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January, 2014

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Day Date Hour Description
Wednesday 01 1 Pagan Roots of New Year Holiday Exposed
  • Yada discussed the concept of a new year from Yahowah's perspective and from the perspectives of various religions, including rabbinic Judaism
  • The origins of certain Babylonian and Roman holidays revealed and explained
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Resolutions

  • Larry - joined Yada in the discussion
  • Glenn - commented on the way that Easter moves around on the calendar each year
Wednesday 01 2 In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Did you know that it takes 120 English words to adequately convey the meaning of the Hebrew word, dabar, which at its most basic level means, "word"?
Thursday 02 1 Current Affairs
  • Homosexual sex is not against the order of nature, but since less than 3% of the entire human population practice it, it is definitely abnormal.
  • The Quran and Hadith teach that the virgins in paradise are not all female. Since only males can get to paradise (females all go to hell where Allah tortures them forever), this means that Islam condones and advocates male-with-male sexual union.
  • See →this link← for evidence of Islam's practice of pederasty.

  • Larry - participated in the discussion
Thursday 02 2 In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Larry brought up how Christians love to quote Salvation / Howsha / Hosea 4:6 out of context, and a lively discussion ensued.

  • Larry - participated in the discussion
Friday 3 1 In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • The superiority of understanding compared to mere knowledge
Friday 3 2 Exposing Islam
Monday 6 1 Current Affairs
  • On the foolishness of Christianity's attempts to appear to be Torah-observant
  • Report that the Marines have lowered to a laughable level the physical requirements for female recruits
  • Rather than the world being in the middle of deadly global warming, it is in reality in a historically normal period of warming with times of extreme cooling here and there.
  • In fact, the lowest temperature in history was recently recorded in Antarctica, -138°
  • Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, an Islamic fundamentalist, has replaced Turkey's moderating influence—its military—with Islam, which cannot be controlled or expected to behave rationally or civilly
  • Reminder that a poorly made little movie about Muhammed was not the reason for the slaughter of American diplomats and other citizens at Benghazi
  • How the media deliberately attempts to mislead the world about Muslims, who are responsible for 99.99% of all terrorist attacks since the 1960's
  • Yada explained how all this is leading up to the Gog-Magog war Yahowah tells us about through His prophets
Monday 6 2 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Salvation is a beneficial by-product of a real, one-on-One relationship with Yahowah, which is developed as we closely examine and carefully consider His Towrah, so that we might respond appropriately to Him by accepting His one and only family-oriented Covenant
  • The 5 terms and conditions of Yahowah's Covenant
  • We are to turn our backs on and walk away from our countries and their politics and religions.
  • We are to trust and rely upon Yahowah, walking to Him so that He can perfect us.
  • We are to observe every aspect of the Covenant so that we come to understand it, enabling us to respond appropriately to it.
  • We are to raise our children so that they can become Yahowah's children.
  • Finally, as parents we are to circumcise our sons.
  • The 5 benefits of Yahowah's Covenant
  • We receive eternal life through the mow-ed miq'ray (that is, the "set apart, called-out assembly") of Pesach, or Passover.
  • We are perfected through the mow-ed miq'ray of Matsah, or Unleavened Bread.
  • We are adopted into Yahowah's Family on the mow-ed miq'ray of Bikkurim, or First Fruits.
  • Yahowah enriches us with His Towrah, His teaching, on the mow-ed miq'ray of Shabuah, or Seven Sevens.
  • Also on the mow-ed miq'ray of Shabuah, or Seven Sevens, Yahowah empowers us with His ruach qodesh, the Set Apart Spirit, our spiritual Mother.
  • Why Yahowah spoke to Abraham about an inheritance rather than about religious ideas
Tuesday 7 1 Current Affairs
  • The U.S. government illegally chooses the new head of the Federal Reserve System, which is a private cartel that has nothing at all to do with the U.S. government.
  • "Quantitative Easing" explained (It isn't encouraging)
  • More on the civil war in Syria and how it is being deliberately misrepresented by the media
  • The war in Syria is actually a proxy war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, an assertion which is disgustingly easy to prove.
  • The media is doing its best to obfuscate the true nature of the war because it is politically correct today to be Muslim-tolerant.
  • This is important because Syria is both the throttle and the catalyst for the next world war.

  • Glenn - offered comments which prompted Yada to share what Yashayahu (Isaiah) says about the USA in chapters 17 & 18
Tuesday 7 2 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • The true meaning of verse 5 and how it differs from the dumbed-down translations of Judaism, Roman Catholicism, and Protestant Christianity
  • A brief detour to explain again that the Hebrew word Towrah means instruction, not law
  • We are reminded that there is no word in Hebrew for "obey", and that there are no commandments.
  • There is not a single law in the Towrah.
Wednesday 8 1 The Islamic Threat to the USA and the Rest of the World

  • Special Guest: John Guandolo, national security consultant and author of "Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America"

  • It is basic Islamic doctrine that the sole purpose of jihad is to subjugate the entire world to Islam
  • Identifying Islam with terrorism is a career-ending move in the USA today
  • There is no such thing as an Islam that does not mandate that Shariah be imposed on the whole world
  • Islamic law defines jihad as warfare against non-Muslims. Period.
  • What that means is this: All those warm-fuzzy signs you see plastered on the sides of busses saying crap like, "My jihad is to become friends with the person across the aisle!" are deliberate misrepresentations of jihad; they are blatant attempts to keep you ignorant of the truth. And your American President and his administration encourage such lying.
Wednesday 8 2 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

Thursday 9 1 The Worldwide Threat of Islam
  • A story about a 10-year-old Muslim girl who claims she was pressured by her brother, a Taliban leader, to be a suicide bomber
  • Report that last year Afghanistan police intercepted 41 children being used as suicide bombers by Muslims
  • Why won't the reporters at CNN and the other news media come right out and honestly report the connection between Islam and its suicide bombers? Instead of honestly reporting the suicide bombers and their masters as "Muslims", they call them "insurgents", or "rebels", or "radicals". The fact is, they are Muslims, faithful to Islam and the example of their filthy founder, Muhammed. But the news media won't say it. Why not?
  • Reminders that the Quran and Hadith teach nothing but terrorism and contain not a single record of Muhammed ever doing anything worthwhile or for the good of mankind, not one.
  • It is not loving or kind to tolerate a religion as vicious, as savagely immoral as Islam.

  • Glenn - suggested, and Yada agreed, that Islam is being used as a tool by those wishing to establish the New World Order as a fascist state.
Thursday 9 2 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Yada continues his exhaustive and fascinating dissection of verse 5

  • Larry - participated throughout
Friday 10 1 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Wherein Yahowah introduces His plan for regularly scheduled celebratory feasts with us who embrace His Family-Oriented Covenant
  • Please do not let yourself miss the breakdown of verses 9 & 10.

  • Al - requested advice about translation tools
  • A helpful list for my site's visitors may be found →here.←
  • Al also had a question about speaking in tongues, and another about knowing when to give up trying to help others learn the truth.

    • Announcement that Shattering Myths is changing to a 3-hour format and moving to a new time slot (Noon EST/9 AM PST) on Monday.
Friday 10 2 Exposing Islam

  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam" and the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam

  • Around minute 21 or so—The history of the signature Muslim battle cry of "Allah akbar!" ("Allah is older and bigger [than Yahowah]") is thoroughly documented and explained.
  • Why won't politicians and news media admit to the true meaning of "Allah akbar"?

  • Diane - asked about the relation between Ishmael, the Arabs, and Islam
Monday 13 1 The Islamic Threat to World Peace
  • 11 minutes of explanation regarding what is and what is not suitable for discussion during the "Shattering Myths" program
  • Misleading CNN story (which, disturbingly, is written at a grade school level) about the religious civil war in Iraq
  • The Cult of the 12th Imam
  • Under the guise of fighting "terrorism" in Iraq, America made the problem 1,000 times worse
Monday 13 2 The Islamic Threat to World Peace, continues until 19:44
  • The myth of the importance of Al-Qaeda exposed (again)
  • The root of Islamic terrorism is Islam, nothing else
  • A breakdown of the various Islamic factions which are now know as The Islamic State of Iraq
  • How the USA is arming the very Muslims whose expressed purpose is a worldwide Islamic state under Sharia law

The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Continuing the investigation of verses 9 & 10

  • Larry - joined in near minute 11
Monday 13 3 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Continuing the investigation of verses 9 & 10
  • True respect for Yahowah's Name is to use it!
  • Calling Him "Lord" is proof that the speaker despises His Name.

  • Larry - continued participating with Yada
Tuesday 14 1 Continuing Coverage of CNN Story on Iraq
  • An explanation of how covering the news works hand-in-hand with Yahowah's request that we leave man's ways behind us
  • Why did CNN consider it necessary to ask its questions at a 6th grade level?
  • America is infinitely more vulnerable since its invasion of Iraq
  • Yada reported that scores of American veterans of the Iraqi war commit suicide every day (read that again)
  • ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has nothing whatsoever to do with Al-Qaeda, yet CNN persists in reporting that Al-Qaeda is the Big Boogeyman with its fingers busily at work in everything terrorism related
Tuesday 14 2 Continuing Coverage of CNN Story on Iraq
  • Yada's incredulity at the grade-school level writing style of the CNN reporters
  • Time magazine also addressed the situation in Iraq

  • Glenn - remarked on the similarity of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Isis, the Mother of God
Tuesday 14 3 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • The commonality of Abraham's and his grandson Ya'aqob's struggles with Satanic forces
  • How ha Satan (the Lord, ha ba'al) is represented throughout religions worldwide as the sun (rays of light, halos, etc.)
Wednesday 15 1 Current Affairs With Focus On the Worldwide Threat of Islam
  • On the exposé of the FBI in the 1960's
  • The dishonesty of a Salem News report that Al-Qaeda forces are in control of Fallujah, Iraq
  • How the U.S./Iran agreement gave Iran everything it wanted while denying the U.S. every sanction it had wanted to impose
  • Evidence presented that the C.I.A. was directly responsible for the slaughter of American diplomats at the embassy Benghazi
  • Why the assassination of Osama bin Laden did almost nothing to stop Muslim terrorism
  • Click →here← to hear part 1 of Yada's full report in the days immediately following the man's gruesome assassination by American military forces. Click →here← to listen to part 2.
Wednesday 15 2 America is Promoting Worldwide Terrorism by Arming Muslims
  • Yada declared that the American invasion of Iraq was ordered for no other reason than that President George W. Bush wanted to be a war-time president.
  • A "stunningly stupid" Time magazine article about the war in Iraq is systematically dissected and passed through the shredder of truth and reason by Yada
Wednesday 15 3 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15:13

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Abraham's "senior moment" led to Yahowah taking him to Heaven and showing him what he would inherit as a child of Yahowah
  • Moreover, Yahowah went on to clearly and in exquisite detail explain His family-oriented Covenant to Abraham
Thursday 16 1 The U.S. Arming of Islam's Terrorists
  • The U.S. is giving hellfire missiles to Muslims.
  • How Yahowah must hate the United States of America for arming Isra'el's enemies!
  • Those in Iraq that we went in to "help" did not and do not want our help; they want to kill us
Thursday 16 2 Continuing the Discussion of Worldwide Threat of Islam
Thursday 16 3 Yahowah's Covenant
Friday 17 1
Exposing Islam
  • Larry - joined the discussion near the end of hour 1
  • Tommy - suggested that Mr. Al-Rasooli is unwilling to recognize the similarities between Islam and Christianity
  • Glenn - expressed his disapproval of the time being spent on the dispute over the meaning of the word "religion"
Friday 17 3 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

Monday 20 1 Most Recent Murders and Mayhem by Muslims
  • Reuters report on 7 Muslim bombings in Iraq today
  • The USA empowered the Iraqi government to murder its own people by arming them and training them.
  • A reminder that there was no terrorism in Iraq before the USA invaded the country.
  • More unwavering truth about the War in Iraq
Monday 20 2 Shattering the Myth About Palestine and Palestinians
  • There is not now nor has there ever been in the history of the world a country of Palestine.
  • There are no such people as Palestinians. They are Arab Muslims.
Monday 20 3 Yah is Salvation / YashaYah / Isaiah 17
Tuesday 21 1
Today's News Reports of Murder, Mayhem, & Torture in Countries Ruled By Islam
Tuesday 21 3 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

Wednesday 22 1 Behind the Scenes of Current Events and History
  • The ubiquitous nature of unpunished rape of American military females by American military males
  • The USA has become the great deceiver.
  • The role of the Bush family in funding Adolf Hitler
  • The Roman Catholic Church's cover-up, protection, and continued use of priests guilty of pedophilia
  • The exposure of the Roman Catholic Church's fraudulent use of "God's money"

  • Larry - joined the discussion in the 19th minute
Wednesday 22 2 More on Current Events
  • Graphic photographic evidence of U.S. Marines burning and otherwise abusing the bodies of Muslim civilians they'd killed in Fallujah, Iraqi
  • The huge jump in the numbers of American males under 30 years of age committing suicide after returning from "heroic service" in Iraq and Afghanistan … is there a connection?
  • How the numbers being reported by CNN are deliberately misleadingly low, since less than 50% of the states have reported the number of suicides among American verterans under 30
  • The heartbreaking truth is that over 200,000 young American veterans have committed suicide after "heroically serving" in the Iraqi or Afghanistan wars.
  • On "baptism" and Yahowah's family-oriented Covenant

  • Larry - stayed with the discussion from the previous hour
  • Jaime - called from Colombia, South America and took part with Yada and Larry for a few minutes
Wednesday 22 3 The Towrah → In the Beginning / Bare'syth / Genesis 15:16

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • Why corrupting Yahowah's Name and Word is so evil and harmful
  • There is no language of "angels"; the language of Heaven is Hebrew.

  • Larry - stayed on the line and participated throughout the hour
  • Jaime - called back from Colombia, South America and asked about speaking in tongues, then asked a question about the afterlife
Thursday 23 1 The Epidemic of Suicides Among America's Military Veterans
  • More on unprosecuted rapists in the U.S. military and the mistreatment and misrepresentation of the victims
  • Suggestion that the reason returning soldiers, Marines, and others are killing themselves is because of the savagery they saw while in Iraq and/or Afghanistan

  • Caller
    • Glenn - remarked on the irony that America recruits and trains its citizens, when they're as young as 18, to viciously and with ghastly precision kill its "enemies", but won't let them consume alcohol until they're 21; he also spoke to the subject of suicides among returning American military veterans
Thursday 23 2 Exposing & Condemning the Roman Catholic Church's Cover-Up of Crimes of Pedophilia By Its Clergy, Especially Involving Cases of Men Raping Little Boys, and of Its Deliberate Enabling of the Clergy to Continue Abusing Children
Thursday 23 3 The Towrah → Genesis 15:18ff

  • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

  • "Partying with man is the purpose of the Covenant, even the purpose of creation."
    - Yada
  • The importance of the Hebrew word, beryth (you don't want to miss this)

  • Glenn - I'm sorry, but his phone connection was so terrible that I could not understand what he was saying
Friday 24 1 Exposing Islam
  • On the newest round of Muslim-led murders in Cairo, Egypt
  • "Muslims are indoctrinated to be evil from the day they are born until the day they are dead." - I.Q. al Rassooli

  • Caller
    • Glenn - commented about how the U.S. and other military forces have repeatedly destroyed the infrastructures of the Muslim nations, all in the name of "bringing peace and democracy, and combatting terrorism", and how the Russians and Chinese invariably ally themselves to Muslim nations, rebuilding the infrastructures that the U.S. and others keep destroying with their bombs and other weapons
    Friday 24 2

    • Special Guest: Jerry McGlothlin, sought-after publicist and producer of the feature film, "A Long Way Off"

    • Jerry's movie, "A Long Way Off"
    • The end times
    • Does Yahowah punish Muslims, Christians, and others who are victimized/deceived by religion?
    • There is no eternal torture for those who reject Yahowah's Covenant

    • Larry - spoke about YashaYahu (Isaiah) 49:6,7 and participated in other really meaningful ways
    • Glenn - spoke of how the absence of Yahowah in Sheol will guarantee that the place is nowhere any rational person would want to be
    Monday 27 1
    Syrian Civil War
    Nauseatingly Savage Corpse Abuses By Muslim "Warriors"
    Roman Catholic Church Pedophilia Scandal
    • More media lies/deliberate misrepresentations regarding the Syrian civil war
    • There is no such thing as the Syrian National Council
    • There is no such thing as the Free Syrian Army
    • It is actually a group of militant Sunni Muslim terrorist organizations acting as independent militias fighting President Bashir Assad's government for a religious purpose.
    • Why the U.N. censured a report about Muslim terrorists raping women they had already killed, tearing open the bodies of pregnant women they had killed and ripping out the fetuses, and eating human organs
    • More on the heinously criminal activities of the Roman Catholic Church as regards their cover-up of crimes of child rape and molestation by their clergy

    • Nick - asked Yada how he would respond if Christians or Roman Catholics were to fly passenger jets into skyscrapers
    • Neither the Roman Catholic nor the Christian religions command their adherants to murder any and all who are not of their religious persuasion, so for a Roman Catholic or a Christian to commit an act of terrorism in the name of their god would be for them to corrupt their religion.
    • Conversely, Islam demands its adherants to slaughter or savagely subjugate any and all who are not Muslims. So when Muslims commit terrorist acts, they are not corrupting their religion; their religion has corrupted them.
    • The difference between being religiously Torah-observant (e.g., slavishly obeying the Talmudic requirements of Judaism's rabbis) and being correctly Torah-observant (i.e., understanding why Yahowah warned us against consuming certain animals)
    • Circumcision, one of the 5 nonnegotiable conditions for participating in the Covenant
    Monday 27 3 The Role of Carbon & Nucleic Acids in Our Being Created in the Image of God
    Tuesday 28 1
    Current Affairs
    • A few encouraging remarks about Nick, the very first caller to the "Shattering Myths" program
    • Response to Peyton Manning's remarks that those in the American military are fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan.
    • Quotes from Thomas Jefferson regarding a nation's having an established military and a standing army
    • Article declaring that "Afghan President Hamid Karzai reportedly believes that the U.S. government and the U.S. military have a hidden agenda and are a hidden force behind recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan."
    • Quotes from correspondences of American leaders which tend to verify Karzai's preposterous claim
    Tuesday 28 2 Interesting News Items
    • "NY Times" Story About Humans and Outer Space
    • "Space is no place for people."
    • Sundry interesting facts about the effects on the human body of being in outer space
    • Report that Louisiana schools are forcing Christianity down students's throats
      • The hypocrisy of the report, which implies that it would be all right to force Islam, Secular Socialist Humanism, or some other religious or political ideology onto the students

      • Larry - enters the discussion around minute 19
      • Rod - spoke about the word "worship"
    Tuesday 28 3 General Discussion About Yahowah's Covenant vs. Man's Ideas
    • The religious idea of a deity who craves and demands worship
    • The importance of language
    • Evolution

    • Larry - remained on the line
    • Jason - had a question and a comment
    • Glenn - remarked about evolution
    Wednesday 29 1
    American President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address
    • Yada undertakes to expose Obama's lies individually using reason and publicly available evidence
    • How the American President's behavior opposes the principles and letter of the U.S. Constitution
    • "The President of the United States is a pathological liar."
        - Yada
    • Pathological Liar (the psychiatric term is Mythomaniac) - one who lies or exaggerates to an abnormal degree
    • Reminder that American President Barack Obama has never had a job and has never worked a day in his life in private industry, yet he wants to behave as though he is the great resolver of employee ills
    • Some of Obama's lies listed one by one
    • "Politics in America is a religious devotion now."
        - Yada
    • Progressive Radicalism is a growing reality in the USA today
    • Fascist Socialism is an apt tag for the goals of leftism in the USA

    • Larry - voiced his opinion at the end of the 2nd hour regarding Yada's comment that 99% want what the richest 1% have
    Wednesday 29 3 The Torah: Focus on Bare'syth 16
    • A brief description of the malakhi, or spiritual messenger, who spoke with Hagar, Ishmael's mother and Sarah's former handmaiden
    • Yada and his callers discussed the mindless savagery of Muslims and the increasing number of reported incidents of unprovoked violence by American police officers, which was likened to the Nazi police state
    • Larry brought up the recent case of where police officers in an American city were videotaped telling a helpless prisoner that they were going to beat him to death and their actual beating to death of the screaming, pleading man, and how a jury found them all not guilty.
    • The program returned in the final segment to the Torah

    • Larry - continued from the previous hour
    • Glenn - discussed group violence
    Thursday 30 1 American Politics
    • The reprehensible criminal behavior of Congress Michael Grimm, who threatened deadly bodily harm to a reporter who asked the Congressman to respond to allegations of campaign finance wrongdoings (link)
    • Why isn't Congressman Grimm in jail for assault and for making a terroristic threat? Why are the American politicians above the law?

    • Glenn - discussed politicians's improprieties with Yada
    Thursday 30 2 An Interview With a Former Christian
    • More on the thug, Congressman Michael Grimm
    • Yada mentioned his Shabat Torah-focused program on Friday's (link)
    • Special Guest: Bill, who was a Christian for 55 years
    • Bill wonders why he should be able to see the truth about Yahowah and His Torah while others more intelligent and better versed in the "Bible" continue to miss it.
    • Yada answered that, in his opinion, it is a matter of one's attitude.

    • Glenn - stayed on the line to discuss the bully Grimm and other distasteful subjects
    Thursday 30 3 The Torah — A General Discussion
    • Joseph - asked why Yada never addresses the Seventh Day Adventists
    • Larry - took part
    Friday 31 1
    Exposing Islam
    • Glenn - opened the floor for comments about Arab claims to have created or discovered algebra and other mathematics. He called for a response to Muslim claims that Muslims and Jews are peacefully coexisting in Iran. Thirdly, he asked for an answer to Muslim claims that Arabs living in what is called Palestine today have a legitimate reason to call "Palestine" home and to call themselves "Palestinians".
    • Both the creation of algebra and the conception of the number 0 were the achievements of Hindu scholars, not Muslims or Arabs
    • What are known today as "Arabic numerals" can be absolutely and precisely traced back to their earliest forms in the Hebrew Alef-Bet, or alphabet, from which indeed the entire Arabic alphabet has its origin. This is indisputable historical fact, but U.S. President Barack Obama and other liars of his persuasion holler loud and long about all the wonderful contributions to mathematics, science, and the arts by Muslims living their lives according the "Holy Koran". Makes me want to vomit. On them.
    • I.Q. responded to Glenn's second point by saying that religious Jews have no freedoms in Iran, and they are targetted for unimaginably cruel persecution not only there, but worldwide as well. It is the way of Islam. Muhammad was a vile savage, and his "faithful" emulate his behavior.
    • Yada also chipped in with his usual handful of easily verifiable facts and figures bolstering I.Q.'s statements.
    • "Islam is genocide."
        —  I.Q. al Rassooli
    • Yada laid out the accurate history of the area and thereby put to death the lies of the Muslims.
    Friday 31 3 Yahowah's Covenant & Torah: His 4th Meeting With Abraham

    • Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of "Yada Yah, Book 1 (In the Beginning), Chapter 8 (Beryth – Family Relationship)".

    YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

    Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
    Yahowah's Torah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
    Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21) Torah (torah – teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym – without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb – transforming) the soul (nepesh – consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth – restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman – verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam – educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy – easy for those who are receptive).

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