without his having to say anything

Myths Addressed
  • Ed Snowden committed a crime against the United States of America
  • We can save the earth with our green programs
  • We can save the Republic of the United States of America and restore it to its former "glory"

  • Larry - commented on Obama's call for a war on coal, which would severely limit the amount of electricity available to Americans
  • Glen - reminded us that this whole conspiracy to deprive the American people of their Constitutional rights began during the Reagan administration with John Poindexter
Wednesday 26 2 Topics
  • Answer to caller, Carol: Given Yahowah's affinity for animals and His love of life, it seems reasonable to assume that animals might live on after their lives on earth expire; however, the Scriptures do not clearly say one way or the other.
  • The focus of Christians on homosexual behavior is highly inappropriate, because the one single act of human sexuality that Yahowah focused on was adultery.
  • The Hebrew word for "marriage vow" and the Hebrew word for "covenant" are the same word—beryth—and that is because Yahowah highly values faithfulness and commitment in a family-oriented relationship.

  • Yahowah's Name  - 
  • The beauty of pictographic Hebrew was that, even if someone couldn't read, they could tell what a word meant just by looking at it.
  • Yada described in stunning detail some of the amazing things we can learn from observing and thinking about Yahowah's Name.
  • I personally was reminded of Malachi 3:16, 17:
    "Then those who feared Yahowah spoke one with another, and Yahowah listened and heard, and a book of memory was written before Him for those who revere Yahowah and who think about His Name. 'They shall be mine,' says Yahowah of the ordered Heavenly regiments, 'on the day I prepare My treasured possession, and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son who serves him.' "
  • The overwhelming majority of Christians do not understand anything about the meaning of Yahowah's Name.
  • In fact, Christians don't even know Yahowah's Name, calling Him instead by ha satan's most popular title, "The Lord".
  • Christian and Jewish theologians removed Yahowah's Name from the Scriptures and replaced it with ha satan's title, "The Lord".
  • One must be ignorant or irrational to be religious.

Myths Addressed
  • God hates homosexuals more than adulterers
  • Christians will be welcomed into Heaven
  • Religion is good and helps people find meaning in life

  • Carol - "When an animal dies, does it just cease to exist?"
Thursday 27 1 Topics
  • Officials with the American government refuse to admit that PRISM and the NSA are violating the United States Constitution.
  • The enemy of the USA has been redefined by the American government to be its own citizens.
  • The American people do not seem to care.
  • It is a violation of the Federal Whistleblower Act of 1989 for U.S. federal prosecutors to go after Ed Snowden for blowing the whistle on the federal government.

Myths Addressed
  • American federal prosecutors only go after criminals.
  • American President Obama and other federal officials operate within the boundaries of the United States Constitution.

  • Glen - pointed out how the U.S. government supports the vilest criminals when it suits their purposes and persecutes anyone who dares expose their malfeasance.
  • Jason - asked Yada how it feels to be living in modern-day Sodom.
Thursday 27 2 Topics
    Rapid-fire overview of Yahowah's Torah
  • From the creation story to the history of Adam and Chawah in the Garden of Great Joy
  • How Yahowah did indeed allow man to corrupt His Word because choice demands it
  • The clever way that the Lord, ha satan, usurped Yahowah's authority and assailed His credibility to create his counterfeit systems of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, religions which actually worship him as God.
  • The ultimate story of the Torah is the Covenant

  • The Millenium Kingdom
  • Yahowah is returning to the earth for the 7th and final time on Yom Kippurim (October 2nd) in 2033.
  • Children born during the 1,000 year reign of Yahowah will have free will.
  • The fact that Yahowah is going to write His Torah in our hearts proves that belief in Paul's New Testament of the Christian religion is irrational in the extreme: why would Yahowah give us the Torah, then annul it, then bring it back?

Myths Addressed
  • The Christian Bibles are the exact Word of God, free from error
  • There is a New Testament which replaced Yahowah's Covenant
  • A practicing Christian can be informed and rational
Friday 28 1 Topics
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See the top of page 54.)
  • Yahowah's 10 Statements
  • Yahowah proves that He is the Creator with His precisely accurate testimony of the creation itself.
  • It is crucial that we care enough about Yahowah and His Word to actually strive to learn what they really are and what they actually mean. Doing that research enables us to sit side-by-side with our Heavenly Father and learn from Him.
  • Why Yahowah focuses on the Hebrew word dabar, "word".
  • Of the 7,000 times that Yahowah's Name appears in the Torah, Prophets, and Writings, the translators of Christendom's Bibles replaced it with ha satan's title, "The Lord", every single time. No wonder Christians attach no significance to Yahowah's Name!
  • Muhammed created Islam using Talmud readings he had purchased from rabbinical Jews in the 7th century C.E. Had those Jews not sold him their own perversions of Yahowah's Torah, Prophets, and Writings, there would no Islam today. That means there would have been no Holocaust during World War II, because the Holocaust was the brainchild, not of Adolf Hitler, but of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Evidently there is a serious conse-quence to those who tamper with Yahowah's Word.
  • The history of the word "Bible"
  • Tools for translating the Hebrew Scriptures on our own

Myths Addressed
  • The Christian Bible is the perfect Word of God
  • We can come to know Yahowah with no real effort on our part

  • Loren - asked how he might go about learning how to translate the Scriptures on his own.
  • Glen - called in but received no air time
Friday 28 2 Topics
    Exposing Islam
    Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam and author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
  • Yada's and I.Q.'s approaches to exposing Islam
  • In a clip from a YouTube video, British politician Paul Weston publicly denounces Islam as the savage and violent religious and political ideology that it is, the acceptance and tolerance of which is going to lead to a Great Britain unimaginable for its barbaric savagery and bloodletting.
  • Yada: "Islam can't conquer the world, but it can destroy it."
  • Bullets and bombs are not the answer to Islam. The answer to Islam is a plain exposure of its evil nature.
  • American President Obama and his syncophants on the Hill loudly promote Islam and declare how wonderful its influence has been in the world, when the reality is that Islam is a particularly nasty cancer which will ruin the world in the very near future.

Myths Addressed
  • The world can safely tolerate Islam
  • We can change someone's mind with force

  • Glen - remarked on the upcoming return to decapitation as the preferred method of execution for nations, which just happens to also be the preferred method of execution in Islam.

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).


Messenger / Malaki / Malachi 2:1-3
"And now ('atah) for you all ('el), this condition (miswah), priests, ministers, judges, government officials, clerics, teachers, officers, counselors, and advisors (kohen). If ('im) you do not (lo') listen (shama'), and if ('im) you do not place (sym) it in ('al) your heart (leb), to highly value and give respect (natan kabode) to (li) My (ani) Name (shem)," says (amar) Yahowah (iaoa) of the heavenly regiments (zaba'oth), "then I will dispatch (weshillacti) in association with you (eth) the curse of estrangement and incarceration (ha me-erah). And I will disable and disassociate (we'arothi) all of your blessings (eth-birkhotheikhim). Indeed (gam), I have already cursed you (arothiha), displacing you (einekhem samim) from (al) My thoughts and affections (leb). So listen up! (hineh) I am going to disapprove and reprimand (go'er) your offspring (eth ha zera). And I will spread (zer ithi) fresh, steaming bull manure (peresh) onto your faces (al penei khem). Your feasts and festivals, your religious activities (chag gei khem), are going to carry you to (we nasa) bull manure (peresh)."

The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

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