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June, 2014

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Day Date Hour Description
Monday 2 1 News & Views
  • In an unsurprising display of blatant hypocrisy, the Obama Administration, which has sworn never to negotiate with terrorists, negotiated with the fundamentalist Muslim terrorists of the Taliban.
  • The ever-efficient and sensible Obama Administration bravely traded the freedom of 5 Taliban officers for a single American solder's.
  • To be fair here, let's remember that the Taliban did not invade and attack the United States of America. America sent its troops over there to attack the Taliban.
  • So the blood of the American military men and women who have died in Afghanistan is not on the hands of the Taliban; it is on the hands of the U.S. government members who sent them to invade Afghanistan.
  • Which definition fits the prisoners incarcerated at Gitmo, "common criminals" or "prisoners of war"? The answer is of critical importance.
  • The Muslim father of freed American deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl offered the laughably dishonest Islamic greeting at the White House.
  • Reminder that members of the American armed forces have no personal freedoms whatsoever.
  • Why in the hell were Bergdahl's fellow infantrymen forced to sign nondisclosure agreements regarding Bergdahl's disappearance and the efforts by the U.S. forces to recapture him?
Monday 2 2 News From the World of Sports
  • Are the insider trading allegations against American professional golfer Phil Mickelson credible or not?
  • The hearsay scandal involving Baltimore Colts owner's arrest for DUI and possession of a large amount of prescription drugs
  • Is the name of the Washington Redskins NFL team racist?
  • The immorality of bashing Donald Sterling when the man has dementia
Monday 2 3 Questioning Paul, Part 22
Tuesday 3 1    2 American "Deserter" Bowe Bergdahl and the "War" in Afghanistan
  • The U.S. is not at war with terrorism.
  • The U.S. has not declared war on another country.
  • Sgt. Bergdahl is not a wartime deserter!
  • However, the U.S.A. is actively committing acts of war in other nations.
  • Bergdahl did not want to return to the U.S., making clear in his letters home that he despises the American government.
Tuesday 3 3 Shabua - The Feast of Sevens
  • Names / Shemowth / Exodus 23:14-17
    "Three times a year you are to stand before Me, celebrating a Festival Feast with Me. You will observe the Festival Feast of Unleavened Bread.
    "Seven days you will eat bread without yeast as I instructed you, at the time appointed for the meeting in the month of ‘Abyb, for in it you came forth from the crucible of Egypt. None is to appear before Me as an empty vessel.
    "You are to observe the Festival Feast of the harvest, the FirstFruits which you sow in the field, and the Festival Feast of ingathering, at the end of the year, when you gather in your labors out of the field. Three times a year everyone is to remember to be seen in the presence of Yahowah."
  • Called Out / Qara / Leviticus 23:15-21
    "Accurately count from the day after the Shabat, from the day you came forth and bore the sheaf of grain as an ascending wave offering, a total of seven complete Sabbaths.
    "Always and forever, you are to accurately count, reckon, record, relate, rehearse, and regale the Day of Fifty, starting from the next day after the seventh Shabat, and you should choose, without reservation or interruption, to come near and approach the renewing, restoring, and affirming gift to approach Yahowah.
    "You are all to come, bringing out of your homes two loaves of bread as an ascending wave offering, a double portion for a tenfold enrichment and empowerment. They shall exist as flour baked with yeast, FirstFruits to approach Yahowah.
    "In addition to the loaves of bread, you should choose without reservation to come near and approach without hesitation with seven one-year-old lamb sons, entirely without defect or blemish, and one bull, a son from the herd to reflect upon, and two rams representing the upright pillar and doorway, existing as an ascending way to approach Yahowah, which is offered as a gift, the feminine manifestation of God’s light, poured out to approach Yahowah, creating the pleasing Spirit of reconciliation.
    "You should choose to engage one satyr goat for going astray, and two year-old lamb sons as a sacrifice to reconcile the relationship.
    "The one who officiates by mediating should choose to wave them with the bread of FirstFruits as an offering which elevates before and in the presence of Yahowah in accordance with the two lambs. They shall exist as set-apart to approach Yahowah.
    "And you should choose to call out without hesitation, offering an invitation to meet, a welcoming summons in association with this essential day. This exists as a set-apart Miqra’, an Invitation to be Called-Out and Meet with you and for you. As an eternal prescription for living for all generations throughout time in all your settlements, homes, assemblies, situations, and travels, you should not do any of the work of the heavenly messenger's service on it."

  • Read Yada's document on this Feast: "Shabuwa".
Wednesday 4 1 Bowe Bergdahl (continued)
  • Bob Bergdahl, Bowe's father, vowed in writing that "Allah will repay for the death of every Afghan child."
  • American President Barack Hussein Obama placed Bob Bergdahl at his side as an honoree when announcing the exchange of Bob's son for 5 murderering Muslim terrorist leaders.
  • Wait … what?!
  • That should come as no surprise. Remember that American President Barack Hussein Obama has vowed that if push comes to shove he will side with the Muslims.
  • In effect, the American President has publicly put his stamp of approval on the worldwide targetting of non-Muslim Americans by Muslims so that they can get five of their fellow terrorists out of lockup for every American they kidnap.
Wednesday 4 2    3 Shabua - The Feast of Sevens (continued)
Thursday 5 1 "The Gross Incompetence of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama"
Thursday 5 2 Bowe Bergdahl    —    Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Bergdahl was treated well by his "captors" and is seen enjoying himself with them on film.
  • The Russian President lashes out at Hillary Clinton for comparing him to Adolf Hitler.
  • President Putin also reminds the world that while Russia has very few of its troops outside its national borders, the U.S. has hundreds of thousands of its troops aggressively interfering in countries throughout the world.
Thursday 5 3 Questioning Paul, Part 23
  • The first few minutes are a continuation of the discussion about Russian President Putin's remarks regarding Hillary Clinton.
  • Suggestion to agnostics that reading "An Introduction to God" and "Yada Yah" might be more helpful and appropriate than reading "Questioning Paul".
  • Yada described how Boko Haram murdered hundreds of unarmed civilians one by one today in Nigeria, including the decapitations of nursing infants. It is a nauseating account.
Friday 6 1 Exposing Islam

  • Special Guest Host: I.Q. al Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam, and author of the 3 volume set, "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"

  • The undisclosed motives behind the immoral exchange of American deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban leaders
  • The consequences of that exchange of a single prisoner for multiple known murderers
  • Thomas Jefferson's warnings about a nation having an established military
  • Followers of a religion will not be defeated with military force. They must be dealt with using words wielded wisely.
  • The United States is not at war with terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic, not a tangible enemy. The enemy of the USA and of all non-Muslim mankind is Islam. It is impossible to defeat Islam fundamentalists with bullets and bombs.
  • The deafening silence of world leaders regarding the slaughter yesterday in Nigeria of hundreds of unarmed Christian males, ranging in age from nursing infants (while in their mothers's arms) to grown men
  • The case of "Miriam" in the Sudan, who has been sentenced to death for leaving Islam to become a Christian
Friday 6 2    3 Call-In From a Few Pacific Northwest Yahudim
  • Don, a former Seventh Day Adventist, author and webmaster of Reciting the Dead Sea Scrolls, exposes the vulnerable underbelly of Ellen G. White's folly.
  • A wonderful discussion of how to use "The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible", one of the most helpful of the available resources for studying Hebrew
  • Frank (of POHM) also took part in the discussion throughout
  • How Chuck B. got Yada pointed to Habakkuk 2, wherein Yahowah calls out the false apostle Paul by name (Sha'uwl) (see page 20)

  • Click here for this evening's BlogTalkRadio® Shabat Torah discussion program.
Monday 9 1    2 News & Views
  • In southern California yesterday a married couple, allegedly Nazis and conspiracy theories adherrants, murdered 2 police officers and another person in a mall before killing each other
  • The shooting spree at a university in Seattle last week by a young man with a history of mental illness
  • How Political Correctness undermines one's ability to make good judgments

  • Discussion about Obama and the exchange of 5 Taliban leaders for a single inconsequential American soldier
  • Mention of evidence that seems to prove that, rather than behaving like heroes, the American military conducts itself despicably on foreign soil and routinely abandons its own "warriors" to opposition forces

  • 55% of Americans 18-65 years old are "grossly unemployed"
  • A caller suggests/requests that Yada replace the sports talk hour with another roundtable discussion with Don and Frank (see last Friday's 2nd and 3rd hours)
  • Yahowsha's so-called Sermon on the Mount more accurately characterized as His "Ode to the Torah"
  • Discussion about the two girls who stabbed another girl in order to impress a fictional leader named SlenderMan
Monday 9 3 Questioning Paul, Part 24
  • Continuing to debunk the claims of the architect of the Christian religion
  • Yahowsha scuttled the Christian religion when He declared, "Then I shall say to them, 'I never at any time knew you! Get away from Me, you who negate the Torah!' "
  • Important reminder from caller Kirk that the original pictographic language of the Torah, Paleo-Hebrew, enables us to be able to actually come to a clear understanding of Yahowah's intended meaning
Tuesday 10 1 News — The Threat to World Safety That Is Islam
  • The kidnappings, murders, rapes, and enslavements being openly committed on the world stage by Boko Haran are encouraged and commanded in the Quran and Hadith
  • World leaders know that Islam is the enemy. They lack the integrity to declare what the facts clearly demonstrate to every rational mind.
  • Boko Haran has now gone back to the same community and kidnapped another 20 women. The story appeared only briefly yesterday and has since been pulled from the public's view.
  • Pakistani Muslims torch the Karachi airport and murder dozens, then brag about it internationally.
  • Reminder that years in advance the U.S. government was fully aware of the Islamic plan to perpetrate the attacks on 9/11 and that neither al Qaeda nor Afghanistan were involved. They knew that it was conceived by a Muslim cleric in the Philippines, and they know that the attacks were carried out mostly by Saudi Arabian fundamentalist Muslims. The so-called "War on Terrorism" is a farce.
Tuesday 10 2 Sports in the News
  • The NCAA
  • Quality sports figures contrasted with the jerks
Tuesday 10 3 Questioning Paul, Part 25
Wednesday 11 1 News
  • The full-blown civil war blazing in Iraq between the Shia and Sunni sects of Islam
  • The Sunnis outnumber the Shias by about 4-1
  • The Sunnis outgun the Shias by about 10-1
  • About the police killers in Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Political discussion (American)
  • About immigration (U.S.A.)
Wednesday 11 2 More Political and World News
  • On the absolute idiocy of sending Americans to hunt down Talibans when five of the Taliban's most murderous leaders were just released from captivity
  • The Afghanis are releasing the Talibans the Americans turn over to them faster than the Americans are turning them over!
  • On the murder of Pat Tilman by M-16 rounds fired point blank into his head and body by his fellow "heroes"
Wednesday 11 3 Questioning Paul, Part 26
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file.
Thursday 12 1 News
Thursday 12 2 The Civil War in Iraq
Thursday 12 3 Questioning Paul, Part 26
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file.
  • Knowing compared and contrasted with believing
  • Understanding compared and contrasted with blind faith
  • The impossibility of having a relationship without personal knowledge
Friday 13 1    2 Exposing Islam: The Civil War in Iraq — WWIII On the Horizon?
Friday 13 3 Roundtable Discussion
  • Yada, Don, Glenn, and Larry with other callers

  • Click here for this evening's BlogTalkRadio® Shabat Torah discussion program. The discussion tonight focuses on the 93rd verse of Psalm 119.
Monday 16 1    2 News
  • On the new book, "Tough Choices", by Hillary Clinton, author of "I Ate a Village" (or something like that)
  • Perhaps surprisingly, her new book is not what one would expect, i.e., a blog about the difficulties she has passing by "All You Can Eat" buffets without stopping in for a few platesful.
  • Islam builds nothing, but it is unsurpassed in its ability to destroy everything it touches.
  • America buddies up to Iran's president
  • For all practical purposes, Iraq is now simply Iran West.
  • Facts and meanings regarding the insanity that is Islam and its continued violence against all mankind
Monday 16 3 Questioning Paul, Part 27
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file.
  • Words / Dabarim / Deuteronomy 18:18
  • "I shall raise them up a Prophet like you from among their brothers, and I shall put My words in His mouth; and He will speak to them all that I shall instruct Him."
  • Yahowsha is the Prophet Yahowah promised to raise up in Dabarim 18:18
Tuesday 17 1 News
  • More mass murders and kidnappings committed by fundamentalist Muslims around the world
  • Libya, the legacy of American President Barack Hussein Obama and American Senator John Sidney McCain III
Tuesday 17 2 Sports in the News
Tuesday 17 3 Questioning Paul, Part 28
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file. Today Yada is speaking from "Chapter 1 - Question Him", starting on page 72 of 82.
  • Yashayah, errantly presented in English Bibles as Isaiah, is in reality a Hebrew name meaning, "Salvation is from Yahowah".
  • Yashayah 1:4 –
    "Woe! The people from different races and places bear blame and are guilty for having wandered away. The people's distortions and corruptions, their propensity to warp, alter, twist, and pervert are numerous and significant, burdensome and troubling. They are descendants of those who have done wrong, harming themselves. They are children of those who corrupt, pervert, and destroy. They have rejected and abandoned Yahowah. They have spurned, belittled, maligned, disparaged, and defamed the Set-Apart One of Isra'el. They are strangers who have gone astray, having turned their backs."
  • Yashayah 42:8 –
    "I am Yahowah. That is My Name. My honor and respectability I surrender to no other, nor My worthiness to carved images."
Wednesday 18 1    2 America's Foreign Policy Activities/Crimes Around the World
Wednesday 18 3 Questioning Paul, Part 29
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file. Today Yada speaks from "Chapter 1 - Question Him", starting on page 73 of 82.
  • Yashayah 51:4 –
    "Listen, and pay attention to Me, so that you respond appropriately to Me, My family and My people. Listen to Me, carefully considering, weighing, testing, evaluating, and thinking about what you hear, and then respond. Because, indeed, the Torah, the Source of Teaching and Guidance from Me, will be brought forth and will be disseminated, and My means to justifiably resolve disputes will shine accordingly upon and enlighten the family."
Thursday 19 1    2 News
  • The physical and emotional abuse of a mentally disabled young womanwho was proven to have done nothing wrong—at the hands of Livonia, Michigan policemen and the staffers at the Walmart located there at 29555 Plymouth Road
  • Walmart and the Livonia police refuse to admit doing wrong and will not apologize to the young woman, who remains severely traumatized nearly two years after the incident.
  • A metropolitan opera that celebrates the cause of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and their hijack of a luxury cruiseliner in 1995, which resulted in the murder of an invalid in a wheelchair
  • Let it be remembered that there are no such people as Palestinians. There really aren't. Look 'em up.
  • Those calling themselves Palestinians are Muslim immigrants from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries.
Thursday 19 3 Questioning Paul, Part 30
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file. Today Yada speaks from "Chapter 1 - Question Him", starting on page 73 of 82.
  • Yashayah 40:10,11 –
    "Look and see, pay attention and behold, Yahowah, our Upright One and Foundation, arrives with the blast of a trumpet. He is the Sacrificial Lamb. He is the Proverb and the Parable, a picture of the Word which is vivid and easy to see. Behold Him, our recompense and fare for the passage: our ransom is associated with Him. He does the work to pay our debt, to clear the way to appear before His presence. As a Shepherd shepherds, leads, protects, and feeds His flock, the Sacrificial Lamb will gather His sheep. And in His chest, He will lift them up, nursing, nurturing, and guiding them."
Friday 20 1    2 Focus on the Civil War in Iraq

  • Special Guest Host (1st hr): I.Q. al Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam, and author of the 3 volume set, "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"

  • "Muslims are always angry."
  • The U.S.A.'s invasion of Iraq gave the Muslims someone on whom to focus their mindless, inhuman anger.
  • The current surge of chaos and violence in Islamic countries today was laid at U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's feet for telling Muslims in Egypt that this is their time, that it is time for Muslims to rise up.
Friday 20 3 Questioning Paul, Part 31
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file. Today Yada speaks from "Chapter 1 - Question Him", starting on page 75 of 82.
  • The first 10-15 minutes were devoted to an emotional and personal description of a current example of New World Order tactics in action. This is a preview of what is coming upon us all within the next 15 years.
  • An invitation to come to know Yahowah through His 7 step plan of salvation

  • Click here for this evening's BlogTalkRadio® Shabat Torah discussion program. The discussion tonight begins with a discussion of the 96th verse of Psalm 119.
Monday 23 1    2 The Civil War in Iraq & Religiously Sanctioned Rape
  • Important news from over the weekend → here
Monday 23 3 Questioning Paul, Part 32
Tuesday 24 1 News
  • The Islamic threat to world peace and personal safety → here
Tuesday 24 2 Sports in the News
Tuesday 24 3 Questioning Paul, Part 33
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file.
Wednesday 25 1    2 News
Wednesday 25 3 Questioning Paul, Part 34
Thursday 26 1    2 News
Thursday 26 3 Questioning Paul, Part 35
Friday 27 1    2 The Islamic Threat to World Peace
Important! Listen to this.
  • "ISIS (The Islamic States of Iraq and Syria) is a thousand times more viral and more relevant to fundamentalist Sunni Muslims than al Qaeda ever was."
  • Islam can only be stopped if every non-Muslim nation in the world immediately implements Yada's 7-point plan for defeating the Islamic threat to world peace (see below).
  • We are witnessing the end of civilization as we know it.
  • Over the next 18-19 years, billions of people are going to die at the hands of Muslims.
  • Over the past decades, because of the Dewey educational process in the USA, the average American has been dumbed down to the point where he (or she) is literally irrational and incapable of making a decision based on evidence and reason.
  • The bottom line, then, is that we have done this to ourselves, for we have refused to see Islam for what it is, instead allowing its followers to unleash their perversities and savage violence upon us all.
  • I.Q. explained why billions will die in WWIII, not like WWII when the death toll was "only" 55 million

Yada's 7-Point Plan for Defeating Islam
1. Bluntly and boldly expose and condemn Islam using the Islamic scriptures.
2. Shut down and declare illegal every Islamic mosque and religious institution in the West.
3. Stop selling and providing Muslims weapons so that they can only fight with sticks and stones.
4. Stop buying oil and gas from Islamic nations to stop fueling jihad.
5. Completely disengage from Muslim countries — no aid, no support, no invasions, no involvement.
6. Criminalize the promotion of Islam in academia, in politics, and in the media.
7. After destroying and capturing the nuclear arsenals in Pakistan and Iran, disband 90% of the U.S. Military so that America is no longer tempted to make bad situations worse. The American military machine is of no value. In fact, it is actually counterproductive against Islam! And it is bankrupting the nation.

Listeners are reminded that Yada realizes the futility of giving voice to such a plan, knowing that it would never find acceptance or implementation by the governments of suitable nations. He presents it for informational purposes only, not because he believes there is actually any hope of stopping the inexorable expansion of fundamentalist Islam throughout the world. It is too late for that.

Friday 27 3 Yahowah's One and Only Proper Name
  • Yada and Kirk engage in a wonderful discussion of Yahowah's Name.
  • See below to learn why that pleases Yahowah!

My Messenger / Malaki / Malachi 3:16-18

16 Then those who revered Yahowah spoke to one another, and Yahowah gave attention and heard it. A book of remembrance was written before Him for those who revere Yahowah and who highly value His name.
17 "They will be Mine," says Yahowah of the vast array of armies, "on the day that I prepare My treasured possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who works at his side with him."
18 So you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who works side by side with God and one who does not work side by side with Him.

  • Click here to listen to Yada, James, and Larry on this evening's Shabat Torah Study program. After 29 or so minutes of preliminary back and forth about world events, the conversation eventually got around to a discussion of the Hebrew character Mem, מ, which in Paleo Hebrew was drawn as waves of water, .
    Read the stanzas that make up the Mem section of Psalm 119.
Monday 30 1 News
  • U.S. drones flying over Iraq are now armed.
  • More U.S. companies now banned abroad because of the NSA's international malfaesance
  • Hobby Lobby
Monday 30 2 Sports in the News
Monday 30 3 Questioning Paul (Examining Paul's Letter to the Galatians) Part 36
  • Follow along with your own completely free copy of the reference material: "Questioning Paul". You may freely download every chapter as a PDF file. The current focus is in "Chapter Two: Euangelion - Healing Message".
  • The program includes an initial segment in which Yada and Frank discuss government interference and bullying over water rights on personal property.

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Torah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21) Torah (torah – teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym – without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb – transforming) the soul (nepesh – consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth – restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman – verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam – educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy – easy for those who are receptive).

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