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October, 2013

These archives have been edited to remove the top-of-the-hour newsbreak and the commercials. The resulting MP3 files are each about 37 minutes long.
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Day Date Hour Description
Tuesday 1 1
    The Shutdown of the U.S. Government
  • American President Barack Hussein Obama's proudly declared unwillingness to work with the Congress
  • Yada explained why, in his opinion, the American Department of Defense should be eliminated altogether
  •   By discussing this sort of thing, is Yada suggesting that there is actually a reason to hope that the complete and utter collapse of the United States of America can somehow be avoided?
      That is unlikely, because he has already established during past programs that the nation's demise is imminent.
      Since that is the case—and it is—what is the point of talking about how the current sorry state of affairs might have been avoided or about what steps could be taken to turn things around? What purpose does such speaking serve?
      Perhaps he is striving to help those of his listeners who don't know any better come to understand the hows and whys of things political and economical. This is just my opinion, and I hope it helps someone.
  • "Quantitative easing" discussed
  • Yada flatly declared, "We have a wholly broken system."
  • The difference between a government being civil and its being irresponsible
  • An opinion on Social Security retirement benefits

Myths Addressed
  • American President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act is affordable and will save money
  • In the USA, this year's federal debt is less than last year's
  • The fall of the United States of America can actually be avoided

  • Glenn - discussed the Obama Healthcare program
Tuesday 1 2
    Why Yahowah permits evil to exist
  • On the huge number of differences between the texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which date as far back as 200 BCE, and the texts of the Masoretes, which only date back to the 1100's CE and over which rabbinical influence prevailed
  • The undeniably pagan origins of the entire Christian religion
  • Why it is absolutely necessary to painstakingly work one's way through the Hebrew texts using as many resources as possible to construct a valid, reasonable translation for oneself
    • Doing so helps us discover just how corrupt the commercial translations are
    • Doing so helps us discover what Yahowah was really saying to us

Myths Addressed
  • God would never allow man to tamper with His Word
  • Commercial "Bible" translations are trustworthy

  • Larry - shared some actual translational differences be-
    tween the ancient texts and today's commercial English Bibles
  • Deborah - question about the book of Revelation
  • Jason - expressed some frustration with the Hebrew texts
Wednesday 2 1
    The failed U.S. economy
  • A parable about an elected official who lived beyond his means
  • The numbers behind the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act, the Social Security Act, and the Department of Defense (active military & the Veterans Administration)
  • On rape in the U.S. military → "If you're a rapist, join the U.S. military. They will protect you."
  • The USA imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation on earth
  • On the futility and utter failure of America's much-touted War on Drugs
  • Another reminder that Thomas Jefferson warned us that having a standing military and maintaining a constant state of war would bankrupt the nation and deprive its citizens of their liberties, a warning that has been proven correct in the USA over the last 50 years

Myths Addressed
  • The U.S. federal government cares for the welfare of the American citizens
  • Those on Social Security earned every bit of their re-
    tirement pay
  • The American military has made the world a safer place in which to live
  • Communist regimes imprison more of their citizens than other nations
Wednesday 2 2
    Yahowah's Torah -
    "In the Beginning / Baresysth / Genesis 3
  • Click here to download the PDF file (free)
  • The insanity of hoping that the ills of the USA economy and federal government can be resolved
  • Yada gave voice to the horrifying probability that Hillary Clinton will be elected to the presidency of the United States of America
  • How politics and religion close the minds of their followers to reason and sound judgment
  • How Chawah's experience with ha satan in the Garden of Great Joy is exemplary of the consequences of not knowing and understanding Yahowah's Word
  • Deceptions work when they are carefully and cleverly blended into a foundation of truth
  • "False dogmas prevail because very few people are informed and rational."
  • Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, and Islam are shown to be false expressly because they claim authorization from a source they contradict.

Myths Addressed
  • Paul spoke and wrote inspired truth
  • Muhammad spoke and wrote inspired truth
  • Paul spoke and wrote inspired truth
  • Religion is good and profitable for one's soul
  • Politics and religion are the solution to what ails us
  • If a statement or teaching has truth in it, it cannot be untrue

  • Nick - engaged in a discussion about the American economy
Thursday 3 1
    A Look at Current Events
  • How American President Barack Hussein Obama, in obedience to Islam's Quran and Hadith, refuses to subject himself to the Constitutional law of the USA or any other non-Muslim country
  • The American government rewards failure and laziness while punishing success—is it any wonder the nation is bankrupt?
  • On the U.S. signing a treaty today in which it agreed to be bound by U.N. law rather than its own Constitution
  • Kenya's religious community invites Muslim leader to preach about how "Islam is peace!"
  • A reminder that it is documented in Islam's "sacred writings" that Muhammad proudly declared, "I have been made victorious through terror!"
  • How Islam has decimated the nation and people of Iran

Myths Addressed
  • The United States of America never violates its own Constitution
  • Islam is peace

  • Larry - merged into the discussion
Thursday 3 2
    Yahowah's Torah -
    "In the Beginning" / Baresysth / Genesis 3
  • Click here to download the PDF file (free)
  • Once we understand exactly what happened in the Garden of Great Joy ("Eden"), we learn how to recognize the way religion works

Myths Addressed
  • Christianity's translations of Yahowah's Scriptures are accurate and reliable
  • Salvation requires only a statement of faith to be realized
Friday 4 1
    Yahowah's Torah -
    "In the Beginning" / Baresysth / Genesis 3
  • Click here to download the PDF file (free)
  • Why religion's translators have deliberately mistranslated Yahowah's record
  • How the 3rd chapter of "In the Beginning" (Genesis) demonstrates the relationship Yahowah wants to have with us
  • Eternal life will be either good or bad: explanation given
  • Yahowah is able to set a part of Himself into a physical body when it suits Him

Myths Addressed
  • Satan carries a pitchfork and has a physical body: it is red, with horns and a tail pointed like an arrowhead
  • All of God was somehow compressed into the person Christians refer to as "Jesus Christ"
  • There is burning hell where sinners will be tortured unceasingly forever and ever
  • Yahowah is all-knowing
Friday 4 2
    Exposing Islam
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam" and the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam
  • Muhammed's reign of terror against the Arabians: how Islam corrupted the peaceful and productive nation of Arabia until it became the cesspool of human rights abuses and stomach-wrenching violence it is today
  • The fez worn by Shriners is red to commemorate Muhammed's Muslim terrorists dipping their turbans into the blood of their victims in Fez, Morocco
  • The Quran was written in Hebrew
  • Muhammed told his followers that lying is good and right if it helps a Muslim overcome a non-Muslim
  • It is hateful to refuse to be judgmental towards Islam

Myths Addressed
  • One must understand Arabic to read the Quran
  • Islam preaches decency and peace
  • The Quran accurately reports history

  • Jason - discussed with Mr. al-Rassooli the impropriety of showing tolerance towards Muslims who are committing murders throughout Canada in the name of Islam
Monday 7 1
    A Look at Current Events
  • On the raids into Somalia and Libya by American military forces
  • Check out paragraph 6 in the 7th Protocol of the New World Order → here ← Is this just some kind of interesting coincidence or are the Protocols actually more than the huge hoax some claim them to be?
  • Iraqi Muslims kill more people over the weekend—you know, business as usual in the beautiful, peaceful world of Islam
  • A description of the obsoleteness of the American naval fleet
  • A reminder that the common denominator among all the most impoverished and insanely violent nations in the world is Islam. Period.
  • History lesson: America's first war was against Muslim pirates off the Moroccan coast; it was not against the British
  • On the current fiscal nightmare which has caught up to the U.S. government

Myths Addressed
  • It is the responsibility of the USA to police the whole world because it is such a righteous nation
  • The U.S. Navy is state-of-the-art and its ships are well able to defend themselves
  • There is a way for the government of the USA to pull out of its financial downward spiral

  • Rod - on the ability of the Russian-armed Syrians to sink the entire 6th and 9th fleets of the U.S. Navy with weapons against which we have no defense
Monday 7 2
    Yahowah's Torah: In the Garden of Eden
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Book 1, Chapter 6 of Yada's monumental work, "Yada Yah". The verses being discussed and Yada's commentary on them may be found starting on page 9.
  • There is always a consequence when we choose to ignore or reject Yahowah's instructions
  • By asking Adam where he was, Yahowah was making a startling and critical point
  • A reminder that Yahowah does not know or hear anyone who is outside of His one and only Family-Oriented Covenant, including Christians
  • The 7 Steps to Yahowah → His Feasts

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah knows everything
    • Consider as proof of this the fact that Yahowah has charged heavenly beings to make and maintain records for Him of human activities. Why would He need that done if He knew everything already?
      Moreover, remember that He told Abraham regarding Sodom and Gomorrah, "I have come down to see if the I report I've heard about them is altogether true." If He already knew everything, then He was lying to His friend, Abraham.
  • God hears everyone's prayers
  • Yahowah's Name cannot be pronounced with any accuracy
Tuesday 8 1
    A Look at Current Events
  • The shutdown of the U.S. government
  • The U.S. national debt
  • Obamacare
  • On Turkey's desire to purchase weapons from China
  • The American attack in Somalia over the weekend
    • "The United States sells 25-30 times more weaponry to Muslims—who are commanded in the Quran & Hadith to annihilate Israel—than it does to Israel."
  • Murder and kidnapping for ransom are fundamental pillars of Islam

Myths Addressed
  • Raising its national debt limit will solve America's financial difficulties
  • America has the right to police the rest of the world
Tuesday 8 2
    The Fall of Man in the Garden of Great Joy
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Book 1, Chapter 6 of Yada's monumental work, "Yada Yah". The verses being discussed and Yada's commentary on them may be found starting on page 11.
  • On the absolute necessity of the existence of evil as well as of good so that we might be able to freely choose one over the other
  • Why Yahowah will not forgive those who deceive in His Name or reputation
  • Sheol, where those who are overtly religious and political will spend eternity with ha Satan and the other rebellious spirits, is essentially a black hole
  • Because Sheol is the place of eternal separation from God, it follows logically that He personally has no access to it
    • That is why we read that the bailiffs in His heavenly courtroom, not Yahowah Himself, will be the ones to throw into Sheol the souls of those who actively spread the deceptions of religion and politics

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah knows everything
  • We are not responsible for allowing ourselves to be deceived
  • God will torture those who are in Sheol
Wednesday 9 1
    A Look at Current Events
  • Obama has redefined the art of political negotiation as "extortion", thereby making it illegal
  • More on the [man] the American SEALs were seeking to murder in Somalia this past weekend
  • Muslim leader: "Democracy is something Allah has made illegal, and no one can make it legal."
  • Sharia law is Quran & Hadith based and has nothing to do with al-Qaeda or any other group
  • More nauseating doings throughout Africa and SW Asia by the unbelievably savage and deliberately evil men, women, and children who practice fundamental Islam
  • How Islam authorizes men to beat, rape, torture, and murder females of all ages, regardless of who they are

Myths Addressed
  • Muhammed was divinely inpired by a god named Allah
  • There is a "taliban-like" set of laws governing terrorists
  • "Allah" means "God", and "akbar" means "great", so "Allah u akbar" means "God is great"
  • The truth is that "Allah" is a proper name and "akbar" means "the greatest"; therefore, "Allah u akbar" means "Allah is the greatest!"
    It is not a generic rebel-yell for religious fanatics; it is 100% Muslim
Wednesday 9 2
    The Fall of Man in the Garden of Great Joy
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Book 1, Chapter 6 of Yada's monumental work, "Yada Yah". The verses being discussed and Yada's commentary on them may be found starting on page 13 just below the picture.
  • How choice is essential to love
  • Why Satan never presents himself as an evil, frightful-looking entity
  • The whole nature of religion is like Satan's question to Chawa, "So what if God said this or that? I say…"
  • Who Constantine was and his edict to throw out Yahowah's Sabbath day, replacing it with the day of sun-god worship, Sunday

Myths Addressed
  • God died and His human body laid in a tomb for 3 days and nights
  • Yahowah authorized worship and a day for doing so, Sunday ("the Day of the Invincible Sun")

  • Jason - because of the previous hour's closing story, discussed with Yada the consequences of tolerating Islam
  • Larry - participated with Yada in discussion of the Torah
Thursday 10 1
  • On the mindset that those in the American military are worthy of special respect from non-military citizens
    • A point-by-point examination of a moronic email Yada received from a pro-military racist
  • A heavy reminder that the American military has never once fought to defend American freedoms–not once

Myths Addressed
  • Members of the American Armed Forces are heroes simply because they are members of the American Armed Forces
  • Yahowah commands us to submit to the authority of governments (e.g., Romans 13)
Thursday 10 2
    Yada's Personal Testimony
Friday 11 1
    A Look at Current Events (broadcast on an earlier date)
  • The admission by a U.S. Congressman that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable and completely worthless
  • The American government gave America to the Chinese when it made the financial decisions it made
  • On the disaster of the U.S. Department of Defense budget
  • Yada predicts that at least 2 major American cities will be destroyed and made uninhabitable by Muslims using either smart or dirty bombs
  • Since the American attack on Iraq, Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide have increased exponentially
    • "Suicide bombing is the signature move of Islam." - Yada

Myths Addressed
  • It is inappropriate for an American citizen to criticize the American government
  • China is America's enemy
  • Islam is a religion of peace, love, and high-caliber morality
  • The United States of America is responsible for protecting the sellers of commodities around the world
Friday 11 2
    Yahowah's Torah / Teaching (broadcast on an earlier date)
  • An email from Craig, a listener in New Mexico who walked away from Babylon (religion and politics) to have a relationship with Yahowah
  • A discussion of the differences between Yahowah's Teaching (torah) and the lies of religions
  • The Teachings, Prophets, and Songs mention in several places that Yahowah hates certain people and behaviors
  • The 119th Song (psalm) consists of 176 lyrics that -
    • reveal to us how to observe the Teachings
    • how to benefit from the relationship that Yahowah is offering us
    • and is one of the most brilliant pieces of literature ever written
  • Click →here← to download Yada's in-depth study of this wonderful song (it's free)
    FYI, in the very first sentence of the document, the word "signing" should be "singing".

Myths Addressed
  • God replaced the observation of the Sabbath with Sunday worship
  • The human soul will either go to heaven or hell
  • Yahowah loves everyone

  • Craig - discussed with Yada the inconsistencies of the Christian religion
Monday 14 1
    Yahowah's Torah (broadcast on an earlier date)
  • Yermiyahu (Jeremiah) literally means, "rise up and live in Yahowah's protected shelter"
  • The book of Yermiyahu was written to expose the corruptive influences of Babylon, e.g., of religion and politics, and to inform us of Yahowah's attitude towards participation with them
  • Click →here← to download Book 6 of "Yada Yah", where Yada discusses the prophecy in Yermiyahu 31 (it's free)
  • The consequence of a life lived in opposition to the terms and conditions of Yahowah's family-oriented Covenant is complete and eternal separation from Yahowah
  • How Christianity's signature words and icons conflict with Yahowah's Covenant

Myths Addressed
  • America sends its troops into foreign lands to protect American citizens back home
  • The Savior of mankind is the Son, not the Father
  • Those outside the Covenant will spend eternity being tortured in a fiery "sinner's Hell"
  • Christianity accurately reflects and teaches Yahowah's Word
  • God's Word is contained in the Holy Bible

  • Larry - participated in the final segment
Monday 14 2
    Exposing Islam (broadcast on an earlier date)
  • Special Guest: I.Q. al-Rassooli, the world's foremost expert on the religion of Islam and the author of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam"
  • On reports that the government of Qatar is treating as slaves those who are building for them the future site of the World Cup Soccer tournament.
    • Workers are dying
    • Workers complain that they have not been paid for months
    • The Qatari government has confiscated the workers's passports and will not let them leave
  • Muslims treat non-Muslims like beasts, considering them to be less than human because they are not Muslims
  • It is the norm in Saudi Arabia for Muslims to enslave, torture, and rape their female domestics
  • The Quran encourages lying, slavery, and rape
    (That is a fact: it is not an opinion, and it is not just 'one possible interpretation' of the Islamic "scriptures")
  • The three worst countries in the world in terms of jihadi ideologies, jihadi weapons, and jihadi organizations themselves are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Pakistan
  • By some astounding coincidence, these are the three Islamic countries that the USA is most closely aligned with, the three it provides the most support for
  • Somalian Muslims who slaughtered civilians in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Larry reported a Kenyan journalist's claim that the O-
    bama Administration paid the Kenyan government to make it illegal to speak against Islam
  • The two faces of Muhammad, Mecca and Medina, explained
  • What does it take to transition an enraged young Muslim boy with an "I am a victim" mentality into a murderous jihadist? How about this: a piece of fruit to eat and a promise of 72 virgins to abuse forever in Allah's paradise for wino sex predators

Myths Addressed
  • Islam is a religion of peace and high moral standards
  • It is possible for those who reject Islam to live safely, in peace and harmony, with Muslims
  • The US government, ever committed to freedom and human rights, stands opposed to the governments of those countries in which atrocities by Muslims are regularly occurring with complete impunity
  • There really is a race of Palestinian people
  • It is possible, according to the Quran, to be a peaceful Muslim

  • Larry - took part after Mr. Al-Rassooli left to do another interview
  • Jason - asked two questions regarding Muslims
Tuesday 15 1
    A Look at Current Events (broadcast on an earlier date)
  • The U.S. government is held to blame for the latest American recession
  • More murders by Muslims throughout Iraq
  • Killing in the name of Allah is the most highly esteemed religious act a Muslim can do
  • How the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan completely destabilized the entire region
  • On the murders of busses full of Pakastani civilians by Pakistani military personnel
  • A plain reminder that the Quran, which American President Barack Hussein Obama describes as "holy", orders Muslims to kill non-Muslims wherever they can be found until the whole world is in submission to Allah
    • The Quran does not suggest or encourage the killing of non-Muslims, it commands it

Myths Addressed
  • al Qaeda existed in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion there
  • Islam teaches love and peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims
  • Overseas fighting by American soldiers, sailors, and pilots protects American freedoms back home
Tuesday 15 2
    Yahowah's Torah
  • The misleading nature of Christianity's assignment of the name and title of Jesus Christ to Yahosha, the Ma'aseyah
  • On the "Divine Placeholders" (they're not really divine, but they're real and invaluable)
  • On the difference between the Greek words christos (drugged) and chrestus (useful implement)
  • The ridiculous notion of worshipping Yahowah

Myths Addressed
  • The Son of God was named Jesus Christ
  • The eyewitness accounts and their subsequent letters referred to "the cross" and to "the Christ"
  • The physical body of the Son of God laid in a tomb for 3 days and nights and then rose back to life
  • God wants to be worshipped

  • Larry - took part in the discussion
Wednesday 16 1
    A Look at Current Events
    - originally broadcast on August 21, 2012
  • World Net Daily article about the Islamic Reformation (the so-called Arab Spring) in Egypt
  • What happened in Kabar ← Do NOT miss this
    • The origin of the 9th Surah, which states that any agreement between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is not binding on the Muslim
  • Muslims are publicly crucifying opponents in Egypt's capital city of Cairo and in those other nations infested with Muslims
  • A warning that Islam will be the cause for up to half the world's population being killed within the next 15 years

Myths Addressed
  • There is an Arab Spring
  • Muslims can be trusted
  • Muhammed was a godly man
  • Islam promotes honesty, integrity, kindness, and healthy sexual relationships
Wednesday 16 2
    Yahowah's Torah
    - originally broadcast on August 21, 2012
  • Origins of the word "grace"
  • The meaning of chesed
  • How Paul misquotes Yahosha
  • The rationality and reasonability of Yahowah's Word
  • Straw Man arguments
  • Relationships require work

Myth Addressed
  • The Torah's festivals are only for Jews

  • Diane - commented on the timing of Paul's writing, wondered why he is considered credible, and marvelled that he remains so popular
Thursday 17 1
    A Look at Current Events
    - originally broadcast on July 30, 2012
  • Yada dissects an Associated Press →article← published on July 23, 2012, which he alleges is deliberately misleading
  • Yada discussed Islam with Nick, including Muhammad's 6 year old wife

Myth Addressed
  • The Al-Qaeda that exists in Iraq today is the same Al-Qaeda with which Osama Bin Ladin was associated before the U.S. murdered him without the benefit of a fair trial

  • Nick - asked for help understanding Islam
Thursday 17 2
    A continuation of earlier hour's discussion with Nick
    - originally broadcast on July 30, 2012

  • Nick
  • Alex
Friday 18 1
    World Events
    - originally broadcast on August 9, 2012
  • American government's new designations of skin color
  • $60 Million high school football stadium in Allen, Texas (USA) and the religion of football
  • Economic "pedophilia"—creating debt which must be paid by our children
  • The discovery in Russia of 27 children and 38 adults being help captive in underground cells by a Muslim sect
  • Roman Catholicsm is based on the teachings of the Roman general Constantine
  • Christianity is based on the teachings of Paul
  • Parents doom their children when they guide them into religion

Myths Addressed
  • Higher taxes help the economy
  • Schools are underfunded
  • The One they call "Jesus" was a Muslim prophet
  • Roman Catholicism is based on the teachings of "Jesus Christ"
  • Peter was the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
  • The Cross of Christ is a Scriptural concept
  • Christianity is based to the teachings of "Jesus Christ"
Friday 18 2
    Yahowah's Torah
    - originally broadcast on August 9, 2012
  • A list of reference tools to help listeners verify what they hear on the program
  • Differences between the lexicons associated with particular translations and the translations themselves
  • Yahowah wants us to invest time and effort to come to know Him
  • Yahowah's use of prophecy to verify who He is
  • The purpose of prophecy
  • The goals and purposes of the Yada Yah web sites and the "Shattering Myths" programs
  • Stems, tenses, and modes in Hebrew
  • The Paternal nature and desire of Yahowah
  • Language is the core of everything
  • The role of prophecy
  • The Torah's role as the teacher of Scripture and prophecy

Myths Addressed
  • Yahowah wants our quest to have a relationship with Him to be effortless for us
  • Souls are immortal
  • We cannot know for certain that Yahowah inspired the Torah, Prophets and Songs
  • Semantics are unimportant: Holy is just as good as Set-Apart, the Lord is just as good as Yahowah, etc.
  • The Torah is just 5 books scribed by Moses
  • The Torah is "The Law" and must be obeyed
Monday 21 1
    World Events
  • What Yada noticed on his cross-country drive:
    • Evidence that America is decaying
    • The over-militarization of America
    • America's ubiquitous & invasive police presence
    • The mocking of Yahowah by those pretending to be godly
  • The inability of Americans to realize and own up to their military and economic mistakes
  • Yada predicts that within the next 15 years complete anarchy will run riot throughout the U.S.
  • The outrage of the French President over the NSA's spying on French citizens
    • The NSA is spying on the citizens of other nations around the world, too
    • The NSA has activated the microphones and cameras on our computers without our permission so that they can, at their whim, videotape and record our private conversations
    • The NSA has forced Google to turn over all gMail contact lists
  • If you'd like to see where all these activities are controlled from, check out → this link
  • The fraud of Global Warming

Myths Addressed
  • America is the land of the free
  • Global Warming is a scientifically proven and supported fact
Monday 21 2
    Genesis 3:14,15
    - The judgment of Adam, Chawa, and Satan
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verse on page 14.

Tuesday 22 1
    Current Events
  • A look at the American government's implementation of Obamacare
  • Explanation of how Medicare, Social Security, and the U.S. military are actually Ponzi schemes
  • The fiasco of the Obamacare web site and the need for its programmers to rewrite 5 million lines of code
  • Global Warming

Myths Addressed
  • The Affordable Healthcare Act is good for America
  • Global Warming is a scientific fact
Tuesday 22 2
    Genesis 3:16
    - The judgment of Adam, Chawa, and Satan continued
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verse on page 16.

Wednesday 23 1
    The Myth of Global Warming Debunked
  • Ice packs have actually increased 16%
  • IPCC web site hack uncovered internal IPCC conspiracy to promote global warming myth despite indisputable evidence to the contrary

  • Larry - participated in discussion
  • Glen - offered a correction to something Yada said
Wednesday 23 2
    Genesis 3:17-20
    - The judgment of Adam, Chawa, and Satan continued
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verses starting near the bottom of page 17.

Thursday 24 1   2
    Full Hour Devoted to Debunking the Myth of Global Warming
Friday 25 1
    Genesis 3:22ff
    - The Era of Man Begins - Year of Yah: Zero
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verses starting near the middle of page 23.

Friday 25 2
Monday 28 1
    The Myth of Global Warming Debunked
    – continued from last week
Monday 28 2
    Genesis 3:24ff
    - The Era of Man Begins - Year of Yah: Zero
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verses starting near the bottom of page 24.
  • "God doesn’t want us bowing down before Him. He wants us to rise up, stand up, and become ever more like Him—elevated in status, dignified, honored, splendorous and majestic. And relationally, no one wants to be around a grump. Yatab doesn’t just mean 'be good and do good,' it is about 'being pleasant, pleasing, and happy.' " - Yada
Tuesday 29 1
    The Myth of Global Warming Debunked
    – continued from last yesterday
Tuesday 29 2
    Cain murders Abel
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verses starting near the top of page 26.
Wednesday 30 1
    How Islam is blessing the world today - NOT!
  • More loving behavior from Muslims around the world: lying, robberies, mass murders and suicide bombings, kidnappings, and other examples of Islam at its very best
  • Citizens in Syria—an Islamic nation—report that they're eating grass because they've had no real food there in 9 months
  • Since January 1, 2013, there have been just 16 days in Iraq without at least one murder being committed there by an Islamic terrorist
Wednesday 30 2
    More on Cain; the birth of Noah
  • Follow the discussion! Click →here← to download your own free PDF copy of Yada's commentary on the verses being discussed. You'll find the verses starting on page 30.
  • A plug for the late Ron Wyatt's museum in Cornersville, Tennessee, USA, which is south of Nashville on I-65
Thursday 31 1
    Current Events
  • "No American president has ever lied as much as President Barack Hussein Obama." - Yada
  • The nightmare of the Obama Administration's National Healthcare website
  • Forcing every American to be dependent on the government for health care
Thursday 31 2
    More on Cain and the birth of Noah
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YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Torah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21) Torah (torah – teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym – without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb – transforming) the soul (nepesh – consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth – restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman – verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam – educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy – easy for those who are receptive).

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