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July, 2013

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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 1 1 Topics
  • Up to 14 Million Egyptians take to the streets to protest Islamic rule.
  • The French President's denunciation of the U.S. for spying on its own citizens and on the embassies of France, Italy, and Greece.
  • Mosques are specifically excluded from surveillance by order of American President Barrack Hussein Obama.
  • Other whistleblowers who have gone on record to say that Ed Snowden has succeeded where they have failed.

Myths Addressed
  • The leaders of the American government are just good people trying to figure out what's going on so they can do what's best for the American citizens
  • Spying on American citizens is keeping America safe from terrorists
  • Patriotism is good and rational
Monday 1 2 Topics
    Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:1-3
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah" (It's free)
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 54.)
  • Judaism and Christianity have removed Yahowah's Name, which He Himself etched in stone, from this and ever other passage of Scripture.
  • El and Elohim—"mighty one" and "mighty ones" respect-ively—are common Hebrew words which can refer to humans as well as to spirits. They have no special status with Yahowah.
  • Paul contradicted the very God he claimed to be preaching.
  • This passage of Scripture serves as the only personally written communication Yahowah ever shared with us. Everything else He dictated through men.
  • There follows an in-depth teaching-style explanation of select Hebrew words contained in the referenced passage from Yahowah's Teaching (aka, Torah).

Myths Addressed
  • Using the title "God" is an affront to Yahowah
  • Yahowah insists that we use Elohim as His title
  • Paul was a righteous man hand-picked by Yahowah to take His Word to the world
  • Translators employed by Bible publishers produce accurate works
Tuesday 2 1 Topics
  • The extreme savagery of Islam's devotees
  • The Roman Catholic Church's financial malfeasance
  • How the United States government is actively supporting Muslim jihadists around the world in their murderous war against all non-Muslims

Myths Addressed
  • Murders, rapes, and other brutalities are only committed by "radicalized" Muslims
  • Peaceful coexistence with Islam is possible for non-Muslims
  • Ambushes and beheadings of American men, women, and children who refuse to submit to Islam are not going to happen in our very own neighborhoods here in the continental United States

  • Larry - spoke to the subject of Islamic barbarism
  • Steven - pointed out the obsession of Muslims with dead bodies
Tuesday 2 2
    Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:1-3 (continued)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah" (It's free)
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 54.)
  • Yahowah's Name appears over 15,000 times in the original Hebrew Scriptures, but not once in commercial English translations
  • The Paleo-Hebrew picture characters used to convey Yahowah's Name and the Hebrew word, hayah, upon which His Name is based
  • Yahowah descended to lead us away from the crucibles of religion and politics: He is our Savior.

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah's Name cannot be accurately pronounced, so out of reverence we shouldn't say it at all
  • Some character whose name is "The Lord Jesus Christ" saves us from our sins through faith
Wednesday 3 1 Topics
  • Yahowah does not work with
  • Mohammed, like the false Apostle Paul, admitted to being demon possessed
  • A reminder that Islam has not contributed a single good thing to the world throughout the entirety of its sorry history
  • The current hellish situation in Egypt is no surprise to those familiar with Islam
  • Rape is condoned and even encouraged in the Quran and Hadith (the "sacred scriptures" of Islam)
  • Rape victims in Islam are viewed as the criminals, and their families are obliged to murder them to regain their honor
  • UN reports that 91% of Egyptian women claim that they were forced to have their genitals mutilated when they were between the ages of 12 and 15.
  • 99% of Egyptian women report being the victims of sexual violence.
  • The American President, Barrack Hussein Obama, praises and lies on behalf of Islam, the religious and political system that does these things to women.

Myths Addressed
  • Islam has contributed good to mankind throughout the centuries
  • Muslims have honor
Wednesday 3 2
    Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:1-3 (continued)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah" (It's free)
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 57.)
  • Discussion of Yahowah's Name and Covenant
  • Yahowah's desire is that we engage with Him according to His terms and conditions

Myths Addressed
  • The Lord Jesus Christ will be in Heaven and will welcome Christians into its homes
  • God would never have allowed His Word to be corrupted

  • Michael - remarked to Scott off the air that the term "the Lord" seems to be so overused that it's basically little more than an exclamation point.
  • Mark - asked Yada to consider teaching about the tree of knowledge of good and evil
Thursday 4 1 Topics
Longer program today: fewer commercials!
  • How events in Egypt will ultimately fit into the fulfillment of Scriptural prophecy
  • The timing of the third world war
  • Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi
  • Life for women in Egypt: 91% are forced to endure mutilation of their genitals, usually when they are between 10 & 12 years old

Myths Addressed
  • The most current violence in Egypt is being caused by the high summer temperatures there
  • World Wars I & II were fought to defend America's freedoms
  • It is sinful for a woman to enjoy the act of sexual intercourse

  • Larry - discussed Islam with Yada
Thursday 4 2 Topics
Yahowah's 1st Statement (the so-called 1st Commandment)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See the top of page 57.)
  • Continuing the discussion from yesterday about hayah, the Hebrew verb that means "to exist" and which is the basis for Yahowah's Name
  • Description of Yahowah's Name in Paleo-Hebrew, a pictograph language: really worth listening to!
  • The proven, extensively documented, and undeniably pagan origins of the most hallowed Christian words and symbols
  • How it is not in our interests to be religious, and how it is in our interests to engage in the relationship into which Yahowah is inviting us

Myths Addressed
  • The Creator's Name is "The Lord"
  • Sunday worship and the Christmas and Easter holidays were established and are honored by God
  • Torah means "Law"
  • Yahowah declared 10 Commandments, which we required to obey
  • The Savior of mankind is a man named Jesus Christ

  • Larry - participated throughout the hour
  • Jason - shared his insights regarding how, when the Torah will have been written in our hearts, we will exhibit the characteristics of Yahowah's 10 Statements
Friday 5 1 Topic
Yahowah's 2nd Statement (the so-called 2nd Commandment)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See pages 61-71.)
  • Participating in a religion is a commission of adultery against Yahowah, our God.
  • Participating in a religion will corrupt one's children to the 3rd and 4th generation.
  • Yahowah's mercy is not given to those who believe, nor to those who have faith, but rather, His mercy is given to those who observe (i.e., those who closely examine—by reading—and carefully consider) His Covenant.
  • There will never be a religious person in Heaven

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah declared 10 commandments to Mosheh
  • A religious influence is a good thing for a growing child
  • Christians are going to Heaven
Friday 5 2 Topics
  • Exposing Islam
    Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam and author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
  • Unreported in the news is the fact that the person with whom the hundreds of thousands of Egyptians rioting in mobs throughout Egypt are really upset is American President Barrack Hussein Obama
  • The definition of "sollaph"(sp?!) as it relates to Islam and "the companions of Muhammad"
  • The American President publicly declares that he is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, which means that he supports and condones the raping of women and little boys and girls, murder, terrorism, and every other abomination that Islam actually teaches and demands
  • A spirited discussion of Islam throughout the world and the horror of life in those countries where Muslim clerics and their puppet leaders rule

Myths Addressed
  • There is a Palestinian race
  • Democracy, which is actually nothing more than mob rule, is a good thing
  • Islam is a force for good in the world
Monday 8 1 Topics
  • The success of proves the stupidity of those Christians who participate with it
  • The negligence of those who were supervising the 19 firefighters who were burned to death battling the Arizona wildfires
  • The Asiana passenger flight crash was caused by pilot error, and that pilot was a complete rookie
  • The mindless savagery of soccer fans in various parts of the world
  • On the Muslim Brotherhood and recent events in Egypt

Myths Addressed
  • One side or the other in Egypt is right and good
  • Military personnel and civilian First Responders are all heroes
Monday 8 2 Topics
Archive starts with the program already in progress.
  • Yahowah despises worship and the bowing of the head, yet Christians, Jews, and Muslims all do those things
  • There is no religion in a relationship with Yahowah

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah demands worship
  • Religion is desireable

  • Glenn - remarked on atomic theory; told Yada that he was giving free advertising; tried to say something else but was giggling with himself too much to make sense.
  • Robyn - had a question regarding those who write books about dying and coming back
Tuesday 9 1 Topics
  • Muslims make a habit of committing murder
  • Yahowah passionately hates religion
  • Christian Nigerian children burned alive by Muslims screaming, "Allah u akbar!"
  • The American President makes a habit of committing murder through the use of drones
  • James Clapper (U.S. FBI) should be tried for perjury
  • More malfeasance on the part of United States Senator Diane Feinstein and others

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah's Word says, "You shall not commit murder."
  • The American military is being used to secure peace and safety throughout the world
Tuesday 9 2 Topics
Yahowah's 2nd Statement (the so-called 2nd Commandment)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 61.)
  • Continuation of a detailed breakdown of the words Yahowah Himself used in Shemowth / Names / Exodus 20:4-6
  • Yahowah expressly counsels us against participating in religion and politics, including the military
  • Twisting and distorting Yahowah's Word is deadly dangerous
  • Christians despise Yahowah's Word, but love Paul's lies
  • We are reminded that there is no Hebrew word for "obey", and Yahowah never gave us commandments
  • Yahowah values our respect and love; He despises the very idea of worship
  • Our Savior is Yahowah, no one else

Myths Addressed
  • The military personnel of one's country are heroes to be revered
  • There are 10 Commandments
  • Billions of religious people will inherit eternal life
  • The Savior of mankind is Jesus Christ, the central character of Christianity
  • Yahowah is being mean-spirited to withhold eternal life from the majority of mankind

  • Glenn - voiced an opinion relative to the previous hour's segment
Wednesday 10 1 Topics
  • The United States government has decided that its enemy is its own citizenry, and so has taken it on itself to violate the United States Constitution—which its members have sworn to protect and uphold—by spying on its citizens.
  • USA Today interview 3 NSA whistleblowers who confirmed what Edward Snowden reported.
  • Verifiable facts about the Quran and Hadith which refute the shallow, ignorant, and silly protestations of Islam's apologists
  • Yada: "You have to be a complete moron to believe in Islam."

Myths Addressed
  • Ed Snowden's disclosures have damaged American security
  • Today's Quran and Hadith are the same as the originals

  • Nick - called to report that Muslims are telling him that Yada and others cannot accurately report on the Quran and Hadith because he and they do not have access to the real Arabic "scriptures"
Wednesday 10 2 Topics
Yahowah's 2nd Statement (the so-called 2nd Commandment)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 61.)
  • Yahowah hates forced submission, so any "command" that one person must submit to another is not supported by Yahowah
  • The 7th chapter of Paul's letter to the Romans vs. Yahowah's Torah
  • The statement attributed to Yahosha regarding divorce does not appear in any manuscript before Constantine's era, so it cannot be trusted to be real
  • Regarding divorce, the Torah says only that the decision to terminate the marriage must be given in writing

Myths Addressed
  • Paul wrote Scripture
  • We ought to be patriotic
  • Yahosha declared that adultery is the only acceptable reason for divorce

  • Carol - asked if Paul's commands that a wife submit to her husband are valid
  • Kimberly - encouraged Carol to stand her ground
Thursday 11 1 Topics
  • More on the USA Today roundtable discussions with 3 former NSA officials who became whistleblowers
  • Questions which demand answers
  • Dissembling, perfidy, and treason are rampant throughout the United States of America's security services and Congress
  • You can only sue the U.S. government if the U.S. government approves your suit. What's wrong with this picture?
  • "Bullets and bombs are never the right answer. The right answer is always words wielded rationally, i.e., evidence and reason." - Yada

Myths Addressed
  • The United States of America's government is a defender of truth and justice
  • The best way to change one's government is through armed revolution (click [here] to read Yahosha's–and thus Yahowah's–view on this issue)
  • The government of the United States of America is controlled by a system of checks and balances
  • There is a chance to save the United States of America and the other nations of the world

  • Larry - reported on the extremely violent arrest of a man for exercising his right of free speech as provided by the United States Constitution
  • Glenn - Contributed to the discussion about the ongoing violations of the United States Constitution by the United States government
Thursday 11 2 Topics
Yahowah's 2nd Statement (the so-called 2nd Commandment)
  • Click here to follow along in "Yada Yah"
    (Opens local copy of PDF version of "Yada Yah", Book 1, Chapter 4. See page 61.)
  • Yahowah makes it crystal clear that we ought not take part in religion and politics
  • Teaching one's religion to others, and especially to one's own children, corrupts them, and Yahowah declares that He will not forgive that
  • Yah's Covenant with mankind is a very real marriage contract
  • A detailed explanation of how the Paleo-Hebrew characters used to depict Yahowah's Name - - clearly explain what He wants more than anything else: a family consisting of Himself and those humans who love Him
  • The insanity of Christianity is that they will rationalize rejecting Yahowah's Covenant by quoting His greatest enemy among men, Paul

Myths Addressed
  • Participation in patriotism and religion please God
  • God handed down a Law which we are obligated to obey or else we'll burn in hell forever and ever
  • Yahowah is such a poor communicator that His Words are subject to individual interpretation

  • Larry - continued contributing
  • Frank - commented on how Yahowah's very Name shows the importance to Him of family
Friday 12 1 Topics
  • Addressing the problems of being in a marriage relationship in which one's spouse does not accept Yah's Covenant
  • Everything in the Torah, including the Shabat, is there for us to get to know and understand Yahowah and what He is offering to us

Myths Addressed
  • A wife should submit to her husband
  • God made a bunch of rigid rules we have to obey to the letter if we want to avoid eternal hell fire
  • We can't do anything on the Sabbath except what the rabbis allow

  • Frank & Diane - a married couple serving as marriage counsellors from a Yah-related perspective
  • Paul - asked a question about Shabat activities
Friday 12 2 Topics
    Exposing Islam
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam and author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
  • The difference between "secularism" and "sectarianism" explained
  • Muslims are the primary victims of Islam, even though Muslims are responsible for 99.99% of terrorist acts around the world today

Myths Addressed
  • Human rights exist in countries where Islam reigns
  • Muhammad spoke for God
  • The Quran supports Yahowah's Torah
Monday 15 1 Topics
  • The George Zimmerman trial
  • A look at the racist aspersion, "cracker"
  • The role of parents in the resulting character of their children

Myths Addressed
  • Trayvon Martin was an innocent lad who was targetted by a murderous racist
  • Those fomenting racial unrest among the black community care for the black community

  • Dee - pointed out that Trayvon Martin's dad is a Grand Master Free Mason
  • Larry - decried the use of American taxpayer money to fund protesters against George Zimmerman
Monday 15 2 Topics
  • One word to describe those who think that can find God's perfect match for them: Dumb
  • The book of Ya'aqob (James) was written specifically to expose Paul's writings as the lies they are
  • Yahosha's whole purpose for coming to earth was to fulfill Yahowah's promise to redeem us
  • Since the Torah has not been written in our hearts, the Covenant has not been renewed

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah wants us to be at one with the world
  • The books of the so-called New Testament are Scripture
  • Yahosha came to set up a new Covenant by annulling the Covenant Yahowah made with Abraham and Sarah
  • The Covenant has been renewed just as Yahowah promised through Yermiyahu

  • Paul - called back at Yada's request
  • Nick - opted to call back another day so as not to interrupt the current discussion
Tuesday 16 1 Topics
  • The hypocrisy of the USA's complaining about arms trafficking
  • More on the "Not Guilty" verdict for George Zimmerman
  • More damning evidence showing Trayvon Martin was up to no good on the day he forfeited his right to life by attacking George Zimmerman
  • Zimmerman's life is verifiably filled with kindnesses towards—and genuine, close friendships with—blacks

Myths Addressed
  • Trayvon Martin was just an innocent little boy who was slaughtered by a racist profiler
  • George Zimmerman is a foaming-at-the-mouth racist

  • Dee - shared article which reveals that the Miami Dade School District Police Department conspired to withhold evidence of Trayvon Martin's criminal history from George Zimmerman's defense team
Tuesday 16 2
  • First 7 minutes were a continuation of the first hour
  • A description of "Drank", or "Lean", an extremely intoxicating concoction, most of the ingredients for which were on Trayvon Martin's person when he attacked George Zimmerman

  • Yahowah's 2nd Statement
  • Instruction to avoid any and all association with idolatry
  • The statement was not written in the imperative, so it cannot be considered a commandment
  • None of the Hebrew words which could mean "carve", "make", etc. was used.
  • The Hebrew word Yahowah spoke was עשה, asah, which means "to act upon"
  • Yahowah cautions us against participating in religious activities amd idols

Myths Addressed
  • God settled America with Christians so that He could save the world through her
  • Christianity is God's religion of choice

  • Larry - participated in the general discussion
  • Steve - asked, "Why would God even want to bless this place?"
Wednesday 17 1 Topics
  • A final comment on the George Zimmerman murder trial and its impact on American law
  • The Spygate Scandal
  • Current activities in Turkey which demonstrate the twisted and depraved nature of Muslims
  • More murder and mayhem by Muslims as Sudanese Muslims slaughter Nigerian Muslims and millions (yes, millions) of Christians and other non-Muslims
  • Islamic bullying and violence in Egypt as one group of Muslims wields its superior force against another group of Muslims
  • American allies Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Columbia demand answers to their questions about why the NSA has been spying on them
  • NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden's revelations exposed the U.S. government's unconstitutional and therefore criminal activities against its own citizens, yet he is being accused of jeapordizing national security

Myth Addressed
  • The purpose of the American military is to serve as a worldwide police force
Wednesday 17 2
    Yahowah's 2nd Statement
  • Yahowah warns us against acting upon or engaging in anything associated with religious and political images, idols, icons, etc.
  • Yahosha deflected worship away from Himself, telling us to set our affections of the Father, not on Him (Yahosha)
  • Those who bow before Yahowah are not walking with Him and will not enter His home

Myths Addressed
  • It is okay to participate in patriotic activities such as singing the national anthem and saluting/honoring the flag
  • Attending Christian worship services and taking part in their kneeling and prayers is good and right
  • Focusing on the Son rather than on the Father is the correct thing to do
  • Yahowah created the universe and mankind because He craves worship
Thursday 18 1 Topics
  • Roundtable discussion with former NSA officials published by USA Today revisited
  • Lying to the U.S. Congress by the NSA and other federal organizations regarding their spying activities
  • The command in Islamic scriptures to kill anyone who leaves the religion
  • Spain's decision to deport the Pakastani Muslim-turned-Christian who made the movie, "The Innocence of Islamic Jihad", because Muslims have pledged to commit acts of terrorism (translated: grisly murders) all across Spain if the man is allowed to stay in Spain
  • The world's cowardly refusal to stand up to Muslims, allowing them to commit mass murders whenever someone speaks the truth about their vile religion and its filthy founder, Muhammad

Myths Addressed
  • The members of the U.S. Congress practice making good moral decisions on behalf of the nation
  • It is wonderful when someone converts from Islam to some other religion

  • Nick - asked about the fate of the man who made the movie, "The Innocence of Islamic Jihad"
Thursday 18 2 Topics
  • A brief description of light (pure energy) as it relates to Yahowah, our God
  • Yahowah's admitted attribute of jealousy
  • The value of righteous hatred
  • On the fact that Yahowah's second statement proves that He allows people to corrupt and twist His words
  • How parents who send their children to Roman Catholic churches and schools are just as guilty of sexual child abuse as the clergy who molest their children
  • According to Yahowah Himself, teaching religion to one's child is unforgiveable

Myths Addressed
  • It is evil to hate
  • God would never allow His Word to be corrupted
  • It is loving and responsible to teach religion to our children

  • Larry - contributed his thoughts throughout the program
  • Steve - wanted to know why Catholic dads have not murdered the priests who raped their sons
  • Glenn - addressed the subject of the sexual abuse of children by clergy and others in authority
Friday 19 1 Topics
  • The bankruptcy of Detroit is a very real preview of what is definitely, without a doubt, going to happen to the United States of America's federal government and to other cities, counties, and states in this country
  • "The Two Man Rule" in the U.S. government
  • Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:7 [click here to read it below]
  • God makes it clear that He strongly disapproves of fathers who teach their children the ways of men (religion, politics, economic schemes, etc.)
  • The Father and Mother Yahowah tells us to honor are our spiritual Father, Yahowah, and our spiritual Mother, the set-apart Spirit
  • Understanding the set-apart meetings (Yahowah's Mow'ed Miqra)

Myths Addressed
  • There is a commandment to honor our earthly parents
  • God is all male, as though He—a Spirit—actually has sex organs
  • Yahowah screwed up the first time, so He had to make a New Covenant

  • Larry - participated with Yada throughout the hour
Friday 19 2 Topics
  • Exposing Islam
    Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam and author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
  • A dire warning to world leaders, academicians, and politicians to get themselves up to speed on Islam, because if they don't, and if they continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to Islam's true nature, literally billions of people are going to die at the hands of Muslims in our lifetime
  • Various facts and statistics about Islam
  • There are no words to describe the depravity of Muhammad, who boastfully admitted to acts of rape, child molestation, murder, piracy, and slave trading
  • "Islam is not a religion: it is a political dictatorship which persecutes and teaches to persecute"
  • Mr. al-Rassooli reads the Quran 5:32-33 aloud in both Arabic and English [click here to read the passage in a footnote]
  • It is impossible for anyone with any core of decency at all not to be opposed to Islam

Myths Addressed
  • The Quran was given by God
  • Islam preaches peace, decency, and morality
  • Only "radicalized" Muslims murder and rape

  • Nick - why are there not more like I.Q., former Muslims willing to speak out against Islam?
Monday 22 1 Topics
  • The weekend rallies commemorating Trayvon Martin
  • Al Sharpton riling up blacks again for his own aggran-
  • Stereotypes exist for a reason
  • U.S. government statistics prove that blacks are 39 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than whites are to commit violent crimes on blacks
  • Suni Muslims broke other Suni Muslims out of an Iraqi prison
  • The United States has once again sided with the Muslims against Israel

Myths Addressed
  • The U.S. judicial system is unfair to black Americans
  • Stereotypes are unjust
  • There is a Palestinian race
Monday 22 2 Topics
  • The utter stupidity of participating with
  • Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:4-6 [click here to read it below]
  • Yahowah makes it clear that He alone is our Savior

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah will bring to you His choice of a life partner for you if you use the service
  • Jesus Christ is our Savior
Tuesday 23 1 Topics
  • CNN report suggesting that Israel may be considering giving ground to the mythical Palestinians
  • The moment Israel is forced to give up its lands to the Muslims, the fuse will be lit for World War III
  • The rapacious nature of Islam and its reprehensible founder, Muhammad
  • The apparent determination of the President of the United States and his administration to give Muslims whatever they want, paying for it with dollars from the pocketbooks of American taxpayers
  • An explanation of how an Islamic "hadith", one of the writings they hold to be scripture, came into being
  • The imprisonment of a Norwegian woman for having been raped by a Muslim man demonstrates the sexual abuse which is rampant throughout Islamic countries worldwide
  • BBC report, which begins "More than 30 million girls risk being subjected to female genital mutilation over the next decade", is based on numbers from the past decade
  • Female genital mutilation, which is regularly practiced around the globe by Muslim mothers, is typical of the savagery commonly perpetrated by the followers of the religion of Islam

Myths Addressed
  • There is a race of Palestinian people
  • Muslims are decent, moral people

  • Nick - requested information about an Islamic historical figure
Tuesday 23 2 Topics
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:4-6 [click here to read it below]
  • How Yahowah views religion and the political, military, and economic schemes of man
  • Upon whom He will bestow His mercy and loving kindness
  • Evidence and reason versus faith and belief
  • Yahowah's 7 Set-Apart, Called-Out Assemblies: His Mow'ed Miq'ray
  • The terms and conditions of Yahowah's Family-Oriented Covenant

Myths Addressed
  • "Torah" means "law"
  • Faith can save us
Wednesday 24 1 Topics
  • An entertaining take on the idiocy of religious thinking
  • UN reports on the Muslim practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), aka female circumcision
  • The encouragement and practice worldwide of religious pedophilia in Islam
  • The proof by numbers that there is a direct correlation between the percentage of Suni Muslims in a region and the number of female circumcisions (FGM) that take place in that region

Myths Addressed
  • Islam is a religion of honor and decency
  • Muslims are good, peace-loving people
  • Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was a rational, moral, and highly principled man

  • Robin - called into question the veracity of the claim that FGM is a religious practice
  • Glenn - spoke in defense of the savage nature of Islam and its adherrants, using as his justification that their butcherings are no worse than the practices of certain other religions throughout history
Wednesday 24 2 Topics
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:7 [click here to read it below]
  • Because it was not written in the imperative mode, the passage of Scripture referenced above is a statement, not a command
  • The vast differences between what Yahowah actually wrote and what religious preachers and teachers say that He wrote
  • Yahowah Himself is our one and only Savior

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah declared 10 Commandments
  • The death of one's soul is a punishment
  • Jesus Christ is mankind's savior
Thursday 25 1 Topics
  • On the terrible train crash in Spain
  • The decline in the number of marriages in the USA
  • Religions establish rules and laws while Yahowah cherishes free will
  • American President's unimaginable and consistent propensity to lie, deceive, and misrepresent

Myths Addressed
  • We ought to trust our government
  • Taking part in the political process is a good thing
Thursday 25 2 Topics
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:7 [click here to read it below]
  • The only unforgiveable sin is the ongoing, continuous corruption of and negation of Yahowah's Name
  • Participation in religious activities is extremely dangerous to one's soul
  • The future of Yah's children

Myths Addressed
  • God's Name is "The Lord"
  • Being active in one's religion shows character and good reason
  • Jesus Christ is going to rapture Christians

  • Sharon - wanted to know if we will inherit the earth or if we'll go to Heaven (the answer was, "Yes to both"); and she also asked about the tsitsit, or tassles
  • Glenn
Friday 26 1 Topics
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:7 [click here to read it below]
  • "The imperative mood is the only form of Hebrew grammar where the opportunity exists to render a statement as a command."
  • None of the statements in Names/Shemowth/Exodus 20 was written in the imperative mood, so none of them is a commandment.
  • Yahowah hates the name "Jesus"
  • No one who calls Him "Lord" will enter into His kingdom
  • Yahowah does not know those who do not know Him
  • Yahowah is very serious about His Name
  • The Divine Placeholders

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah commanded us never to say, "God damn!"
  • God does not care what we call Him
  • Heaven is for Christians
  • Knowing Yahowah's Name is all it takes to ensure eternal life by His side
  • The Christian Bible is the inerrant Word of God

  • Larry - made his usual helpful and entertaining contributions
Friday 26 2 Topics
  • Exposing Islam
    Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam and author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
  • An audio clip of an Imam and his congregation in an Israeli mosque, shouting over and over and over, "Death and destruction to America! Allah u akbar! Death and destruction to all non-Muslims! Allah u akbar!"
  • I.Q. revealed that the same exact scene is played out every Friday in every mosque in the whole wide world
  • A lively discussion about the treason of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama in supporting Islam, which is the sworn enemy of the USA
  • The greatest weapon against Islam, the one most feared by every Imam, is knowledge, i.e., evidence, and reason

Myths Addressed
  • There exists a race of Palestinians
  • Muhammad was a wholesome human being
  • The Quran confirms the Torah
Monday 29 1 Topics
  • The "broad way" exemplified by the papal worship
  • Deliberating corrupting words
  • American Secretary of State John Kerry's forcing Israel to release hundreds of convicted terrorists as the lone prerequisite to peace talks with the Muslims
  • It's been a bad month for the transportation industry worldwide
  • "Operator error"–the inability and/or unwillingness to make sound, rational decisions– will spell death for America: we've done it to ourselves
  • The gulf between "knowing" and "understanding"
  • Professional camel racing in Islamic countries, where trafficked toddlers are the jockeys

Myths Addressed
  • Trayvon Martin's death was the result of racism
  • The religion of Political Correctness has brought good and peace to the world
  • The Patriot Act brought security to the American people

  • Glenn - "operator error" and the like
Monday 29 2 Topics
Yahowah's Sabbath
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:8,9
[click here to read it below]
  • Quick review of Yahowah's 3rd Statement [click here to read it in a footnote]
  • Yahowah's beautiful Way—a loving Father/child relationship—vs. man's harsh, irrational ways—religious and political systems and military and economic schemes
  • The math of the 6 days of creation
  • On the Hebrew word, zakar - Remember, memorialize, prioritize
  • The meaning of Shabat - aka, Sabbath
  • On the Hebrew word, qodesh - Set apart

Myths Addressed
  • The Lord Jesus Christ of the Christians is our savior
  • The evolutionary evidence of the earth's age is in irreconcilable conflict with Yahowah's record of the creation
  • It is just fine with God if we reject His Sabbath, choosing instead to worship Him on Sunday
Tuesday 30 1 Topics
  • The Pope and other Roman Catholic abominations
  • The documents released by PFC Bradley Manning
  • What America's ho-hum attitude towards the revelations from Manning and Snowden says about the USA
  • U.S. President Obama's announcement that he is going to lower taxes by raising taxes

Myths Addressed
  • The Pope is God's appointed spokesman to humanity
  • Manning and Snowden are traitors
  • Patriotism makes sense
  • It is all right for the government to hide its activities from its citizens

  • Larry
Tuesday 30 2 Topics
Yahowah's Sabbath
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:8,9
[click here to read it below]
  • Sunday worship vs. Yahowah's Shabat
  • Yahosha remembered and observed the Shabat
  • Yahosha declared to all the world that He was Yahowah's Yowbel, i.e., His Lamb, when He entered into the synagogue on the Sabbath, "as was His habit", and read from the prophet Yashayahu 60 (i.e., Isaiah 60)
  • An in-depth discussion of how Yahosha fulfilled Yahowah's plan of salvation

Myths Addressed
  • God demands worship
  • The Sunday Worship Services of Christianity honor Yahowah

  • Larry - contributed his insights
Wednesday 31 1 Topics
  • The plight of U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning
  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's ongoing attempts to force Isra'el to submit to Islamic demands
  • The Islamic declaration that an agreement between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is not binding on the Muslim. (Quran, 9th Surah)
  • The Pakistan Taliban and Syria
  • The irrationality of the 2 state solution in Isra'el
  • U.S. Border Patrol's unmanned, armed drones "on loan" to law enforcement agencies throughout the nation to be used for spying on and controlling the American populace

Myths Addressed
  • Revealing the truth after the fact jeapordizes American security and aides her enemies
  • Muslims can be trusted to honor their word
  • There is a race of Palestinians
  • We can trace the nation of Palestine back through history
Wednesday 31 2 Topics
Yahowah's Shabbat (Sabbath)
Names / Shemowth / Exodus 20:8,9
[click here to read it below]
  • The consequence of turning people away from Yahowah, His Name, and/or His Torah
  • Word by word examination of Yahowah's first Instruction
  • Yahowah's clear and easily-understood timeline explained
  • Yahowah loved and adored everything about His Shabbat; why don't we?
  • A closer examination of qodesh—"set apart"

Myths Addressed
  • God engraved 10 Commandments in stone
  • We must submit ourselves to God
  • We are to obey government authorities and religious clerics
  • The Shabbat is a Jewish thing

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).


"Yah Is Merciful" / Yahochanan / John 18:36
Yahosha answered, "My Kingdom is not of this world. If My Kingdom were of this world, then My servants would fight, that I wouldn’t be delivered to the Yahudim. But now My Kingdom is not from here."
Implication: We who have accepted the terms and conditions of Yahowah's everlasting family-oriented Covenant, the only Covenant He has made with mankind, no longer involve ourselves in the political and military machinations of this world. We serve the purposes of a greater country, Yahowah's country, Heaven.

Quran - Surat Al-Mā'idah (The Table Spread) - Sahih International - 5:32-33
Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors. The penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. …
Note: You should know that the part I've highlighted in blue in the above text was plagiarized by Muhammad from the Jewish Talmud almost word for word.

"Names" / Shemowth / Exodus 20:4-6
"You should not ever do anything which associates yourself with (lo’ ‘asah la you should never attend to, act upon, engage with, or profit from, you should never conceive or fashion on your behalf (qal imperfect conveying a literal interpretation and ongoing implications)) a carved image or idol (pesel a religious icon or object of worship representing any god), or any (kol) visual representation of something (tamunah likeness, appearance, picture, drawing, painting, or form which depicts or resembles anything), which is (‘asher) in (ba) the heavens above (samaym min ma’al the spiritual realm on high including the sun, moon, planets, and stars above), or (wa) which is (‘asher) on (ba) the earth (‘erets land and ground, even the material realm) below (tahath), or (wa) which is (‘asher) in (ba) the waters (maym) beneath the land (tahath ‘erets). You should not ever bow down and worship them or speak for them (lo’ hawah you should never prostrate yourself in obeisance and homage to them, show any allegiance to them, or promote their message because doing so will influence you), and (wa) you shall not serve them (lo’ ‘abad you should not work or labor in their cause as their ministers, nor should you submit to them in servitude, neither should you act upon them or engage with them).
"For indeed (ky because and emphasizing this point), I, Yahowah (), your God (‘elohym), am a zealous and jealous God (qana’ ‘el – a God who is desirous of, even demanding of exclusivity in a relationship, a God who is emotionally passionate and extremely protective of those He loves), reckoning (paqad – recording, assigning, counting, and depositing) the consequence of twisting and distorting (‘awon – the iniquity, guilt and punishment derived from the perversity and depravity of manipulating, the liability for unfaithfulness and wrongdoing) of the fathers upon their children unto the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me (sane’ – abhor, detest, and loathe Me, striving maliciously against Me, shunning Me).
"But (wa) I will genuinely act and actually engage to literally prepare, perform, and produce (‘asah I will actively effect and appoint, offer and celebrate, and I will demonstrate by doing what is required to deliver on behalf of those who respond) unmerited and unfailing mercy, unearned favor, and undeserved kindness (checed steadfast and loyal love, a totally devoted and affectionate relationship, faithfulness and goodness) on behalf of (la’ to enable the approach of) thousands (‘eleph) who move toward Me and love Me (la ‘ahab who form a close and affectionate, loving and friendly, familial relationship with Me as a result of being concerned about Me and therefore come to know Me) and also (wa in addition) who approach Me by closely observing and carefully considering (la shamar who enter My presence by becoming observant and actually focusing upon, thoroughly examining, and thoughtfully evaluating) My terms (mitswah the conditions of My Covenant, My authoritative directions and instructions which serve as prescriptions for My relationship agreement)."

"Names" / Shemowth / Exodus 20:7
"You should never deceive or delude (lo’ nasha’ – you should not ever deploy clever tricks to enrich yourself by indebting others, and you should never beguile people, causing them to miss the Way / lo’ nasa’ – you should never lift up or bear, you should not ever actually support or advance, nor should you literally forgive or tolerate, nor personally promote) through the (‘eth – with or by way of the) Name or reputation (shem) of Yahowah (), your God (‘elohym), advancing worthless and lifeless deception (la ha showa’ (errantly transliterated shav’) – deploying that which advances devastating dishonesty, nullifying one's existence, leading to emptiness and nothingness, deceitful and lifeless lies which are ineffectual, futile, and ruinous). For indeed (ky – because), Yahowah () will never forgive or leave unpunished (lo’ naqah – will not purify or pardon, acquit or free from guilt, exempt from judgment and sentencing or release) those who (‘eth ‘asher – in accordance with that which they associate) consistently deceive, actually beguile, and habitually delude (nasha’ – use clever trickery to continually mislead / nasa’ – advance, lift up, or promote themselves) in association with (‘eth – through), His Name (shem – renown and reputation) to promote and effect (la – to advance accordingly) vain and ineffectual lies which lead to lifelessness and destruction (showa’ – devastating deceptions which nullify our existence leading to emptiness, worthlessness, and nothingness, deceitful, desolate, futile, and ruinous vanity)."

"Names" / Shemowth / Exodus 20:8,9
"Remember (zakar - recall, reflect upon, recognize, mark, memorialize, mention, proclaim, and be earnestly mindful) that the Sabbath (‘eth ha shabat - the seventh day, the time of promise where our debts are settled so we can settle down with Him based upon the oath) day (yowm) is set apart (qodesh - is separated unto God for purifying and cleansing and thus special (piel stem (where the object endures the action) infinitive construct (serving as a verbal noun))).
"Six (shesh - speaking of that which is bleached white or adorned in fine linen) days (yowmym) you can actually and continuously work (‘abad - you can labor (qal stem and imperfect conjugation)) and (wa) you can genuinely engage in the totality of (‘asah - you can do all of, prepare and produce the full extent of, fashion and finish, advance, assign, and accomplish, institute, celebrate, and actually act upon (qal stem perfect conjugation)) all of (kol - the entirety of) your service of representing the Messenger and proclaiming the message (mala’kah - your usefulness as a spiritual envoy; from mal’ak - spiritual messenger and heavenly envoy)."

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